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The Guild (Coven)

It is Judgment that defeats us.
Set at 00:13 on July 19, 2020

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Affiliation:  The Guild (Coven)
Mentorship Pupil of Equilibrium.
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Watching over you.




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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Vampire Rave gave me a home, a home for my thirst,
For I am one with the night, I am one with a curse.

Music wise I have varied listening choice,
VR’s forums gave me a voice.

Hobbies and likes I have a few,
Riding horses, fast old cars, photography,
surfing, Xbox, jigsaw puzzles are just some of the things I do?

My new wave / gothic side, is music, crystals, and Runes,
And when no one is home I crank it up while listening to good tunes.
I am mostly a solitary individual, fiercely loyal and warm in a conversation so I am told,
VR has great articles, and a good site layout, VR’s members have me feeling not so cold.

Lycans keep me safe for they are never far from me,
Mysticism is something I enjoy, and VR has plenty to see.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

I will tell you a story just a short one, smile this may be fun,
It was a calm clear night, when out of alleyway a beast did come.
Gave me a fright, it startled me so much I had to run.
Down the street did I go, when out of the shadows another beast show,
Nowhere to go, I looked this way and that way, there was nowhere to go.
The beasts are closing in, all I could do is pick up a nearby bin,
They swooped upon me and sank there teeth deep into my neck,
By the time I lost consciousness, they were both gone,
Somehow, I dragged myself up from the blood-soaked ground,
Noticing with each passing minute that my hearing was at a higher sound.
Each night now I do thirst, for this is now my curse,
Each passing year I do not age, yet mentally my mind is like that of a great Sage.
And that is how I became the HNTR.
I told you it's was going to be a short story, and a story is all that it is.
The real reason I am called HNTR is known by my friends
and my fellow members of my old Platoon in my military days.
VR allows me to be amongst like minded people, people of the night, its ok in here have no fear.

Blood Oath Law and Legal Definition.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Blood oath is a solemn promise to keep an agreement using each party's sense of honour or reputation to uphold the deal.
In the past, a blood oath required that each party make a small cut in the right hand and actually mix blood as they shook hands.
In other cases, after making a small cut, the blood is dripped into a glass of whisky or such, were each person would drink from the others glass after reciting there sworn oaths.
Latter on with the upsurge of the Gothic movement, a Blood Oath took on a more vampiric tone were the blood was directly drunken as part of an oath.
Till this day the Blood Oath is still the strongest Oath one can be bound by and partake within.


I whisper to the Crows and Bats.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.


An extract from the book "Mind Vaults Vol 1. by Max Sunset" I found it interesting as it put forward an other way for a Vampire to come into existence.

All things, whether they be Fire, Air, Solid, Liquid or Plasma, when viewed under a microscope are nothing more than ENERGY plancks. (a planck is the smallest that anything could ever be, it is referred to within the science community as a Planck Length, it was first visualised by physicist Max Planck.)
These packets consist of single or multiple ENERGY types, as shone from within the dmatrix (the dmatrix was, first theorised and latter written up by Max Sunset.)

Each type of ENERGY gives of its own FREQUENCY, and when clumped together they give off an overall FREQUENCY.
In saying this, you as a person are made of millions of individual FREQUENCIES, which I call DPACKETS. Were the whole you, is a unique one of FREQUENCY (DPACKET.) A dpacket can be made of one or several frequencies.
Now your overall FREQUENCY is constantly changing, this is due to many factors.
1. How your cells are changing, (rate of growth and rate of decline.)
2. The things you consume.
3. The effects the environment is having on your individual frequencies.
4. Ect, ect, ect, I think you get the picture here.
A Dpacket we have established is one unique cluster whose frequency does not change unless acted upon, by other clusters or the environment e.g.: - temperature ect.

We learn from the dmatrix, that energy frequencies have and belong within family groups. That is to say that only certain types of energy may be aloud within the same/similar groups as the frequency ranges dictate.
We know DNA and water among many things, hold memories. This is the same for a dpacket. A dpacket would hold its own frequency and also the memory of your overall frequency.
Now as you die, your parts are broken down to their individual dpackets. These dpackets would then be taken up or Ruther join with other dpackets thus leading to the formation of something new. That is to say for example: - some of your broken-down parts could form together with other dpackets a part of a new emerging flower. And when the flower dies, and its dpackets are singular they too will eventually be taken up or Ruther join with others to form something new. You can see here that there is a never-ending cycle to the lifespan of a dpacket (frequency).

So, in effect your overall frequency will live on forever in one shape or form. Hence being one with the COSMOS.
Now all the different types of energy out there mix together to form everything in the cosmos, so it is fare to say that there is a gathering of energy dpackets that would make up not just cro-magnus man or homo sapiens man, a certain clump of energies would also make up a VAMPYR somewhere in the past, present or future.

VR’s database incorporates and reviews all things from cloths, books, movies ect, to great fantastically written articles.
VR is such a wealth of all thing’s vampire, that it is a one stop site to quench your darkest thirst.
I’m not interest in a relationship at this point, I'm here to just learn with and from like-minded people.
Eternal NightReal vampires love Vampire Rave.The Pridelands (Coven)

For those that have Served and Fallen.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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