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Gaulder of VR

12:42 Jun 14 2024
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Gaulder was my Fiancé 3 months before his passing in February 2014.
Here are some photos I wanted to share in honor of him.

Pictures of Jonathan Barron "Lord Othis".

In this photo, he was at an event held at The Castle in Florida.
He is wearing an upside-down cross that he made himself, and he also made me one to match it.

The same event which is hosted by the man smiling next to him named Father Evan Christopher.

His favorite dog breed. A Whippet.

He was part Sioux of the Oglala Tribe and named Iron Horse. He made his own regalia and was even displayed in Elizabeth City Museum. He attended Pow Wows in FL.

~Our Story~
This is Jonathan with his best friend Joe that he jokingly called "Cookie Puss".

Jonathan and I met in the early 2000s here on VR.
We were really good friends at first, and that changed years later.
We exchanged phone numbers and brought our friendship more to reality, and it grew from there.

Jonathan's awakening occurred whenever he visited Cologne, Germany.
His story is that when he was younger, he touched the sarcophagus of a Magi there and he immediately saw everything about that man's life.

Jonathan also had his own Clan called Silver Ankh.
He said that Silver, is the bone of the Gods.
I wasn't involved in the Clan. That was his thing. lol

He also had fangs made by Father Sebastiaan.
His friend Joe was there, and another guy named Tiberus Rex. All were good friends.
He spoke about the mirror ritual he went through, and he received his beloved Sabretooth Ankh.

Spiritual wise, Jonathan considered himself an Anubian Luciferian Theist.
He also wanted to be a mortician at some point.

He would call and talk to me every single day before work, and after work.
We had many great and deep conversations about various things, and it wasn't sexual. Shocker I know. lol

He moved to Florida and had a few roommates.
He did have a lady companion with him, who was tied to cats, but he did not love her.
She loved him though, and they did things together, but he never told her he loved her.
Actually, it was Joe his friend that told me this. Joe said, "He's never told her he loves her, like he does you."

Jonathan did ask me that if things there weren't good, could he come live with me, and I said yes.
After he passed away, I was told that he was saving money, and their guess was to come live with me.

The birthday before his passing in November 2013, I gave him a blood vial of my blood, that he said he would never take off, and I bought him a real cobra belt that he loved. My daughter drew a picture of him with a purple aura strangely.

The interesting thing Jonathan told me is that he wouldn't make it to age 40, and he was right.
He did have a rather dark past, and I don't know if that's why.

There was a guy, and he was or IS on VR, and this person gave Jonathan "orders".
When I approached this guy about Jonathan, he wasn't very nice.
His reason was that he thought Jonathan was running away from his responsibilities as a father.
Jonathan told me that he didn't believe the child was his. No DNA proof.
Whether or not this is true, I have no idea.

All I know is that Jonathan was a very artistic person. He made his own jewelry, clothing etc.
Wrote his own spiritual journals.
He took his Native American spiritualism seriously.
And he was always very kind and thoughtful.
If anyone was a great conversationalist, it was definitely him.
I really loved everything about him.

The engagement came surprisingly.
See, Jonathan and I never met in person.
We only talked on the phone, and here.
But the feelings he had for me were strong enough, that it didn't matter.

I was on the phone with him. Joe was by his side too because I heard him.
Jonathan said he had an Emerald that he wanted to make our rings with.

When he said that, my mouth opened and was thinking to myself..."Did he just say OUR rings?"
Jonathan laughed a little, and you could hear Joe in the background surprised too.
I said, "Did you just ask me to marry you?"
Jonathan said, "Yeah. I kinda did huh?" LOL
Ofc I said yes to him.
He said, "Usually it's the woman having wedding ideas but here I am talking about them." lol
He wanted us to be married by Father Sebastiaan, in a pentagram surrounded by fire.
A gothic ritualistic wedding.

Jonathan is the very reason my doubts about vampires stopped.
It was through him that I got proof in reality.
It was through him that I was made aware of a Vampire Community because he was part of it.
He shared with me his thoughts, his goals, and desires.

Jonathan had been through a lot of bullshit in life.
He was attacked (article in portfolio), and then that terrible day, walking to work, he was trying to call me, and trying to call Joe and couldn't reach either one of us, and he died by being struck by a vehicle.
He died alone in a hospital.

Joe called me up saying something was wrong because he didn't come home that morning.
Other friends of his were calling around trying to find out where he was, and they finally did.

I tried to reassure Joe before, but he called me again crying which was heartbreaking telling me the news.
I was so in shock, I couldn't believe it.

They cremated his body and shared the ashes among themselves.
I never received them because the "companion" didn't want me to have anything of his.
Joe was willing to part with some for me, but she told him no.

