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05:42 Jul 10 2012
Times Read: 430

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Batman.

Stranger: Listen, do you want to know a secret?

You: Sure!

Stranger: Do you promise not to tell?

You: Well, considering the odds that we know any of the same people from a completely random chat.... sure.

Stranger: Closer, let me whisper at your ear... I'M BATMAN.

You: *gasp* Really?

Stranger: Rly.

You: Shouldn't you be out fighting crime instead of goofing off on the internet?

Stranger: I have a Rogin.

Stranger: I mean, Robin.

You: Oh, ok. I thought you meant Rogaine, and I was all like "Damn, Batman is balding... that just sucks."

Stranger: Well, no, Robin.

Stranger: Robin's the good boy and stuff.

You: Kind of a pansy, really.

Stranger: Well, there's like trhee Robins out there.

Stranger: One of them it called itself Nightwing, but everybody knows that it's a Robin.

You: Yeah, Nightwing is alright. The movie versions of Robin though...

Stranger: They do the job. Instead, the police need to move their ass some times.

You: It's just so hard to trust which ones are on the right side.

Stranger: Well...

Stranger: I don't care. Gotham City needs a Superman or something. I hate that, nobody loves me.

Stranger: But everybody loves Superman.

You: Yeah, but I don't see Batman being taken to his knees by a piece of rock.

Stranger: What you know? Whom are you?

You: I.... am Cthulhu.

Stranger: The dark lord?

You: The one and only.

Stranger: Agre you goint to kill me?

You: Nah, I'm a fan. Plus, I'm still stuck in R'lyeh.

Stranger: Oh, well, I might thank you.

Stranger: But, you know.

Stranger: Being Batman it's hard.

Stranger: No one knows what it's like to be the Batman.

You: Try being trapped under the ocean for a few millenia.

Stranger: But, you're immortal and stuff.

Stranger: I'm just a man.

You: Yeah, but before I started stealing wi-fi from Nyarlathotep, eternity got bloody boring.

Stranger: Oh, well.

Stranger: That's only a price.

You: And actually, the wi-fi really just made things worse.

You: After discovering your anime, and realizing that there are millions of schoolgirls in Asia that dig tentacles.... and here I am, stuck.

Stranger: The asian people are weird.

You: Good food, though

Stranger: And good games.

You: Cars, technology... Yeah, I can deal with a little weird.

Stranger: And the girls will love you.

You: It's been so long since my tentacles have been rubbed....

Stranger: Well, you have to go outside there.

Stranger: But, remember, never open the package.

You: And why's that?

Stranger: Well, you know, rules and stuff.

You: The Dark One scoffs at rules.

Stranger: Good point.

You: Well, I think it's time for me to be off. It's been interesting.

Stranger: But the world needs some rules.

Stranger: Well, go, go.

Stranger: Take care, dark lord.

You: You too, Batman.

You have disconnected.



17:11 Jul 10 2012

Heh those Asians and their odd love for tentacles. Cthulhu hit the jackpot!


05:09 Jul 10 2012
Times Read: 438

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!

Question to discuss:

What have you done in your life that you would be embarrassed to admit to someone not a complete stranger?

Stranger 2: hmm

Stranger 1: sucked a shemale cock

Stranger 2: oh man

Stranger 2: thats good

Stranger 2: i smoked crack once

Stranger 1: not gonna lie, she was gorgeous

Stranger 1: and i loved it

Stranger 2: are you a girl?

Stranger 1: 100% straight dude

Stranger 2: so u thought he was a she at first?

Stranger 1: indeed

Stranger 2: but then got down there and said "fuck it im gonna suck this thing" even still?

Stranger 1: booze does crazy things to a man lookin for ass haha

Stranger 1: pretty much

Stranger 2: i salute you

Stranger 1: she had already been sucking me off

Stranger 2: i might do the same thing if i was really wasted

Stranger 2: i see

Stranger 2: totally understandable

Stranger 1: honestly

Stranger 1: ide do it again if i was with one that was as hot or better

Stranger 2: wow thats awesome

Stranger 2: you prob made that dudes night

Stranger 1: i prefer to call it a she

Stranger 2: or shim

Stranger 1: she had real (implants) tits to grab onto, not a stuffed bra lol

Stranger 2: nice

Stranger 1: some of these shemales can really pull it off without you knowing

Stranger 2: oh yea totally

Stranger 2: iv seen some pornos like that

Stranger 1: and im glad i took a pic of her

Stranger 2: hot girl then all of the sudden...penis!

Stranger 2: i love that someone is watching us have this conversation

Stranger 1: felt nice to wake up in the morning, see her pic and be relieved i wasnt one of those drunk guys hitting on an ugly transvetite at the bar haha

Stranger 2: i did have my crotch grabbed once by a parapalegic drag queen

Stranger 1: LMAO!

Stranger 1: passable? haha

Stranger 2: i was at a gay bar with some friends and there was a drag show then an after party

Stranger 1: i have thought about going to a gay bar on drag night jus to try n find another hot one

Stranger 2: yea you know, boose..things happen

Stranger 1: but i cant...know too many people in that community

Stranger 2: you sure you strait? you might ahve a little bit of bi sprinkled in there

Stranger 1: even though most gay/bi/trans keep their mouth shut about shit like that, i cant risk it

Stranger 1: i guess you could call me bi for shemales...but only very hot very passable you-would-never-know showmales haha

Stranger 2: i wouldnt specifically seek them out but i could see messin around if i was drunk and thought they were a girl

Stranger 1: its fun

Stranger 2: well

Stranger 2: it was nice talkin

Stranger 2: good luck in any shemale seeking you may do

Stranger 1: you too haha

Stranger 1 has disconnected



05:42 Jul 10 2012

Oh, Omegle. Shemale hunting.. Jebus.

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