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Today,I don't have to fall apart,I don't have to let the damage consume me,My shadow see through me.

 photo angrywolf.jpg

"It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism, while the wolf remains of a different opinion."

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 photo wolf2.jpg

 photo Cherokeeforvr.jpg

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Ok a bit about me

Here are a few things you might or might not want to know about me

 photo Wolfbanner1.png

If you want to know who i am and how my mind works read my profile and journal entries.

Please don't just scroll through and stamp you never know you might like something.

I am not here to cause any drama. I am just here to be me being me. I am slightly older ,slightly wiser and a lot more battered. I just want to chat and have fun.

I am easy going and like to talk but please have something interesting to say.

I am stubborn and can be opinionated but i am ok with you disagreeing with me even if your wrong

I am a Star Wars geek please don't hold it against me

 photo VoteIncentive200704.jpg

A man should always strive to please his lady

 photo lips.jpg

If two people Love each other what matters is their love for each other not their gender.
 photo Isupportlove.jpg
"In case anyones is wondering
this is the way your supposed to do it"

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Things i think i have learnt I hope they don't sound pretentious.

Standing on your own is not always easy

 photo stillstand.jpg

Sex and love are two separate things but when they go together it is amazing.

 photo manandwoman.jpg

Sometimes it is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

 photo silence2.jpg

Your past is a rock you can either carry it or stand upon it

 photo rock.jpg

Sometimes you just need to stop and watch the world to find your way

 photo twopaths.jpg

Mistakes are ok its how we grow

 photo always-make-new-mistakes-credits-elycefeliz.jpg

And one that i am trying to learn
 photo b8b5e91aad8586bdec4b91.jpg

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Quotes(might not always be pc)

" My liver is so black Kim Kardashian wants to fuck it"

" Don't piss on my shoes and tell me its raining"

" God created Police Officers so Fire Fighters could have hero's "

"A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often"

"Fear in itself will use you up and break you down
like you were never enough I used to fall, now I get back up"

 photo 225907d6-5ff8-4933-b978-709c20f389d9.jpg

 photo d9dabc50-486e-43a0-bf9b-4cb12b8f7f63.jpg

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My Likes

Women the most infuriating,confusing, wonderful ,loving beautiful and passionate creatures on this planet cant live with them or without them

 photo 126.jpg

I love my dog she is my best friend and loves me no matter what.

My job because i get to make a difference.
 photo inspire.jpg

My Brothers and Sisters in Blue

 photo ThinBlueLine2.jpg

I love to read mainly in to fantasy but pretty much will read anything. Please if anyone has any recommendations let me know.

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My Dislikes

I don't like bigots if you don't like something fine that's your right but its not your right to spout hatred and bile. And take it from someone who protects your rights and freedoms that is not what freedom of speech means.

I don't like celery ok not as important as the above one but really people enjoy the taste id rather lick ( ok stopping there)

Adverts on you tube how can i sulk listening to sad songs when they keep interrupting?

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Actresses and Singers i like

Cote de Pablo photo cote.jpg

Cote De Pablo.
"NCIS is not the same without her"

 photo myspacecarrie.jpg

Carrie Fisher the original geek crush and a very funny lady.
"I recommend reading her books"

 photo kate-beckinsale-picture-1.jpg

Kate Beckinsale do i really need to say why just look.
"Go watch Underworld"

 photo jennifer_love_hewitt.jpg

Jennifer Love-Hewitt.
"No explanation needed me thinks!"

 photo msm004a.jpg

Mary Stuart Masterson
" I love you Watts"

 photo rizzo.jpg

Stockard Channing
" Rizzo the original bad girl and hottest woman in Grease"

 photo SusannaHoffs.jpg

Susanna Hoffs.
"A huge teenage crush"

 photo Wendyjames.jpg

Wendy James another teenage crush.
"Bonus points to anyone who can name the band"

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" I am always open to suggestions for things to listen to but these are a few songs that i am loving at the moment"

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My naughty side

 photo hot.jpg

 photo 1245.jpg

 photo 130-1.jpg

 photo cae43a4b-c2d8-4104-8cdc-c50c401bcb5b.jpg

 photo 129.jpg

 photo 123.jpg

 photo 90ddb552-4f22-49c0-9865-a13c1e26324e.jpg

 photo 47d0ea85-7b13-4ead-a47e-32f4c35098a3.jpg

 photo 9d5888e1-e843-4864-99d0-09ea2a53b0d5.jpg

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I like all sorts but the following are some of my all time favourites.
(don't Judge me you bad people!!)

Star Wars
 photo StarWars.jpg

Some Kind of Wonderful
 photo 13404__wonderful_l.jpg

Princess Bride
 photo princessbride.jpg

Super Trooper
 photo supertroop.jpg

 photo grease.jpg

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My Friends

What can i say a true friend who left us all to soon. Youre missed my friend, safe journey

 photo queenofchaos-pic1.jpg
A very talented lady who has a very forgiving nature i owe you one my friend

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Random Thoughts

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us

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Always remember the following

 photo kcco_poster_by_deimus-d4xdeuu.jpg

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I like to think I rate pretty fairly I don't just automatically rate a Ten to every profile I read. I like to see something that engages my interest or to at least see some thought and effort put in to the content and layout. If you feel you wish to rate me based on what I rate you then knock yourself out sweetheart.

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 photo bigbadwolf.jpg

Well this profile is the real me so If you like what you have seen here and would like to see more please feel free to visit my portfolio and Journal

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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