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Let me hate you. I'll never save you from yourself. Hold me, destroy me. Tomorrow will never be the same.

For me, I am. For you, I am buried to be dug up.

About Me:

Hello, my name is Maell. I am like no one you shall ever meet. I am filled with light, darkness and all that is in between. I can be your friend only if you let me. I am here to grow, learn and share with those like me who have a taste for the so called "darker side" of life. I am also one of the biggest metal head's you will ever meet.

I also will be posting some of my poetry every-now-and-then, so check my journal if you would like to read any of it. Lately, I have been posting something new everyday, so check back often.


*I love to write poetry about my life experiences, people I've meet or ideas that pop in my head. If you have any questions about it, let me know. My poetry is not written to trick or deceive. They're just stories. Nothing more, nothing less.

*I enjoy trying to mimic the bands I listen too when I "quote-unquote" sing. People say I have a death metal growl mixed with a Dimmu Borgir forbidden scream when I sing. I do my best.

*I am a music lover. I love music. A list of bands I listen to and have seen live can be found further down. Also, at the bottom I will list upcoming releases for bands that I listen to each month and will tell you a little bit about them. I like to promote when I can.

*I love to work out and lift weights.

*Drink of choice: Jager all the way, but Vodka is a very close second.

*I am a weapons collector.

*6'3 about 220lbs or so. Tallest in my family.

*Currently, I am studying to become an Accountant. I hope to be done by this Christmas so I can start my life.

*I prefer the night rather than the light.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I don't bite to hard; I promise.

