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My lovely country :)



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Dancer between two worlds.... world of fantasy and world of reality.


I'm an artist - an old, dreaming soul - nothing more you need to know.


Coven of Elizabeth Batory



„(: Welcome to my little personal world :)“

*All photos and gifs here are mine(with or without myself on it). I like to do some experiments with my looks - but nothing permanent most of the time(wigs, makeup, lenses, dress-up) :) That's the reason why I could look different in (every) other photo in my portfolio. In ordinary day(so as on photos in profile): darker brown, wavy, up to shoulder-length hair, freckles and bluish-grey eyes with a green in the middle – central heterochromia, you are welcome :D Also... because of pretty high counts of beauty-marks all over my body, I´m staying out of the sun as much as possible. And... have to say I´m not a big fan of roasting myself for days to get a nice tan, so... you get the picture :)

*I am mostly a positive person (not naive) - and I could get on other people's nerves because of it time to time, I know :) But I´m able to take things seriously as well. Being positive/making fun of is not the same. Just trying to see the best in every situation possible - it's a great coping mechanism for me as well. This doesn't mean I'm always and forever in upbeat mood. From time to time, I also do love to just give myself up to something bitter-sweet and melancholic as well. Less often even something morbidly-dark-romantic... or decadent. Not all sunshine and butterflies surround me :)

*I do not belong to Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Centaurs(obvious, isn't it? :) ) and similar creatures. I'm just someone with interests in them and many others. I do not desire to be turn or else, I find who I am long ago, and I'm happy with that :) So please if you seek for somebody like that - so as for somebody who could turn yourself.... look elsewhere.

*I´m a nature lover/addict, animals are no exception; my spirit animal is an otter by native Americans beliefs and it fits me like nothing else (unlike your common astrology and zodiac). The next thing I'm very passionate about is history. Mostly victorian era and anything close/related to it.... also fantasy, mythology, magic, paranormal and psychology.

*I do love many kind of exercise, mostly at home, no gym needed :) Linked with that is healthy lifestyle and love for cooking/baking :) And of course hiking / to be outside and breath in the fresh air is priceless :)

*I can´t live without music and art as well. If you wanna know more, just ask, or look at my Portfolio :)

P.S.: Yes, I do have a thing for... silver/white hair :D


„(: Manual of successful communication with me :)“

* I'm not here to seek any romantic relationships. Friendship is available, of course (just without any benefits) :) If you'll try anyway – I´ll not block you, just gave you the bliss of ignorance.

*I do have a life outside Vampire rave - so I'm not here like a regular or addict(no offence!). Because of it, communication with me could be on point zero from time to time. And time zones do not make it any better :/

*Most of the time I'm a straight-forward one. I do not like to play hide and seek with emotions and feels. So if there is something that bothers me (about me, you, us... whole world :D ) - I'll tell you, do not worry. Or if you do have some hunch like that about - ask. I do not bite :)

*What I don't want for you is to be just a trash-can for throwing my emotions and problems on you and go away. As so as I don't want to become one as well. This math is simple and does work wonders :)

*I don't trust so easily, so let's keep it short :) Don't feel offended if I will not call you "best friend" after a while even though we click just perfect/when you call me "BF". I'm honoured, but I'm just slower person with those - in real life as well :)

*If you do behave like a brat, jerk etc. I will not be "jerking" back (yay, silly joke :D ) - it's not worth it. So if you want to provoke like this - go for another one, I do appreciate my time so you'll not get any.

*I'm not here for creating any bias and drama so spare me. I will not participate. The only drama I would create is the one in my stories /journals if I want to things get spicy a bit. Thank you :)

*I do not answer to messages like: "Hi/Ciao/Servus" and else, or the Biting ones. If you do not know what to say... well you do not have to say anything/or just wait for more to show up :) With the single greeting and nothing more... imagine me to wave at you back :)

*Multiple profiles? Thanks but no, thanks, not for me :)

*English is NOT my first language. So I'm trying my best, but mistakes can be made.


„(: Ratings, adds, honors :)“

This is quite simple - I do rate a 10 and 10 only, because I do rate only profiles/portfolios that have something to tell/are interesting (from my personal point of view). I do not hand out a 10 just because of you give the same rating to me, or for anything else. It's not that automatic.
The same "rule" is for adds - no matter if it's for a journal or to my friends list. For journals - the same "rule" as for ratings. For the friends list, well, it's not handed out just for the reason you added me. The term "friend" means something to me, even in the cyberworld. At least it means that I do have sympathy and some level of trust towards you when I add you.
Honors.... well.... For certain I will not give an honor to somebody "just because". It's not a random act from me. It has its reasons and always personal ones, linked mostly to how the person behave. They deserved it somehow, right? :)

I do NOT/will not STALK anybody.
The same for BITING.


And... I guess this is it :) Thank you for stopping by/reading this all. And my gratitude for respecting all of that :)


The Haruspicy.



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I miss you so very much. What I would give to interact with you one more time...

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