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MysticalChild carries the Mark of The Prince.

I believe in peace, and bashing two bricks together!
Set at 22:55 on November 08, 2011

Vampire Rave member for 18 years.

Status:  Sire (104.39)
Rank:  Member
Honor 0    [ Give / Take ]
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  September 20, 1977
Age:  46




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This is reality, Greg

I'm what you call crafty... I'm very much into art.

Photography is my biggest passion, I look for the art in everyday, the unusual within the mundane. Normally I do not use models, I'm uncomfortable with people so I prefer photographs without people in them, at least for my own vision.

All images used on this profile are mine, except the diabetes awareness ribbon.

I also write.. although not nearly as much as I once did, I've found other outlets for my views and opinions. I've picked up painting again after a 12 year hiatus and I've found it's more enjoyable now that it was when I was a teenager. I also recently started crafting jewelry, something I didn't think I'd enjoy, but I admit I was wrong.

I am a huge self proclaimed prude. And proud of it.. I mean that is one that that really does make me different from most people! It seems everyone has become so crude and crass.. I hate it. Movies especially disgust me with their blatant sexuality these days.

Basically, I like my innuendo creative and intelligent, which is very much lacking in today's entertainment.. I want the cleverness! by the way that's a big reason I like British humor, especially from the 70s... so much dirtiness implied!

I have a vivid imagination and use it when ever I have the chance, so I declare the right to be illogical as much as I like. sometimes I don't see the world around me in the traditional sense, I constantly have words running through my head and I see things as they appear through my view finder... whether or not I have camera handy... so I am often detached from my immediate surroundings, but I am inspired often from my views.

I'm strong in opinions, but that doesn't mean I can't change my mind with good arguments or reasons.
I'm not that woman, that person. I'm more self absorbed than you may perceive, the person I communicate most with, identify most with is myself. I get me. I have no problem knowing myself. That gets in the way.

I'm married and my husband is awesome for me, he definitely gets me as much as I get him. .

I'm a big video game player, but I am a game snob... I don't play just any game but I love the games I play with a passion. I've enjoyed every single Halo, every single Legend of Zelda ever released, Fable I, II and III ruled. Overlord was quite fun, I liked Mario bros up until they got really really repetitive and I love causing mayhem in the Grand Theft Autos.

I have many gaming systems, from the original Nintendo to an Xbox 360. i do not currently own an Atari nor a Playstation 3 (it failed to interest me much) I was one of those people who swore i would never touch an Xbox, However, after a friend convinced me to play Halo with him ONCE I was hooked. the next day I had my halo addition Xbox and two releases later I also have a Halo3 360. I've had to eat those words I said many times over.

I hate crowds and people in general as they tend to be annoying and unintelligent. I suffer from Social Anxiety which effects just about every relationship and situation I find myself in. But, I've been surprised at how understanding most people can be when I'm honest and open about my issues.

I don't assume much, and since things can be taken so many different ways I will dig deeper until I know exactly what someone or something really means. So I tend to ask a lot of questions, and get other view points on things. I don't say things like "Hitler was a good leader." to anger people, for shock value or even because condone and believe in what he did, But because its the truth.. the man was a horrible racist, but he rallied people to him, often against their own morals and sense of right and wrong. that's a good leader..... sometimes I think I'd like to take over the world one day, but i have no motivation and it's more of a "group" project.... besides I don't think I want that kind of pressure.

I'm a firm believer that what a person does and how they act is more important then how they look. I do not consider anyone "ugly" in a physical sense, probably because until I get to know someone I tend not to pay attention to them anyway, and if I do it's with general mild annoyance. But once I see part of their personality I find them "ugly" or "beautiful".

I'm content in my world, as I've created it. the sky is still blue in my world; don't think I have my head in the clouds all the time. I tend to be wicked and have an evil streak that shows it's self on occasion, but I'm not malicious usually, not saying i haven't been or I can't be... my ideals tend to be set so high that not even I can reach them, but I accept my faults and others and the reality of life does not escape me... although it can become skewed every now and then.

I'm sarcastic, and can get very cynical (although I view it as being a realist.) . I'm mostly polite without being dishonest and I'm myself all the time... I don't put myself in positions to meet people often, I'm not a social person, but if I am, I'm true and pleasant to (most) everyone. That doesn't mean I can't be mean or rude, just that I try to make everything easy on everyone until I can get away.
I really don't see the point in hating many people, or just being one of those hateful people who seem to hate everyone.... I'm much more content just ignore everyone I can.

I'm satisfied with who I've become as a person, and although there are things I'd like to change,or better about myself, I don't hate the bad things in me, rather, I embrace them as a definition me.
Who wants to be perfect anyway? That would just get boring. Screwing up and having issues with yourself makes life interesting, besides everyone else is just as, if not more screwed up than I am anyway....

I also have diabetes which provides a whole different set of issues as well as playing upon the symptoms of everything else. recently, I decided that insulin is going to be the best route for me, and it seems to be working.. I never thought I'd actually have to worry about my blood glucose getting too LOW. but here we are, and I feel a lot better than I have in years.

Awareness Ribbon

I love nature and the out doors but I hate the sun... not because I'm dramatic or think I'm a vampire, it just zaps my energy and makes me tired and weak... I prefer not to have much to do with it. People have mentioned this could be many different things, even a side affect of my diabetes, maybe it will get better in time

Most often its not that I do not care about something, its just can't be bothered with it..... I can't start a movement for everything. there are some nonprofit organizations that I jump at the chance to be involved with and others that just disgust me. If your tactics are underhanded and sneaky ( I'm looking at you PETA) why would I want to have anything to do with you? Be honest you sons of bitches and quit saying one thing and doing another... but we won't get into that any further here.

"They say a dream takes only a second or so, and yet in that second a man can live a lifetime. He can suffer and die, and who's to say which is the greater reality: the one we know or the one in dreams, between heaven, the sky, the earth, in the Twilight Zone."

(madamefate is an amazing and kind soul, she made this shark stamp for me because she knows i find them adorable)

Member Since: Jan 13, 2006
Last Login: Aug 05, 2013
Times Viewed: 29,433

Times Rated:1,178

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Dec 29, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Nov 15, 2023


Aug 25, 2023

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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