Despite her jealousy, I went ahead and bought an emerald ring to symbolize what he wanted us to be.
His ashes, his things are just that. What I had from him was more important and that was his love.




My Vampire Dreams

12:48 Jun 13 2024
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-Vampire Dreams-

1- I was sleeping in a bed in this dream. I felt someone shoving my pillow. 2 vampires came out of nowhere, and I was fighting with them using martial arts style defense. We ended up outside and they both stopped. They insisted that I came with them. So I agreed. We were in a dark cave-like place, and I saw a woman on the ground. This was a place for battling apparently. One of the vampires said to the other, "We have Sorvena." I was curious why they called me that name, and I woke up.

Sorvena is my vampire name and it is one that I have used most places that I have been online since I had this dream.

2- I was back at the house I grew up in, and I was led to the bathroom. I pulled back a shower curtain and there stood Lilith, all wet and angry looking. She held a dagger at me and said, "Not if I kill you first." I held mine back at her and said the same thing. Dream ended.

An old shaman friend I had named Paul said this sounded like a mirrored dream.

3- Again, back at the house I grew up in, I saw a black shadow figure standing by a tree when I opened the front door.
I knew that this was a vampire.

This dream led me to acknowledge that the shadow people that have visited me were actually vampiric ones.

4- Again, back at the house I grew up in. There were 2 vampires, african american men that were draining my grandfather while he was sitting on the back porch. I "lured" them away and towards me. One got a little frisky with me but mission accomplished.

5- The demon vampire Viktor dream that came to me during a full moon in November 1998 that was so vivid I wrote about that in another post in my journal. I had 3 dreams total with this person. 1 dream I left out because it was more sexual in nature.

6- Had a dream telling me that Viktor was still coming to see me one day.

7- In this dream, I was living here. I was having a weird backyard yard sale. I saw a door and an old green book that said Vampyr on the front. There was a guy with tentacle looking feet which was a vampire, and he wanted to buy the book. He tried giving me foreign coins but I said that I only took American money, but he wanted me to look at them anyway. One of the coins caught my attention because it said Dracul on it.

The weird thing is that one day, I came across a YouTube video that mentioned The Untold Story Of Chateau Des Amerois - The Mothers Of Darkness Castle. This was something I found this year. The dream happened many years ago.
So the families of this place is tied to Dracula the Impaler. Now in another dream, the name Abraxas came up. The symbol that comes after that name, is a symbol I saw which kind of looks like a Psi symbol or a trident. The other big OMG moment was talking about how he has serpent for feet. The "Tentacle" feet, could be the same. The similarities are a little uncanny.




Proof of Vampires

15:12 Jun 05 2024
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People who are genuinely vampiric know how to find others that are the same.

Some people only know vampires through books, or certain Authors like Father Sebastiaan or Michelle Belanger.

What if I proposed that the ones that took on the persona of a vampire, and used the vampiric information given, is to mislead others into believing they are vampire, is pretty common?

You see, Jonathan (Gaulder of VR may he rest in peace) believed that vampires should have never come out of the dark to begin with, and I can see his reasons.
But does it really matter? ;)

Here's the thing. Real Human Living Vampires, can tell when a person is lying about it.
Sure, energy signatures DO play a role, but there's more to it than that.
To think that one can fool a vampire into believing one is a vampire, is hilarious at best.

Another proposal, what if what Father Sebastiaan taught isn't quite accurate on purpose?

Don't worry real vampires, I won't give your dark secrets away.
You guys have already done that for me, and I sit here, grinning away because it's quite easy as this point from personal experience to know the real from the wannabes, or even the misinformed. So, thank you. lol

Now, onto my personal proof of vampires being real....

The first time? Well, I have spoken about this before, but for the new readers, please get cozy. lol
This was back in November of 1998. I was living with my grandmother at the time and going through some pretty dark moments involving my own mother and her betrayal, and obsession to my daughter, WHICH she later did apologize to me for because she wasn't exactly in her right mind. However, because of my anger, sadness, and pain...I believe that is what drew this vivid dream demon into action. Ok imagine with me now... You're in a mansion, sitting in a room with a teacher, and all of a sudden, you get up and decide to walk through French doors. You walk into a foray with a big staircase in front of you, and huge portraits, paintings to the right of you. The dream changes to you being on the second floor, on a balcony, overlooking the grounds at night, but you sense someone is there with you suddenly. You turn your head to the right, and there you see standing a very tall, and very handsome vampire. He has long blond hair, the wind moving through it, but for some reason, you knew that you quickly have to get OUT of this dream. So, you decide to jump head-first off the balcony (because falling makes you wake up), but as you're falling, he grabs you around the waist and lowers you to the ground with him. You can feel his muscular body frame, and you can see his face more clearly. This moment told you that he has control of the dream, not you. The dream changes to where you are walking into a dining room. Very lavish and luxurious with long wooden tables and you see him sitting at the end of it, talking to you, but you can't hear a word he's saying, but you instinctively know what he's saying. He wants you as he did on the balcony. So, you agree and walk outside. There you are surrounded by roses and he's holding you close to him. You ask him a silly question. "Do you know that feeling in your stomach when you fall?" and his reply is, "Like the full moon tonight?" You think to yourself, "Uh ok, if that's how it feels." Sounds funny I know. I laugh about it too. Then you suddenly see his face change. You see his fangs, and he bites gently down onto your neck, and VIOLA! You wake up from the literal feel of the bite. So, not only are you surprised to have such a crazy vivid dream, but you also start to wonder. What I did was go to the calendar immediately the next day, and to my surprise, it was a full moon that night.

