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Thats it. Im on strike. You're all on your own! *hrumph*
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So kill me again, or take me as I am. For i shall not change. Never!

"please to shut all windows or monkey make you crazy."

Short and sweet for the people in such a rush:
Name: for friends to know
Eye colour: blue
Hair color: Brownish red ^^, (my avatar is usually up to date)
Status: Single
Also: A thing I find myself saying alot these days: Sorry but Im not gay, bi or even remotely curious about women. Im a mans girl, girls, Im sorry lol
employment: Staples Norway
Location: Norwegian living in Sweeden.

Hello all, greetings and welcome to my humble profile, I will not try to baffle your mind with flashy pictures nor mind boggling music. I give you me. Interested? do read on, if not you are free to leave whenever you should please.

Im not punk, goth, hip hop, emo, cheerleader or any of that. If you feel like giving me a label Id be very interested in hearing it :-)

I will not claim to be a vampire or any such thing, I am simply me. A simple, but at the same time extremely complicated young woman.
I am strong at heart and if I strive to get something done I rarely stop or give up for anything, I may pause or ask for help if the task at hand should prove itself to difficult for me alone to do.

I love interesting people that are capable of discussing things without taking my curiosity as mocking or sarcasm. I rarely make fun of people I don't know personally. And if I do make fun, it's only in good spirits. I hate drama although I am known to be some kind of a drama magnet sometimes. I do not seek it, but it tends to find me.
I like to read alot, mostly fiction or fantasy, but on occasion I like to read philosophy and books that have meaning and make you probe your soul alittle...

Im 27 years old. I come from a big family that has very close bonds, I meet all my aunts and uncles etc. every single saturday for a family breakfast and gossip reunion thing. We've done this all my life and I feel horrible every single time I can't make it there to see them.

I am not here to proclaim I am the best or become sire or anything. I am here for friends and seek likeminded souls. I am not perfect, nor do I aspire to be. Im simply me. If you've actually read this far, I thank you, if you have found it interesting? message me if you should feel like it, I love making new friends. I haven't met a single person on here that does not fascinate me so far and I am sure you are no different.

Im an artist, I paint and sell pictures, though I seem to lack the ability to part with alot of my work Im trying to get better at it lol. Im at a stage where I can feel it getting better and I can see improvement in every picture I do, I try to paint differently in every picture, use different brushes, new teqniques and not just commit to one way of doing things, when there are so many I have yet to try. Basically I just have fun trying to paint the pictures that pop into my head. Ive been drawing and painting my whole life, and if I could choose, this would be what I did for a living, I am never happier than when Im zoning out the world just trying to create the images in my head. I prefer painting from pain and painting pix that stir up emotions, my most debated pic so far is a piece called "desperation" where I tried to put pictures to my anxiety, though You will not find pictures of my work in my portfolio, except for my series "of fire", I have a group on facebook, ask me about it and I can send you a link if you're interested.
Being an art student I have a funny kind of way of looking at the world and little things like sun after rain or a kind gesture can make me so happy I almost feel like screaming. Theres so much beauty in the world I pity those who can't appreciate it every single day of their lives..
I get my inspiration from literature and music usually, though lately random sentences also seem to do the trick.

I am not religous I dont believe there is a God out there, but I don't have anything against people who believe in something bigger than themselves, just refrain from trying to cram your beliefs down my throat. Since putting up that I dont believe in God and jesus and everything I have recieved numerous letters about letting jesus into my heart and how I will go to hell if I dont etc..frankly I find it very offensive. I dont write you letters trying to persuade you to believe what I believe and threatening your soul cuz you dont, so please respect that not everyone grew up in a religious country. I believe in people and kindness and respect, and those letters preach none of that, only small mindedness.

Please have me excused if I misspell some things, or tell me so I can make it right. I am something of a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and spelling. My problem, however is my computer is norwegian aswell so no english spelling checks are in here so basicly I just go with what looks about right.

I will not rate you back if you just stamp me, I prefer it if you actually pretend that you have read this and write something, instead of just slapping a stamp on me and expect me to return the favor.

well thats me pretty much. please let me know if you decide to add me to your friends list, I mean if you wanna be friends I think I should be involved on some level right?

Have a great one.


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