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08:20 Sep 24 2019
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Like I said, I have to log off, job issue. But, . . .

Sis said, try mall. So went. Use to work there for Co. that is now closed. And, heard that old female nice black security woman, got into fight to stop it, like she usually does and told them not 2 spray mace in mall and person sprayed her. Guy said she was taken to hospital. He didn't see her since . . Was told by a black guy who plays music while walking thru mall, all the tine. He just lookin for freebies. A familar.

Yesterday. Went there. Charged phone a lil. Started to walk to look for job. Some white guy stops me. Says there is mace fight a lil ways down. What a co. . . incidence. Mon Dieu. So where to go. If take stairs, usually go that way. And, it is a long stairwell. So other female and I, went in store. Heard another chair thrown. Waited. . . . Not that I don't have protection.

So, someone yells cops got them outside. So, I start to walk thru for bus. Thats it. Saw people coughing. Saw male security trying to compose. Lady that went in store w me. Was right behind. People in vins, chocking.

Just was glad to get out of there. Felt a jab to eyes, is all.

Old job, they now closed, and chip machines now there. And, can't beleive chocolate store closed. They use to always have business. Lot of alley vins closed.

Glad to make it out of there.




19:25 Sep 23 2019
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OK, have to go off the rave for a bit. Can't do anything, till the coast is clear anyway.

And, my ghost said someone said I have no substance. How untrue. Their was something else, but, who cares. Later Gators.

..... Sooon to be offffffff!




01:23 Sep 23 2019
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The Seti Institute claimed that it was a great week for extraterrestrials. Mentioning the Area 51 gig. And, the Navy did admit, that the bald guy w slant eyes was real. Lol. If I had money, I'd give them some.

Speaking of, the money drawing charm did no good.

Burning the Buddha candle. Think his head is gone. Which reminds me, they found a body inside a buddha statue once.

Hopefully, the link w Aleister is over. I noticed the New York Post w the tree. Co incidence? Hate to see the pool part. Definately, there was a tree.

Autumn. 2 ladies yesterday had same cough. So I'm not only odd one.

Somebuddy has got to get me a job tomorrow. Maybe, I should call the G ghost back, to find me one.

Read some Hawkings today. Also, is Faraday B day, whom he always mentions.




Storming Area 51

20:41 Sep 21 2019
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Recently, I saw this Storming Area 51, on Google. LOL

Honestly, I was hoping that it might prove beneficial. It started as a joke. But, so many responded, that it became reality. Truthfully, the taxpayers have the right to know, what goes on inside. But, you know how that is.

All in all: not too many showed up, out of the thousands of responders. And, they gave up too easily. They had coverage. Could have pressed. But, I think someone leaked on the gov area, and they were kidding about a nanno run. Too Bad...… It really could have worked, if it was more organized

They, would have to have some kind of laser, seeing that it looks like it is a vault. But, the gov't probably would have gotten pissed and fired out. So, next time they need a better approach.... is all.....
Also, what about a back hatch, there must be one.
I am sure there are some critters there, But.....
People without security ranking are not allowed. But, it is an American hold. Truthfully, we should be enlightened on the goings on, in there. LOL There should not be any secrets from the people. NO MORE SECRETS.




19:44 Sep 20 2019
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I can't believe we didn't get one of these storms.... Damn! Soooo Hot. I'll go over to Texas, watch the rainy season stop. All the stuff in my chest, is coming up. Gross, but.... Maybe I had the flu like my kin, LOL, it was so hot, wouldn't know. Thought, it was because of the scented candle at night. Who knows.

Well, anyway, When I saw Sonic, I saw his lips move. Sooooooo. Maybe, 2009. Or maybe Science remade his organs all over again! Never know, they can remake hearts and such.

Saw someone's car swirlin around? Etherly.

Yes,,,,, Passed the supervisor exam, if it does me any good.




19:33 Sep 19 2019
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So hot here, I could cook chicken on a rock. No need for a flame.
Just like on Lampoons Vegas Vaction.

Legs giving out. . . so late w 2 day pass. But,. . . Whew just took Aleve w coffee.

Redid personal info on web. At least, my test was still on. And, now I can see everything. Could do other test. 45 min.

