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18:05 Jun 20 2007
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Brianna and Ali

One cold, dark, and foggy night, a group of strangers came to stay at the Ole Dinger, the old town inn. Nobody knew there reasons for coming at a late hour, but they weren’t questioned. A lot of people came during the night lately.

Brianna was the owner of the Ole Dinger. She knew about the resent events that were happening in the other towns and everyone was leaving. She sighed as a larger group than normal came in together.

“Would you like some rooms?” “Yes, we would like seven rooms. I’m Ali, by the way. Just put them under my name.” Ali said. “I have only six rooms available at this time. Can one of you share?” Brianna asked. “I’ll share.” One of the men said.

“Ali will you please sign for the rooms? Then everyone can follow me.” She said. After Ali signed for the rooms, she showed them where their rooms were. After all had settled into their rooms, Brianna went downstairs and put the no vacancy sign out.

She went to her room and grabbed a bottle of blood and went out to the parlor. She went for one of her hidden goblets and poured some of the blood in it, then Ali came down. “What do you need Ali?” Brianna asked as she downed her goblet.

“I would like some information about you. I hope that’s not a problem.” “No problem at all, would you like some brandy? I can talk to you over a drink.” Brianna asked and went to set up one of her tables. “Sure, I would love some brandy.”

When Brianna got the brandy out and sat at the table Ali had grabbed her bottle and goblet. He had been sitting at the table for the past few minutes watching her carefully. She pours some brandy for him and got her goblet filled with some of the blood she had in her bottle.

“What are you drinking?” Ali asked as he sipped his drink. “Blood, why do you ask?” She said quietly. “Are you a werewolf or vampire Miss?”

“I’m a werewolf. I drink blood twice a day and my name is Brianna.” She said. “Well, do you remember where you came from?” Ali asked.

“No, I don’t remember all that much. Not anymore. I can’t recall that much. I only remember I had blood at every meal and I never left the room I was in until a fire destroyed where I lived.” Brianna said in her softest voice. Ali pat her hand and saw her tears fall.

She gulped down her drink and lifted her face to him. “Why do you want to know if I remember where I came from?” “I’m the leader of a huge pack and half of that pack escaped a fire. They seem to think the princess seemed to have survived that fire. Her name was Brianna.” “Why would you want to know about me? I can’t seem to sleep at night and I sleep during the day. I have a tendency to close this place down for three days and three nights strait. I even keep a stash of forty or more bottles of blood in my room.”

When Brianna looked at Ali, he just smiled at her. “You are that princess. I know for certain that you resemble her. That fire happened about ten years ago. I know that you look exactly like my betrothed.” Ali continued to comfort her and poured her some more blood.

She didn’t know what to say. “How come you knew who I was? Was I that obvious to looking like a werewolf?” Brianna asked quietly. “Yes, you were thirsty and your color showed it. I could also smell it on you. You aren’t really easy to tell either. I could actually see a resemblance to the old wolf king. Besides that, you could really be in bad shape right now if you didn’t continue to drink the blood twice a day.”

“You really don’t have a clue to what really happened ten years ago, do you?” Ali asked as he went to her side and tried to hold her. “No, get away from me. I don’t wished to be held or anything right now. I can’t help but wonder why I ended up in this place or anything.” Brianna stood and grabbed her bottle and goblet then went to her room and locked her door.

Ali wondered why she left and went to follow her, but it was too late for him to get to her. She slammed the door shut and locked it. Ali couldn’t wait to see how she was in the morning or afternoon. Ali checked her doors and made sure they were all locked, then he went to his room for some sleep.

The following morning, Brianna was up and had fixed her breakfast before the cook had arrived. She fixed herself a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and made some coffee. She made sure that no one was up and had her blood in the morning.

Ali smelled something good and got up. He knew who it might have been, but he wanted to check. When he saw Brianna in the kitchen eating a sandwich, he went and carefully got behind her and covered her mouth. She reacted and tossed him on his back and put her foot down on his dick and slowly applied pressure until he made a face.

“I don‘t ever want you to sneak up on me like that ever again or I‘ll throw you and your party out in the streets without warning. You got that?” Brianna asked as she released him ever so slowly. “Yes, but would you please listen to me about what happened ten years ago? I didn‘t know you kept in shape.” Well Ali knew now that she was in the best shape he’d ever seen any female werewolf could be in.