See you in the night,


*A Bullet for Pretty Boy (seen em' live x2)*=
*A Different Breed of Killer*=
*A Hero A Fake*=
*A Plea for Purging*=
*Abandon All Ships*=
*Abigail Williams (seen em' live x2)*=
*The Absence (seen em’ live)*=
*Abysmal Dawn (seen em’ live)*=
*The Acacia Strain (seen em' live x4)*=
*Across the Sun*=
*After the Burial (seen em' live x5)*
*Agenda of Swine*=
*The Agonist (seen em' live)*=
*Aiden (seen em' live)*=
*The Air I Breathe*=
*Airbourne (seen em' live x2)*=
*Alesana (seen em' live x2)*=
*All Shall Perish (seen em' live x5)*=
*All That Remains (seen em' live x5)*=
*The Almost*=
*The Amenta*=
*American Me*=
*Amon Amarth (seen em' live)*=
*Anaal Nathrakh*=
*And Hell Followed With (seen em’ live)*=
*Animals as Leaders (seen em' live x2)*=
*Annotations of an Autopsy (seen em' live)*=
*Anthrax (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Applaud the Impaler*=
*Arch Enemy*=
*Architects (seen em' live)*=
*Arise Horror*=
*Arma Gathas*=
*Armor for Sleep*=
*Armor for the Broken (seen em’ live)*=
*Arsis (seen em' live)*=
*Arsonists Get All the Girls (seen em’ live x2)*=
*As Blood Runs Black (seen em' live x3)*=
*As Eden Burns*=
*As Hell Retreats (seen em’ live)*=
*As I Lay Dying*=
*As They Sleep*=
*As You Drown*=
*Asking Alexandria (seen em' live x4)*=
*At All Cost (seen em' live)*=
*Atreyu (seen em' live x2)*=
*Attack Attack!*=
*Attila (seen em’ live)*=
*August Burns Red*=
*The Autumn Offering (seen em' live)*=
*Avenged Sevenfold (SEEN EM’ LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Averse Sefira (seen em’ live)*=
*Becoming the Archetype*=
*Before There Was Rosalyn*=
*Behemoth (seen em' live x2)*=
*Belay My Last*=
*Beneath the Massacre (seen em' live x4)*=
*Beneath the Sky*=
*Between the Buried and Me*=
*Betraying the Martyrs*=
*Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (seen em’ live)*=
*Birds of Prey*=
*Black Anvil (seen em’ live)*=
*The Black Dahlia Murder (seen em' live)*=
*Black Label Society*=
*The Black Maria*=
*Black September*=
*Black Tide (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Black Tusk*=
*Bleed the Sky*=
*Bleeding Through (seen em' live x2)*=
*Blessthefall (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Blindwitness (seen em’ live)*=
*Book of Black Earth*=
*Born of Osiris (seen em' live x5)*=
*Bounded by Blood*=
*Brain Drill*=
*The Breathing Process (seen em' live)*=
*Bring me the Horizon*=
*Broadcast the Nightmare*=
*Brotherhood (seen em' live x3)*=
*Brutal Truth*=
*Bullet for my Valentine (seen em' live x3)*=
*Buried Inside*=
*Burn in Silence*=
*Burn the Priest*=
*Burning the Masses (seen em' live x2)*=
*Burning Skies*=
*Burnt by the Sun*=
*Bury Tomorrow*=
*Bury Your Dead (seen em' live x2)*=
*Caliban (seen em' live)*=
*Call to Preserve*=
*Cannibal Corpse (SEEN EM' LIVE X3!!!)*=
*Carnal Forge*=
*Carnifex (seen em' live x4)*=
*Cattle Decapitation (seen em' live)*=
*Cephalic Carnage (seen em’ live)*=
*Cerebral Bore*=
*The Chariot (seen em’ live)*=
*Chelsea Grin (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Children of Bodom*=
*Chimaira (seen em' live x6)*=
*Circle of Contempt (seen em' live x2)*=
*City of Fire*=
*Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire*=
*The Color Morale*=
*Comeback Kid (seen em' live)*=
*Conducting from the Grave (seen em' live x4)*=
*The Contortionist (seen em’ live)*=
*Cradle of Filth*=
*The Crimson Armada*=
*The Crown*=
*Dark Fortress*=
*Dark Funeral*=
*Dark Tranquility*=
*Darkane (seen em' live)*=
*Darkest Hour (seen em' live x2)*=
*Dawn of Ashes (seen em’ live)*=
*Dead Letter Circus*=
*Death Angel*=
*Deathspell Omega*=
*Decapitated (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Deception of a Ghost*=
*Decrepit Birth (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Deeds of Flesh*=
*The Defaced*=
*Defeated Sanity*=
*Demon Hunter (seen em' live x2)*=
*Despised Icon (seen em' live x2)*=
*The Destro*=
*Destroyer 666*=
*Destruction of a Rose (seen em’ live)*=
*The Devastated*=
*The Devil Wears Prada (seen em' live x2)*=
*DevilDriver (seen em' live x3)*=
*Devourment (seen em' live)*=
*Diamond Plate*=
*The Dillinger Escape Plan*=
*Dimmu Borgir (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Dirge Within (seen em' live)*=
*Disturbed (SEEN EM' LIVE X3!!!)*=
*Divine Heresy (seen em' live)*=
*Dr. Acula*=
*Dragged Into Sunlight*=
*Dragonforce (seen em' live x2)*=
*Dying Fetus (SEEN EM' LIVE X3!!!)*=
*Echoes of Eternity*=
*Emmure (seen em' live x4)*=
*Enfold Darkness (seen em' live)*=
*Eternal Lord*=
*Euphoric Defilement*=
*Evaline (seen em' live)*=
*Evan Brewer*=
*Evergreen Terrace (seen em' live x2)*=
*Ex Deo (seen em’ live)*=
*Exodus (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*The Faceless (SEEN EM’ LIVE X2!!!)*=
*The Famine (seen em' live)*=
*Fear Factory (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Fire from the Gods (seen em' live)*=
*First Blood*=
*Fit for an Autopsy*=
*Five Finger Death Punch (seen em' live x2)*=
*Fleshgod Apocalypse (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Flesh Consumed*=
*For the Fallen Dreams (seen em' live x2)*=
*For Today (seen em’ live x3)*=
*The Francesco Artusato Project*=
*From the Shallows*=
*Full Blown Chaos (seen em’ live)*=
*The Funeral Pyre (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Gama Bomb*=
*Gaza (seen em’ live)*=
*The Ghost Inside (seen em' live x4)*=
*Goatwhore (seen em' live x3)*=
*God Dethroned*=
*God Forbid (seen em' live)*=
*Godsmack (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Gojira (seen em' live)*=
*Graves of Valor* =
*The Great Commission (seen em’ live)*=
*Greeley Estates (seen em’ live)*=
*Grief of War*=
*The Haarp Machine*=
*Hail of Bullets*=
*Hail the Villain (seen em’ live)*=
*Halestorm (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Halo of Gunfire*=
*Hate (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Hate Eternal (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Hatebreed (SEEN EM' LIVE X3!!!)*=
*The Haunted*=
*Havok (seen em’ live)*=
*He is Legend (seen em' live)*=
*Heaven and Hell (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Hellyeah (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Hero Destroyed*=
*Hideous Divinity*=
*HOD (seen em’ live)*=
*Holy Grail*=
*Hope for the Dying*=
*Hour of Penance*=
*The Human Abstract (seen em’ live)*=
*I am Abomination*=
*I Declare War*=
*I Killed the Prom Queen*=
*I See Stars*=
*I, the Breather (seen em’ live)*=
*If Hope Dies*=
*Ignominious Incarceration aka The Soulless*=
*Impending Doom (seen em' live x2)*=
