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Tid Bits

00:06 May 30 2024
Times Read: 52

The creature within me
Stirs to come out
A driving feeling
My mind does shout

Visions in mind
Darkness gives chase
Glimpses of a death
At every solemn place

A storm in the night
With flashing of light
Yet hid in despair
As if I did care




A Small Quiet place-Cadrewolf

02:23 May 23 2024
Times Read: 72

My thoughts take me back
To a memorable place
When youth was alive
And the clock kept pace

The great Montana skies
So vast and so clear
The smell of the pines
At certain times of the year

A small community
Held somewhat in time
A quiet gentle place
Nothing really to find

A small country store
Filled with odds and ends
A smile from the owner
To all that may come in

The memories of my home
From a not so distant time
When life was uncertain
With no reason or rhyme

The house was so rustic
But not without its charm
Made up of old wood timbers
Kind of resembling a barn

And inside the house
It takes you back to the days
When cowboys were alive
And it was decorated that way

Not far from the house
A clear stream does stray
Like taunting at me
To come over and play

My small quiet place
Filled with so much laughter
Swimming with my friends
Like nothing seemed to matter

Close an old abandon school
Sits all boarded up and white
No children in the halls
To give it such delight.

The playground is silent
Ageing with the seasons
Waiting for us children
To give it some meaning

The refreshing walks
On a lonely dim lit pave
With the cool night breeze
As both guiding my way

The walk to my friends
On that paved country road
Passing by the golf course
I’m Humming as I go

A full golden moon
Surrounded by little stars
As if watching over me
Like they where in charge

A night with my girl in the hay
Filled with passion and a kiss
A time I shall never forget
It was filled with so much bliss

The times in my life
I look back at those days
When youth was living free
And the times I wanted to stay

Friends I thought to myself
That I could never lose
But at each tick of the clock
The paths in life we did choose

A different ending for each
In the path we each faced
With no ever turning back
To that small quiet place

I wonder if they think back
At the memories of it all
And does a smile fill their face?
At the stories they recall




Tid Bit

00:23 May 22 2024
Times Read: 83

May the stars light your nights
and the moon protect your soul
for when the witching hour strikes
and the wind becomes cold

May you always be protected
From the shadows of the night
So slumber your cares away
Tell you feel the morning light





00:39 May 15 2024
Times Read: 205

Do you hear a heart cry,
When it feels so much pain;
Do you hear a mind snap,
When it goes madly insane.

The undying love I have,
For you in my soul;
Is to much to hide,
For there is a great toll.

Do I let it all out,
And come what may;
Do I hide it within,
And go totally insane.

You push and shove,
And I pull and hold;
You fell so trapped,
I feel so alone.

Words taken in fun,
Are now words of hate;
Simple little things,
Are now a great debate.

I will not fight with you,
As I promised before,
If no one gets hurt,
No good-bys out the door.

I love you ever more,
As the days seem to last;
But in your beautiful mind,
You think of your past.

You become so quiet,
And try to hide within;
Not letting me by you,
Like I’m the one who sinned.

How do I reach you,
To bring you back;
Tell you of my love,
And reasons or facts.

Tell you of the feelings,
That you seem to bring out;
Tell you of your beauty,
Which there is no doubt.

I LOVE YOU more,
More than life itself,
Your all that I want,
A feeling I never felt.

I’ll let you alone,
To deal with this;
But I’m always here,
So I send you a kiss,





00:35 May 08 2024
Times Read: 233

No way out,
Voices in my head;
Want to scream and shout.

Does anybody listen?
Or can they hear,
For the path I’m on
The ending I fear.

Thoughts of good
Thoughts of bad,
Why, oh why
Do I make people sad?

I try to help,
Without a debt;
But heartache I cause
Is my true regret.

I feel such alone,
With no way to turn
My caring ways
Who gets burned?

Love for my family
And my dear friends,
Only time will tell
When will it end?

Ghosts from the past
Does always haunt,
Never left alone
Always to taunt

Doors in my head
Always remain locked
For visions of fear,
I have blocked

For who is right
And who is wrong
Sometimes, oh God
I just don’t belong

Is it me?
Feelings untrue
Then why is it;
The feelings I do

No, way out
Voices in my head
Please let them out.

Help me!!
Stay away!
Oh, tell me
Which is the way

Unsure of myself
From time to time,
Chains around my soul
Did I, did bind.

A heavy heart
Sick and weak
Words unclear
Why I even speak.

Say I love them
Do they even care?
Is it my feelings?
Not theirs to share.

For here’s my thoughts,
With reason and rhyme
Written down on paper
Tell the end of my time



07:17 May 08 2024

Is this a song you wrote? It's good. I mean it may be a poem but it is good lyrics as well.


Dead Man’s Sin-Cadrewolf

23:11 May 01 2024
Times Read: 254

The moon was full
And glowed an uncertain blue
The wars had vanquished
With nothing else to do

Kings sat with kings
And the queens worn their crowns
Music and laughter filled the air
But there echoed no sound

But not long ago
After everything’s been said
Soldiers and armies
Arose from the dead

Their bodies’ mangles
Tis eyes of red
Swords in hand
And soul’s not shed

Hale, hale.
To this uncertain night
When armies of dead
Will at last strike

Not for hate
At fellow men
Just at themselves
For that of their sins.



02:32 May 02 2024

This is great. I can hear it as a song. almost a war march in parts.

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