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19:16 Sep 30 2016
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Well, found out about the cat thing. Boss man hired Charlie. Mon Adieu. Think That's it for m e. .. phone is messing up. Friend sent me some leads. Will do. Plus new haunted house.. phone wrote adieu... lol.




21:24 Sep 29 2016
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I laid my first set of lines, for my time project.

Saw my hair go up (bunch of strands), like it would w electricity. Or poles before creating lightning. The reason I say this, ... reminds me of the Boston Science Museum, Lightning show.

Than, saw myself on the floor covered I in white something. Still just the surface. Maybe, some kind of ionization radiation problem.

Need to go deeper, w more lines. And need to practice on my phone camera.




14:47 Sep 27 2016
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BBC- The True Nature of Time... That I saw recently, was fantastic. A little weird w the cut in commercials, and, at the end the Buddhist pic was the end, and another religious story jumped in. Now, saved in my favorites, on YouTube, there was no commercials, and the pic stops there, But, I can hear the end if the original video, narrated, by Michio Kaku.

I like the board slits, it brings up possibilities. Splitting in time.

Also, the foam fabric. Reminds me of the sword, druid. I thought it sounded like tissue paper crinkled, thus. But, it looked shine and designed. The handle that is. Fabric.

Now, I thought of making the room, like a time holograph.

Someone suggested a large black hole, that I can walk into. Keep in mind. It is using the ether. Not, a mechanism. Have to use what I have.

On another note, ...will my group please refrain from using sub sonic, for Stephen, slant eyes for Michio. My hand is in their cookie jar. And thanks for watching over Nemo, the other day!




01:47 Sep 26 2016
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Well That's Amore!.....

Going to try and do time thing. First experiment. Need to take pics. But, I need to pull a time to my time. ... only way I can think of.

Will give info on set up later.




23:48 Sep 24 2016
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What a world. Know who has sticky figures. But, he is part of the family there, at work soooooo. The slip issue, is so messed up. First someone changes, than, wrong another fool changes, then we change again. Bunch of fakers....what a world what a world

Now... someone the heat on when I was alone in the kitchen.

So... when asked if he could take 27...

All was in sight f.....

Didn't buy black dress because it was see thru. Not cuz of ghost.

Had to put internet for job search. Squirrel today didn't know nothing. But, family.




23:21 Sep 23 2016
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I was tryin on a few dresses, yesterday. And, when I looked in the mirror w the black long sleeve. My ghost said, it looks like Langerie.... hey! I feel like Steve Martin, in All of Me. Ended up w the cute one.

Just saw S. Hawking"s video. Reminds me of the book I just finished. There is an handsome book,, of his, that is so well portrayed. It is two books in one. Sweet . Saw something on time, But, not that much.

So I bought, Paradox, by Jim Al-Khalili. Took by surprise, w Shrodinger`s cat, on the cover, guess he still lives. Love home in the box w a curve. Sweet. Has some stuff on time.




16:27 Sep 21 2016
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So hard to find a cheap bag of litter, in this state. Went much further then I intended. Didn't know that my card will give me a lone. Maybe that is why Curiosity stream was still running.

Thought, of cheating on something, is right, Edwardo. Wouldn't mind playing, with time.

Maybe, I should stop reading about the furnace room, is like a furnace outside.

To Mr. Nemo

I am Sam

Sam I am

That Sam-I-am

That Sam-I-am!

I do not like

that Sam-I-am

Do you like

green eggs and ham

I do not like them,


I do not like

green eggs and ham.

Would you like them

Here or there?

I would not like them

here or there.

I would not like them


I do not like

green eggs and ham.

I do not like them,


Meanwhile, at the home front, I am with all black, again. sooooooooo




20:58 Sep 20 2016
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Well, my boss, that supposedly everyone thought was my boyfriend, quit today. Or got fired. He is sort of like chicken little, the stories, the stories...

Truthfully, maybe he shouldn't have done the astral pin the tail on the donkey. Ghost might have not liked it.

Monday, supposedly his daughter got hit. But,....

the group from his sister's restaurant, turned out to be close friends, that supposedly left him. Then he was sick when it was extremely busy, then needs an operation, then he was dying. Then I heard he was being evicted, due to alcoholism. So maybe, he went back home, and maybe his daughter was injured (as he said Monday). ( Supposedly, pins in both legs).... and now he can live with his daughter till both is better. I think his mental breakdown, that occurred when his mom died may be coming back.

Astral notes referred to Satanism, sooooooo

So hot here, surprisingly for a September. Baking


Almost done my Stehpen Hawking book...

Not exactly what I thought it was going to be....

The time he is talking about, is the big bang theory and just prior..... That kind of time....

So back to Atoms, nucleus, protons and neutrons, electrons, quarks...... Right, back to the beginning of time, and that essence..... Surprised, he mentions the ether....

One of the parts I read refers to particles and antiparticles going into the black hole, as the same because of the force of gravity... reminds me of a star trek episode for particles....

I wonder what fabric time is. Everything has a fabric. Why is it that no one has found the particle for time.... A Fabric To travel on. Would be Fun. Think that I might Like to go into that field.

***** Like the dome field travel area.... Sweet

That fabric that I saw actually, while watching A VIDEO, PROBABLY WAS A SWORD AND MAYBE THE HANDLE WAS MADE FOR ME..... CELTS




19:24 Sep 16 2016
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How lucky can one girl be....