“Okay, I’ll listen to what you have to say, but never try anything like that again. Now you have exactly thirty minutes to tell me or I’m going to kick your butt out of my inn.” Brianna said. Ali stood and went to her, then kissed her hard.

She went soft and moaned after a minute. He let Brianna go and sat across from her at the bar. “The fire was started after you were given your dinner by a band of people who hated werewolves and they thought they could drive out their family members with the smoke. Well they ended up being killed by werewolves in their natural form, but one of them got inside the dens and found you. That person thought you had been kidnapped and took you away from your family.

After the fire was out, the old king and everyone else went looking for you. No one could locate you and everyone knew you were taken, but couldn’t help you. That’s what happened ten years ago. Happy now?” Ali asked and went to Brianna. She had passed out and was lying on the floor.

When Brianna fell on the floor, she felt tired. Ali noticed and carried her to her bed and closed her door quietly. He felt her fall asleep and found out she had passed out. He carefully went back to bed and fell asleep.

When Brianna woke up she was in her room and felt tired. She needed to get to her stash and get some blood in her system now and she knew it was about four in the afternoon. She got up and fixed the problem. She drank her bottle in one gulp.

As soon as she stepped out of her room, Ali came to her. “You need to go back to bed.” he said and she flipped him over. When she walked on top of him, he couldn’t move. “Back off me or you will be thrown out in the next hour Ali. Ask the people around here, I don’t allow anyone to get in my way. Besides that, the townspeople around here know never to get in my way and have seen me lift men and women and throw them out on their butts.” Brianna said that and walked outside her inn then came back in with a basket of fruit and vegetables.

Ali went to a seat and sat down. She was really a catch, but he needed to make her come to him. He just needed to tempt her somehow and he knew that a few pieces of jewelry wouldn’t do it. She might be tempted if he made her a traditional meal like she had when she was little, but he wasn’t sure she would eat it. She would, she was a werewolf. A bloody meal was what would tempt her, he would fix it tonight.

When nine o’clock came around Brianna was about to eat a steak, but Ali came around and placed a platter of meat and jug of blood in front of her. “Try this meal out for size and tell me you don’t like it.” Ali said and left her alone. Brianna picked up a piece of meat and tasted it, then she seized the platter with her full appetite. Thirty minutes later, when Ali came back for the platter, he found the platter picked clean and the jug missing along with the goblet.

Brianna went to her room and drank what was left of the jug. She relaxed on her bed and fell asleep instantly. Ali came in for the jug, but found Brianna had polished it off as well. She was actually content for the time being and enjoyed her true hunger for once. Ali expected her to take the jug, but didn’t expect her to polish off the platter.

He noticed that it was licked clean with her tongue and he smiled. He knew she would eat more if given the opportunity and he now knew how to get to her. She would miss the platter if it was stopped after a day or two.

It had been a week since she started to have a platter in the evening, and now it was stopped. She didn’t like that one bit, but Ali came around and she jumped him from behind. “Why don’t you make that platter for me again sweetheart?” Brianna asked thickly.

“I won‘t, until you understand the fact that you need me, but I could be persuaded to. All you have to do is spend the next twenty-four hours with me in my room.” Ali said thickly. “Fine you have yourself a deal, but I‘m hungry now.” Brianna conceded defeat and whined.

“If you get to my room now you can have the entire platter to yourself.” Ali said quietly and kissed her hard on her mouth. Brianna raced to his room and polished the platter off in a minute. She was drinking the jug of blood down slowly when he entered the room.

She was smiling like she had swallowed the dog and wasn’t ashamed of it. Ali jumped her and took the jug from her hands and guzzled it down in one swallow. Now she had nowhere to go except into his arms. “Now you are going to be mine and no one else’s Brianna. Now strip. If you wish to have that platter every night, you’ll need to please me. I‘ll even give you a massage after you strip.” Ali said as he kissed her neck and nuzzled it.

“You’ll have to peal the clothing right off my body without tearing any piece of my clothing.” Brianna stated quickly. Well Ali had never suspected Brianna would have him take her clothes off of her. He couldn’t tear anything.

