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Happy Sabbath! Happy New Year! Happy Harvest End!

23:34 Oct 31 2021
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End of day for me. Too many mosquitoes biting me. Lol. Read,. . . . just females bite to lay eggs. Life span. . . . 6 days. LOL not a life I want to be.

Thank you Harvest Moon! Been a wonderful month. And, end of year. A toast to the Harvest, and Harvest Moon. May the Harvest people, have a wonderful year coming!

Blessed be the Witches, and Vampires!

(Watching Beetlejuice. Extra scary, seeing that Alec shot two people. And, no, not linking to see if he did it on purpose.) Till next year!




19:50 Oct 31 2021
Times Read: 447

My Boo made a surprise Halloween Visit. He replenish the candy I ate. LOL. And, he became the ghoul chef. Yummy.
He met the strays. The black one showed himself. The calico, I nice couple, said they seen, way far. LOL.

Have to show pics....

Will give a pork chop to Poe. But, they already had food. Gave a chunk of burger to Mr. Mischief underneath. Sure he wanted.




15:12 Oct 30 2021
Times Read: 329

If Baby could spray, he would have sprayed all over the place. Saw his tale go, with the new place. LOL. Has been loving it. Poe doesn't want to get up, he started to, and went back to the heater. Awwwwww

I think Poe misses Boo.

Well, everything still ok, at Camp Crystal Lake. Happy Halloween. Tsch tach tach tach ha ha ha ha. . . . .

Friday The Thirteenth (1980) - Official Trailer on YouTube.

Had hot coffee, and a plain 🍩. Pets fed. And, the black cat just meowed for food. Wonder if he is with the neighbor. Gave him friskie.

Omg, if I hadn't seen it, I would have thought that someone stole my remaining hotdogs to be cooked. Luckily, I turned in time, and saw the black cat grab the platic hotdog container, w the remaining hotdogs, and he brought them under the porch. Omg. Thank God I saw it. Lol. What a crook. Left the dogs food remains in case they are still hungry. LOL. Laughed so hard, when I saw him bring the container under.




00:11 Oct 30 2021
Times Read: 339

Boo, is too good to me. If I was to die today, I would go content.

It started, w someone asking for a favor. Then great breakfast sandwiches. Then the place we wanted opened on it's first day.

Got a killer chicken sandwich from Popeye's. LOL.

Then set up.

Went for supplies.

Wow! This place is fancy smancy!

A Black cat asked me for food. LOL. My other mouth to feed. He is skiddish so left it on the porch! Sweet. Must be someone's, I hope. No mosquitoes, so far. Have off, this time. LOL.

The outdoor mens. So far!

Cabin life!




02:30 Oct 29 2021
Times Read: 362

I don't know what the hell happened, but we lost electricity till an hour ago. Weird. The storm was bad for lightening strikes. Saw one when Boo went to the other side, clearly come from sky, and hit ground. But, there was no lights in that area, so we left. Guess he was trying to stay nimble, due to tornado risks. The sky was lit, and I thought I heard the sound once, towards left, back, of a tornado. Then it was over.

The great part, was the shrimp poboy, w fries!!!!

The worst. . . . The mosquitos. . . You would think in the rain, it wouldn't be so bad. It was worse, with the oppressive heat. Luckily, Boo didn't open the back door till storms were almost over. Because, his car was flooded w mosquitoes. LOL. I grabbed the pets, jumped out, slid them in home. LOL. Poor Boo. I had a bunch of bites, I can imagine him. LOL. Definitely, aren't outdoor people. And, him opening the back. Omg

It was beautiful earlier, today. Just a lil too windy. Saw. . . . at the place next door, a giant web, with a Hugh spider in the center. It was all Autumn colors. Pretty. But, I didn't get too close. Didn't know if it could jump. Not sure of the breed. I took pics. Will see if it comes threw. I had to change the coloring a lil to bring the spider to light. But it's there in the pic.

Will leave a poor picture of Boo, last night. Only, it was in his car

And, Boo thinks it is a Louisiana Banana Spider.




16:59 Oct 27 2021
Times Read: 372

So far, it's a nice day. Storms coming in later. Padded down, and ready. Only threat of flooding, and winds.

Still looking for a place. Places, so far, that are cheap, are either full, or price gouging.

Weather still holding. But, heard storms are coming. Tornadoes are now going to Baton Rouge. Friend coming, to stand by. Sister called to give warning??????




