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01:19 Dec 11 2021
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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

So today I enrolled in a class Called magickal pest and I wanted to share this because I found it interesting

Common Magickal Pests

2. Imps

Imps are the magical pest I have experienced most often. Imps are commonly believed to ­be small (usually less than a foot tall) creatures that exist in the astral plane and seem to exist for no other reason than to upset people. They delight in scaring people by any means they can devise. They may appear to a Wizard as small balls of negative energy or may look like very small devils with brownish-red skin, pointy ears, and short tails. They are unpleasant and malevolent creatures. Thankfully however, they are not particularly dangerous.

In the Middle Ages, imps were often thought of as minor demons and familiars of witches. In this capacity, it was believed that imps would perform minor magics for their masters; usually magics that involved harming others or causing chaos. Some lore tells of imps living within gemstones or talismans, so that their master could take them anywhere and always have their magic on hand. Though their service of others is possible, I have only experienced imps as free creatures that serve only their own whims.

The presence of an imp can be recognized by the feeling of vague discomfort and of being watched. Imps love to hide in closets or under beds. They also love to follow you down a dark hallway, just for the sake of sending a shiver down your spine. They really do enjoy scaring people. Pets will usually recognize the presence of an imp long before people do. If I ever see my cat chasing nothing down the hallway I know I've got an imp in the house.

Imps are not particularly dangerous, just annoying. They cannot hurt you or even affect anything in the physical plane. An imp's presence is most disconcerting to people who are particularly sensitive to outside energies and are unshielded. For an unshielded sensitive, an imp's presence may make them feel like there's a dark shadow hanging over them. They may even feel a slight pricking sensation in the small of their back. But for most people, the worst thing an imp can do is scare someone so badly that they act irrationally and accidentally hurt themselves. Their presence is uncomfortable and can be very creepy, but they have no power over a Wizard. Keep your head about you and they cannot do you any harm.

Thankfully, imps are very easy to deal with. Imps are cowardly creatures and don't really want to fight a Wizard. If you speak in a loud, firm voice and tell it to go away it usually will. If you're in a public place, where talking to the air might be interpreted as crazy, simply visualize the imp in your mind (in whatever appearance seems right to you) and silently command it to leave you alone. Failing that, almost any display of magical power will scare it away. A good ritual house-cleansing is an excellent way to both scare off an imp and remove any negative residue it may have left behind. Afterwards, be sure to place a shield around the area to prevent the imp from returning.

Example Basic House Cleansing
Items Needed:

Salt water
Sage, Cedar, or other cleansing incense
First go through each room of the house with your cleansing incense. Make sure the smoke gets into every nook and cranny of the room. Visualize the smoke penetrating and dispelling any negative energy. (If you're not allowed to waft incense all over the house, or if you have allergies, you can also do this by clapping or ringing a bell—the sound waves will penetrate the room just like smoke.)
Go to the center of the house (usually the living room or kitchen) and cast a circle around the entire house. Make sure your circle is a complete sphere, with energies above you and below you.
If you feel that there's any unwanted negativity or entities still in the house, make it very clear to them that you are the boss and that they need to leave. Say: "You! Unwanted! I charge you leave this place! It will be home to you no more!" As you say this, use all of the energy around you to push the unwanted out so it may never return.
Go through the entire house and at each door and window and sprinkle salt water and visualize the salt water sealing the entry so that no negative entities may pass it.
Go back to the center of the house and dispel the circle.
Ground any excess energy.
For more information on house cleansings, or cleansings in general, I highly recommend you take the class Cleansing and Purification­ offered by the Dark Arts Department.



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