Now, here is my drift. Is Sonic still alive. Cuz, someone said that crazy, is due to microwave effect. And, the info about the party. Hmmm

Talked to Hammond. He gave me something, and called me clandestine.
This what he said when I asked him about the gambling. Lol. He couldn't do it in his life. What makes me think he can in his death. Lol.

Maybe, this is a Pulse.




00:41 Sep 19 2019
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My quick pick, so sucks. Powerball, 04. Lamo. Plus 51 53 61 51 12. 3 50s, not good.




23:39 Sep 17 2019
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Wow. Tired. Went out of bounds. Applied for one factory. 2 to go. Wish I got paid.

I have to admit, I remember Sonic talking, saying that he had discovery channel and something to show the traveler. But, it wasn't on the infomercial. And, I can't remember where I saw it. Hmmm

Now, Sonic didn't know me in 2009. We didn't really meet till I rubbed the Stonehenge stone, and saw a flash in the ether. Much later.




00:55 Sep 17 2019
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Well, I did get one call. It is accessible, but.... I looked them up. There was 20 people shot, in the parking lot, in April, this year. And, And armed robbery 2013. I think, they are looking at my name again. I think this is all black, don't come back. . . . .

Told my sister, I have never been so hated, in a state, as this one. Never had too much trouble, in New York. Florida, was half and half. But, here.... Have little chance in hell. There is something about me, where I just don't fit in. Better, win lottery or something.

Bad area, that is what is said on google. In pic outside at that local, I only see black. Maybe, I should just check out a new area. hmmmmm




20:23 Sep 16 2019
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Taking quick break, after test. Let's see, ask for more info, instead of thank you. Let's see. Meanwhile, goin to huff.

And, who said that he wants to shove paper, in latrine. . . . Shove off.

Nemo, knock it off w wiffle ball.

If I were to do it, w what I know, it would have to hold an ether line, and it would have to keep u alive there. Like in Avatar, only in time.
BUT, only cuz I don't know much. So, will have to do old fashion way.
With what I know.

Meanwhile, I dropped spell in water, for a few things, instead of just fire. ?


AREVADENCHI. IF DO. Or, bon voyage.

Break over. . . A weekly $ would b nice. Meanwhile.




21:03 Sep 15 2019
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Had another all black, don't come back. The one they fired when I came in, had taken pictures. So, I knew.

Bombed out w the dress look. So, am going back to jeans. HAD 2 get a t from the Buzz line, 3 sizes larger. No belly T's to look for you know.

Been studying, champagne. Kraft could be playful word, for the blend. So, much involved. And, after everything could slip to wine.




20:21 Sep 14 2019
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OK, Sonic's bottle has Kraft on it's lapel. Maybe, bottles are wrapped in brown paper. Isn't a champagne brand name. Low N cellar could be to bottle.
There is no endorsement. There is a shield on it, but, can't make it out.

Does say, Discovery Channel will be there. And that he has something to show the time traveler.

Can't wait till I start to try. Probably, won't show more then a fuzz on screen.

Now my experiment, is to get on the screen. Was going to have fun with Champagne. But, Maybe will try Camera scene, in front of door. Or Scene where the champagne has just been poured, which is going to be harder. Maybe will take champagne and sit in chair.




17:54 Sep 13 2019
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Happy Friday 13th, Harvest Moon. Back to the Future Tribute -- Back In Time Music Video HD HQ




19:48 Sep 12 2019
Times Read: 1,251

Well, looking at invite, from Sonic. hmmmm the hors d'oeuvres, well.... Not pizza.... Nemo can have them. Only small plates anyway. Champagne, someone said Krug. But, looks like KRA, And I don't see Low N Cellar, on any recent bottles. LOL maybe Boot leg.

Plus, the invite came the next day. For 12 noon. But, he is at the clock at 5. When the seconds hand meets, it is in the hour position, but, not 12. And what is it that he wants to show.....

Maybe I need a Back to The Future, 3 dimensial clock. LOL

This next excerpt is a lil to corny, for me. But, I like the time on that clock better. Anyway, Nemo looks like someone in that. LOL

Truthfully, I need the camera, for a quicky.

