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The ancient hunt

22:04 Jul 24 2021
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It was a cold autumn morning in the small town of Red Woods West Virginia. The town itself was small and practically a ghost town. It consisted of a few houses, a general store, liquor store, a barber shop , a church and a cemetery. The church was near the edge of town, the cemetery behind the church.
The sun was just rising, slowly filling the dark sky with a soft pink glow. Shadows crept through the cemetery, making it look as if ghosts were roaming among the gravestones. The sound of running footsteps coming from the woods by the cemetery filled the air, along with the sound of heavy desperate breathing.
A young frightened woman ran out of the woods through the cemetery towards the church. Her eyes were wide with fear, and stained with tears. Her clothes and body were tattered and bloody. The closer she came to the church she saw there was a light coming from the window,meaning someone was inside.
A spark of hope filled her fearful eyes as she picked up speed. “Help! Please someone help me!” She cried out the closer she got to the church. Just as she thought she was going to make it, she felt something wrap around her ankle and pull her to the ground. She cried out in shock and turned to see what had tripped her.
Coiled around her ankle was what appeared to be the tail of a serpent. The scales were a glistening silver, with slight hooked barbs on them cutting into her skin. She started clawing at the tail hoping to break free,but the coils just tightened. Her eyes scanned the tail, slowly looking up at the creature it belonged to.
Looming over her was a tall human-like snake. It had the torso of a man, and the lower half of a snake. But the torso was covered in scales, its eyes were yellow with slit pupils, and its mouth shaped similar to a serpent's snout, filled with sharp curved fangs. Where its nose should be was two slits.
It appeared to lack any ears, and instead of hair it had spikes running down its head and back. Which gave it almost a dragon-like appearance.The creature was lean but muscular. Its hands had unnaturally long boney fingers tipped with sharp black claws.
The young woman’s eyes widened in terror as she opened her mouth to scream. The creature’s tail began to coil all around her body, slowly tightening to crush her. It then lifted her closer to its face. The crushing pressure of the coils made it impossible for the woman to scream, or even breathe. She squirmed as much as she could, but her bones began to crack from the coils.
The creature began to unhinge its jaw much like snakes do to eat their prey. The last thing the woman saw before the coils crushed every bone in her body killing her, was a large fang filled mouth about to consume her head.



15:09 Aug 03 2021

I enjoyed this story


The Corrupted's feast.

21:26 Jul 24 2021
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Pete held the dagger in his right hand, trembling with fear. The monster standing in front of him looked at him with a smile. Its appearance was too much like Jase. But he knew it wasn’t his friend. His friend was gone. And this creature now merely wore Jase’s skin like a costume.
Where Jase’s once brilliant grey eyes were, was now lifeless coal black eyes. His usual friendly smile was now twisted into a mocking smirk. This new Jase started to move towards Pete. The young man filled with terror acted on reflex,and didn’t even notice he had plunged the blade into Jase’s chest.
That is until he saw Jase’s eyes widen as a gasp escaped his mouth. Jase’s body slumped over slightly, holding the handle of the blade sticking from his chest. He looked down at the wound inflicted by Pete, and honestly looked shocked.
But the shock slowly turned to anger as his grip on the handle tightened. He then ripped the blade from his chest and threw it into the fire pit nearby. “When trying to kill one of the Corrupted, it is best to aim for the heart. Not the lung.” He said coldly as he suddenly back handed Pete so hard, the young man flung backwards onto the ground.
“You’re weak, and pathetic. Did you honestly think you could fight against us and survive?” Jase said coldly as he walked over to Pete and kicked him hard in the stomach. Pete grunted in pain. A mix of fear and pain caused him to curl up in an almost fetal position as Jase kneeled down by him. Looking at Pete with his soulless eyes, he noticed he had cut Pete’s cheek with his claws when he struck him. His eyes seemed to fixate on the crimson blood.
His black eyes began to change into golden yellow serpent eyes. Pete saw this and realized what was happening. The sight of blood activates the predatory instincts in the Corrupted. And the only way to satisfy them was the taste of human flesh. Jase leaned in closer to the cut staring at the blood. “Jase...please. Don’t. Please. We’re friends, remember? Practically brothers, right?” Pete pleaded in a shaking voice.
Surprisingly, Jase stopped and pulled away. As if Pete’s words had worked. “Friends? But friends don’t hunt each other down and stab each other now do they? Friends don’t abandon each other for being a monster. We are not friends. “ He said in a harsh tone, which felt like a knife in Pete’s heart.
He then crawled on top of Pete, using his clawed hands to pin him to the ground. Pete felt the sharp claws cutting into his arms, and tried to push Jase off of him. But Jase was too strong compared to him. “Look at me. “ Jase hissed at Pete.
Pete kept his head turned away avoiding eye contact. He knew it was hopeless, he was about to die. But he didn’t want Jase to see the tears filling his eyes. “I said look at me!” Jase ordered him. “I want to see the fear in your eyes when you see what a true monster is.” He grabbed Pete’s jaw, forcing him to look at him.
Jase smiled relishing the fear in Pete’s eyes. After a few moments of staring at him, he used his clawed hands to tear Pete’s shirt open to reveal his bare skin. Pete began to struggle again, even though he knew it was useless. “Please,stop. “ He pleaded once more through tears. Jase didn’t listen and leaned in closer, still pinning him to the ground. His forked serpent tongue slid across Pete’s collar bone, then reached the shoulder. He sank his long curved fangs deep into the flesh.
Pete’s body jolted in pain as he cried out. Jase’s grip only tightened on him, and he pulled away from Pete’s shoulder ripping some flesh away as he did so. Loud screams of agony filled the air as Jase proceeded to take more bites. Slowly Pete lost his ability to scream anymore and just layed there crying, praying it would end soon. His head faced the wall, avoiding looking at Jase as he became weaker.
After a while Pete no longer even felt the pain. His body had slipped into shock, his eyes blurring and his consciousness fading. Soon his eyes closed, and his mind faded to darkness.



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