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Afternoon at a Fast Food Kiosk

22:11 Feb 12 2020
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Being stressed is not good for a person like me, so I decided to get out of town and go for a stroll.

In Sliema on weekends is always busy but not on Monday afternoon. Its three o'clock and my stomach was growling and my blood sugar is sending me red flag. I decided to stop for a supper.

This place is always busy but there is always an empty chair somewhere. Sitting down, right with a sea view to accompany me, is refreshing. Its winter yet I do prefer to eat outside for lunch or afternoon suppers. Its more healthier too.

I can smell the fresh roasted coffee beans being grounded, bacon, burgers and sausages being grilled and other delicious aromas in the air coming from the kiosk. I know this place and so the menu like the back of my hand. I ordered fresh mint chocolate chipped milkshake using Soy Milk and the ice-cream is also Lactose free and American Pancakes. The waiter suggested me new addition to the menu which is Waffles, but I dislike them so I stood firm with my decision.

It didn't take long to bring what I ordered.
It was three layered pancake. First layer was with strawberry slices, freshly cut and washed, crunchy on the outside and soft and bitter on the inside. Whipped cream and chocolate drops.
The Second layer is with mashed bananas, blueberries and honey and the top layer is with Green tea ice cream spread, and maple syrup dripping on all the layers like a soft rain going down on the umbrella

It was the most delicious meal ever. I can't afford to eat like this all the time or I will end up with a diabetes and overweight including god what know else illness which I rather avoid like a plague. But once in a while it is alright.

I asked for the bill, paid and took the bus home. I already forgot whatever happened before. That fast food sure made my afternoon all rainbows and with a wide grin like a Cheshire cat.





23:57 Feb 07 2020
Times Read: 262

Being just a kid should be fun, but for me it actually isn't fun at all. Most had friends but I always played alone or get bullied. Then again is there a child who wasn't bullied or was a bully him/herself? If none then they are sure lucky.

Being alone does has it perks though. I can go and make a new discoveries and no one will know the marvellous adventures and mischief that I cause on daily basis. Today it was gloomy and boring. The lessons passed without me knowing because I was in my own world again. Only to everyone else I was just staring hauntingly at the blackboard. Later on I discovered that I had the ability to disassociate. No wonder there were some empty gaps of hours at first.

This time I was playing near my house and some boys passed by and I needed to hide. I couldn't get into the house as they were more nearer than me, so I ran. I wasn't a runner, but my life depends on it. Once they catch me, I am doomed. I arrived near a very old house not far away from the cemetery. They were closing in on me and I needed to disappear before they see me. I jumped the gate and the door was obviously locked. I went around the house to see where I can go in.

Now who is insane enough to go inside someone else's property without invitation and the invader would be a kid at that too?? That is me. Anything to save my skin. Little did I know that I just dug my own grave the moment I jumped the gate. I found a narrow window that I could fit in but not the boys. I climbed up and went in. All was dusty and dark. I closed the window with little less noise as possible and sat down against the wall, eyes tightly shut and scared out of my wits hoping they are gone.

Time has passed and when I opened it was pitch dark. Luckily with me I always carry a flashlight and a camera, a Swiss knife, and a rope. Don't ask me why but they come in handy when I am in a ditch. I started to move around the house with the flashlight on. My heart kept telling me this is bad idea, my head said so too and some other voices too. And my guts kept screaming "Get the bloody hell out of there right now!! " But does a naughty kid ever really listens? No. Every where in this house was filled with grime, and thick layers of dust and mouldy smell too. The nastier is the smell, the more I went towards it.

There was nothing there in the rooms. Just some empty cribs and spoiled mattresses. I decided to go back and leave towards home. But as I was going I heard some distant footsteps not far away from me but not near either. I stopped for a bit and tried to listen in. This time the footsteps was a little more distant. I looked back and there was no one but on the floor the footsteps was clear on that thick dust. I remember when I was this corridor there was none of this and now there is? Okay now its time to scram.

Breathing hard and trying to keep calm I walked as if nothing is happening but deep inside I was screaming to run. I walked into a room and it was darker than other rooms but there was some light illuminating over the window. There was a sound of a piano that started playing.. looking around with the flashlight..... where is the piano? Am I hearing wrong? The song continued to play and later it struck me. It was Nocturne... it gave me a sense of warmth.

