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Home Repairs

05:20 May 31 2022
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Well, here we go again...I am not sure where to start but I will start when I first bought the home. It was August 2020, I am originally from California. The work transfer was approved. I had finally saved enough after sacrificing three years, two jobs, and no days off. I moved to Fort Worth Texas and I bought my first three bedroom two bathroom home with a pool. My house was built in 1988 but when I got the home inspection done it passed.

I was super happy and excited. It all started to change though once October 2020 happend. One day, I was flushing the toilet, and then all fo a sudden water came up from the base and also unto the tub. Immediately alarmed, I called a plumber. The plumber that showed up was employed with a smaller company, and me not having any experience with plumbers I should of known better.

This plumber ended up running a camera down the single plumbing pipe in the front of the house. Unfortunately, at the time u only had one single pipe that lead towards the street in the front of the house. Anyways, he ran the camera down the pipe, and informed me that there was tree roots growing in the pipe and causing the leak in the plumbing. The entire pipe needed to be replaced, and in order for it to be replaced they would also have to cut out a portion of my driveway.

He quoted me at $6000 for the repair. I agreed to have the work done. The work was done but unfortunately the driveway was torn out. I paid another $3000 for a new driveway. I filed a home owners insurance claim but they told ne they do not cover tree root plumbing repairs which js ridiculous. Right now I am $9000 in repairs.

Fast forward now to the winter of 2020. The area I live at in Texas got hit with the worst winter storm in over 100 years. I have a pool in my backyard and both the filter and pump were cracked and broke because of the cold freezing weather. To get both replaced would be $3500. I ended up filing a home owner insurance claim and they covered the cost of both repairs with my $1000 deductible. Now I am at a total of $10000 in repairs.

Just recently last week the same plumbing issue happened again. This time, I went with a more reputable company and when they showed up I was informed that u have a possible breakage in the plumbing pipe under my house. Unfortunately, they cannot reach to see here it is, and in order for them to do that they would first hs e to install a second pipe in the front of my house to reach and see it. That repair alone cost me $2900. We are now at $12900 in home repairs.

Today the plumber showed up and ran the camera under my house. I was informed that there is a breakage with tree roots in the pipe under my house where the laundry room is at. I was told the pipes are already backing up and probably in about a week if not fixed I will have more plumbing issues. I was told the work could be done but they will have to jack inside my house in the floor of the laundry room. The cost of the repair would be $5000.

I was also told we he ran the camera towards the pipe going to the street at the front of my house that the pipe there was also cracked. Obviously, the Perham who did my original plumbing work there didn't do the job correctly, because the pipe should not of broken that fast. Right now, I am still waiting to hear back from that company because I have a file year warranty on the work they did with them.

I feel like i got scammed by that company though, because when I reached out to them, and showed them the invoice they told me that the invoice is not there's but the phone number on the invoice is there's. I am pretty sure that the plumber of that company made up the invoice and just slapped on the company phone number. Anyways I am not sure what will happen. But I have a few options here.

I could take out a second mortgage. Refinance. Or charge my credit card but thay would kill me on the interests. I could also sell. Well that's the home story for now. I will keep you all updated.



15:31 May 31 2022

I would also question the company that inspected your home. Were any of these problems mentioned in the inspection report prior to purchase? I understand it passed, but they let you know if you may have an issue down the road… sorta like what to look for.

Btw… we’re neighbors. I live just down the road from FW.

05:06 Jun 06 2022

The problems were not mentioned. I will have to talk to them. Currently an update on the repairs. Both pipes have been replaced. They had to drill a big hole in the laundry room to replace one of them. Tomorrow they will be here to fill up and cement it and do the clean up. Fortunately, this company offers payment plans so I decide to go that route. Your down the road from me? Really? Damn we need to link up sometime. I am off Mondays and Tuesdays. I will add you and DM you.


Happy Memorial Day

05:32 May 30 2022
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Thank you to all service members who have served and are currently serving. You have sacrificed so much to protect us. Your bravery and sacrifice will not be forgotten.