Now here's where things get much weirder.

I had at least 2 other dreams about this same vampire over the years, but whenever your ex-husband comes to you and says, "I don't ever remember my dreams, but I remember this one, and I never dream about vampires." He continues to tell me that in his dream, he came home from work, and when he opened the door, he saw me sitting on the lap of what he calls, the "Main" vampire, with a friend standing next to him with short brown hair, a companion, watching. He said that, when he walked in, he stopped the blond one from turning me. He said that we were going to the store, and they were flying next to the car like Superman, but whenever he went into the store, and he came back out, I was gone.

I thought...hm, that's really interesting.

I made a Shaman friend named Paul Dollman, somewhere in England. He was a friend for 3 years before his strange disappearance. He was talking about doing a spirit walk and how he traveled to places etc. He was originally from South Africa and had moved to England he said. Well Paul was special to me because I could literally talk to him about anything and everything, and he was there whenever I needed his guidance. But there was 1 strange moment between us, that I cannot possibly ever forget. I had another dream about the blond vampire but this time, I was at a different place, and I opened my front door, and he was standing there smiling at me, and the companion was there also. My dream ended there. However, for Paul, he stopped me from telling him more. He literally says, "Stop. I will tell you what you saw, and I saw more of it then you did." I said Ok. He says, "He wore a white shirt, and jeans." I said yes that's correct. He says, "He came to pick you up and take you with him for 2 weeks, but whenever you returned, you wouldn't be the same." He even said that this vampire, picked me up in a white truck.

It wasn't too long after that, Paul disappeared.
But Paul did tell me that, if this vampire really showed up, he would be there watching me.

Interesting and weird I know. Welcome to my life. lol

The reason I call this vampire a demon vampire is because he has not only made himself known to me, but he has made himself known to Paul, and to my ex-husband in a very powerful way. I can't see a normal vampire doing these things, and there's also another reason.

Back when I was a friend of "Bloodsheen" from yahoo chats, and yes, I know his real name and he told me his version of who this demon vampire really is. But I can't say that I trust 100% what Bloodsheen has told me. He wasn't always a nice person.
But he was impressive none-the-less in his tarot skills. Bloodsheen actually told me about energy signatures, and I did run into quite a bit of individuals claiming to be vampires. Again, this is early online days, and people could have been playing games too, but thing is, I have no idea if his information is correct or not. Here's what he told me about this demon vampire.

He says it's name is Viktor.
He claims that it comes from Chaldea.
He also said that Viktor is a son of Lilith (Mother of Demons).
He claimed that Viktor doesn't like his mother because she doesn't want her vampires meddling with humans and she's had ME killed before, in other lifetimes.

Now when it comes to conversations with Viktor during his channeling, I'll tell you some things he told me.
He claims that he found me in Eden, and that I offered him food and drink, and that's when he fell in love. But Lilith saw his love for me, and killed me. Viktor found me dead with his father Haddon, eating my body.

FUCKING WEIRD but good storyline for a book or some shit right? LOL
Again, I'm always skeptical...

Then he tells me that he found me in Egypt, a Priestess, reading and I loved my books.
Viktor gave me a gift book that he thought I would like, but I read some sort of spell out of it, and that killed me.

Viktor claimed to have found me as an old witch in the woods that lived in a cave, but I was too OLD for him.

Viktor claimed that we were together by a cliff, and I fell off it. (I'm a clutz apparently)

Viktor claimed that he found me as a sick child and tried to heal me by feeding me his blood, but I died and was too young.

I'm starting to feel like our love story is sort of like the 3 bears at this point. Too old, too young, not just right yet. LOL

So all-in-all, mommy doesn't want her demon son to be with a human woman.

But then, that lead me to really think hard about some things....

What if what Bloodsheen channeled has some truth to it. What if all this time, with all these shadow vampiric entities I have encountered all throughout my life, was actually making me temporarily vampire too, because Viktor is trying to make ME like HIM to appease his mom?