Ali started to kneed Brianna’s muscles in her back, then she relaxed as the tension left her back and body. She was almost asleep when Ali had stopped working on her body. She was feeling tired and light headed now.

The time was near when Ali had carried her to the woods out of town. He left one of the females in charge, while he took Brianna to the minister. Their wedding was about to begin, when she passed out.

When Ali’s blood went down her throat, and the pendant was placed around her neck, the minister backed up from Brianna. She changed her form, then she fell asleep. The pack that was assembled howled in unison, then the wedding was over.

When Ali saw Brianna’s form, he couldn’t help but stare. She had a black/blue fur coat, midnight blue eyes, and was huge. She looked like an angel and Ali couldn’t help but hold her when she fell asleep.

After three hours, Brianna woke up in Ali’s arms. Ali had a gentle, yet strong hold on her, but she couldn’t break free no matter how hard she tried. Ali woke up five minutes later. “What are you doing? Ali, let me go.” Brianna said. “Sorry, but I can’t help wanting to hold you. Is that so wrong?” “No, it’s not. Please release your hold. I can barely breathe.”

Ali released his hold on Brianna and went for a jar of blood he had brought up to his room. Brianna didn’t know why being with Ali felt different. She felt like there was a bond between them. She cleared her head of that notion and let herself get caught up in Ali’s body. Ali rubbed his body all over Brianna and she was reacting to him.

Brianna couldn’t stop herself from moaning or moving against Ali, but it felt so right and she couldn’t get enough of him. He kissed her on her mouth, then moved lower. When he got near her ear, she went a little calmer and relaxed her entire body.

Ali was happy to have her like this, quiet, calm, and totally relaxed. Now, he could do anything he wanted to do with her. She wasn’t even put up a fight and was submissive to him. It could have been the blood he had poured down her throat earlier this evening, but it was hard to tell. He had stayed at her Inn for over a week already.

When Ali was through having his wicked way with her, she was asleep and sighing. He still couldn’t sleep though, he still wanted her.

When Brianna woke up, she was in her room. She couldn’t figure out how she got there, but remembered the deal she had made with Ali. He wasn’t in her room meaning, she was going to have to please him tonight. She really wanted to have the platter and blood every night.

An hour later, Brianna went to the kitchen to fix her sandwich. After she sat down to eat, then Ali came in and snuck behind her. She flipped Ali over on to his back again. “I told you to never sneak up on me.” Brianna said and left him lying on the floor.

After she left, she took a little time to think of what feelings she was discovering within herself. She was in aw and strangely happy at the same time, but somehow she knew he would come after her. She tried to sway her hips very slowly, but in the end she felt used.

Ali tried not to do anything stupid, but he felt Brianna. Her pull was getting worse, but then again, it was normal for her to behave like the queen of a pack. Ali went hunting for a bit and got a platter ready and a pitcher to go with that.

After eight thirty that night, Ali placed the platter in front of her. She thanked him, then he went to her shoulders. Ali started to massage them, but Brianna sighed after a second and let him work on her back. She sipped her goblet of blood for the time.

She didn’t know why she was so calm around him now, but she was going to figure it out soon enough. When Ali left her alone to finish up the platter, she checked her wrists and palms. She saw some form of writing that she hadn’t seen in years, but she could read some of it. It said, ‘married, date, husband,’ but she couldn’t read anything more than that.

She left the platter and took the goblet and bottle into her room and locked the door. She lit her three candles and got out a book of sorts. The book held writing in it from ten years ago, but she had to really hold on to it. She didn’t want to let it go because it belonged to her mother and father, but the book was thought to be gone in the fire.

After a few hours, Ali went down to collect the platter and found it was mostly polished off. He went to Brianna’s room and the door was unlocked so he pushed it open and saw the book of old writing and old kings, queens, and adventures clutched in Brianna’s arms. She had some writing on a piece of paper and he read what it said.

She was deciphering the writing on her arm, but how did she get a hold of that book was the question. He found that she had more writing on her legs, arms and on her face. He noticed that there were pieces of paper glued to the walls with the meanings on them. She was truly a werewolf, to have been able to keep that book on her.