EMO/Goth night

07:04 May 25 2022
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So I went to Emo/Goth night theme that was at this bar in Fort Worth for the first time. Well I have a lot to say on this. First off, when I arrived the place was not really packed, but then again it had been raining all night just how I like it. In under an hour I had two shots and two beers. I have a decent tolerance. There were about two groups of females there when I arrived. I didn't approach them right away because I wasn't trying to act super desperate, but after about thirty minutes the two groups had already left. Anyways, I continued on with drinking and then three dudes show up with rock shirts on. I strike up a conversation with them but then I subtly realize that they are all homosexual. One has painted red nails and tight jeans and the others talk very feminine. Now don't try and judge me or criticize me here, but I have a good idea okay. We talk about a lot of things and then they tell me they are going to karaoke at the bar next door and that I should join them. I say I will, but I don't end up doing that, and i have an Uber take me home. Has it gotten to the point where when I go out to seek people of the same interest that the opposite of what I seek gets in the way?Now, hear me out here, I am into all horror related subjects, and I enjoy all bands that express emotions and disdain, Maybe one day I will find the opposite sex of the same interests. I am also aware though, that If I do find that, just because we have those interests doesn't mean that we can be compatible . I say this not to be picky or a smart ass, but because I am aware that in order for compatibility to be successful both ends have to be willing to accept whatever flaws we have and can be there for each other.




Furious thoughts

13:23 May 23 2022
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I am having trouble sleeping. The thoughts from being a kid to now is getting to me. You see my stepmother and her children who I lived with from the age of seven were complete ass holes to me. When we first met before my Dad got married to this lady (and that's actually nice of me to say) her and the kids were cool and nice. Right after the marriage happened it all changed. Now, I would be constantly put down by all of them, bullied, and told I was worthless. I never really felt any love as a child and teenager. There was also never enough food in the house I lived growing up which is why I am probably not a really big person from experiencing malnutrition. About six months ago I find out from my real sister that one of my stepbrothers is getting the house now that my father and stepmother have boughten another one. This guy didn't have to sacrifice anything and gets it all handed to him. My Father didn't even have the balls to tell me this. I know what hard work and sacrifice is. Three years and no days off and I bought my house, I can add a whole lot to this shit story but for now venting this makes me feel a little better.




Work and Work

01:29 May 23 2022
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44 hours in four days and still one more day of work left. It seems like my whole life the way I have dealt with my solitude and me feeling like an outcast was always working a minimum of two jobs. I hope for this to change eventually. Life is too short.




Life is precious

08:56 May 22 2022
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If anyone out there is feeling suicidal or depressed and down I am here to talk and listen. The most of us on here have been portrayed as outcasts in life. That's why this community here is amazing and why we are here for each other.




Thoughts and more thoughts.

16:29 May 20 2022
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I should of been asleep a while ago. A lot on my mind and I have a lot of regret with my past. Still working on getting past that part.




Sorry for being MIA two days

11:17 May 20 2022
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Hey everyone. It has been a hectic two days for me which is safe to say why I haven't been online. I am happy to be back here and I am looking forward to reading your entries as well and writing mine. Anyways the other day on Wednesday night I attended my weekly addiction meeting. It was one of the better meetings I can remember recently. It was book night like usual and a lot of from what i read and some of the fellow addicts comments resonated with me. What was read that resonated with me was as a recovering addict you have to learn to put yourself first and take care of yourself. I know it sounds selfish right? But it's key in becoming successful. Being stuck in an addiction phase for the majority of my life the way I put myself first the whole time was turning to my addiction which is not correct in any way. I also learned that recovery is something gentle and loving that you can do for yourself.

I ended up working after the meeting and work was not bad. After that i went home ate a good meal and got a well deserved rest. On thursday I woke up, went to eat and I am now at work. Thankfully I am almost off at 6. I am planning to do a two hour delivery right after though . With these insane gas prices I have definitely cut down on the deliveries lately. Hopefully prices will go down because we are feeling it. On a side note I bought myself a nice pair of goth boots on this rad site called vampire freaks. I highly recommend that you check it out. In closing I would like to share a lyric from a song by Scary Kids Scaring Kids called faith in this knife: The past intentions they never got me by. I can't escape this it has overcome my mind. The lead singer Tyson passed away from his addiction during the height of this band. I can relate to him and the lyrics. I do not want to become like him and everytime I listen to this band it is a constant reminder to be stronger and that I can overcome this. RiP Tyson you were gone from this world way too long.