16:00 Oct 26 2021
Times Read: 391

Listening to some classical music. Using my radio, finally. Feel so much better with the cool last night. Even put a fire, to cook ramen. And, made some coffee. One of the managers, said storm tomorrow. Yesterday, was to dam hot. Jeans were burning me. Ouch Today, a lil reprieve.

Pets having a field morning. Today, I actually like it here!

First rock song. . . . LOL. . . . Another one bites the dust. . . . Dedicated to Brian. . . .

All right. . . . All right. . . . Some want to dance. . . Vevo. . . Queen - Another one bites the dust, Live


I think that those who attended did better than the north Koreans marching. Yeah!

But, not the DCHS Drill Team. . . . We'll do better next time. LOL




15:58 Oct 25 2021
Times Read: 400

I watch Sherlock Holmes, 1 and 2. All the time. So much fun, and the macabre. Looked to see if there was a third. What lil said, was that it will come to theaters, in December 2021. Yessss. Hope I can see it at the theater.

For what I can dig. . . . The following is great news. . . . I think Irene Adler will be back. Although, she died by the request of Professor James Moriarty. Saw a picture of her with blonde hair. Thought it was weird that the Waiter George, whom she knew, gave her the poisonous brew. And, it might be set in the US. And, the villan, this time may be a Gold Monger. Can't wait. . .

Everything is ok. Pets don't want to go out. Strange. Guess I'll just take a shower.




13:01 Oct 24 2021
Times Read: 413

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes, and a moth fight at 12:30 am. LOL. The moth kept flying in my face. What the hell. I smell a skunk out there, too.

Did pretty good considering I had two Cokes, and a Red Bull. Heartburn, was there, but, liveable. The Roast beef, never makes me I'll. And, always can swallow. Going to behave today. Anyway; have to use my crackers. Cracker food.

Baby's is waiting to go out. This is goin to be tricky.

It was fine this morning. The people next door left, and both pets got to do there runs. Truthfully, their pets seem like pets.

Truthfully, I could have let them out tonight. But, baby doesn't do well in the dark. And, I don't want him on the other side. His collar is good, not the dollar store. (Just brief bathroom breaks tonight.)

Neighbors are nice. But I think there goin to move. Cement in parking area. Ate there donuts. Surprised I didn't have severe heartburn. I have pudding, in stash. Ate crackers and cheese. Was filling. And, heartburn is low. Lol.

Till tomorrow morning.

I have too much food. Meat and peanut butter for crackers, and ramen/sauce. Again, Glad I didn't get sick from donuts. LOL.

Oh, and coffee for Wednesday. Supposed to have storm, and get cooler.




22:03 Oct 23 2021
Times Read: 426

So stuffed. Haven't eaten like that since last Saturday. I think they were singing to us. LOL.

Poe, is now trotting. Baby has a new collar. Ran half way up a tree, 2x. And, I am waiting for kids. But, nothing so far. Attractions aren't as good, this week. So let's see, candy might be mine.

After standing for an hour, and a half; turned in when I didn't see any more. Have only ten lil peices. Everyone got 3.

Lots of dogs around me, half to be very careful with my pets. Guy, across has a sweet dog. But, two next door????

Poor Baby, goin to have to keep him in.




06:53 Oct 22 2021
Times Read: 449

Brian Laundrie remains were confirmed. Sad, I was hoping he would be captured alive. But, no. . . . He actually had the easy way out. . . .

Well, at least Gabrielle's mother doesn't have to suffer, with him being free, anymore. Bless the family. The only thing I did way long ago, was a circle . . . . so they would find him, dead or alive. May have worked, maybe not. I was going to link again recently but. . . . Was nothing and fell asleep. Was going to try, a waning moon thing, that I did before. Thought, I should have put a date. . . . Well anyway, all over. . . . Hope Nemo has found out.

Everyone can rest, now. Still don't like that he didn't go to court. But, I'm sure that Nemo will appreciate this ending.

Well, first day of looking for a new, temporary place. Don't have to be great, but, fun would be nice. No luck so far. Tomorrow, is another day!




22:28 Oct 21 2021
Times Read: 465

The trio with the drugged one, has a firetruck, ambulance, and fire manager. Now what. . . .
Oh, and a sheriff.

Nobody leaving in ambulance. Fireman leaving. Can see crazy one., Sheriff and manager. Wonder, if he'll tell the real reason. Nah. Sure he won't. LOL. Was stalling, cuz he paid almost two weeks ahead. Guess, won't be able to give candy, this time. . . . Till tomorrow.