I might have been dreaming because its like everything came to life. In that room there was bright light, people in gala dresses and suites, adults ... some where dancing and others were chatting, drinking and laughing. A maid or two passing with a tray of drinks and a butler was with tray of food finger appetisers then out of the blue all I see is a young girl with a knife and two other kids that seem older than her killing other people ...... the girl is licking a finger that is bloody . I was horrified and shocked then they looked at me....

I could not believe what I was seeing. When they were looking at me, only the girl moved. She turned all her body towards me and with a smirk, blood caked over her face, without uttering a word, just a simple nod they walked towards me, I turned and ran out of that room... down the corridors, running blind since everything is dark and the flashlight is either not working or batteries ran out of energy, yet I did not stop running. I could hear footsteps coming after me.

Seeing the staircase I ran down, only to stumble and rumble down in a horrific way. I think I broke something but I wouldn't dare to stop. Standing up, staggering and struggling, made some extra effort and continued to rush towards the door. The door was locked. Like frozen locked. The knob was cold as ice. I stopped for a second and looked around and went to what was supposed to be a dining room and there was a huge glass window. I tried to pry it open but to no avail. I needed to conserve my energy or I will be like my flashlight. I grabbed a chair and threw it towards the glass out of frustration and it broke through. I threw more chairs and stuff enough to make a safe way for me. I can't be cut.

carefully coming out of that place and run back to my home, my mother grabbed me and gave me one mighty beating. Honestly I was glad to take that beating and home in my bed. One thing that experience taught me..... never ever go to a house unless I am invited. Those footsteps though still haunted me in my dreams




Messy Funeral

23:25 Feb 05 2020
Times Read: 276

It was supposed to be just a boring funeral service and go home and have a peaceful day. I do not like going to funerals unless its really personal, like my father's. Little did we know that is far from what we expected.

Arriving at the place, half drunk and half pissed off, that everyone thought of each other except for me, I left it alone. I saw the table full of food and alcohol, grabbed a full bottle of white wine, a tray full of Chinese starters and went under the table to savour undisturbed.

The family knows that once I go under the table, they should leave me alone. They know about my sociophobia. After a while a woman came in with a son that has the age of eight-ish and we all what we were doing and looked at her. After few seconds I lost interest and continued to drink and eat. Loudly the voice coming from where the woman was " I am looking for Bernardo Vernel. " Mary is Bernie's wife came forward and asked " What can we do for you madam? " This woman looked at Mary and she thought that she was speaking to a servant. " Bring me your master. I have something to say to him. Quickly. "

I wanted to laugh at that moment but I kept it in. Sneakily I went up to bring more food and snuck back to where I was. " Madam, Bernard had no servants. You are speaking to his wife. " replied Mary. Usually she has mild temperament and quite nice but mess with her and its your funeral. This weird woman started to laugh and then said that it was impossible. " How that can be? Bernard never told me he had a wife while making love to me in our office and on my bed. We even have a son and I am expecting again. "

This time we were aghast about the whole thing. We admit that the woman did not look bad, but even if she was a supermodel, Uncle Bernie would never go for her. My cousin is a lawyer and told her that she can't ruin Bernie's name without any evidence and she shoved her son to the front.

Shaking my head..... some people really know how to use everything to get what they want, even their own offspring.
Oliver said then lets do DNA test and the mother of the child agreed. Oliver was standing in front of the table that I was under and was pulling at his pants. He bent down and asked if I am okay. Nodding I answered " Hey Ollie, I am fine just add her DNA too. You might find that the child might be related to uncle to what about her? "

He looked at me oddly and said " What with her DNA? "
I told him I had seen many desperate people before acting all crazy and when a person has lost her sense of reality, and very desperate, will do anything. No limits till they get what they want. Just do it. " My cousin like the rest of the family knows I am bonkers but also know that I would not say anything unless there is a reason.

They made an appointment with day and time at the hospital and kicked her out. Mary was shocked and its already too hard for her to deal with all this. First uncle's death and now this woman and a kid out of nowhere? If its really the truth, with uncle's super busy life that he led, and very tight schedule even to meet us, he sure juggled his life in secret well.

Now that we are all eating and drinking, me already at the fourth bottle of wine, there was a knock and a guy came in. This one looks really good and quite fancy too. He went straight to the photo of uncle and grabbed the frame and kissed the photo.
Mary looked at him weirdly and sure might be thinking now what??

Sandra my other cousin went to this guy to flirt, but he barely took any notice of her presence. He turned and came to the table and stayed there. I looked at this shoes and they were Prada and pants were Alexander McQueen. I thought this guy must be loaded or a Gigolo.

