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14:19 Nov 30 2023
Times Read: 79

She swayed her hips as she began to dance.
Her hypnotic eyes captivated and began to entrance
her willing prey as she found her match.
Her eyes fell sharp as her prey she did catch.

She moved so slowly towards his cautious eyes.
She smiled seductively that hid her lies.
She moved with grace as she walked so near.
Her target anxious and he began to fear.

The fear that he felt was making him weak
as she came close to his ear and as she did speak
she whispered sweet nothings and caressed his skin.
Her sharp nails did slice as she committed the sin.

His neck ran rivers of a crimson tide
as his eyes did fade and he saw her disguise.
She hid her monster but now she had lost her facade
as she drank from the river without guilt or regard.



22:22 Nov 30 2023

I didn't realize comments went if you edit a poem. Sorry!


04:37 Nov 28 2023
Times Read: 125

Feeling the anger slip away.
Knowing that it is the start of a brand new day.
Accepting that there may be times when life gets rough
but knowing that his actions will only make me more tough.

This obsession began to start to annoy
yet I will lay back and relax as I begin to enjoy
the fact that his actions will further push me away
and I will concentrate on this brand new day.

The more that he tries to gain my attention
as he tries to win back my supportive affection
will confirm that this is an unhealthy obsession
and one day he will need to accept my rejection.




22:21 Nov 27 2023
Times Read: 159

Can a relationship last when the person seems so far away?
When there is an ocean between us, is it really okay?
When there are so many moments that I wish that I could hold onto forever.
When there are more obstacles in the way, can we really be together?

These were the questions that constantly entered my mind
but anyone who is truly worth the effort is already hard to find.
In my case, I let the questions quiet down in my head
and focused on the positive aspects of us instead.

There are days when it can be depressing to think that physical contact will be restricted.
When you meet someone where you find yourself addicted
to their heart, their smile and their soul.
The effort is then worth it and you find yourself losing control.

Sometimes even the most difficult decisions can be right.
My decision was to go with the ride and hold on tight.
Do I regret this decision? I do not think that I ever could
because I found a friend, a guide and the person that I thought that I never would.




23:35 Nov 26 2023
Times Read: 193

Love can give us all an opportunity to learn
how it feels when the passionate flame melts us as we burn.
We walk through life after life trying to find our true calling
yet for me, it was him and now I find myself falling.

Falling into his eyes when I give him a flirtatious glance.
Falling into his arms when I crave a cuddle from him at any given chance.
Falling into his heart when I say something sincere.
Falling into his memories when I show him that I was always near.

Now we are both falling, falling towards a light.
A light that shows us that what we knew was right.
That we have walked this Earth time after time
to find each other again for I know that he is mine.




22:09 Nov 23 2023
Times Read: 245

Mistakes are made through the vastness of time.
We should learn from them and mature just like a fine wine.
Yet all we seem to do is make that very same mistake
in the hope that the consequence will change by the actions that we take.

The meaning of insanity is to make the same mistakes
hoping that one day the solution will not be the fake.
We walk upon this earth trying to figure our lives out
yet all we seem to do is hurt the people that we care about.

Maybe in time we will learn from our actions
and see that it takes more than just attraction
to keep two people together but only time will tell.
We deserve to find our heaven within our own hell.




01:53 Nov 22 2023
Times Read: 292

His dark presence has ensnared me so.
I am captivated by his eyes and I could not go
and leave his side as he is the ying to my yang.
This primal beast and a kind and loving man.

My abusive past has taught me to hide
yet my confidence is growing as he stays by my side.
I will never be hurt by another abusive man
as he has taught me that I must fight back, knowing that I can.

He is my friend, my teacher and my loving guide.
I want him to know that he fills me with pride.
I am proud of him knowing that he finds it hard to trust.
He slowly opened up to find that our love is a must.



02:20 Nov 22 2023

Hide your past. Create the new life you speak.

02:50 Nov 22 2023

Thank you. The past seems to crop up when you least expect it.


03:17 Nov 21 2023
Times Read: 308

Strangers come and strangers go.
Conversations arising with whom they do not know.
Fancy dresses with stockings of lace.
Two people are craving a sexy embrace.

Lifted up and pushed gently against the wall.
Will they float with excitement or will they fall?
Suspenders are shown as he passionately grips her thigh.
Both of them craving a way to fly.

Heated passion courses within her frame.
Touches becoming intense, neither feeling shame.
Pressed up against his body, her touches start to grip
his shirt as her skirt slowly begins to slip.




18:18 Nov 19 2023
Times Read: 337

Feelings drift as the seasons change.
Going from warmth to something strange.
Finding out that you lied to yourself
but now it is time to come off that shelf.

You are stronger than the person that people saw.
You will move forward as you are not that person anymore.
You will become the person that you were meant to be.
You will never look back and you will be free.

