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Brother So Dear-Cadrewolf

00:52 Jun 27 2024
Times Read: 54

To my brother,
Which I really care,
For all of the love
And hate that we shared

The world’s so empty
The moon so blue,
Without your memory
What can I do?

Say I’m sorry
Or that I care
For all of the times
We could not bare?

The little bit of anger,
But, really no hate
For the friendship we had
No man could take.

You were my true brother...
One of a kind.
Now that you’re gone
What is it you hope to find?

Was it peace
Or maybe love
You taught me to live
And to have fun?

I miss you now
As never before.
Don’t know what
My life has in store.

You made me laugh,
Never to cry.
I wish you were here
Right by my side.

We went through the good
Helped each other through the bad.
Now that you’re gone
I can only be sad.

Your child will cry
The beginning of the day
And Ask the Lord
About her father he did take.

For was it right
Or tis it wrong?
Why was her dad
The one to be gone?

Good bye Brother.
The one so dear.
I know when I die,
You’ll be there.

To help me up to
Those golden gates,
Hoping my Lord,
My soul to take.

I’ll be judged
Not for all my sins.
For that of love
I gave to my friends.

You’ll be at my side
To guide me through,
Cause you, dear Brother,
You’re the love so true.

Tis the years will take
But not that of time
For love and memories
You left us behind.
Dear Brother

For My brother (Larry Wayne Zesiger, aka Larry Breeze) passed July 3, 1991. I life taken way to soon




The Final Curtain-Cadrewolf

00:43 Jun 20 2024
Times Read: 97

The final curtain is drawn
The show is at the end
But do we remember
How it actually began

The player so young
And so pure in his life
Begins an unknown journey
Not knowing the strife’s

Challenges must be faced
As each day unfolds
Paths that may lead
To encounters untold

Decision to question
Answers yet to find
Was it right or wrong?
For that point in time

Thoughts do ponder
An end to the show
To take a final bow
And then where to go

Does the show replay?
And doesn’t ever end
Or another new show
In which life to begin

An unknown journey
From the start to stop
To finally look back
And say the show was a flop

The final curtain is drawn
The show has come to an end
Now where do we go?
When this life does end



10:27 Jun 20 2024

Cadre beautiful words! Hope you are well and your week is great!


Red Colored rain-cadrewolf

00:46 Jun 18 2024
Times Read: 134

How can so much love,
Bring so much pain;
Like a blackening storm,
Or a red colored rain.

Confusion and hurt,
Brought together as one;
When love over comes,
Which has been done.

My feelings for you,
Grow stronger each day;
Never skipping a beat,
Or come what may.

I’m not afraid,
Of what will come;
Or of the talk,
Of the simple ones’.

My love for you,
Is stronger than the rain,
Making the cruel world,
Seem perfect and sane.

What is it you do?
To woo my heart;
Can simple poems,
Express or start.

The love you give,
Free and full;
I’m so content,
You don’t even know.

The way you smile,
That brightens your face;
Gestures of your body,
To make my heart race.

Words you speak,
Bold and true;
Sometimes so harsh,
And others to soothe.
The smell of your skin,
When you’re next to me;
The feeling of warmth,
When your heart does please.

Simple things you do,
Impress me so much;
Maybe an expression,
Or a tender touch.
How can so much love,
Bring so much pain;
Like a blackening storm,
Or a red colored rain.

Children may be hurt,
Because they don’t know;
All they think
Is what their told.

Maybe one parent,
Confuses the kids;
The other parent
Tries to live.

Neither one bad,
But don’t want the blame;
So they point to the other,
To give all the shame.

The rules of life,
Harsh and strong;
When one don’t know,
Where they don’t belong.

Let love guide you,
It will never steer wrong;
Like an unbroken melody,
Or a forgotten song.

So when the storm,
Draws ever near;
Watch for the clouds,
And it’s warm sweet tears.

It’s never blue,
But always red;
For all the pain,
That it sheds.

To help you through,
Each and everyday;
So love is left,
And here to stay.




Thoughts - Cadrewolf

00:47 Jun 13 2024
Times Read: 118

Death come an embrace me
Do not let me cry
For the life I once cherished
Is ready to say good-bye

Pain deep within me
I can no longer take
My face without emotion
A smile I try to fake

Would any one notice
Would they even care?
For my life has ended
No memories left to share

Is there only darkness
No light at the bend
Will my life start over?
Or shall it just end

Thoughts seem so dark
No comfort to be seen
Am I only just lost?
In my visions or dreams

Sleep surrounds me
Wanting to close my eyes
Giving me more thoughts
At the end that may lie

Feelings without thought
Reasons without care
Troubles in my life
Which I can longer bare

Thought of madness
My soul feels bound
Decisions not come
Answer yet found

Words scribbled on
This paper unclear
To say good-bye
To friends so dear

Have I gone insane?
Or did my mind snap
Thoughts so troubling
Maybe, just perhaps

Do I look for comfort?
A talk with a friend
Or do I just walk
To my life’s bitter end

Decisions yet made
Thoughts so arise
May be it’s time
For one last good-bye

Death come an embrace me
Do not let me cry
For the life I once cherished
Is ready to say good-bye





05:06 Jun 07 2024
Times Read: 147

Remember the past
And the love we knew.
The time we spent
Under the moon.

The night was calm,
The air so clean,
We were so young.
So was our dream.

Remember the past
Please remember me
Remember how we used to be.

Remember how we talked
About future and past
And thought of the ways
Our love would last.

You left me-
Why I don’t know.
You said you loved me
But it didn’t show.

I’ll never forget you—
I’ll never try.
But all I can say now
Is good-bye.

When you leave me,
I’ll start to cry.
I’ll never forget it
I’ll never try.




State of Mind - Cadrewolf

01:51 Jun 04 2024
Times Read: 174

No explanation.

Feeling of loss,
Whatever the cost.

No way to turn,
Your insides burn
Thoughts in your head,
Wish you were dead.

Everyone against you
You feel so blue,
Talks and lies;
You can only sigh.

A state of mind,
Where there’s no time
Past, Present
Bad vibes sent.

No explanation.

Hate the earth,
Despise your birth,
Emptiness inside
What is it you hide?

Feelings, emotions
Your life in motion,
World crashing down
No friends to be found

Loss of a mate
Why do you hate,
Fighting with words
Your heads a blur

Only want to talk
Why people gawk
Are you a monster inside?
To make people hide.

Are people afraid to talk?
On eggshells they walk,
You make them so blue;
Their heart you should soothe.

Why, oh why
You can only cry,

Do you need help,
When you only shout,
Words of hate
Small things a debate.

No words of love
From bottom to above
Lifeless soul,
Whatever the toll.

There is no explanation.

Find a special spot
Where your mind is caught
For feelings so blue,
Emotions untrue

A bright new day
To send on it’s way,
Emotions of black.
Hopefully never comes back

Snap out!
Insides shout,
Family and friends;
The love they send.

Look around,
There you found,
The love so true
No longer to be blue.

There is no explanation,
Just feelings inside
You try to hide.




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