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"In Your Reflection"



Bite EclipsedVoodoo

Stalk EclipsedVoodoo



" Each Stitch A Bitch Makes A Wish" " With Each Stitch I Shall Counter"

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Folk Magic: Olde Tales of the South

We often hear tales of vengeful women sticking dolls with pins to exact revenge on her enemies. When we hear the words New Orleans, visions of bonfires, rum and cigars, tombstones, skeleton keys, and dark storefronts fill our minds. We will hear that New Orleans, Louisiana was the birthplace of Voodoo in the United States. But what we don’t hear is that Voodoo is actually a religion, while the magical practice often confused for Voodoo is correctly termed Hoodoo or Southern rootwork.

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The Voodoo Queen: Marie Laveau

You may have heard of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Did you know that she a voodoo-isant AND a hoodoo practitioner? There is a legend of Marie Laveau praying with three ghost peppers under her tongue for a matter of 3 days, pleading with the saints to resolve a legal issue for a local politician. Today this would be considered a Hoodoo practice.

Marie Laveau lived and worked in New Orleans in the nineteenth century and made a name for herself. She was a very powerful woman and magician, and helped whoever came to her with problems of love, power, money, and more. She was a hairdresser to the high class folks, and so she made connections easily. She was intelligent and had a deep connection with the Supreme Being and with the saints and spirits of New Orleans. She is also known for holding large Voodoo meetings in Congo Square that on many occasions were attempted to be shut down by police…to no avail.

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By the light of moon's wane
Cleanse my soul of this stain
Let the spell be reverse
Lift away this dark curse
As I enter sacred space
Return my soul to grace
I forgive what was done
Let the spell be undone
By the dark and the light
Your spell ends tonight

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The magick upon me
Be trapped this night
Between these mirrors
Never see light
You cannot see me
You cannot hear me
You do not want me
Now let me be

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I bind you left,
I bind you right,
I bind you now,
Stay out of my sight

I bind you day,
I bind you night,
I bind you now,
With all my might

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Inside this box,
I place my locks
To banish all my ill.

Protect my life,
Keep out strife,
By the power of my will.

As above, so below
Time for evil things to go.
What is bad, what is wrong
Falls against magick strong.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Blackest lock
Blackest luck
By this spell,
You now are stuck.

From me to you,
Comes back times two.

The black power of the raven
Flies above my head
The black power of the feather
And the smoke and the dead

Your luck has run out,
You're in a hole.
Bad things will happen,
That's my goal.

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Shadows of darkness, spirits within
Harness the energy, let it begin
Draw down the moon
Bring me the shadows
I am ready to see
My other side

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

By the power of my will,
Make this person get very ill.
Magick power, ace of spades,
Many days until it fades

Moon will wax, moon will wane,
Now I cast the garlic bane.

My power and my might,
I bring it out this night.

I trap you in this jar
Now your luck is far

Suffer in an empty space
Living at a slow snail's pace

Nothing works, nothing gains
I cast on you, lots of pain

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I shine a dark eye
A spirit spy
Cannot escape
Asleep or awake.

Watch through glass
My power lasts
Cannot escape
Asleep or awake.
In the darkness, the spell's begun

With this skull, my will is done.

Pepper, wax, nettle, rue

May disaster come to you.

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You place your venomous spiteful spirit in my direction. Once I looked the other way, but that shall end today. You cast your stain my way, as plot and play, just know two can play your childish games. I return to you on this day, all that you have sent my way.

I cleansed your stain , and removed your leechful attachments. I am mostly a healer, but make no mistake.. I can give what I have gotten. As the world turns, I am both light and dark.

You seem to want to call to my darkness, as you just cant help yourself, enjoy the return reflections, as I bind you from ever reaching me again.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


Carpe Noctem

Coven :

Voodoo (Coven)

Alliance :

Magickal Elixir

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

So strap in bitch, it's time to play... Your neither safe night or day. I shall be what's lurking in your shadows, no peace shall you recieve. Seems it's now my turn "smiles"

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As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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