There may be times that are both good and bad.
The happy times will prevail through the times that are sad.
You will never sink under the sea of loathing
because the seasons may change but they will not be foreboding.




20:00 Nov 16 2023
Times Read: 360

Touches so gentle, a caress to a tender heart.
Floating above whilst feeling torn apart.
Life so fleeting, every moment is a kiss.
Feelings of warmth, a feeling that is always missed.

A kiss so loving, a mere touch sets the heart aflame.
Not caring that it is tainted and feeling no shame.
Finding a part that was missing for so long.
Being carried between weakness and now feeling so strong.

Two halves of one soul have now been reunited.
Finding the person that gives love that is not unrequited.
Loving the other part that now makes one feel complete.
A feeling of love that is not tainted by deceit.



20:10 Nov 16 2023


01:01 Nov 17 2023

Thank you very much 😁


19:25 Nov 12 2023
Times Read: 393

The neverending pain of a broken heart
can make your world feel torn apart.
Romantic routines that were once in place
have soon turned sour just like a bad taste.

The days seem empty and the nights become lonely.
The growing ache pines for your one and only.
The breakup was amicable yet it still feels strange
to go from lovers to friends, a drastic change.

They say that time is a great healer. You hope that is the truth.
The pain that occurs feels like it could strip away your youth.
You want the time to go quick, at least for a bit
so that this addiction will feel easier to quit.



19:41 Nov 12 2023

How true of words

00:26 Nov 13 2023

It's something that is unfortunately highly relatable.


02:27 Nov 07 2023
Times Read: 450

Sinking into the quick sand, I try to tread my feet.
The longer that I try, the more my chest sighs in defeat.
I push through the enclosing mass
but I begin to weaken as I start to sink so fast.

The little grains of sunshine become my endless night.
I become even more determined to win this fight.
I wonder through the grit as I focus on my goal.
I will not let this obstacle take away all of my control.

The light that is before me seems to become so clear.
I begin to focus on it as I commence to get so near.
This is what life is like, to push through the sand.
We will work towards the end without cares and without demand.




21:30 Nov 04 2023
Times Read: 520

His brooding presence calms her soul
as his mind demands for her to submit control.
Her submissive side always begs to be pleased
as his hand spanks her skin to arouse and tease.

His dominance ignites her passion and will.
He strengthens her confidence whilst claiming his fill.
He lets the power play gain her favour
as he uses his charm to try her flavour.

Vanilla was never her favourite taste.
She preferred something darker with a sugary glaze.
He became her cocoa as she was drawn into his addiction.
His domineering seduction became her affliction.




19:28 Nov 04 2023
Times Read: 559

Some people state what they do believe.
Others use their voice to take and to deceive.
We all find our own ways to get through this life
without the need for causing any pain and strife.

I once was told that you do your best with what you make
and I believe this to be true but others seem to take.
This is not down to one sole individual.
This is problem upon problem that is becoming a ritual.

If life was easy I guess we would never learn from our mistakes
but others seem never to learn as all the do is take.
Take my body, take my dignity, take my faith
but one day these people will not go unscathed.




20:34 Nov 03 2023
Times Read: 606

Anxiety begins to run towards the dark and foreboding heart.
Fear grips the mind with it's claws and slowly rips it apart.
The stress shoots through like electricity and the pulse begins to race.
Dread commences the journey and speedily gives chase.

The fear of disappointment is what keeps me up at night.
When rationality draws with dread as they slowly play out their fight.
Why is it so easy for everyone else to walk on?
whilst I constantly question what exactly is wrong.

I just want to be accepted for the person that I am.
I want my friends and future partners to actually give a damn.
I will wait patiently in my corner and watch them as they near.
I will not show my emotions until theirs are made clear.




01:20 Nov 02 2023
Times Read: 630

The rain trickled down her sensuous frame.
The curve of her neck sent his heart aflame.
She leaned against the crumbling stone of the ancient tomb.
He picked her up and laid her up on it as her body began to swoon.

He slowly undid her lacy bodice as the rain picked up speed.
Her heaving bosom asking him to give her his seed.
Her kissed down her throat until he got to her breast.
He bit her there as she put him to the test.

He gave in to his primal urge as he ripped off her skirt.
He undid his trousers and threw away his shirt.
They both became naked as he kissed up her leg.
Her body reacting as she moaned and begged.

He stopped just short of her needy centre.
Her back arched as his hand became so tender.
He used his tongue to give her his intimate kiss.
She heaved her chest as she moaned and hissed.

He placed himself within her cave
as he thrusted inside her, his seed he gave.
The animal within him lost all control
as the pleasure he felt ripped away his soul.

The rain cooled down her feverish skin
as her body experienced an explosive sin.
The beast within him felt drunk on his pride
as she happily accepted his animalistic side.



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