You are not alone

11:28 May 18 2022
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Today is coming to an end for me. I would say though, that today was a somewhat successful day for me. I did not really sleep well the day before, but I was not really that tired today. Maybe this was because of all the tasks I had planned out for the day. Once I woke up, I went to go see my therapist. I see him every two weeks, and I have been seeing him for about seven months now. I have been dealing with addiction issues my whole life, and just recently I have been working a 12 step program with a sponsor that includes attending weekly meetings and going to therapy to beat this addiction.

The meeting with my therapist was a really good one. Now I need to do my part and take his advice he gave me and put it into action. After the session with him, I went to the store to buy a vest that is required for my work. I ate some food after that and then went and did some package deliveries with my part time job. I currently work two jobs, and seven days a week. If i wanted though, I could take two days off whenever I like.

After the deliveries were completed I went to a pool hall by myself near my house. I enjoy shooting pool a lot. I have my own pool case, stick, shooting glove and chalk. I am not the best player out there but I am fairly good lol. The pool hall is very sketchy I would say and the rap music blasting there is annoying and makes me want to leave whenever I hear it lol. Fortunately, I put in five dollars worth of Aiden rock songs and a lot of people either went outside until the music was done playing or some left. I couldn't help myself, the music that was playing earlier was erking me.

After about an hour in a half of playing, I headed on home, and played Mario Kart on my phone on and off, and I watched the Mayans motorcycle show and went online here and another site called Darkyria which is for singles with the similar beliefs as us on this site. I have not really interacted with people yet with the same beliefs, but I will remain patient. I enjoy reading everyones profiles and journals that I have come across so far. I am thankful that a site like this exists and I do not feel alone anymore. During my addiction, I was always a lone and that is not healthy for a person. This site so far is helping me in my recovery process and even if no one responds or messages me I am glad to know that my entries are open to view with others who have the same interests and beliefs. Anyways I hope to learn more about the people I encounter with here and for now Good night and you all take care!




First ever entry

14:28 May 17 2022
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Hello to whoever decides to read this. I am new to this site and I created this profile sometime in the middle of the night. I am always awake during the middle of the night and I sleep during the daytime.

Enough though, on the sleeping schedule topic. I have known at a young age that I had keen interests in vampires and horror creatures. I guess it started off at the age of 4 and it has stuck with me since, and it has played a huge impact on the person I am today.

If there are grammar police people on here please go away and correct another page. We are all adults here and I do not have time for that. Anyways, I appreciate whoever decided to read this. My night/day has been well. I went out to eat last night at applebee's and I had a few beers and a good steak. We all gotta treat ourselves right? It was nice to see my friend bar tender there. She gave me the biggest hug when I got there because I was MIA for about three weeks and she got worried. She is such a sweet heart.

The crowd there last night was lively for a Monday night. I was talking to two gentleman sitting next to me and one of them made a comment on my slick back hair and horror tattoos. He thought he had recognized me as a person at a gym he works out at. He said there was an exact same person there that looks like me but this person apparently has pentagram tattoos on him. Now I am not sure what he was trying to imply, but I do not worship satan or the devil or do I have any pentagram tattoos, and I let him know that. His buddy was a cool dude and we talked about Fishing, High school sports, and work.

There was a young lady that came in after me sitting next to me as well who looked like a model. Very beautiful. I saw three different guys go up to her within fifteen minutes to tell her that. We had a good conversation about life and work, but I could tell based off her body language and vibes that she was not as interested. I didn't want to be rude though and make things awkward by sitting next to her and not saying anything.

Well that was my night and day off. I am off Mondays and Tuesdays. It was nice seeing you all and I will do my best to update this daily. You all take care and sleep well.



20:31 May 23 2022

Welcome to Vampire Rave!

09:26 May 26 2022

Thank you! I appreciate the comment! It is nice to meet you!

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