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I wont stop

03:31 Sep 12 2012
Times Read: 477

Every tear i shed every thought rushing like a storm

Every piece of ny heart still together some how

every feeling every emotion has been scorn

my hands even cut up bleeding seemed healed

Even though my heart was stabbed

It felt like i went without anything im filled

even though i have lost my sight

Lost my vjsion lost my ability

covered in complete darkness i still fight

My heart somehow wont die

my mind wont stop my will is still there

my life has it is wont say goodbye




To you lucifer

05:37 Sep 11 2012
Times Read: 501

My savior have my heart

have my soul have me

love me or rip me apart

im your always

for eternity forever

lucifer you have for all my days

My morning.star

Satan i look for you near and far

Oh king of hell im here

take my soul my flesh

I have no.fear

Evil prince horned beast

take me all my.soul my will

Come and let me prepare a feast

For i will prepare myself to you

Come drink.and eat of me

for you are true

God or jesus doesnt compare

To.your almighty power




pink and yellow

03:49 Sep 10 2012
Times Read: 516

feel black and red inside

and even gray in the middle

all this color inside combined

Wonder where pink and yellow is

I wonder why they left me

I miss their passionite kiss

Beyond me is a light

wondering why i can't reach it

How much more do i have fight

How much more do i have to lose

Even though yellow pink are in sight

I can't reach them, they ran away

they ran away, and i miss their love

I miss the peace from Above

I miss you yellow and Pink

Green is the master of this place

This world roled by the color Green

ANd any other is a disgrace.

I miss the love of you

My yellow and Pink

For your love is true

I miss Purple for something honest

for something true

They ran away, and I miss their love

I miss the peace from above

I miss you yellow and Pink

I miss your sweet embrace

I miss the touch of your lips

I miss your sweet face

I miss you my sweet love

I miss you my sweet yellow and Pink

I miss your sense of peace, your angel from above

I miss your taste of your sweet kiss

I miss the sweet touch of your warmth

Where are you my pink and yellow.

You have gone and left me here

With the feeling of red and Black

You left me here to fear

You left for something better and true

You told me you loved me..

You always be there

You are there for me to see

But won't let me go near

I watch you day and day embrace her

Has i struggle with this fear

You tell the world I am useless

has you reach over and hold me

You reach toward me and send me your kiss

Behind me, your lies spread

All the colors turn their back

Except black and Red

I have loved you

Also will even though you left

I know all of you wasn't true

You were just lie





03:56 Sep 07 2012
Times Read: 527

I wish for wealth power and fame

I wish i was the ruler the master of the game

i wish i was the supreme queen of hell

I wish upon the moon and star

I wish for a badass mother f in car

i. Wish for it all moon sky

i wish to never die

i wish for money superity over mother earth

I wish I was goddess over humanity

i can cause diease and insanity

to all my enemines.

i wish I was the master of all evil..

I wish for the stars galaxy everything

to be mine.




being in love

22:47 Sep 04 2012
Times Read: 584

Being in love is a deadly infection to the brain

its a parasite that eats at you causing torture and pain

its a illness that blinds your logical reasoning and ability

Love is a deadlists of serial killer deadlist feeling

It causes the most pain the most killing

Many lovers have died or killed for this parasite

Being in love is maggot feeding at your inside

You think your safe. From this bug you cant hide

clawing ripping tearing bitting torture screaming hate



13:39 Sep 06 2012

I can so relate

22:19 Sep 06 2012


truth in short words

02:12 Sep 12 2012

it is black. haunted, yet so-sweet; and to be tasted.

at least... once.


sweet solitude

22:16 Sep 04 2012
Times Read: 586

Sweet sweet solitude my friend i need you

Our friendship strong and. true

your always hear to listen to my heart

when people rip me apart

Your here to keep me to sane

To take this earthly pain

To help me escape this shitty life

Sweet sweet solitude you help ease my pain

my loneliness my self doubt

You keep me joyful sane

You listen to all self pity my winning

Sweet sweet solitide what would i do without you

I look to you for something wonderful.something true

something that is forever something that wont dispear

Solitude my only friend thank you for being here.



02:14 Sep 12 2012

solitude mirrored and understood, is sweeter than that known all alone ... on one's own. in one's own world, mind and... empty.



19:15 Sep 04 2012
Times Read: 594

My dark lover incubus

Embrace me with your kiss

Embrace me touch me be there

tonight be here

Comfort me let me never forget you

Let our passions be so true

embrace me dear

Wipe away my tear

Let me not fear

Touch me tonight

hold me tight

Never let me go

I kiss your cold dreadful face

i kiss your lips a burning taste

I held your cold beastly claws

Touch me tonight

Hold me tight

Never let me go

Embrace me dear

Wip away my tear

Let me not fear

Give me your pleasure incubus i want to feel your all

I wanna surrender to you i want to fall

I want make love with everything you are

Embrace me dear

Wip away my tear

Never let me fear

Touch me tonight

Hold me tight

never let me go

Every deep and fast breath we make

my flesh my body you take

our bodies embracing into one flesh

Touch me tonight

Hold me tight

never let me go



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