He said he likes to beat on racoon's. Typical. Someone had something in a tissue????

Boo said to go ahead and look for a place. Woe, ok. . . . It is very far from city, but, ok. Going to live out in the sticks. Tomorrow, I go to work. . . .




11:21 Oct 20 2021
Times Read: 498

Baby has been gone for almost 5 hours. Not like him. He has to hit the litter box at least in 3 1/2 hours. Walked all over. Hmmmmmm. strange drug addict, on my side across, that worries me. He's up all night coughing. . . . weed. But, He was spitting yesterday, morning, (how nice) crack, maybe acid. (Maybe nasty voodoo.) (I could be wrong. But, ) He was talking about him going to the highway, which I am sure he wouldn't do that on his own, anyway. Where oh where!

Ok. Walked around the park again. Found him on the other side, where I was located. So carried him back. Collar is missing but truthfully, it kept slipping big. So I'll put Poe's old collar on him. He's eating tuna now!

I'm amazed I did that much walking. Had a weird call from a hospital, where I got the vaccine. Hopefully, that means I'll feel better. Hmmmmm And, he just went in his litter box. LOL

Today is a wonderful full moon to celebrate the end of the Harvest. It kept us alive for another year! Blessings to the Farmers.

The strange ones came back. The guy has been screaming since back. Screaming. Maybe, that cheap drug from China. Yesterday, their red car stop on the road in front of me, for a bit. Wonder what that was about.

Bored where I am. Wanting to leave. Going to call a place tomorrow, just to find out facts. Electric included. But, has to be near some work.

They believe, that they may have found remains of Brian Laundrie. The water receaded, and they found back pack, pad and remains. He seemed be too smart to be dead like this. But, you never know!

That would be an easy way to kill someone. And, feed him to a gator.

Honestly, it could be anyone. Why would Brian bring a pad? It isn't a nature hike for him.

It breaks my heart, when I think of Gabrielle. We are alike, in a way.

10. Just went out. Went threw woods. Heard snap. Turned and grabbed for weapon. Only lil girl acRoss way. Made joke , and back I am




06:32 Oct 19 2021
Times Read: 507

This time last night, I was soooo sick. Tonight, went for a walk, and saw a cutie tan and white cat. If Baby sees her. . . . Ooo la la!




09:19 Oct 18 2021
Times Read: 524

Think Boo tried to kill me. Joking. But, not.
Woke up at 12:04. Went for bathroom break. Truck outside could not find way out.

Got back, had severe heartburn about 12:30. Felt like throwing up. Really really sick. Know, I shouldn't have eaten fried chicken Boo gave me.

About 3:00. Stuck head out door, and finally threw up. I bet people heard me. Will clean later. Aaaargh. Had two gulps of coke to settle stomach. But, can't have more. Will cause heartburn too. So sick!

I never want to eat again!

Ok I had a dollar tree cheese. That will do for today. I had to move. I actually like this one better. The other one, people slide in and out. Hiding.

Laying down. Last night was to much.

Someone helped me move again. Awesome

have to look up what trees have the vines for Tarzan. Cuz there some here




10:43 Oct 17 2021
Times Read: 538

Bathroom time. Came back. Put dog in. Where's Baby? Talking to shiney eyes. Put lights on shiney eyes, closer. Ah oh. Not Baby. LOL. Very healthy raccoon. Guess was trick or treating. Had a fury mask. LOL. Raccoon.

My Grill Master, wasn't good, this time. Dollar Pizza, was ok. Chicken Frank's, burnt. And sausage was ok. End of dollar tree food. Gave Poe some. But, he has those expensive smoke sausage in a can, that Boo buys him.

Back to snacks for rest of day. Doing Ramen this week, w sauce. Sick of sandwiches. Although, have two more beans and Frank's. And, snacks.

Racoon nowhere in sight.




22:54 Oct 16 2021
Times Read: 552

Oh no. There were a lot more trick or treaters. Ran out in an hour. Oh no. Have to get triple next week, if I'm here. Went into my change. Change all gone. . . . LOL, that is it. LOL. Have to find more quarters for laundry. LOL. Not this many, last week.

Later before bed, I put flea and tick medicine on pets. Put a collar on baby, seeing that he is getting adventurous.

Ate a roast beef poboy, and fries for lunch. So should be set for the night.