I kissed him and he kissed me

like the fella once said, aint that a kick in the head

The room was completely black,

I hugged him and he hugged back

Like the sailor said Quote

aint that a hole in the boat.............

Now now, not everyone eats breakfast,

Mr. Nemo is that nice, are you pickin on my ghost.


What a ruffian.

Green ham and eggs!

I would like to thank the Jefferson Parish Library

for having the new Llewellyn 2017, So proud!

Kisses!!!! The Best of the Best. But, lets not forget the beginning, ...

The Farmers Almanac! We go side by side!

Feelin much better!

Been reading Stephen Hawking's, A Brief History of Time....

Not to Shabby! Up to the Black Hole. Looks like sort of taking your pants off, inside out. The Sucking in by gravity, that is. Sweet

He likes a time machine with that black fluid.... The top clip releases the fluid, it goes about 4 feet long, twists in the middle, and sucks up on the bottom clip. hmmmmmm Fun!!!!

Reminds me of the oil fountain, retailers use to sell, with the statues in the center.

Sorry Mr. Kaku, they only had two books of yours left, at Barnes and Noble, and I have the Parallel. Not the other, but that talks about crafts, not The Craft. Not ready for that, yet!!! Heard a lot of the book from you, but, it has its very pressed points....




20:04 Sep 09 2016
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Lol. Russell, as his usual shrimp, let off a bubble. What exactly does that mean....

Was funnier when he made shrimp noises, regarding the gay couple.

After two days off lying down, I hurt more in the muscles. Thought, maybe the flu. Although, my sister suggested, that it could be the mosquito virus.

Looked up Zika. I have had a headache for a few days, Muscle hurt, bad; chills sometimes, fever, a little..... Maybe, she is right. Waiting for the bus, late at night, you get bit by a nasty little vampire.

Tried using Aleve. It helped a lot. Just a little trouble walking. Just bought more all day pain killers, and Pepto Bismal. Cheaper, at family dollar.

Bought some candles. Going to check moon phase. And going to check science books for some new stuff, dealing with time, tomorrow. Guess pain killers are working. Hmmmmmmm

Watching Celts on Curiosity Stream.... Saw some kind of sword or staff, or pole with a fancy tissue paper around it astrally, in autumn colors. (like a wrapping gift tissue that is shaped like a handle over the mental.) Have to think of the meaning. Definitely, I am not looking for the Caesar period to explain my druid, but, the third, has a bit.




21:39 Sep 06 2016
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How lucky can one gal be?

I kissed him and he kissed me

Like the fella once said,

"Ain't that a kick in the head?"

The room was completely black,

I hugged him and he hugged back

Like the sailor said, quote,

"Ain't that a hole in the boat?"

My head keeps spinnin',

I go to sleep and keep grinnin'

If this is just the beginnin',

my life is gonna be bee-yoo-tee-ful

I've sunshine enough to spread,

it's just like the fella said

Tell me quick, ain't love a kick in the head?


Bewitched, bewitched, you've got me in your spell.

Bewitched, bewitched, you know your craft so well.

Before I knew what you were doing I looked in your eyes.

That brand of woo that you've been brew-in' took me by surprise.





21:15 Sep 06 2016
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Dear Journal, ....

Sat. night, came home and when I got off the first transportation, felt like throwing up.... Contacted Nemo, but, Alkies, make me throw up worst. Went to the back of the store, where the bathroom was, and luckily threw up there. Bought a roll of tums, cuz of lack of money, and waited for bus. On bus, realized I left keys in bathroom..... took it back, and got keys. Then walked 35 mins home.

Morning, I drank a remaining energy drink, and walked up to transportation, to go to work. After a double, busy, shift. Now, I hear, the boss, ain't comin, and he is on line, without a replacement. So, a very sick redhead, took over, female. On line, she........ but, that is between us. The other looked a little weak, also. So, after about 14 hours with two bites of brownie and a scoop of Ice cream, I went home. In the morn, woke up with a headache so, I had to wait for Holiday Transportation. Worked all day, with it. Did OK...

Got to a store, and for the first time, drank a hugh Coors Light. LOL.... Felt Great! like the tiger says .... LOL

My dear boss.... I am sure that it will get to you, that there are roomers of you being gay. LOL And that I may have said..... I should have said, .... "Come on now, Be a Man, Babe." LOL The show, must go on. Sorry. It slipped! Just a comedian. Come now, I joke about myself. All the time.

Truthfully, workers. I actually, did say that to him. And, I advised Pepto Bismal. Taste nasty, but, works. A little expensive for me that day. That day, I worked 14 hours, and yesterday, with the headache, a full day.

If that was Russell, I guarantee, he would have done, what ever it takes to keep it going. He would have come in, in traction. You don't know Russell. Nobody, closes his poor boy place. lol.

The cute redhead, wanted to close it down. But, I set up everything, in the back for business, and with their.... great help, pulled it off. Just.... Redhead, .... I would have sent you home.... I am cold, but, not that cold. Hail to the Steele Magnolias. And, Welcome to the new Manager, Came to the rescue!!!! On the last day!!!!

Today, I felt someone trying to revive me with soda. Sweet. I needed that, and a real one. Still, a little nauseas. But, recovering.

Have the week off, will put my phone on Thursday. Maybe, will go to get a book to play with. Just got to stay, away from the Men In Black. They shoot kids with naughty books. Don't you want to play?



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