Back to the Future - The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News)




18:26 Sep 11 2019
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I haven't seen Nemo so playful, in the ether, for a while.

1st, he puts Astro in the Heathen cell. Then, we both go running out the aisle door. He later goes back in @ tosses a coin, to him. Then goes back in and waves his arms in to the cell, holding Astro. He explains the song.

Haven't seen Nemo, so playful, in a while. Nice to see him back, in the ether.

Truthfully, I thought he was friends w Astro, when he in the past, told Astro to leave the cell. Guess I was wrong. Giggles.

Maybe, I should make those coins worth something. LOL.

AND, yes, this could be a grill, w Hammond.

Saw Giff,

(Consciousness, I was thinking of, Not a plant????? (5 levels). But, maybe a plant. 0 level
Thoughts, Sub-history, I wonder, if you change history, if you make another line, a parallel universe.
LOL, thinking of Dinasaurs. LOL said Hammond before I saw the giff.)

The Champagne, I wonder if that is Rothchild. Low n Cellar?

In Memory.... In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park

Could Sonic been working on a Time Displacer. Like in Warcraft.




00:19 Sep 11 2019
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17:51 Sep 09 2019
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Sounds like there might be a storm. Great. I thought I would have to buy a camel. Yup. Finally a storm. Canada lost 1500. HEAT.

I tried to do a reverse to the Aliester connection. The energy from the Jung tree, must have been heat. Truthfully, you can see extreme heat rise. It makes waves. Very clever boy Crowley was. His source isn't dead cell.

The tree when I did something, came alive again, in the ether.
Maybe a coincidence.

Maybe, I should have ended w Jung when all the volcanos, came alive. But, could have been a coincidence.
Roots in evil.

Or, maybe, I can use this.
Next waxing moon, trying to do 2009, w Sonic. So have to clear the runway.

I liked my pillar's life's work. The other book, I am reading, is more in tuned with God. I myself have only seen it as nature. But, he examines it, to a greater proportion. The Precipice. I don't think, when I visit the party guy, that I should move a hair on his head. Anyway, they are brief visits. Should be fun! Maybe, I should just go for the food table. LOL.... I want to make sure that I can visit him years later.




20:08 Sep 08 2019
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U know, if I could warn Sonic, about wife. I wouldn't. The other saved his life 2x. Lucky guy.

Weird that I'm talking about him like he is alive. But, like Nemo said, he's alive then, not now. 2009.

Boo, saved my lil boo boos. He's a lil like Hannibal. But, . . . .

The link w Aleister doesn't want storms hitting LB. Got to go.




20:03 Sep 07 2019
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Well, yesterday after something, that I can't say because personal, I saw two books to know my pillar more, Sonic. Sweet. Can't believe the 1st wife thing, aaaaa I don't know, living with the new lover that will take over for you. LOL. Thought, she had a degree, she could have supported them. Two's company, three is a crowd. Guess she didn't see his Forsythe. And, he ended up paying, child support on top of it.

What did I say in reading, so much definement.

Almost, ready to go ahead with plan, to visit Sonic, on the Party Day!




17:51 Sep 04 2019
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12, 1, 2, 3, 4am noise, noise, noise.
LATER, he kicks his whatever out. MEANWHILE, I clean, put wall blanket up. Dust. Clean dog. Just when I thought I was calm enough w no sleep. I leave, and child that he use all night w people knocking was in hallway. Said that he had no one to take care of him. Do I Want to. Meanwhile, woman is outside. Hopefully, someone will feed him a lot. He and me ARE burning candles at both ends.

There has to be way to noise proof the door.

What about a jumpsuit, for time travel.




20:03 Sep 03 2019
Times Read: 1,329

Didn't find the perfect dress to sleep in. Or perfect pants suit. ?????
So, still waiting to go into the ether to see Sonic, the Party Guy!

Labor Day stunk. Woke up to addicts, slamming kids. Lots of cryinging. Woman outside got slapped by whomever, stating to her that she isn't going to talk to him, like a man. Or, he will slap her again. So, nice to wake up in the Ghetto of sour dreams.

Anyway, getting ready to go back in time. Not, to far now, to 2009. Will be fun.



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