Brianna woke up and saw Ali looking at the walls. “Get out of here, I don’t need you right now. Back up and leave the room. I am still working.” She said, but to her surprise, Ali wasn’t leaving and had just pulled up a chair.

Ali started to decipher the writing in record time. He saw that Brianna was looking at him, but she closed the door to her room after a second. She didn’t look like normal either. “Where did you get these books from? Princess did you hear me?” Ali asked slowly. “I found them in my room at the old den, then I managed to keep them with me. People tried to pull them from my grasp, but they couldn’t. The people had about five to ten people try and pull the books from my arms. They even knock me out cold, but they still couldn’t pry them from my hands. I did find a box for me about five years ago and I found that I was taken. The note is somewhere, but I don’t know off hand.” Brianna said.

Ali looked at her and knew who had placed the box and letter for her five years ago. Her father found her, but he didn’t want to have her back with the pack until she was old enough to control her hungers and few powers. “What powers do you have then? I know who sent the box to you five years ago, but you probably already knew that.” Ali said quietly.

“I knew my father sent the books to me, but I don’t know the extent of my powers right now. I can hide the writing from everyone who comes here, but then again I have only seen three pack leaders stay here for a month. They find out information about me and then they start to try and help me out. I have kicked them all out after they had paid their bill, but then I know they run and try to find my father because they said that they were friends and brothers to my father.” She said, as she sat down and sighed.

“Well, I know how you feel. I will tell you something right now, but you can’t even throw me out if you wanted to.” Ali said to her in a small smile. “What that you’re my husband?” Brianna said as she got her legs cover and hid the writing on her body. “Yes, but how did you figure that out? The writing is very old and much harder to decipher than normal.”

Ali said.

“I can read the writing, but it takes me time to figure it out. I had the writing placed on me when I was only five years old. I can still feel the pain, but then again it was after the full moon. It stuck to my skin, but it was so painful, that everyone who did the writing in tattoo form on my body has died. I managed to get into their heads and caused meltdowns. All are dead except one, and I know he is still with the pack I am supposed to rule over right now.” Brianna said in a voice that had him backing to the door.

The door couldn’t be moved, but when Ali tried to open it, he got zapped. “Why did you do that? I heard you scream from the other side of the mountain, but how did you learn to do that. Its not normal for a werewolf. I came and held you after a few minutes, but then I can‘t remember what happened.” Ali said as he sat down on her floor.

The room seemed to cool down, but then he noticed that she had passed out cold. The writing was still glowing, and it said, “The powers are too much to learn control, but she will be tamed by Ali of the south tribal pack. He is the only one who stopped the last killing. The powers are from black magic. The form she goes into when she shifts is terrible. She is the last of my line of magic and legacy, but will also be the most powerful leader. Date of marriage; December 9th. Husband; Ali of the south tribal pack. Will have three children; Rose, Tony, and Rosa.”

Ali couldn’t believe what he was reading, but then again, they had known that he could handle Brianna. She looked great, but her powers had really messed up her entire life. It was always trouble with powers. He laid her on the bed and covered her up. He went and tried to open up the door, but found he couldn’t budge it. Her magic was strong, but so was his. He looked at Brianna and felt her pain, but what she didn’t know was that he felt and did the same thing she had done. The writing on his body was similar to hers, but then again he had the rest of the message on his back and he couldn’t read it without help.

Ali sighed, and sat down. She was the same as him and it was nice to know that. She sighed and relaxed for the time being. Ali lifted her in his arms and held her. She was smiling now, but then he felt the same way about her. She hid her feeling towards him. It was common for werewolves to hide feelings. He laid down next to her and fell asleep.

After three hours of sleep, Ali woke up feeling great, but then Brianna was still sleeping. She cuddled up to Ali and sighed, but he didn’t mind one bit. It was normal for Brianna to get closer to the heat. He noticed that the room was cold and dark. It didn’t bother him one bit, he liked it.

Ali kissed Brianna on her cheek and pulled the covers over both of them. She was content at the moment, but then again it was a great start. It took hours to recover the power you used and she used a lot of it. She really knew how to control everything about her.

After a few more hours of sleep, Brianna woke up warm and feeling a little weakened. She blacked out after she saw Ali in her room. She didn’t know what else had happened after that.

