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01:10 Jan 16 2021
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02:30 Jan 16 2021



The Moon Oracle

20:39 Jan 08 2021
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These are my first set of cards I ever bought and for some reason I thought I lost...the other day I was doing some cleaning and there they where....funny how things return when you need them...this is my first reading of them today...I never asked a question I just shuffled them and they fell one at time to the table and this is what I got...

Top Card First Quarter: Waxing Fire Moon

When the Moon moves to first Quarter in Fire.90 degrees from the sun, its face is half dark, half light and everything is held in balance. However, for the Five Element that is not enough. This phase produces a strong urge to push ahead to bring things to your advantage. It encourages the desire to win.

When this card is the current Moon selected from the Moon tables, the Zodiac signs below give a further interpretation.

Moon in Aries-This is the most aggressive of the First Quarter phases. It is a time when the urge to defeat any and all opposition in order to make progress is taken to the extreme.

Moon in Leo-There is a expectancy that all opposition will fall aside in favor of your obvious worth. You know you have a kind of divine right to succeed!!

Moon in Sagittarius- In the search for the truth you now see the light ahead. If you have to tread on a few toes and bump a few shoulders in the rush, so be it, getting there is what is important.

The White Goddess-Gemini-Air:Athene

This Goddess reveals that the questioner possesses a wealth of inherited talents and gifts. These can be used for self advancement or for the good of others. Athene suggests that solely looking after your own interests may not be the way to achieve the result you want. It may be that if you use your abilities in the service of others, you will gain your desire in a more positive and fulfilling way. The last of the young White Goddesses see each problem as a chance for creative thought.

The nature of Air in Gemini is versatile and broad minded. There is a danger of being to diverse in attitude for the current situation. If this goddess card is selected, then June will be a significant month with regard to the question.

The Red Goddess-Cancer-Water:Hera

This Goddess represents maturity and dignity. She has a regard for her position and the power to maintain it, while keeping the respect of others. She indicates that although you may not necessarily approve of something, allowing it to run its course can sometimes be the answer. The First of the Red Goddesses, Hera represents the more mature, sustaining and preserving approach to life.

The Nature of Water in Cancer is to care for and nurture those that are deemed "family' no matter how wayward. This is the most motherly of all the signs. If this card is selected, then July will be a significant month with regard to the question.

White Goddess-Taurus-Earth:Venus

This Goddess represents love in all its forms, from pure or ideal love to lustful desire. She denotes a love of pleasure and the good things of life and a blantant use of personal charm or seduction in order to obtain them. She warns that you will have to pay the appropriate price for self-indulgence but if you are prepared for that then so be it.

Generally Venus is a beneficent goddess who suggests a good or fruitful outcome to the question. As a White Goddess she brings a strong, youthful and creative approach to the situation.

The Nature of Earth in Taurus is above all sensual and comfort loving with a tendency to act slowly and surely in familiar ways. If this Goddess card is selected, then May will be a significant month with regard to the question.



21:01 Jan 08 2021

you should do a tarot card reading on people I love your cards I've been looking for a Death Set of tarot.

21:18 Jan 08 2021

Why thank you...these are my first tarot cards ever bought....I have not seen them in years...I am thinking about it...I like to do them in person....so I thought I would do a reading everyday and see if I can hit someone with them...lol


13:28 Jan 08 2021
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As my mother has been diagnosed with Cancer and not being on here for a bit to pass the time away I created these...

They are far from perfect but it was my way of dealing with things... I love my witchy jars and these ones will be used for what they say on the jars...they are just plain jars and the wood like scrolling is hot glue...I have a lot of practice to do but I think they look cool.

This one also turned out amazing and I used the left over diamond kit beads for it...I have yet to finish this one...this is not perfect either but I love it and have a lot of work left on it.

This one I made in Peacock blue...I have to get some clear coat to brighten them all up and make them shiny so I can use them and not worry about them loosing the paint.



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