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Distance Healing

13:16 Feb 01 2014
Times Read: 304

Note: this ritual is an action whose end result affects another. Please make sure the recipient of these healing energies actually wants them.

Special Tools

Three white candles

A picture of the recipient (If you don't have one, write the recipient's name and birthdate on a piece of paper, and visualize him/her)

A quartz crystal (optional)

Rose, Eucalyptus, Gardenia or Peppermint incense, for healing

The Irish Goddess Brigid is a healing Goddess, as is the Sumerian Goddess Nanna. You can invoke Her with either of these names before this rite for extra healing power.

The Ritual

Light the candles in a semi-circle in front of you.

Place the incense off to one side, and place the picture inside the semi-circle, facing you, with the crystal on it.

Breathe deeply to center and then raise energy however works best for you - chanting, singing, drumming, dancing, whatever

When you have reached your peak energy, direct it to the picture or the piece of paper. I find it helpful to direct the energy through my fingertips, visualizing a healing blue-white light streaming through me and into the recipient.

Directing it through a piece of quartz enhances the distance the energy can travel.

Visualize the candles forming a protective ring of fire around the recipient, blocking all harm and pain.

Visualize the healing light coming through you and finding the source of the illness or pain in the recipient, coating it, relieving the pain and filling the recipient with energy and life.

You probably will be very tired after this, so eat a piece of fruit or bread and drink some juice or wine to ground and revive yourself.

Thank the Goddess, if you invoked her.

It is done.




House Blessing

13:13 Feb 01 2014
Times Read: 306


Salt & Water

Incense (fire and air)

Milk & Honey

Oil (for anointing)

Wine (for offering)

Bells, Pots, Pans, Whistles, etc.

Cast a circle in the main room (livingroom) and after casting, visualize the circle expanding to include the entire house. Call upon the spirits and energies living in the house (or apartment). Invite those who will be harmonious with the new household and its energies to remain. Invite/ask those who will be happier elsewhere to depart. Release all "energies" not compatible with the new household. (This may be expressed as a "release" in order to unbind anything that may be stuck.)

Then call upon, greet, and invite ancestors, patron deities, and all harmonious spirits and energies to dwell in the house as they please.

Gather up the pots, pans, and all the noise-makers. Go to each door and window, not forgetting the fire-place and dog-door, making as much racket as humanly possible-to shoo out anything unwanted. (This is hysterical fun, and also raises lots of energy for the next important step.) Go again throughout the house and at each portal (door, window, etc.) sprinkle salt-water and cense, saying: "By the Elements I purify and charge this portal." Then anoint the portal with milk and honey, saying: "By Milk and Honey I ensure prosperity and peace within this place." Finally, anoint the portal with oil, saying: "With Oil I seal this portal and protect all within." At the front door a special prayer is said, asking the guardian deities (God & Goddess) to freely grant entry to all friends and loved ones, and to prevent passage (turn aside) to any who would do harm." Then, if it's a house-pour wine across the width of the threshold; if it's an apartment anoint the threshold with light touches of wine.

The house-holders then each take a sip of wine, leaving some as an offering to the Gods, and the Circle should be closed. The remaining wine, milk, and honey should be offered to the Gods. (In our case to the fruit tree and the oak tree in our yard.)

Addenda: This is very effective if done as part of a house-warming party, followed by much feasting. It has also been done very effectively by two people. It only takes about 30 minutes to do a large house. You can take the time.

Do make certain to "ground" afterward, by closing the circle and by eating. This ritual can "stir" up everybody and make the house feel full of "buzzy" energy.

House Blessing Notes

In the spirit of house blessings, and because I'm basically a kitchen witch at heart, and like little projects over serious ritual, I offer some selections gleaned from Cunningham's The Magical Household. I'm typing these without permission but with the hope that they'll inspire you to pick up the Cunningham book, because it's wonderful stuff...:>

For the doorway:

Suspend over the door a fresh sprig of dill, tied with a blue cord (or red, if you prefer), to prevent those who mean you harm from entering.

Cross two needles, and stick into or tie onto a corner of your doormat, to prevent evil from entering.

