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Happy Birthday Gaulder

00:17 Nov 25 2022
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Jonathan & Joe (1)

Today would have been Gaulder's birthday.
The way he described his birthday's though, is interestingly strange.
He said that during midnight, he would go through extreme bouts of pain.
Why this is, he didn't know but he noticed he would gain a gift of some sort, or so he said.
I would like to think that if he wasn't being honest, his friend Joe or the roommates would have told me that, but even after his death, they never came to me and said he lied about it.

Since we're on the subject of Jonathan Barron, aka Lord Othis, aka Gaulder of VR, I would like to tell OUR story.
I realize other people have their own versions of things, but this is what I was told, and know of.

Jonathan and I met somewhere around the year of 2010 I think. We were friends for years before He and I became closer.
We have had several conversations, and our interactions were always positive ones.
They were never of a sexual nature, until much later.
He loved to talk about his very active life.
All I do know is that he used to live in Virginia.
He had a very dark past.
The daughter that some people say he had, was in question. No DNA proof of that. (His words)
He moved to Florida with a companion.
A friend of theirs told me that this companion threatened to kill herself if she didn't go with him.
I was told that he never told her that he loved her.
Apparently, He only told ME that on the phone and in text, and that is what his best friend Joe told me personally.

Jonathan had his own clan called Silver Ankh.
There were some members, but how many? I'm not sure of that.
I was never part of it, just informed of it.
He wrote several journals of things he learned along the way. Things he probably wanted to share at some point.
I never got to lay hands on anything that belonged to him personally. His companion however made sure of that.
I was told after his passing that he had a bank account, saving money, and THEY believed that he was going to use it to come and live with me.
Jonathan asked me one evening if he could live with me, and I said yes. This never came to be.
He often talked about going to The Castle in Florida.
He talked about Father Evan Christopher, Father Sebastiaan, Michelle Belanger and his opinions of them.
He said that he didn't agree with vampires coming out about themselves so openly, that they should have stayed secretive.
I mean if you think about it...who really has the right to expose vampires, without consent of vampires as a whole?
Did all vampires get a tally in the vote? I would say probably not but then again, is vampirism a democracy? LOL
I don't know how that works but anyway...onto OUR story.

Jonathan's beliefs or religious system was labeled a Luciferian Theist.
He had a draw to the Egyptian God Anubis.
I mean, he did have a love of the darkness and it showed, but at the same time, it was never always dark with him.
Not with me anyway.
There is always a beauty in vampires that I have been close to. They ride that line of balance.

He talked about his paranormal experience that he had while doing a Civil War Reenactment.
He said that one evening he was lighting a cigarette, and this man came up to him, and was talking in a way that they did in the past, and how they "act the part" etc, and the man offered some ammo, old bullets for his tobacco. Jonathan gave the man his tobacco, took the bullets and went about his way. He asked the men inside about the guy he met outside. They told him that there was no one that was supposed to be outside and no one described that way either. Turns out, this guy had been dead and was a soldier back then. The bullets were from that time period as well.

He used to have a hatred for Father Sebastiaan, believing certain rumors of young women etc.
He was told by someone he thought himself friend's with, that somehow gave him orders to step down and not do anything drastic whenever Sebastiaan visited The Castle, I believe for the Endless Night Vampire Ball.
Jonathan actually spoke with Sebastiaan, and learned that he wasn't such a bad guy after all.
He had his fangs made, and became part of Clan Sabretooth.
He was even impatient as hell waiting on his Vampire Ankh. lol
I do remember his excitement when he received it in the mail.

Jonathan DID make me a necklace out of deer bone.
He wore one just like it.
Joe was a little on the jealous side because he wanted one too. lol
Oh yes...and Jonathan did call his friend Joe, "Cookie Puss".

Jonathan didn't like his living situation between the roommates and the companion, and I could see why.
I mean when you have a couple that believe themselves to be vessels of Lilith and whoeverthefuck, then I would totally wanna move my ass out too, and with someone that I didn't really want to be with, or love. Who can blame him.

At The Castle, he talked about how he did his feedings through flogging.
When people are on the cross, the flogger acted as a way of retracting energy from them, into him.
He said that it was nothing sexual for him. It was his way of feeding.

He talked about his awakening.
He said that he was in Cologne Germany at the Cathedral.
He has placed his hands on top of a sarcophagus of a Magi and then saw everything about that man's life.

