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Prince Home.

18:30 Mar 18 2023
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Adam knocked on the wooden door, waited for the “Come” before he opens one of double doors. The Prince sat behind his desk, on the phone. “See that it is cleared up. Pay for the pickup, the motorbikes. Don’t worry about the policeman, he is on our side. Thank you.” He hung up the phone, looking up his enforcer in his body armor, all in black.
“Mind?” Adam asked, glancing at the crystal bottle on a tray. The prince picked up his cellphone, gave a small nod. “Is the gangrel under control?” he asked as Adam poured himself a whiskey. He held the crystal glass, sniffing. While he was unable to drink he did enjoy the scent. How he missed the taste.
“Yes. They smelled the wolf blood on the way out.” The 3 female vampires had shown up, covered in wolf blood as the prince was holding a meeting with the leader of the gangrel clan. “How did they take it?” He said, putting his cell phone down. “As expected- ruffed up the fur. I don’t know if the steps you made tonight is going to hold.”
The prince stood, moving to look out the window to the back garden. Moon flowers was in bloom, the white a relief from the dark shadows. “They need to understand I am the Prince. They have no choice in the matter, I will bring all the shifters together. The city needs it.”
Adam put the glass down on the tray, and moved to his prince side, tugging on the body armor vest. “Speaking of the city- the informers said the hunters count has jumped since the TN group came back the last time.” The prince knew why, but did not share it. He smiled, turning to the vampire he sired many years ago. “They are always in the city. It’s New Orleans after all.”
The prince put his hand on his shoulder. “Let’s end the night. Nothing else can be done tonight. And I want to make a small stop on the way home.” “You need the car?” “No, I will do this on my own.” Adam frown, but before he could say anything against this- Eve step in. “I burnt the clothing. The bathroom has been bleached down. Think we are safe.”
“Thank you. But I want the rental car they used burned as well. During the day. And have extra guards added to the day- I will not have Martha in harms way.” He gouled Martha when she had been only a teen- he would not lose her due to a scent of wolf blood being followed.
“Yes Sir. But I believe you need to have a talk with those three.” He nodded yes, knowing it was coming. They needed to understand how wolfs track. But the scent of wolf blood- a beacon in a way. “I will. I need to see them paid for the meeting I was able to set up with Lucas.”
He let his hand drop off Adam shoulder, and he moved to the back of the house after saying good night to the guards, to Adam and Eve. He went toward the kitchen and in the next second a black cat came out of the pet door in the kitchen wooden door. He moved, stopping to sniff the moonflowers he had took to admire the beauty.
He moved, going toward his next stop. A few miles away he went toward an alleyway as a group of drunk party goers headed down the sidewalk toward him. The cat moved behind a trash can and came out as a rat on the other side. He moved onward, going into basements, under cars. He knew these streets, the old buildings.
As he near the location he moved behind a carboard box next to a dumpster, walked out as a Raven. He took to the sky, and flew to the last few miles. He landed on a power line, looking at the small balcony of Sharron apartment above her shop. Green plants, flowers. He noted her own moon flowers, the vine twisting around the metal railings. She sat in a chair, soft music coming out from the open apartment fench doors.
She was drinking a glass of wine. He cocked his head, seeing inside the flowing drapes on the door, the wind bringing incense scent. He could see an alter, candles buring. He glanced up to the full moon and knew she had honored the goddess tonight.
A slim black cat came out of the apartment, jumping up in her lap, curling on her lap. Unlike his black eyes- this cat had green eyes. He turned his head toward the raven. He let out a meow, a warning. Sharron looked up, her hand stroking his fur. “I know. I feel him” She stood, picking up her cat, going inside. She closed one door, locking it at the top, bottom. She slowly closed the other door as she kept her eye on him. So- she is powerful. He knew even elder vampires would not be able to track him in animals form. He even blocked his aura.
He took off in the air as the door shut. She would need to be meet with. He could not have a wild card like her if he wanted a peace in the city. And he needed her help with the mages. Then the witches, voodoo, church… he had so much to do still.
He flew toward his home. He circled the water, enjoying the sound of water as it hit against the piers, the fishing boats in the water. After circling the tall building his home was under, seeing the few workers still working to clean the fish sorting machines, trucks at the loading dock, security walking the fence line, he moved to the back of the building, flying past the smoke coming from the ovens. When he landed one of the many dumpster, and leap to the back and landed as a black widow spider on the ground. He clawed in the crack at the foundation, worked his way into the vents, going downward.
Once he enters the hidden elevator shaft, he crawled downward. Once he landed on the top of the car, he climbs into the small vent at the top, and used a web to lower down. Half way down he changed to his human form. He wiped off the spider web and pushed a button to open the door.
It open to a foyer, the light green light he preferred giving a soft glow. Standing waiting was a man in a black silk japan style pants and shirt. He held out the tray, giving the prince a glass of blood. “Welcome home Tan.”
“Thank you Ral.” He took the glass, turning so the man could remove his suit coat. “I will need to feed in the evening.” “Yes sir, I will have one of your donors waiting when you wake.” “Thank you.” He went toward his living room, the large fireplace of a dragon. He sat, enjoying the fire in the fireplace, as he picked up his book off the small table by his chair. He read, enjoying the soft music in the background.

