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18:53 Dec 15 2012
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I am who I am, would be the typical cynical quote that I would use. People always want to know more, so that is what I will give. Not that it matters to a great majority of people anyhow. I am very abrasive, rough around the edges, and I have no tact what so ever. I’m quite alright with that. Despite my rough abrasive personality, I do cry over things, sometimes like a baby. People find me offensive because I have issues keeping my mouth shut, and I swear a lot. Similar to that of a sailor. I try my very hardest to watch my mouth in front of children, because I do know that they are young and impressionable thus picking up on bad language, and also in front of my elders. However, once I get to know someone I have a tendency to slip up and swear more frequently. I am mostly introverted, with situational extroverted tendencies. What this means is that I tend to keep to myself and I am reserved, but around certain people, for instance the friends I’ve had since I was a child or going on years, I am the complete opposite. I hate confrontation, and I really hate being told how to do things that I already know how to do. Shocker, who doesn’t. I am submissive by nature, and no this does not give you free reign to walk all over me. I, too, have a voice and I will be heard. I don’t like being made to feel that I am lesser than I am. I know that I am a valuable piece of this intricate puzzle.

I like and dislike a wide variety of things, just like anyone else. I’m rather fond of the night. This is when I feel most at home and at ease. Right as the sun falls behind the horizon and up until the sun starts to peak out from behind the trees in the morning. It’s always so quiet. I love sitting outside gazing at the moon and the stars, listening to the night time buzzing. I admire the moon, in all it’s phases, and the stars. I love nature. The feel of wet grass beneath my feet, sand between my toes. I love to sit and listen to the ocean crashing against the rocks. Watching it swirl and twist around. Thunderstorms, or any kind of storm for that matter, always catch my attention. I’m like a little kid, scrambling to get to a window or door so I can watch. Rain is very calming to me, the sound, the smell, the feel of the rain on my skin. It’s cleansing. When I was younger I used to love to go out and dance around in the rain, jump and splash in the puddles. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons; 1. The colors of the leaves as they change, all the variations are stunning. 2. The smell of the leaves is intoxicating. 3. I love that first crispness in the air. 4. Like a child, I love playing around in piles of freshly raked leaves. I absolutely love learning new things although my penchant for knowledge seems to fall into certain areas, such as; Numbers/Numerology, Astrology, Astronomy, World Religions/Theology, Sociology, Psychology, Metaphysics, Cultures, Languages, History, and so on. I’m a bit of a nerd, but, again, I am alright with this. I think that knowledge is something that a person must have. The more knowledge you have the better off you are, or at least this is the way I look at it. I am an avid reader, always reading something, as listed above, sometimes my reading material is quite tedious to others. I like quiet time, a lot. I love to swim around in my own thoughts, think of new things, and search deeper still for the core of who I am/was/will be. I’m a thinker, obviously. I love to research and analyze, and when I say analyze, I will analyze the holy hell out of something until I am satisfied with the information in front of me. I love to be random, although most times it is very much unintentional. I’ll just get a thought and spit it out. I love all forms of art and have tried my hands at quite a few forms thus far. I am not a skilled painter, yet I love to play around with watercolors. I have sculpted, but not in years. The pieces I have are very much similar to that of a child’s work. I sketch and draw all the time, on every and anything I can get my hands on, including flesh. Drawing is very therapeutic to me. I am a random photographer, and my favorite subject to take pictures of is myself, so I guess that would make me a glorified camera whore. I love my friends, although some of them can get on my nerves because the personalities are so different and there’s a definite crossing of boundaries that usually isn’t wanted. I love my family too, we’re a loud group of people that’s for sure. Definitely not the kind of entertainment that you’d want around your children.

I love food. Not the best cook in the world, but I do make a few things that will rock most people’s socks off. I love Italian food and most Asian foods. I make a mean cheesecake. I’m addicted to gummy bears, junior mints, coffee, animal crackers, M&M’s, red licorice, starburst, and oatmeal raisin cookies. I have a love hate relationship with bananas. Chocolate milk is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I love all different kinds of berries and some vegetables. I, however, despise brussel sprouts, green beans, and onions. Ack! I like to go out for a good drink, but very rarely due to the simple fact that alcohol and I don’t get a long. It’s so much better that way. CHEESE!!!! Yes, I love cheese. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, or just plain ole vanilla ice cream with raspberries on it.

Music is my life force. People should really worry for their safety on the day that I’m not listening to music. I always have some form of music playing, and yes I am forever singing. Doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with. Shameless, that’s what I am. I dance around to the music also, but not as much as I sing. I love a wide variety of music, so my play lists/CD collection are very random. I’m not going to waste time and list out the bands I like, good god man, that would take for ever and a day and I don’t have that kind of time. *smiles* Kidding. I fall back on rock, most genre’s. I can not stand country music, okay I can maybe stand a song, then I’m searching for something to hang myself with or to stab myself in the ear with. No thank you. I used to like rap music, but not so much anymore. It kind of gets on my nerves. Some dance and hip hop is alright, but very sparingly. The music I listen to is all dependent on what I’m doing and my mood. Like music, the movies I watch and/or like depend on my mood. Sometimes I want to watch a cheese ball 80’s flick, others I want to watch people bleed. All in the mood. I can tell you that I DO NOT like Kevin Costner, Jean Claude Van Dam, or Steven Segal. Someone please make them stop. My sanity depends on it.

Some of the things I dislike are also pet peeves. I loathe, and I mean LOATHE, text talk. Fucking shoot me in the face. People that shorthand every damn thing they say should have their fingers cut off. I hate and have no tolerance for stupidity. Really people? Again, knowledge is a good thing. I hate having conversations with people that I have to beat a conversation out of. Sure, I have my quiet times like everyone else, but if I can have a better conversation with a rock we have issues. I hate being lied to. Spare me your pretty sugar coated words. I am an adult, I can handle whatever truth you have for me. Plus, I am NOT stupid, I WILL figure out that you’re lying to me, then what are you going to do? Lie some more? I don’t like stupid/bad drivers. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t drive. I hate feeling like I’m trapped, I MUST have an exit strategy for most situations. I am not okay with big groups of people, lets say for shits and giggles, over 100 people. I will handle it in stride, but I am typically not a fan. I don’t like being talked down to. I am not 5, you do not need to talk to me like I am a child, I will kill you for less. If I want you to explain something to me, I will ask you to clarify or elaborate. I don’t like it when people force feed you their belief structure. Please don’t. If you want to sit down over coffee and “discuss” your views, I will gladly oblige. The minute you start turning it into an “I’m right and you’re wrong” type of conversation, we’re done talking. Period. I think it’s fabulous that everyone is entitled to their own way of believing, I really do. I hate when people are inconsiderate of your time and energy. Example, people who blatantly show up late for work. Learn to tell time. I detest rude people, and I know this may sound hypocritical coming from me, but I’m referring to people who are intentionally rude. I am sarcastic/smartass/no tact, there’s a little bit of a difference, albeit a small one. I really don’t like it when people “assume” that they know who you are and what you’re about, when they in reality have no fucking clue. This happens more often than not on social networking sites. So you saw a few pictures of me, read a few words about who I am, this does not mean you know me. The whole online world seems to make me angry in one capacity or another. I hate it when people see me as the doormat that they ‘think’ they can walk all over. Take heed, I am not the bitch you want to fuck with. Really and truly. I will fuck up your world faster than you’d ever think imaginable. No qualms. None.



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