Already, fed pets. LOL. Day almost done.

Fed pets again. Someone parked in my space without asking. Was just a kid thing. Just said ask next time.

No mosquitoes. . . . What an awesome day.




12:08 Oct 16 2021
Times Read: 561

The mosquitos, are out in force. Sprayed myself down at 12. Went outside at 545, and bug attack. Had to spray again.

It's cooler outside. But, not cold. Nice breeze.

Finally, I can stay outside, without a heart attack, or Sun Stroke. Nice. Usually, have to go in by 10:30am.




16:06 Oct 15 2021
Times Read: 577

Supposed to be hottest day this week. Tomorrow, I may be able to cook out. 70's, yeah.

Baby, is walking around too much. He was fine at the other place. Have to get him tag and collar. LOL.

Covid, dropped, this week. That's good.

The Sulu actor, is slamming Shatner. Typical for most gays. Shatner must have said no.

Full moon is coming! And, the end of the year! What a year. Covid, and Ida.

When I moved, I couldn't get baby in the cat carrier. Now, he'll go in.

Had a queen bee in my dwelling. Luckily, I had my orange folder to help it out the door. The dragonflies, I get to sit on my plastic CD box, and then I bring it to the door. The Sticks.

Neighbors are leaving. Turned out they were Mexican. Never said hi. LOL. Guess they didn't want to do Halloween.

I thought I'd be moved by now. But, place hasn't opened. Just switching around. Not much for jobs in the sticks.




17:09 Oct 14 2021
Times Read: 583

Everyone is sleepy. Maybe should go in. LOL.

Washed Poe. Saw a tic. Killed a tick. Now he has a lil blood on him.




15:34 Oct 13 2021
Times Read: 603

Shatner is taking the Blue upto space today. Awwwwww. To bad Nimoy isn't here, to join. him. Maybe, that's the empty seat. I didn't know Shatner went for free. Great to see a ninety year old do it. Hope Blue does the moon soon. They are nicer.

My cat won't stay on my side. Keeps going under everybody else's stuff. Worried. He was fine at the other place. Have to get callar and name/number medal. Don't Know what got into him.

Tried to sync Brian last, night. LOL. Fell asleep. Ooooops.

Walked to office to get drink. So out of shape LOL. Left picture of me.

They sprayed for mosquitoes, late last night. Such a noisey contraption. Maybe, I should clean the blood streaks off, now. Wonder if it will hurt the dragonflies.

Shatner is back safe. He left his brief on Twitter. This is really great. Wouldn't mind doing a moon trip. If I had the money, myself.

New people came in, already saw them Astrally. Unbelievable. They must like the sun. I would have went for the trees. LOL.




20:15 Oct 12 2021
Times Read: 614

Gabrielle Petito Coroners investigation came in. . . . She was strangled. This is so sad.




08:15 Oct 11 2021
Times Read: 626

I can't believe I left part of my door open. Weird. I never do that. I wonder. Maybe Sun Stroke. Well luckily I took dog out, and saw. And, more mosquito blood smears. Have to bleach tomorrow.

Strange man on my side. Saw him walk close. Maybe looking for something. He asked me if I wanted to go to Hooters, while moving. LOL. Not a good time. Anyway, no alcohol, too dehydrated. Felt terrible through the move. Maybe bug spray. He also asked if I wanted help moving. But, he had a small car. Would be a problem. Nice of him though.

A man and his wife had a pickup truck on side of me, and asked. I said thanks, yes. It took one sweep. Slipped them a twenty. They went over the nice. Sat on truck end w pets. LOL. What a day!

First morning, I am wearing a weapon.

Today, there is supposed to be space influence, from the sun. Let's see what it will do.

Watching. . . . Dead and Loving It. . . . My speed.

Someone busted the coin slot for detergent. Asshole! Gawd, that ruins it for everyone. Speaking of. . . .I have to do one more wash.
Washed Poe's pillow. . . . My poor baby. . . . Just put that in it, saw it wouldn't break it. Yeah!

That weirdo left today! Was talking to someone late last night. . . . .kept saying he was looking for sex. Anyone, can get that. But, for some, I guess it is a big deal.




15:05 Oct 10 2021
Times Read: 641

Another day. Have a fan going on the pets. Baby wants out. But, he was very very bad this morning, was into other people's stuff. So he is in Quiet Time. LOL. Getting too outdoorsy.