*Impetuous Ritual*=
*In Flames*=
*In the Mist of Lions*=
*In This Moment (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Inevitable End*=
*Infected Disarray*=
*Inhale Exhale (seen em’ live)*=
*Inherit Disease*=
*Insidious Disease*=
*Ion Dissonance (seen em’ live x2)*=
*It Dies Today*=
*Job for a Cowboy (seen em' live x3)*=
*Judas Priest (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Kamelot (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Kataklysm (seen em' live)*=
*Keep of Kalessin (seen em’ live)*=
*Kill the Client*=
*Killswitch Engage (seen em' live x3)*=
*King Conquer*=
*King of Asgard*=
*Kingdom of Sorrow (seen em’ live)*=
*Knights of the Abyss*=
*Korn (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Lacuna Coil*=
*Lamb of God (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Landmine Marathon*=
*Last Chance to Reason*=
*The Last Felony*=
*Lazarus A.D.*=
*Lecherous Nocturne (seen em' live x2)*=
*The Legion*=
*Legion of the Damned*=
*Leng Tch’e*=
*Light This City (seen em' live)*=
*Lightening Swords of Death (seen em' live)*=
*Like Moths to Flames*=
*Machine Head (seen em' live x3)*=
*Machinemade God*=
*Malevolent Creation (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*
*Mammoth Grinder (seen em’ live)*=
*Man Must Die*=
*Mantic Ritual*=
*Marilyn Manson (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Mastodon (seen em' live)*=
*Megadeth (SEEN EM' LIVE X3!!!)*=
*Melechesh (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Memphis May Fire (seen em' live)*=
*Misery Index (seen em' live)*=
*Miss May I (seen em' live x2)*=
*Molotov Solution (seen em' live x2)*=
*Morbid Angel*=
*Motionless in White (seen em’ live x3)*=
*Motorhead (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Municipal Waste*=
*Murder Construct*=
*Murder Death Kill*=
*Mutiny Within*=
*Mychildren Mybride (seen em' live x2)*=
*Napalm Death*=
*Near Death Condition*=
*Necrophagist (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Neuraxis (seen em' live)*=
*Nightwish (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Nile (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Norma Jean (seen em’ live x2)*=
*The Ocean*=
*Oceano (seen em' live x2)*=
*Odious Mortem*=
*Of Mice & Men*=
*Oh, Sleeper*=
*Old Man’s Child*=
*On the Last Day*=
*One Man Army and the Undead Quartet*=
*Only Crime (seen em' live)*=
*Onward to Olympas*=
*Order of Ennead*=
*Origin (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Our Last Night (seen em' live x2)*=
*Ov Hell*=
*Paradise Lost (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Parkway Drive*=
*Periphery (seen em' live x5)*=
*Pestilence (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Phobia* =
*Pig Destroyer*=
*The Plot in You*=
*Prolicide (Seen em’ live x2)*=
*Psycroptic (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*The Red Chord (seen em' live x4)*=
*The Red Death*=
*Red Fang (seen em’ live)*=
*The Red Shore*=
*Revocation (seen em' live x2)*=
*Rings of Saturn*=
*Rise to Remain*=
*Rob Zombie (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Rose Funeral (seen em' live)*=
*Rotten Sound*=
*Rotting Christ (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Sacrificial Slaughter (seen em' live)*=
*Salt the Wound*=
*Saosin (seen em' live)*=
*Sarcolytic (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Scale the Summit*=
*Scar Symmetry*=
*Scarlett O’Hara*=
*Scars of Tomorrow*=
*Scattered Remains*=
*Sea of Treachery*=
*Senses Fail (seen em' live)*=
*Septicflesh (seen em' live)*=
*Serial Butcher*=
*Set Aflame (seen em' live)*=
*Severe Torture*=
*Shadows Fall (seen em' live x2)*=
*Silence the Messenger (seen em’ live)*=
*Silent Civilian*=
*Silverstein (seen em' live)*=
*Sinai Beach*=
*Since the Flood (seen em' live)*=
*Six Feet Under*=
*Skeletonwitch (seen em' live x2)*=
*Skrew (seen em’ live)*=
*Slayer (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Sleeping Giant (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Slipknot (SEEN EM' LIVE!!!)*=
*Soilwork (seen em' live)*=
*Son of Auerlius*=
*Sonic Syndicate*=
*Sovereign Strength (seen em’ live)*=
*Spawn of Possession*=
*Stick to Your Guns (seen em’ live x3)*=
*Still Remains*=
*Stone Sour (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Story of the Year (seen em' live)*=
*Straight Line Stitch (seen em’ live)*=
*Stray from the Path (seen em’ live)*=
*Success Will Write Apocalypse across the Sky*=
*Suffocation (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Suffokate (seen em' live)*=
*Suicidal Angels*=
*Suicide Silence (seen em' live x4)*=
*Swallow the Sun (seen em' live)*=
*Sybreed (seen em' live)*=
*System Divide*=
*System of a Down*=
*Taking Back Sunday*=
*Ten After Two*=
*Terror (seen em' live x2)*=
*Terror 2000*=
*Testament (SEEN EM' LIVE X2!!!)*=
*Texas in July (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Textures (seen em’ live)*=
*Thick as Blood (seen em’ live)*=
*Thine Eyes Bleed*=
*This Ending*=
*This or the Apocalypse*=
*Those Who Lie Beneath*=
*Threat Signal (seen em' live)*=
*Through the Eyes of the Dead (seen em' live x2)*=
*Throwdown (seen em' live)*=
*Thy will be done (seen em' live)*=
*Times of Grace*=
*The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Too Pure To Die (seen em' live)*=
*Toxic Holocaust (seen em' live)*=
*Trap Them (seen em’ live)*=
*Triptykon (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*Trivium (seen em' live x3)*=
*Underneath the Gun*=
*Underoath (seen em' live)*=
*Unearth (seen em' live x4)*=
*Unearthly Trance*=
*Upon a Burning Body (seen em' live x4)*=
*The Used (seen em' live)*=
*Vale of Pnath*=
*Veil of Maya (seen em' live x5)*=
*Vesperian Sorrow*=
*Vital Remains (SEEN EM' LIVE X3!!!)*=
*Walls of Jericho (seen em' live)*=
*War from a Harlots Mouth*=
*War of Ages (seen em’ live)*=
*Warbringer (seen em' live x2)*=
*Watain (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*We Came as Romans (seen em' live x2)*=
*White Arms of Athena*=
*Whitechapel (seen em' live x2)*=
*Winds of Plague (seen em' live x6)*=
*With Dead Hands Rising*=
*Within Chaos (seen em' live)*=
*Within Temptation*=
*Within the Ruins (seen em’ live x2)*=
*Woe, Is Me (seen em’ live)*=
*Woe of Tyrants* =
*Wolves in the Throne Room*=
*The Word Alive (seen em' live x3)*=
*World Under Blood*=
*The World We Knew*=
*Wrench in the Works*=
*Yakuza (seen em’ live)*=
*Year of Desolation*=
*Years Spent Cold*=
*YOB (seen em’ live)*=
*Your Memorial*=
*1349 (SEEN EM’ LIVE!!!)*=
*2 Cents (seen em' live)*=
*30 Seconds to Mars (seen em' live)*=