I do understand that there's this thing with day and night names.
His was Othis which is a cross reference for Ophelia and Magnus.

He was offered a TV show spot for his experience in the past back in 2009 for an attack that happened to him.
If you Googled Lord Othis, you may see something like:
WebFeb 11, 2009 · Barron - known in the group as "Lord Othis" and described as a self-proclaimed vampire - was taken to Colonial National Historic Park in York County where …

He told me about that moment, and he did not want to be on this TV show because it was too painful for him.
The story HE told me was that, the daughter of this woman of this group he was part of, got jealous and upset when Jonathan turned her down. She told her mother that he had raped her, and that is when this lady had her mob of friends attack him.

Jonathan did not always have the best of friendships, and not the best life situation, but he was very smart.
He made his own regalia and jewelry because he cherished his Native American Heritage and attended Pow Wows.
He worked at Circle K at nights which he walked to.
Even though we weren't together in person, he never failed to show me or tell me how much he loved me.

He even wanted to marry me, and Joe was present at the time when this happened.
And this was how he put it.....
"I have this Emerald that I want to put into our rings."
I was like, wait....what? LOL
Joe was taken aback with that statement too.
I said, "Did you just ask me to marry you?"
I could hear his laugh, and he said, "Well yes I did."
He said, "Usually women get excited and talk about wedding details but here I am rambling on and on about it."
Which he did. He said he wanted Father Sebastiaan to marry us in fact.
He wanted a fiery pentagram circle thing too and us standing inside of it, like a binding ritual.
He said he could see me in a green renaissance type of dress too (maybe that was during goth balls or something).
Yep. That's what he said his vision of us was.

That was 3 months prior to his passing....

Jonathan even told me that he knew he wouldn't live passed the age of 40, and he wasn't wrong.

If I happen to remember anything else later, I will probably edit this again because there's simply so much to Jonathan that I got to love and know personally. Yes his past was probably a mess, but he wanted better. He wanted a change, and that to me, says a lot about him too.

He was the reason that I got my confirmation about vampires being real.
He was working at Circle K, and he always called me during his breaks, and he had to put the phone down so he could attend this customer at his register.
I was on the phone, and I asked myself in my own head, not out loud or anything. I asked, "If he's really a vampire, how come I have never heard anyone ask him if he is?"
And I shit you not....I literally HEARD the lady ask Jonathan if he was a vampire.
Some people might say and assume, OH maybe it's because he LOOKS like a vampire.
The fact of the matter is that, I got my answer as soon as I questioned it in my head.
DIRECT ANSWER. Like as if God said...Yes there are real vampires, and now you know.
I didn't have to question it anymore. I knew right then, in that moment.

Jonathan was walking to work at night like he usually did.
He tried to call me and I didn't answer the phone because I was so sleepy.
He tried to call Joe too. He didn't answer for the same reason.
At some point during these calls, Jonathan was struck by a car on a very dangerous road.
The lady who was inside the vehicle, wasn't hurt and wasn't on drugs or drinking.
It was completely an accident. (Even though Jonathan says everything happens for a reason. No such thing as coincidences.)

Joe called me the following morning asking me if I had talked to Jonathan the night before and I said no I didn't.
Joe said that Jonathan tried to leave a voicemail, and it sounded pretty horrible.
Joe was crying, and other friends rallied together trying to locate Jonathan.
Finally, a friend of his found out that he was in the hospital, and he died alone.
I was trying my best to keep Joe calm and hopeful that Jonathan was ok, but he wasn't.
Joe called me again, crying so hard, telling me what happened.
I was in shock. Jonathan was brutally attacked and struck by a car, and he got hit AGAIN and of all things, THAT took him out.
I had a hard time accepting that. Believing it. I didn't know what to say.
I lost someone very close and special to me.

All I have of Jonathan are pictures and memories of our past conversations.
I couldn't bring myself to keep the necklace. Sometimes I argue with myself about that.
I didn't keep it because I knew that I would have a hard time letting him go if I did.
I had to say my goodbyes, my own way.
Even though every year of his passing in February 25, 2014, I light a candle for him, and I say a prayer.

Today is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful that I got to know Jonathan so personally.
I am thankful for the love that we shared.
I am thankful for what I have learned from him.

Even though our paths have been split, for whatever the reason, I will always cherish him for what he did show me and maybe one day, we will cross paths once again....



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