Grind Dragon's Blood herb into a powder and sprinkle it on door and window sills, to protect your house from harm.

"Witch Bottles"

Powder some more Dragon's Blood herb with a small quantity of sugar and salt, and place in a small corked or screw-lidded bottle. Shake and seal with red wax, then place it where it won't be found (or at least not easily seen). This will ensure harmony and peace within the house.

Place three new needles, three new pins, and three new nails in a glass jar. Fill with salt and shake vigorously nine times. Seal with white wax and place in kitchen cupboard where it will not be seen. This protects your food from contamination.

Gather rosemary, along with several needles and pins, into a small glass jar with a tight-fitting lid or cork. When full, pour in red wine and shake. Seal with black or red wax, and place in an inconspicuous place in the apartment. If you own your own house, bury this at the furthestmost corner of your property. The book also adds this:

As you're filling the jar, say these words...

"Pins, needles, rosemary, wine,

In this witch's bottle of mine;

Guard against harm and enmity;

This is my will; so Mote it Be!"

Personally, I'm not hip on anything but, "Hey, Gods? It's me again", but I know, I'm CONSIDERABLY less formal than most!

An Anti-Theft Sachet

Mix caraway, rosemary, juniper berries, and elder leaves or mistletoe, and place into white square of cloth. Tie with white yarn and hang prominently. I'd assume either at the place you think thieves are most likely to enter-this being an anti-theft sachet-or at every entrance and doorway. This will require more cloth and more herbs, but most of the above are fairly inexpensive.

Finally, on Moving Day itself:

Bring two things into the house first: a small amount of salt, half to be scattered upon crossing the threshold, and a small loaf of bread. Break the bread into as many pieces as you have people moving in, with one extra piece for the gods' portion. Sprinkle a dash of salt on each piece; share, when you have a moment. (I'd say have water on hand as well-at the very least, to clear the salt!) Next, bring in an apple and do the same thing-Cunningham recommends a fruit and cheese basket-I'd stick with just the apple and maybe a few slices of cheddar, or something. Lastly, bring in a sturdy chair and place it either near the apple and bread bits, or facing the door. This ensures that you will never know poverty, for there is bread and salt, hunger, for there is fruit (and cheese), and instability (for there's your stable chair guarding the door. After that, heave and lift until you're moved in!

A Note: I think ritual is very important, and I do admire rituals I've picked up here and those I've found on my own. In the long run, though, I know myself well enough to think that if I have to wait for a certain day and have a certain robe on, or need a special tool or altar lay-out, it'll never happen. But I can put my hands on needles, pins, wine and spices at virtually any time, and can easily make up witch's bottles for the shelves and cupboards, sachets for the windows, and incenses for household protection and cleansing. These simple items can have just as much power as just about any major ritual, and are sometimes easier to "whip up" for the busy pagan...:>

Cleansing Incense

2 parts Dragon's Blood

1 part Valerian Root

1 part Sulfur

1 part Asafetida

In conjunction with any banishing ritual this WILL remove ANY psychic or magical impression from your home. Then you can start fresh filling it with the energies you want. It may sound strange but it works! (Though it WILL GAG a Maggot!)




Dedication Of Altar And Athame

13:11 Feb 01 2014
Times Read: 307


This Altar in the circle's center,

A focal point that only good may enter.

Erected to God and Goddess in strength,

Circular, it has neither breadth nor length.

Focal point in A Circle of Power,

A mighty lens for every Tower!

Sacred to Lord, Maiden, Lady, and Crone,

The foundation of many a powerful Cone!

Resting Place of Magick and its implements,

Let veneration and Love be our only sentiments!

A tool of will, powerful and free,

As it is willed, So Mote it Be!


Mighty Deities, Gracious Lady and Mighty Lord,

As I perform this ritual, Pray hearken to my word.

This tool, conceived in Mind of Air, (Point East)

Forged and formed in Fire of the South, (Point South)

Power tool for those who dare,

I CLAIM thee with my mouth! (Kiss blade)

Tempered with Water for Strength, (Point West)

Also dedicated to the Earth, in Power. (Point North)

Blessed be, entire in length, (Kiss Pommel)

As it partakes of every Tower!