The wolf limp, drag himself forward, his soft howl going answered finally. He drops to the ground, blood coming out of his wounds soaking the leaves under the tall trees. Three men came forward, he lifted his head but then rested once he saw who they were. They moved to pick him up, taking him home as the sun rose.
Days later he sat up in the bed, his chest wrap in bandages. Even with his supernatural healing- he was still weak. Broken bones from being hit with the motorcycle. And when he had woken to fight only to have the alpha slam him with another. He looked up at the woman standing at the bedside.
“Tell me what happen!” she was full of rage- her husband, son dead. They didn’t even have the bodies. By the time they went to the bar those damn dead vampires had hauled them away. The scent tracked to a funeral home. They burned them. She would make them pay.
He wiped tears at the end of the tale, saying he was sorry. His brother and nephew was dead. “Don’t be sorry.” She said, turning and started pacing at the end of the bed. “It doesn’t change anything. We still have the girls to sell. And we still have the system in place. We will be fine.” She said, all business. Truth told she hadn’t enjoyed her mate, never had. He had been hot tempered, and would not stay calm when it was needed.
The alpha would. Yes- he was a mate worth having. She looked at the sorry ass man lying in the bed, thinking it was a shame he hadn’t been killed either. Now she needed to rethink the business plan. The buyers for women was almost overwhelming. Be it for a sex trade, or slaves. And even supernatural who wanted to hunt them. Or do whatever they wanted to them. She didn’t care- as long as the money was good.
The man pushed the sheet down, nude, unconcern as he went to stand. “I will meet with the…” She steps toward him. “No you will not. This is my business. I help make it while you hung on to shirttails. If you think you are in charge now- you are crazy. Stay in bed, heal. I will find a new job for you. Once you are better we will go after the killers of my son.”
She turned and left as he watched her, knowing he would not fight her. While his brother might have been crazy, his hate for women making him an abusive asshole- the woman he mated with was so much more. She was full of smarts. And the brains behind the multimillion dollar business. He pulled his feet back up, pulling the sheet over his legs. He knew the bread maker in the family- and he would not go against her. But those tonight will pay, and with her scheming, it was going to be bloody.
The woman walked out of the small room, closing the door. She nodded to the Dr. who sat at the desk. She walked down the center of the metal building, the women in the cages lining the walls moving out of her sight. The scent of body waste, unwashed bodies, sex, wolfs, and fear filled the air. A male was using on the girls, his furry body holding her as she was bent over, hanging midair, screaming in pain.

She slams on the cage door, saying “You kill it- you pay for it.” He turned, red eyes, growling, and drop the woman on the ground. She drags herself to the back wall, blood trail behind, toward three other woman hiding in fear. He came out of the cage as she opens the door, locking it after he bent in half to came out. He stood, black fur, 10 feet tall. She strokes his chest, purred up to him. “Why fuck a human when you can fuck me?” She turned, changing as he grabs her about the waist, filling her with his thick, blood covered penis. She growled as he filled her, her own eyes turning silver.
She took his pounding as she plotted her revenge.

* yes, I know New Orleans below water line, no basements. It's roleplaying*



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