What if all my failures in relationships, even perhaps Jonathan passing away (and he wore a Lilith necklace and believed Lilith is the reason behind vampires and he wouldn't be wrong in that), and PsyRay leaving me and then apologizing to me for getting angry about dumb things is the reason why those 2 didn't work out because Viktor wants to be the only vampire in my life?

Sounds pretty crazy, but my life is pretty wild when it comes to all things vampire.

So, let's set this Viktor stuff aside a moment...

Moving along to what has really happened in my real world as proof.
So other than Paul sharing the dream, my ex-husband's dream, and mine confirming a full moon which is a touch between dream and reality, there's more.

I was walking with my ex-husband in Walmart looking at Halloween cards, and I did have a tad bit of a gothic look of my own. I saw a tall man walking slowly behind us in my peripheral vision. His hand grazed my ass, and he moved quickly around the corner. I was in shock that this person did this right with my then husband next to me. I asked him if he saw that, and he said yes. I asked him, was he tall? He said yes. I put my card down, went looking for this person, but he was gone. When reflecting back on this, I know that was someone vampiric.

Then I met Jonathan (Gaulder) here on VR. We became fast friends for many years.
He was always very open with me about his thoughts and feelings.
I have had nothing but mad respect for Jonathan during our long friendship that turned into much more.
Through Jonathan, I received my proof of vampires being real.
This is how.

Jonathan was at work, and he worked at Circle K at nights in Florida.
He was talking to me on the phone, he said for me to hold on, that he had a customer.
While I was waiting, my skeptical mind was at it again.
My thought to myself was, "If Jonathan is really a vampire, how come I have never heard anyone ask him that before?"
And out-of-the-blue, the customer who was female, asked Jonathan, "Are you a vampire?"

Firstly, Jonathan never dressed or wore anything to indicate him being a vampire.
Secondly, and THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS IS, I got my answer right then.
The one I asked in my HEAD.
The Universe, God, Vampire Gods, IDGAF....answered it for me.
You can't deny that. I couldn't deny that fact anymore.

Then when I met PsyRay in person, and we were living together for 2 years, I got more proof.
I would have never believed PsyRay completely until he showed me one night whenever we were eating at a restaurant called Outback Steakhouse. He was scanning the room, looking for a feed and he didn't have to tell me. I already knew what he was doing. lol But, I still wondered if Ray was legit or not. He said he was feeding. I said, "But I can't even tell that you're doing it." He looked directly into my eyes, and I SAW his eyes dilate, and it was so different. The only word that came out of my mouth was, "Beautiful." And for some reason, that made him smile and happy.

More proof happened before PsyRay was in the picture and after Jonathan's passing.

I used to play on a website called SecondLife.com. I was on that for 18 years before I decided to quit it for good.
While I was on there, I remember standing at a club, and I literally had no look of a vampire, nothing in my profile about anything related to vampires, but I saw someone's avatar log in the room, and INSTANTLY, this person messages me quickly and his first words were, "Hey sexy, are you a Psi?" I was thinking to myself, "How the fuck?" lol

He then says, "I am too." Then he tells me that his name is Joseph and yes, I know his last name, and yes, this man is 100% legit real, and proven it by cam and Facebook. Turns out, he's a martial arts teacher of 30+ years. We were a little intimate, and he told me that I pulled more energy sexually then HE did. I couldn't tell that I was even pulling energy from him.

I may have met other vampires on SL, but for me personally, those were the ones that actually made quite an impression.

I did have a lady that found ME on SL who I became very close "sisters" with.
I adored her friendship, and miss her a lot, but she left SL and had to focus more on her RL, and she lost her uncle of whom she told me about as well before his passing. Her uncle? Father Vincent. She was showing me pictures of him saying how sexy he was. My jaw dropped and I started laughing. I said, "Sis, I know exactly who your uncle is!" Oh, if you don't believe me, let's just say her name is Jennifer and a bird. ;)


Talk about a small vampire world, right? It certainly is.

I saved maybe the best for last. So the last vampire I met, also messaged me first.
He told me that he's an active member of the Temple of the Vampire, but he doesn't get very involved with it these days.
He did tell me that he believes himself to be a very old God. He did say which one.
He also said that Vampyres are the Old Gods, Demons, and other things.
Which is rather funny considering that it matches some personal things about myself.

I am around people all of the time, but I have never had a single person in my real life, walk up to me and say, "You're a vampire, aren't you?" This is why I am dumbfounded. If I'm not a vampire, then how come I have had all these fascinating vampires walk into my life in multiple ways?

Granted, neither of them are currently in my life, but then again, that goes back to my previous wonders.

I did have a dream telling me that this "Viktor" is still going to come find me someday.
I personally doubt it, but what if? ;)



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