She went back to sleep for the time, but then her stomach sounded off. It was so loud, that it was painful to ones ears. Ali woke up to an ear splitting noise but found it was Brianna’s stomach. He could feel how hungry she was, but it was normal for him to feel that way.

He carefully got out of Brianna’s bed and let her sleep for a while, while she slept. He went to hunt for a little bit and got everything in ten minutes. He got the platter ready, the pitcher was full of blood, and got a new goblet out for her meal, and the sounds coming from Brianna’s room re not so soft anymore.

When Ali opened her door, he heard the loudest growl coming from her stomach, but it was disturbing now. He closed her door and placed a piece of meat under her nose and lifted her up in his arms. She started to wake up now, but she went and nearly bit his hand off in the process.

Ali kissed her lips then poured some blood down her throat. She sighed, then her stomach sounded off again. He smiled at her, then fed her some more meat. He ran out of meat, but poured blood down her throat. After everything was eaten and drank, Ali smiled and noticed that Brianna was sleeping again, and he sighed.

After a few more hours of sleep, Brianna woke up and her stomach was hurting her anymore. She sighed for the time, then Ali came into her room and said, “I hope your feeling better. I had to feed you this morning because of your growling stomach.” “Thank you, most of the time when that happens, most people complain.” Brianna said with a light laugh.

Ali was surprised to see her smile like that, she had a nice laugh too. Well she was happy, he thought. “How come people complain about the noise from your stomach?” Ali asked as he sat down. “Well, when my stomach starts making loud noises, everyone’s sleep is disturbed. It sucks, but what can I say my stomach is hungry.” Brianna said and laughed.

After an hour passed by, Ali was smiling and laughing at old jokes and such. Brianna was getting tired though and yawning, but she didn’t mind it one bit. “Sorry about my yawning Ali, but I am getting tired again.” She said as she propped her head up with her pillows. “It’s okay, but it could be because of the power you used up too, but you never know.” Ali said as he adjusted her pillows and kissed her neck.

“True, but I can barely control any of my magic right now thou and it’s not good either.” Ali said quietly. He blew out her candle and slid in her bed slowly, then kissed her on her neck more forcefully. She did nothing to stop Ali from getting to her breasts and removing her clothes. She moaned and sighed for a while.

What Ali did next shocked Brianna the most, he started to lick her clit with his tongue. She was starting to move after a few minutes, but was quickly held down by his mind. Ali didn’t know what to do after Brianna went over the edge, but lick her again. She was so driven mad by now that his dick wanted in on the action.

When he kissed his way up her body, he slid inside of her and she gripped his waist in a vise grip. He started to lick and nibble on her neck, then he bit her hard on her nape, she shifted her form. By the time she shifted, Ali had shifted and started to lick her more than ever.

Ali couldn’t believe that she shifted like that, but he put a sound barrier around her room so no noise would leave her room. He was so happy that she shifted that he grabbed her wrists and kissed her hard on her mouth. His dick got so big that he didn’t realize that he had her on the edge again.

She started to wiggle and bite his neck. Ali started to bite her neck in return and felt something happening with her magic. Brianna’s magic started to bind them together, then it mixed with his magic. His magic was doing the same thing.

After an hour passed, Brianna had passed out and shifted back to normal, but Ali had shifted back but he wasn’t tired at all. He felt energized and full of himself. He got up and walked around. He went hunting for the night so Brianna could sleep.

When Brianna woke up, she felt somehow different, but someone knocked on her door. When she opened up her door, her father stood in the doorway and he looked calm. “Well, I see you’ve been out of control last couple of days. Would you like to talk about it?” He said and very quietly went to her chair.




16:55 Jun 13 2007
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Nina and Jack

In the year 2002, a young girl, named Nina, was at the night club called Werewolf Zone. She was tall, trim, and fit. She had black hair and green eyes, but her nails are black talons. She was dressed in all black, three inch heels, and had on some crystal necklaces.

Jack saw Nina one night and noticed that her talons were out, but he saw that her figure was of royalty. He owned the club, but he saw Nina and felt something happen with his hands. He raced over to the bouncer and told him that she was with him.