*Across the Universe*
*Adventure Land*
*Aliens (all of them)
*American Gangster*
*AVP 1 & 2*
*Batman (all of them)*
*Black Hawk Down*
*Blade Trilogy*
*The Boondock Saints*
*The Breakfast Club*
*Broken Arrow*
*The Fast and the Furious (all of them)*
*Fired Up*
*Forgetting Sarah Marshall*
*From Dusk til Dawn*
*The Godfather Trilogy*
*Gone in 60 Seconds*
*The Hangover*
*I Love You Man*
*Inglorious Basterds*
*Interview with a Vampire*
*King Kong*
*Kiss of the Dragon*
*Knocked Up*
*Lethal Weapon (all of them)*
*The Lord of the Rings Trilogy*
*Lord of War*
*The Matrix Trilogy*
*Man on Fire*
*Max Payne*
*Moulin Rouge*
*The Nightmare Before Christmas*
*Pineapple Express*
*Predator 1 & 2*
*Public Enemies*
*Queen of the Damned*
*The Replacement Killers*
*Resident Evil Trilogy*
*Road to Perdition*
*The Rock*
*The Rocky Horror Picture Show*
*Role Models*
*Romeo and Juliet*
*Romeo Must Die*
*Saving Private Ryan*
*Sin City*
*The Spirit*
*Star Trek (the new one)
*Star Wars*
*Super Bad*
*Sweeney Todd*
*Terminator (all of them)*
*Training Day*
*Transformers 1 & 2*
*The Underworld Trilogy*
*The Untouchables*
*V for Vendetta*
*We Were Soldiers*
*West Side Story*
*30 Days of Night*
*The 40 Year Old Virgin*

I will be adding more in the coming days and weeks, but for now this is all I have to say about me. Thank you for visiting. Adieu.

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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