By the Power of Cosmos, As above, (Point Up)

The Expression of Cosmos, is below. (Point Down)

Upon this instrument of Will and Love,

My Sacred Tie I bestow! (1 drop of blood on each side and hilt)

This tool is dedicated to my service of Lady and Lord,

Please find this work beneficial and good.

Bound to thee by homage, decimation, effort and word,

Bound to me by words, will, and blood.

By the powers of earth, sky, star, and sea;

Such is my will, So mote it be!




Banishing and Casting

13:10 Feb 01 2014
Times Read: 309

Merry Meet,

The following is a method of banishing and casting which I find very useful, and helps me focus and stabilize. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram if you haven't already. It's a huge part, and a huge help. :)

Begin by facing the east, standing with your weight leavied equally on both legs. Imagine yourself being almost ant-sized, surrounded by all of the things which surrounded you before, however, only gigantic as compared to your ant-like mass. Take all of this in, the feeling you may receive when realizing your size. Once accustomed to this, imagine the love of the Goddess/God filling you, causing you to grow slowly, to your normal size, only the growing doesn't stop there. Visualize yourself continuing to grow until you out grow the room/building/area, until you are standing on top of the world.

At this point, with your athame, or index finger, while surrounded by the billions of stars, focus on one star in particular..a star which should call to you, be it a part of a constellation, or a star which seems to have its own individuality. The other stars should soon disappear as you draw the light toward you, or as the star itself moves towards you, towards your athame/index finger/what have you. With this, draw the energy, the silvery light into the athame/what have you, and begin the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram begins with the Qabalistic Cross, then the initial banishing. The Kabbalistic Cross begins by bringing the silvery energy, the light, with the athame/finger/etc, to your forehead, and vibrate the word, ""Ah-teh,"" until you run out of breath. Imagine the sound, the reverberations filling inside, and without, somewhat akin to surround sound. Continue by bringing the finger/athame/etc down in front/to your genital region, and utter the word "Malkuth," (Mal kooth). Once again, concentrate on the Silvery energy, add violet if it helps. Bring your athame/etc to your right shoulder and resonate "Veh-geburah," then to your left shoulder, murmuring, "Veh-gedulah,"" then clasp your hands in front of you and resonate ""Le-Olam"" After this, vibrate on a syllable/note which feels most comfortable to you. Take your Athame and draw the banishing Pentagram of earth to the East and, bringing the Athame to the center of the Pentagram, vibrate the deity name -- YOD HE VAU HE -- imagining that your voice carries forward to the East of the Universe. Holding the Athame out before you, go to the South, make the Pentagram and vibrate similarly the deity name -- ADONAI. Go to the West, make the Pentagram and vibrate EHEIEH. Go to the North, make the Pentagram and vibrate AGLA. Return to the East and complete your circle by bringing the point of the Athame to the center of the first Pentagram. Stand, in the center of the circle, with arms outstretched in the form of a cross and say:









((Naturally, the Archangels can be interchanged with whatever deities/spirits/watchtowers you feel more comfortable with.)) Continue by repeating the Kabbalistic Cross.

Long yet? Now that the initial Banishing is set, create your circle/sacred space by walking in a counter-clockwise direction three times. Using whatever oils/salts you're familiar with, (I work best with Jasmine and Amber, though Patchouli makes a nice substitue, then again with salts, any salt, even kitchen will serve it's purpose.) walk around once, casting droplets of oil about the circle. Once you've completed the circle, walk around with the Salt, then again with the other oil. After this, Start East, walking counterclockwise. You may wish to use Candles to illuminate each point as in N/S/E/W, however begin by facing the East, stating what the East means to you, and how the element/herbs/whatever makes you feel comfortable/ of the east intertwines with life. Once you've done this, walk around in a complete circle, counter-clockwise direction, until you get to the North, then repeat the process, walking in a complete circle until you get to the west, then the south, then arrive back at the east, making a comment about protection, or how each element combines with the other.

Your space is cleansed, a circle is cast, and you are ready to begin. :)



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