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TV Review: Queen of the South

11:12 Jun 14 2018
Times Read: 470

Yo. Queen of the South is a USA show about the rise of a drug queen from Mexico. It stars Alice Braga and is on now. Based on a book.

Dude this one is good. It's fast paced and blunt, wasting no time in getting us into the story. Her acting is great and most of the rest do well. It's unpredictable and full of what may or may not be the way a drug kingpin is born, but it's believable. It's one of those stories that sucks us in and makes us want to be a part of it, until the bullets go through a guy's head.

The bottom line is I can safely recommend if you want fun action that's smart. It's a power struggle at it's core, as the drug family she's from ends up in politics. But it's also full of human moments, not painting her as a hero or a villain but a tough woman in a very tough situation. She makes it tougher. It's not a mystery what's going to happen to a person who goes after money and power for selfish reasons but what I liked about this is it shows us ourselves. First we want a little. Then we want it all. Then we lose it all. Then we climb back and do the same thing again. Great writing and insight and for this guy that's an easy sell. Everything about the show smacks of sincerity, like they want to do it, not that a producer is paying them to. Big recommendation.

Quote of the Day: Over the east mountain..over the west mountain..comes...a rabbit.-RAN (1985)



01:23 Sep 03 2018

I binge watched the whole thing on Netflix. It's one of the best, well written, gritty dramas I've seen in a long while.

16:44 Oct 06 2018

Sounds interesting I’ll have to check it out


Movie Review: 30 Days of Night

06:07 Jun 14 2018
Times Read: 479

Sundown. 30 days of Night is the vampire film from a few years ago (2000 I believe) about a small town in Alaska that is besieged by hungry vampires for the 30 days they go without sun every year. It stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Danny Huston. It's based on a graphic novel.

I like this movie quite a bit. It's good to look at, well paced and the acting isn't bad at all. The writing is a little strange probably because they went directly from the graphic novel, I'm not sure if they had a script writer do it. It sounds like a graphic novel. It works though, just a little crude in the dialogue. But the plot and structure are just fine. Although it's not black and white the entire film is set in a remote, snowy town, mostly at night, so the color we see is red.

Unlike Interview this movie won't make you want to be a vampire, unless you want to rip people's heads off. The acting on the part of the victims is just great, real fear and terror as well as courage and intelligence. Fantastic supporting performance by Ben Foster as the "helper" of the vampires. And I loved the ending. I've seen this film many times and I think for me it's stood the test of time. I've never seen any other vampire movies like it, but in case you're wondering the sequel was awful.

Quote of The Day: The deeper you get, the sweeter the pain. Don't give up the game until your heart stops beating.-New Order



16:44 Oct 06 2018

I liked that movie as well


Great Movies: Do The Right Thing review

13:54 Jun 06 2018
Times Read: 502

Hiya. So Do The Right Thing is Spike Lee's best movie. Yes. By far, and the rest of his stuff is great too, except Summer of Sam. In 1989 it wasn't even nominated for best picture. You could just say "racism" or you could say Hollywood doesn't nominate art, or at least they used not to. I believe Field of Dreams won that year. Hey that's a good flick, this is a great one.

The story is about one day in the life of a block in the Bed Sty neighborhood of NY City. We follow Mookie, a pizza delivery guy who makes a couple hundred a week. The pizzeria as you might imagine owned by Italians, the cops are Irish and the convenience store is run by I believe Koreans. It all takes place in the middle of a super hot NY summer. As a kid watching it I loved the headline on one of the papers: "Helter Swelter."

Mookie however doesn't get all the screen time and I wouldn't call him a protagonist in the strictest sense of the word. It's not an arc or an answered question, but it strips the glamour off the screen at a time when everything was marketing and plastic, in the movies and in general. It's a photograph, a time capsule if you will of life and racism in 80s NY. Everything is gritty and real, all the actors are invisible. To this day I can't tell the extras who would be from there from the talent that he must have brought in. Samuel Jackson was not famous yet, he plays the local Radio Host. The Latino crew is there drinking beer, and "Radio Raheem" has music battle with them. You can feel the tension bubbling up in every scene, as people with nothing stare up at people with lives.

Do The Right Thing doesn't preach a simple message, it paints a complicated picture and shows the hate that poverty and racism can induce, but also humanity at some of it's most noble.

Quote of the Day: Long live the Prince.



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