He took Nina’s hand and led her in the club, then said, “Hi, I’m Jack. Sorry to your nails that way thou.” “I’m Nina by the way. Thank you, but how do you know what I am?” Nina asked as she sat down at the bar and smiled.

“I know what you are because I am one myself. It’s hard to hide what I am most of the time, but I can tell by your mark on your hand mostly.” Jack said and sat down. Nina just smiled and knew what he what thinking. “Well, that’s true, but I am not easy to tell. What do you think you know I am? If that isn’t too much to ask.” Nina asked.

“You are the werewolf princess Nina Jones; I am Jack smile, the prince of the northern tribal pack. Don’t worry, I am being just normal for now, but I am wondering if you’re single right now thou.” Jack asked as he picked up Nina’s hand and kissed it.

“I’m single, but not sure what my father is up to for finding my mate thou. Shame thou, if you aren’t picked as my mate. Can I please get some blood thou? I can‘t get any at any of the other clubs and I’m 21, too.” Nina said and sighed. She started to pull her hand away from Jack’s grip and shifted it back to normal.

“You can get some blood here. I’ll walk you to my office thou, but we will be making some calls to your dad and my dad too. They will want to know that we have met and such. I hate that rule thou.” Jack said and sighed, as they walked to his office in the back of the club.

When they got to his office and had the two phones busy with talking to their fathers, Nina nearly destroyed the phone from her father’s orders. Jack wasn’t in much better shape, his father wanted to talk with Nina and her father, then they said together, “We are going speaker phone so you can talk to each other.”

After Jack and Nina went speaker on their fathers, they sighed and laughed. “This is going to be dealt with tonight dad and you will get it straitened up tonight too.” Nina said. She had had enough of hearing orders from her father; Jack did the same thing and watched Nina brush her hair out.

After about half an hour, the arrangement was made and Nina was laughing her butt off because of it. They were now allowed to become mates if they wished too and Jack was smiling his butt off too. “Well that was a laughing challenge.” Jack said, as their fathers hung up.

“True, but at least they are having good communications right now.” Nina said and smiled. She was happy, but what just happened was a pact thou and she sighed because of that. “What’s the problem now Nina?” Jack asked as he took hold of her hand.

“Now, my father is going to be busy because of the pact just made. I spend a little time with him once in a while, but now it’s not even going to be like that at all.” Nina said, as she sat back. “Well, we can get to know each other more then. I just hope you still eat a large platter of bloody meat and share a pitcher of blood with me.” Jack said, as he kissed her nails as they shifted to talons again.

“I sure would, I haven’t been allowed that type of meal in the past six years. My dad hasn’t had anything that big that much thou.” Nina said, as she laughed out loud. “Good then you won’t mind me doing this.” Jack said and pulled her in his arms and kissed her hard.

He lifted Nina up in his arms and took her to his den that was downstairs from his office. He placed her on his big bed and laid down next to her and fell asleep in minutes.


After three hours passed by, Nina started to wake up and move around some. She was so tired that she didn’t even notice the plate of food or pitcher of blood on the little side table near Jack. She started to stretch out, when Jack woke up and kissed her on her neck lightly.

“How was your sleep princess?” Jack asked softly, as he ran one of his claws down her back lightly enough to have her sigh. “It was pretty nice. No nightmares or anything, which is just lucky for me.” Nina said, as she sighed. Jack knew just how she felt because he had worn her out.

Jack went to the tray of bloody meat and grabbed a few pieces of it, the held it over Nina’s mouth to feed her. Nina knew nothing of how to deal with the morning after, but she was going to learn. She ate the meat near her and relaxed in Jack’s lap.

Jack knew that Nina didn’t know what to do the morning after, but she was doing better than he expected. He hand fed her and sighed. She was just relaxing for now, but he wanted her again. Just as he was about to say something, his palm burned. “Damn, what is going on with my burning palm?” Nina said, as she saw old writing appear where the burning had been. Elfish writing appeared on her palm and it said, ‘Jack Smile.’

When Jack read his name on her palm, he knew that the name on his was Nina Jones. They were mated, and now it was just a matter of time. “We are mated Nina. I hope you understand that.” Jack said quietly.

