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EstrangedOne carries the Mark of The Prince. Sete Diabolica (Coven) EstrangedOne carries the Mark of Coven Master Drayton

When a soul like ice catches fire like a furnace...
Set at 23:50 on August 20, 2021

Vampire Rave member for 8 years.

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The "Cold Shadow" Is My Name, For In My Presence Dwindle The Blazing Flame...

My name, on here, is simply "EstrangedOne"; as most often, when you think you know me, unless I make it so... you will find that you don't know anything about me, besides what I write. That being said, consider it a fair forewarning that you may be either confused or offended by a lot of my nature.

To be as straight-forward as is possible, I am extremely blunt and to-the-point. I don't "pull punches", no matter who I speak to. Frankly, I am just too old to care. Yes, I am a Sanguine vampire. And No; I won't "turn" anyone. I will only attempt to guide those seeking such, or tell those unknowing what it is in reality.
I'm an old (now former) member of the "Real Vampire Community", and a fairly well-versed one, at that. I'm also an Eclectic Shaman and Minister (whether you call me that or "Reverend", I really don't care), and have spent years upon years studying the many religions of the world. I don't hold to "a singular faith", because to Me, knowledge is my faith. And I am never satisfied with what I already know, so I am always studying more.

A little bit about my history with the "RVC"? I was a standing "elder", more than a decade ago, and not too far into that, I was exiled & excommunicated from most of the "community". In those many years, I originally had a project called "HTF", which has long since been abandoned, as I found nothing but treachery and loss engulfing it. So now, I simply perform my doctrine whenever and wherever I am requested (however sparse that may be, these days).

Prior to my time with the "RVC", and remaining to this days, I am a professional exorcist (which actually happens to be the primary reason I became a minister). In my earlier years of it, I had to learn the hard way that it was part of my "ultimate calling", and despite having attempted to leave it behind for the attempt at a "normal life", obviously, that failed, and thus I remain. However, in my doctrine as an exorcist and Minister, I have also - in past years - embarked on "ghost hunting" excursions, at the requests of others (which actually began long before I knew it was something I was supposed to do).

I'm a student of the mind (Psychology and the Chemistry within it) and of the medical arts, in general (No, I am not a doctor), by which, I have learned much more than most would think. And just as my doctrine, my knowledge of Psychology and medical science is ever-growing and I have no intention to stop learning. However, I have yet to meet many people whose knowledge can or does rival my own.

I am also a writer of a slightly different manner than what most might encounter. I don't write books, but poetry. And admittedly, some (if not most) of my work can tend to be a little... "too dark" for most readers - of which, I already know those societal limits, so I don't post my "worst" works here, or on my blog.
If you wonder something about me that you haven't seen here, then my first advice would be to read my journals. Whatever is not in there, you might as well message me and ask. But I will warn you; I may not be the easiest individual to talk to, on any level. So if you want to speak to me, choose your question and words carefully.

Sete Diabolica (Coven)

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Sep 10, 2021

rated fairly...if you do not like your rate I will come back and re rate you after awhile.

Sep 10, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Sep 09, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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