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Untitled Story: Part I

13:37 Apr 19 2011
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Here is a story that I have started to write please tell me what you think.

She heard the scream, and almost fell out of the tree. Damian was it trouble, she leaped out of the tree and landed gracefully. She called out to him with her mind. “Damian what’s wrong?” all she felt from him was pain, excruciating pain. She tried Nina instead “Nina, what has happened?” She sensed fear from Nina, but got a response “Someone has captured Damian, he wasn’t watching where he walked his paw got trapped.” She ran as fast as she could, reaching Nina in a few minutes. “Where is he?” Nina looked up “In that farm house.” It was then that Aryana noticed the ostrich farm. “Go straight home; I am going to get Damian.”

Xavior tended to the wounded animal talking softly, “I am sorry little one, hunters never should have left that trap lying out.” He continued cleaning and wrapping the wound on the young panthers leg. Xavior thought it odd the panther just allowed him to work. Suddenly there was a rustle outside, and the panther started to struggle, as if he knew who approached. Xavior heard a faint knock at his door; he opened it to find the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long raven hair, a tight slender body, and the softest but hard looking face. “Can I help you?” he asked the magnificent stranger, “You have my panther and I would like him back.” She replied “How do you know I have a panther? And how do I know your telling the truth?” She looked at him like she was looking into his soul and said “His mother returned home and brought me here.” At that moment to Xavior’s complete amazement the panther leaped off the table and tackled the woman to the ground.

Aryana started to laugh, leave it to Damian to tackle her when he is hurt. Still laughing she said “Does that prove it to you.” He looked like he was going to fall over. She looked at him “I will be taking Damian and leaving.” He looked at her confused, “Damian?” he asked. “That is his name.” she said. “And what is your name?” he asked her “Aryana, and yours?” she replied, “Xavior.” She opened the door allowing Damian to limp out. “It was nice meeting you Xavior, but I really need to get him home now.” Aryana turned around and walked away.

Xavior watched the strange woman disappear into the forest, Xavior walked back into his home. As he cleaned up the blood and medical supplies, Aryana kept popping into his mind. The way her hair seemed to flow around he, her eyes that seemed to look straight into a man’s soul. Her laughter is what took his breath away; it was melodious and seemed to be straight from the angels.

Aryana shifted back into her panther form, when she could no longer see Xavior’s farm. She looked at Damian “What were you thinking traveling so far away from home?” She yelled at him. Damian dropped his head “Sorry Ary, I didn’t mean to. I was chasing butterflies.” He looked down, refusing to make eye contact. Aryana stopped walking, she looked at Damian. The innocence on his face, softened her mood, “Damian, I am sorry for yelling. But do you realize what could have happened? If it was the hunters, rather than Xavior, who had found you,” He looked at her then and the anger in his eyes, was like a dagger to the heart. “Yes, Aryana I know what could have happened.” With that statement, he walked away toward home.

Xavior was awoken by the sounds of gunshots. He rushed to his window checking on the flock. Every damn bird had its head in the ground. He grabbed his gun and walked outside, just as a jeep came to a stop. One of the men jumped out of the back and walked toward him. “Hey neighbor, you wouldn’t by any chance found a wounded animal have you?” Xavior looked at the man and shook his head. The man glared at him, “Are you sure son? We found our trap sprung and blood. It looked like the trail leads this way.” Xavior looked him dead in the eye “Nope, no animals other than the damn birds.” “Thanks for your help.” The man climbed back in the jeep, and they drove away. Xavior walked back to his house and went back to bed. Only to dream of the raven haired stranger Aryana.



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