“I understand that. I just know that’s only a matter of time for us now.” Nina said, as she ate two more pieces of bloody meat. Nina really wasn’t to happy for little bit, but then again he felt the same way too. While Jack was thinking, Nina got up and went to take a bath in the bathroom.

After a couple of minutes, Jack noticed that Nina was gone from the room. When he checked the bathroom, she was there and soaking in the tub, with her head propped up on the edge. She was a looker and he liked that, but what he didn’t like was the fact that she looked like a hooker in the clothes she wore.

“Jack, what’s wrong?” Nina said in a quiet voice. She raised her head and looked at Jack and saw that he was staring at her. She noticed that he was moving ever so slowly towards her. She shook her head and sighed, then went under the water and popped up. Her hair was dripping wet now and down in the water.

Jack moved near Nina as she looked at him and dived under the water, but he stopped when he saw how long her hair was. It was so long that it went past her butt. She shook her hair dry and got the shampoo near her and started to wash her hair. She had so much hair that it took her five minutes to get all the shampoo in all parts of her hair. It was only when she rinsed her hair that he saw the length of her hair.

After half an hour passed by, that jack moved to help her dry her hair. Jack didn’t know what to say to how long her hair was but knew that it was his for the feeling. When Nina got her hair up on top of her head and dressed, Jack knew that she had plans tonight.

Nina sighed, as she got her heels on. “Jack, I need to get an overnight bag from my room. I will be back in an hour. Would you like to come with me?” She asked, as she walked over to Jack and let him smell her wrist. She kissed him and scratched behind his ear lightly.

Nina tied a red ribbon in her hair to hold it in place. She started to walk to the stairs, until Jack said, “Sure, give me a minute. Okay?” “Alright, I’ll wait for you in your office then.” Nina said and walked up the stairs slow enough to drive Jack crazy. Jack got dressed fast as he could, after Nina walked up his stairs.

Jack held himself in check, when he saw Nina sitting on his desk. She was putting on black lipstick, when Jack saw her. “Are you ready to go?” He asked as she put her make-up in her purse. “You, let me just zip my purse closed.” She said.

When Jack saw where Nina lived, he knew that her father was going to be home. She took him through the gate, up to the manor on the hill. The house was big, but Jack saw that her father was walking by when she opened her bedroom door. “Nina, I need to talk with Jack when he gets the chance.” He said, as he passed by Jack and Nina.

Jack was in awe, as he saw her bedroom, but noticed that her bed was only a bunch of pillows, covers, and sheets. She slept like a puppy here he guessed, but when she opened her closet, her clothing fell on top of her. She laughed out loud and dug her way out, but threw some pants, jewelry, shirts, bras, and shoes in a bag on her bed.

Jack couldn’t believe how her closet looked, but he guessed that she didn’t know when to wash her clothes or hang them up. She went to her bathroom and grabbed her shampoo, conditioner, face creams, tooth brush, and hair accessories. She had so much stuff, that Jack couldn’t believe she could carry the bag.

She took her bag and Jack downstairs and dropped her bag near the door. Nina took Jack to the study where her father was and shut the door so they could talk. “I can tell that your mated to Jack already, but what do you think of how the next two weeks together sound?” He asked calmly. “I don’t mind it dad, but what do you think Jack?” Nina said, as she pulled out her hair brush and worked on her hair.

Jack said, “I don’t mind it at all and I can’t wait to see what she’s like. I will be happy for now thou with that.” Nina was done with getting all of her hair braided and it was on top of her head. “Dad, I have a hair appointment in one hour. Its going to be cut off at the butt just so I can handle it better.” Nina said, quietly. Her father’s face turned red and said, “You aren’t allowed to cut your hair at all Nina. The longer your hair is the more you have to cover yourself in case of emergences.”

“In two weeks, my hair will be all the way down to my feet. What am I going to do then, may I ask?” Nina asked, as she stood up and stretched. “Well, I will not allow you to cut it, you can have it put in curls thou.” Her father said. “Well, in that case I will just have to figure it out on my own. Be back in two hours.” Nina said, as she walked out of the study, to her car.

When Nina got to the salon, her beautician handed her a book of the latest hair styles. She saw several styles she liked, but picked out one that had many curls in it. “Please don’t cut any of the hair off? My father has forbidden it.” Nina said to Alice.



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