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Part 4

00:36 Mar 17 2007
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I lay in my bed, dreaming a message came to me. My Dark Prince is coming....... He is about to come and claim all that is his. I awoke, and rose from my slumber. The thought has given me such a longing and a thirst i must quench. It's almost umbearable. I've waited so long....... I must have him soon. I stood and ran a hot steamy shower, As i needed the heat on my flesh. I let the water flow over my body, as i was in deep thought of all he would be and what we would share. I slipped into my black silk & leather. I put on my black boots. Shook the water from my hair. I started to brush my long wavy brown hair. My blues eyes have already turned green with full hunger and passion. I leave my liar. I start walking along the strip. I hear music.... a awesome band is playing. I walk to get a closer look. I'm lost in the beat of the music, as it seems to call out to me..... I watch and listen for the longest time. Someone has taken notice of me........ I stand under the moon light.... I feel someone walk up behind me.... I do not turn just yet, But i know he is sexy, for i can see long dark hair...... He is standing right behind me... Leans upto my ear and asks, Would you like to have me all to yourself? I replied Hmmm what a thought. So you would then, i could hear his smile in those words. I replied. Yes, is that possible? He asked what would you wish to do with me? I'm standing with my eyes closed.... He lifts my hair from the back of my neck gently... and caresses my neck with his mouth and fingers, i am in awe. He says My lady i must drink of you.... With that he takes me within.... the flow of my blood is running thru his veins now. aww the feeling, I am in heaven. He gently kisses me. I turn i look upom him, He is a true prince. I'm taken in by the sight of him, to know he is standing infront of me. He has such beautiful long flowing dark hair. I long to taste his blood. He says, Please my lady, take all you will..... I leaned close to him and started to drink, What a experince.... he tastes so good, my eyes are rolling back. His blood is now running thru my veins, he is holding me so close, and tenderly in his arms.. When i have had my fill, we share in a long passionate blood filled kiss....... Please never let me go. When i turn he is gone, was never there....... It is my longing getting the better of me... I stand here caught up in the sound of the drums, and a image of what could be.... Come to me My Prince..... Quench my thirst, Fufill my passions............



01:33 Mar 25 2010

Visions that seem to haunt you until he is with you in true form. Bueautiful indeed Bravo!


Part 3

04:13 Mar 08 2007
Times Read: 960

As I awaken under the beauty of the full moon, I listen to the sound of the ocean as the water comes into the shore. Hmmm My normal blue eyes seem to be alitttle grey. It seems i am in a romantic mood, and i will indulge myself tonight. I run a steamy bath, and add red rose pedals.... I light the room with candles, and turn on some music. I soak in the hot water. The warmth feels good against my cool flesh. I stand up and dry the water from my body. I shake the water from my long brown hair. I decide to wear a black silk top, black pants, and leather boots. I brush my wavy hair. I walk out into the night captured by her beauty...... I feel a presence.... yes, familar. I hear from behind me... Boo. I turn and reply Boo Back.... It is the dark soul that has been in my thoughts since we ran into each other.... Yes, he interests me very much. I have been looking for my dark prince, and he has been searching for his dark soul mate... we think alot alike, but we are also different... We have decided to walk along this path together and see where this journey may lead us..... Fore, this is very interesting.... As he stands before me in his beauty, i am caught up in him. he is so dark, so handsome, his eyes i could be lost in, his hair like silk, his lips i long to feel against me..... As we stand under this moon under all her beauty, please try to imagine children of the night as only you can see and appreciate. Fore no one can love or see as we see. Two dark souls looking upon each other for the first time.. Fingers touching, hands being held. A caress across the cheek, fingertips running through hair, soft touch of the outline of the face. A passionate kiss. To be lost in each other. Two hearts beating in one rythem. The heat of blood pumping through our veins.... I long for you.... To be able to share with you all that i've never shared with anyone, Fore you will no me as no one else ever has...... to drink from you, to feel you drink from me, to feel a blood passionate embrace , only to be experinced with each other........ I long for the taste of you.... And yes, I believe you may just be my Dark Prince...... And I'm your Dark Soul Love I'm your Akasha Adiana...........



01:06 Mar 25 2010

Very beautiful indeed What seems to catch my eye is that the dark soul says Boo just like I still do which I took from the movie Queen Of The Damned.

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