Well, I'm back in my junior cloths. Had put on weight when in the other place: never went out.

The guy around the corner must have won the holiday display. (Looked like they were from a haunted house.) He had hugh statues, and lights that looked like fireworks. Pretty cool.

Felt like a prude so put a scare crow, like so many others. And, gave out candy. Here you get candy, even without a costume. LOL. Although, if you think about it, it is a risk.

Need a lighter, hmmmmmm where oh where. . . . .

Grilled hotdogs, and grilled marshmallow taste great, but too hot. Back to out of can.

Yup. Grill master.

Ate 4 cicken Frank's (plain). And, two marshmallows. Before the move. Waiting to do feeding for pets. Too hot. To dehydrated.

Now I am living near a small swamp. A small bridge. And there is a path to explore. But, not today. Too much Sun. Can't breath.

Sort of reminds me of that story, with that headless horseman. . . . How do you spell that name Ichabod.. . . . Legend of Sleepy Hallow.




19:45 Oct 09 2021
Times Read: 656

Living in the sticks, is hard. Went to pet food store: they only have one brand, all dry. So went to a small store. Boo wanted to get me a fan. To buy a fan in the sticks. LOL.

Well we drove and drove. . . . Just sticks stores. Drove bye farms, and farms. . . . Finally, a CVS. That's it, and came back. Hit the grocery store, and had roast beef poboy, we had small fry but didn't finish. He brought me so much food, sent some back. Made a Halloween scare crow. Then he left.

Lying down, stuffed again. Got marshmallows.

Leaving some farm photos.

Actually, in a better mood. Was stone cold. Did some holiday cheer.

Oh. And, Boo wanted a picture of a swamp tree!




06:15 Oct 09 2021
Times Read: 666

Went for a midnight bathroom run. This time I put a body harness on my cat. Super Cat, got out of it. Bad boy. Honestly, there are too many people for him to do it.

The frog I saw, re-emerged on my TV screen. Opened door, grabbed him and threw him out. He felt sticky. LOL.

Uh oh. I usually put the dragonflies out. But, one died inside. And found a half dead 🐸. Hopefully not the one I put out. He died on top. So, guess it was meant to be. Awwwwww. Funny how they stick to stuff. Guess I'll throw him in the grass.




14:29 Oct 08 2021
Times Read: 675

Another beautiful day! Poe doesn't want to get up. Baby, was running everywhere. Left the TV on for the pets.

There is a goon here, that I have to keep away. LOL. But, the worst thing is . . . . Another can of potted meat. Aaaaargh. That's it. Rather chomp on stale cookies. Threw out peanut butter and mustard. Too old. Feel like Simpson Cartoon again.

Saw one of the frogs in the light. Was as cute as that Geico, insurance lizard. Never new frogs could crawl up things.

Uh oh. A frog got in. Funny. I think that's good luck. Should put it back outside. I do with the dragonflies.




14:45 Oct 07 2021
Times Read: 689

Every morning outside is so wet, even when it hasn't rained. Well cleaned out inside. Pets ate outside, that's cool. Going to be hot soon. That is why I like cloudy skies.

Saw an alien Astrally, thought it was from VR. But, no, I don't see it listed.

Can't believe I am watching Signs, again. LOL 130 maybe.

Ending the day w another bathroom run. And, of course super cat is out the door. LOL. At least I didn't fall, this time. I have a body strap and a leash. Was thinking. . . . But, he just wants to a kick run. Everyone, is up tonight. . . .

The railroad leaves the road bells on all night, every night. Weird. . . . A New York person in the sticks.




13:34 Oct 06 2021
Times Read: 704

It's cool today, yeah! Had to chase super cat earlier. He gets unencumbered in the dark. But, after a few minutes, he meows. Poe is perfect, as usual.

Birds are singing, around 4 types. The Crows don't sing too pretty. LOL.

The soundtracks moved today. Must be on the other side. Quiet. So nice. I forgot I have clean sheets. We can go lay in the shade.

Man O man, the astral chatter was ridiculous. Very annoying. Guess they didn't come here for peace, and quiet. It stopped, I think when I said something out loud. Lol. Ooooops. Really, I needed some solitude. Think, noisey crap. LOL. Did donate chips to kids party.

Someone asked me to eat, with him and wife. But, truthfully I eat twice a day, and already ate. He even wanted to drop it off. Sweet. But, probably another astral.

