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Infer whatever you like... Trust me, its not nearly as interesting as the truth...

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"Savage Masquerade"

I will birth the throne of night
Take my place upon the right
And this World will cry for what it never knew

Its a savage masquerade
A frightful black parade
Of souls and hearts that want to murder you

I can taste the splattered gore
Makes me want to bleed you more
Now is the time to pay the Devils due

Life and death within my hand
Queen within a savage land
Ravaging the world inside of you

"And this is the mark of Her Beast."

Dark. Poetic. Wordy. Seductive. A tad Dangerous... Perhaps a bit Silly around the edges.

I tend to be passionate about the things I love... and about the things I hate. Passion is the key... the driving force that spills into my poetry and my art.

I am now, as I have always been, a woman that thrives in the shadows. I am someone who can see beauty in the savage nature of my world... Darkness, madness, pain, longing, passion, bloodlust and power are all a part of me. I own who I am in this world, and I am unapologetic about it.

I am quietly complex... Many who know me do not really know me.

I keep a thousand tiny secrets in my eyes... a million lonely truths upon my lips... it's not my job to decipher them for you though. You can do that yourself.

My world lies hidden in my words, and in my art... I hide the most savage of secrets there, where most will never find them.

Engage at your own risk boys and girls... I cannot say you will come through the experience... unscathed.

Just a little note...

Yes, all of these pictures are of me... Yes, I wrote every single line of poetry on this page. Just a drop in the bucket... I have written miles of poetry.

I think of this profile as a mirror of sorts... It tends to reflect what I see in myself at any given moment... As you can imagine, It changes rather often... although in subtle ways.

They call me "The Murder Poet" for a reason... But relax, enjoy my world... My truly dangerous moments will find me straddling some poor soul, not hanging about the Rave :)

Why yes, I am a Bad Apple... How did you know?

Yea... about that "Salvation"...

I'm seething... I'm uncontainable... I'm about to rip out of my skin and consume the earth itself.

At least, that's how it feels.

I swear I can feel the earth tilt, feel summers long days dying and decaying.
I love this time of year. It is when I come alive, when I can feel the dance of death seducing the light. That ebb is what fuels so much of me... stains my art and my world.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about the course of the spirit, the path of the soul as it were. I managed a bit of a personal revelation as to why I'm such a damn stranger to most spiritual people.

Most souls are on a crash course for destruction... "transcendence" some call it... "Salvation" others swear by... Both snub out the possibility of living... both assume that living is vile and hard, and something that should be ended one way or another.

I find that... very untrue. Living is dirty, hard business... their is pain and suffering and loneliness and madness and hurt. But their is such beauty in the art of living as well... no matter the colors one uses to paint their existence.

I know that my Soul... my deep Spirit... is not seeking transcendence, or salvation, or eternal anything. A part of me has seen the birth of this world... and it will see this world end too. It has seen the life and death of many worlds though... but it has never wanted to stop experiencing Life.

So there it is... my dark, unrepentant soul will never know your salvation or your transcendence... I will never mix up with the universal energy (Or God) and end the process of rebirth.

I am not made for that.

I am made to dance through existence until their is no more existence to be my dance floor. I am here to taste life... to know everything I can ever know... to feel everything I can ever feel... to BE

Me through the Eyes of Others...

"The beast in her is always awake and ready to strike at will... Cast out from the heavens she commits sins which makes angels turn their heads... She is the commander of the 7th compartment of the underworld... and deep down in the core of your soul you know that you want her... Could you ever picture death to excite you 'til sanity's end and make you loose your breath?"


“Your just really good at persuasive rape…”


"I don't know anything deadly enough to liken to you - you are like a sweet forest of pleasant glades and whispering branches - where people wander on and on in its playing shadows they know not how far - and when they come near the centre of it, it is all cold and impenetrable - and when they would turn - they are hedged with briars and thorns and cannot escape. "


"Your beautiful... And deadly... a perfect Venus fly trap."


Horny Coworker: “I’m going to borrow her tonight, No worries, I'll bring her back in the morning”
VisciousScary: “No you wont… You’d be in traction tomorrow.”

"Forgotten from the the minds of men,
Sits the Queen of Lust and Sin,
Born from the Chaos and Dark,
She makes weak men's Hearts,
Filled to Lust and Desire,
Pleasing her none can tire,
Lo! The Queen of Night has arrived,
All of the innocence shall die,
As this Queen of Lust takes her throne,
it will be as if Light never shone!"

Dez- my Kindrid

"The Animal In Me"

There's an animal in me
Just itching to get free
Enfolded in my mind
Always seeking my own kind

There's a monster deep inside
She's not so hard to find
Always seeking to be fed
On the pretty drops of red

There's a lusting in my eyes
Sweet itch between my thighs
I can't imagine you would know
What its like when I let go

There's a feast upon my lips
Dragging slowly by your hips
Its a game your built to loose
When its time to pay the dues

Oh yes the animal in me
Is not the one you want to see
Looking right at you
When the passions finally through

"Bloody Bootheals"

Bloody bootheals
Echo in night
Walking alone with nothing to fright

Pulsating heartbeat
Calling to me
A sinister sound as I let the blade free

Bloodstained fingers
Trailing your skin
Smelling your fear as I breath you in

Bleeding perfection
Savoring screams
And watching your life bleed away with my dreams

~Things you never wanted to know in the first place~

I have insomnia... and I like it.

If you chat with me enough, I will eventually scare hell out of you.

I give an entirely new meaning to the saying "Love Hurts"

I know at least 300 ways to curse someone... But have never used a one of them.

I drink way too much coffee.

I just may be the most evil person I know... Luckily I have an almost famous self control over my more... sinister urges.

My lusts run... Deep.

It is never a good idea to ask me "So what are you thinking about?" I will tell you...

I am a published poet.

I have quite a sadistic/sinister streak.

I like chocolate a lot better than I like people most of the time.

Blood... Gods how I love blood. Love it so much it hurts.

I enjoy unique people with interesting things to say... I hate dumb people who think that telling me "what up" is good conversation.

I have a bit of infatuation with eyes. I tend to look everyone in the eyes until they look away... they always look away...

I say "fuck" a LOT

Im addicted to pasta... I make it at least three nights a week

It is very rare that you can ask me what day it is and get a correct answer... I truly have no sense of time at all.

I know what "FNORD" means.

I am really short... I am only five foot tall.

I love the evil/sexy/cool that so few can pull off.

Being covered in lambs blood use to be an occupational hazard for me.

Sometimes, even I wish I would shut up.

These few have graced me with their Protection Stamps, and they wear mine as well. You will notice the list is short... I do not Mark those that mean nothing to me.

My darkest dream made Flesh.

My most Favorite, Dangerous friend... This one means it... and he REALLY likes grenades! :)

The Orc. He's probably going to eat you.

That's me, staring into shadows... looking where I know I shouldn't, and letting forbidden knowledge seep into my bones. It's a quiet kind of spirituality, rooted in the Earth and bonded with Death... I make no claims to fancy titles, and have no pretty sounding official name for what I do every day... It's just My Way. And I realise that while I walk my magic alone, I manage to find and touch the ones that really need me... Do they know I need them too? What use is all the beauty found in the other world if you don't have someone to share it with? If you want to know me, then you should know that this is how I live my life every day... I peer into the shadows, the darkness, and the places I should not... And then I share the beauty I find with you.

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