He got a phone call and responded and said he came to pay respect to Bernardo one last time. Sandra tried to ask him flirtatious way, who he might be. He answered in the most cutthroat style. "I am Bernardo lover. " Nothing shuts Sandra's mouth unless a man say that he is gay or bisexual.
This time my aunt could not take it anymore and got up screaming and was throwing a chair directly at the guy,

"My Bernie is not a cheater and is not gay. " This guy Pedro looked innocently at her and said " Of course he is not a cheater but he is gay." Mary came to face him, puffing her chest out proudly and said " I would have known if he was. I am his wife and we got three children . " Pedro was shocked and tears came into his eyes. He put his hand onto his mouth and squeezed his eyes shut. Then he faced her and told her its impossible. "I do not believe this. I am his husband and he never said he was married. " Now we all were shocked into silence. The sandwich that was half in my mouth dropped back into the plate.

But my dear aunt is not someone to give up. When she came to her senses, she said Bull and she asked for evidence. He sure came prepared. " He showed her the wedding photos between him and Bernie and also the marriage certificate. And that was it. I started drinking, Pedro flew backwards on to the floor. My aunt jumped on him and started to punch him and slapping him.....

I mean, I do not think he was at fault if that really happened but since Mary can't take her mighty mother of all wrath on Bernardo then Pedro has to take it for him. I did not know whether to laugh or cry, but I had put the earphones in my ears and started to music. The song happened to be Perfect Day by Various Artists.

What a funeral party indeed.



00:24 Feb 06 2020

Wow 0.o


The day at the park.

18:45 Feb 02 2020
Times Read: 299

I was enjoying my only day off in these two weeks, after working and studying non stop and I decided to go to the park just to relax while enjoying fresh air.

Its a bit cloudy but with light breeze. Golden and red leaves all over the ground like a blanket is indeed a beautiful sight in Autumn. The trees are nearly naked but their trunks and branches are dark and humid but it smells so earthy.

I found a spot. Its suppose to an apple tree but it has no fruit in it, but its more filled with dry leaves. It seems the leaves does not want to leave their home just of yet. Sitting down on my yoga outside mattress, opening the book and started reading, the time flew by, and lost into my own world.

I heard a scream.......and then more screams and running. I got up and started to roll my mattress and putting it into the bag. I hear pop pop pop ......gunshots?? What in the world is going on here I thought? While I have my stuff with me, I tried to move around without making much of a sound but indeed its nearly impossible because stepping on dry leaves, does make a sound. Soft yet with a Crunch!! Like a branch breaking but softer and that moment I wish it was a white sound.

So I crawled and hid in the bushes and moving from one to another as quick as possible and trying not to be seen. At the drop of the hat I heard a loud BANG!! and another 2 more. " AHHHHHHH" That bang made my heart and liver jump out of my mouth and the scream? I felt my soul leaving my body. I was paralyzed there in a bush with the side of the book between my teeth tightly held there and me trying not to shiver.

I did not hear the thud or the crunchy sound of the leaves when the body dropped there and blood was underneath the corpse.
After a while, when I did not hear a sound from the ground, no more screams nearby and no shootings, creepily I came out of there first by the head and checking to make sure nobody is there at all. Then my whole body coming out, ended back on the ground, but my knees and pelvis ended on the corpse.

Biting my lips, gently I got up and was about to leave, but I heard a faint voice from the body. " Please help me..... someone kidnapped my son and ....was trying to stop her,....... but shot me....help m-mee please" I nodded and quickly took my phone and switched it on. After loaded and came to, called the ambulance and the police. It did not took to much time to come after I said the victim was shot and her child was kidnapped.

I stayed to leave a statement and sent my phone number, followed the woman to the hospital and stayed there till she is out of surgery. The woman lost her ability to walk but still alive as for her child, there is a Bolo going around to see who will see the child, will inform the police immediately.

I went back to the park and got my mattress and book. I ended up in tears. My book had to be put in to the garbage bin and mattress too. Some animal urinated on them and the smell is so bad.

That was quite an eventful day. I wished for a quite and relaxing day but ended up with this experience. From there on I will be more careful.



02:20 Feb 03 2020

So sorry your day was ruined, sounded nice at first, horrid by the end, and for your mattress and book to suffer too. I sure hope the mother stays strong in this very stressful time and her baby found.

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