Slipped while looking for super 🐈. LOL. Got wet. Bathroom for dog a problem in dark. Especially, w super cat.




16:40 Oct 05 2021
Times Read: 714

There is a lil brow raising event. During the second storm, overnight. A red pick-up pulled into my parking spot, shut off lights, engine. . . . Next to my stuff. I was wide awake; so I opened curtains, he apollogized, and left. (Usually I am up at night.) Second time he hugged my stuff during the day w truck, which I got very angry about, and asked for whomever to move it to my rising voice. Looks like neighbors are friends of theirs. Which is one reason why I tried to move my location. So this morning, I saw a group remove a lean too. Took pictures, in case. Because, the first meet, was a bit hairy. Maybe he thought, nobody home. Who knows.

First morning that it is quiet.

The dragonfly passed last night. His friend came in to check on him. That one is blue. Will take a close-up of the deceased green.




10:10 Oct 04 2021
Times Read: 726

Watching, As Good As It Gets. And have been up since 1. But, at around 3:00, I let the dog out, and super cat flew out. Mon Dieu. Lil rascal went down the road a bit. But, came back, as I sat w the mosquitos. LOL. The pets were a little tense from the Halloween noises, the other night. And, me. . . . It's the noise, the noise. . . . Drives me nuts. I thought this was goin to be a sabbatical. . . . Away in nature. But, turned out opposite.

I have one more week here. But, I have to find a way. My boss from my supposed job; finally called last Thursday, figures. He said he was removed, just came back. I mentioned that he hadn't left texts,or emails; nor the company. Now I have been removed, no bus from here to there.
So, now that makes two jobs that have called. Figures. But, honestly I have to figure a way. I tried a job board. But, still gives Orleans.




07:44 Oct 03 2021
Times Read: 741

Had to go outside. Didn't get swamped. Wearing Off . . . . is working. Heard VR, wonder why. 1:44am.

Could move this morning. Had half of kielbasa. No 🍞. LOL. Boo bought cookies, and stuff. Too many bag of chips. LOL.

Sun is coming out. Yesterday, was actually nice cloudy. It was very comfortable.

Need to respray my repel max formula. Wish I had my old cooler. This one leaks, inside. But it works. Was only 2.50. Last of the big spenders.

Ummm where is my chosen song.

Witches of East end - series premier- promo

Pets didn't want to picnic. Maybe, to wet. Or, that Halloween Party next door scared them. ????




15:12 Oct 02 2021
Times Read: 757

Woke up. Weather is perfect. Been out since six thirty.

When I opened a box, met some more wasps. They flew off and I squished the nest with my phone. LOL. Another, nest at the table. The bug hood. LOL Need ant spray also. One thing about New England, no fire ants. Here, well that's another story.

Company today!

Company came with lots of goodies. I've been displaced, so that is so nice.

We ate at a country store. Was the best poboy that we had in years. Fresh roast beef. Fresh poor boy 🍞, and the best large fries that were over stuffed. Couldn't eat everything. Yum.....

Ate to much, have to lay down. . . . LOL
Friend went home, too content. Yum

Sprayed flea off. Back window had lots.

Oh and we did try walking around.




14:23 Oct 01 2021
Times Read: 783

Another, beautiful day. LOL. Pets didn't feel like being out. So, I'll wait for them.
All fed, anyway. I have beans and cocktail Frank's. LOL. Rawhide!

Saw that there will no longer be a dollar store. Might as well call it Family Dollar. Last time I looked there were 3 and 5. Now the rest going to 1.50 and 1.25. I can get that at any store. Another Biden add up. Please don't vote a Democrat in, next time.

Oh, well . . . . Enough of that.

I saw crosses when the outside furniture was removed, next door. Thought they were religious crazies. But, no there painted w knives, and ghosts. LOL forgot about Halloween.

In Salem they'd be telling you to put your mask on. Which is fun! To me, it's the finishing time of Harvest. Must be thankful!

LOL.First, I thought Hugh locus. Then thought, no, two mating. Then thought it's eating. Think it's that bug that starts with cic, or something. Left pictures in VR folder.

Already, complained. I wanted nature, and near rowdy group. I said something like, party people are ok, but wanted quite.

LOL what's that movie. . . . A Quite Place.

A mask. . . Was thinking
. . . Witches of East End new season gets a music remix

But, this one seems promising. . . . Witches of East End - series premiere - promo

My funny 🐈, wouldn't stop looking at frog in window.



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