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Seeking knowledge, as always, as it should be.
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Usui Reiki Master. Priestess. Reverend. Lover. Mother.

Most of you hide behind other people's works of art,
afraid of showing your true nature.

I'm not here just to rate your picture-laden,
empty content 'I'm so dead/goth/evil' profile.
--And I could care less if you rate mine, really.

This is also my One, and ONLY profile.
Personally I think its ridiculous having multiple accounts.
It skews the integrity of the website.

If you have real questions,
I will answer them to the best of my abilities.




I myself am 5'4'', curvy, and approx 35% tattooed. Tattoos range from a broken, corseted zombie heart with wings to pirate/nautical themes. I have 2 cover ups. I have various public and private piercings. If I was dressed for work, you would never know what I was unless you looked directly into my eyes for a long enough time.

I enjoy the mechanics of things, and use to 'people watch' exclusively in high school in order to figure out the best way to bring then to their knees. (I still grin at the fact I took someone down to the ground while laying on my backpack like a pillow on the concrete.) I wanted to go into the Navy, but bred, having my son on the United State Navy's Birthday, October 13th.

I have been a practicing Pagan for over 20 Winters, but have been reading tarot cards for longer. I am a bloodline tarot card reader with psychic abilities that have not been cultured due to the family I grew up with not being blood. (In other words, the ability comes and goes in strength). Being adopted, I feel that it gives my the ability to accept others-- however this is both a positive and negative.

I have come to grips with the fact that things happen for a reason, rather it is to be thoroughly enjoyed, or to be a hard lesson learned.

I am eclectic in nature, but feel most akin to Egyptian and Celtic mythology with bits of Hindi. I studied under my High Priestess for little over 2 years, and due to idiots' words over mine, was cast out due to drug use accusations-- which were unfounded. The coven was disbanded once those accusers went against my High Priestess. Fuck them-- their Karma is horribly tarnished. I stand by my High Priestess still, when I can be there, as a Loyal Daughter should. I am an Usui Reiki Master and Quantum Touch Practitioner.

I am the only KNOWN vampyre in my family tree, and am trying to research this further. I am primarily an Ambient, Psy/Psi Feeder, but upon birthing my son (naturally, with no drugs or epidural), I had to have a double blood transfusion. I find myself feeding Sang more and more on a regular basis. My First Awakening was early in high school, but I have been a Ronin of sorts for years. I am finally feeling the need to go forth with my Brother and my House, Sabertooth Noctem Aeternus.

I have only the utmost respect for Elder Brother Ryu, and hope to one day ascend into an Elder role within the House.

I have much to learn,
And to learn is one of my greatest desires.




I am... as I was made.

"Living the Life I wish to Lead--
My Own Heart, My Own Creed."
--Kredo von Narakyndryn

"If you don't stand for something... you'll fall for anything."

"Write in pen, because you always fallin love with your first draft. That's why there's a 2nd, 3rd and perhaps more-- because Love is never perfect."


Status: Mated.

Sexuality: Bisexual/ sapiosexual-- meaning intelligence is a turn on.

Height: 5'4''
Blood type: 0-
Hair: Currently a deeper red, chest length.

Children: Pierce. Born Oct 13, 2009 at 6:42PM
Spirituality: Ordained as a Reverend in the Universal Life Church, an Usui Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Herbalist, and identify personally as a Nocturnal Pagan.

The incense/candles I burn currently is: None.
My natural scent mingles with: Black Amethyst perfume and cloves.

The Cerulean Court-- Founder, High Priestess/ Reverend
House of Sabertooth Noctem Aeternus (via Ryu) --Sister to Ryu
Tampa Vampire Gathering-- Casual Attendant


My earliest recalled life is that of a priestess in Babylon.

The air was softly cool against a warmer backdrop of the sun setting against white-washed pillars. Walking the stairway into the temple itself (I am pretty sure the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was more of a temple than just a beautiful garden,) many persons were tending to the gardens outside-- the most beautiful, and yet simple garden-scape you have ever seen.

Entering the airy drapery of the temple garden I called home, I looked upon the gazing pool that seemed so familiar to me. Its cool still waters reflect the sun and then go 'silent' as the drapery closes, giving me closure.

To my right, a figure appears from behind a pillar, shyly at first, then smiles, realizing its just me. I stroke his face lovingly, in a manner as if I was waiting for something, anything, to be over so that he and I could be together. He puts his arms around me, the strength making me feel at peace.

The embrace between us could melt ice.

The boy with eyes I will remember always took my hand as I needed to leave this past-life, looking to me pleadingly to stay.

'If you search for me, you will find me-- for I will be searching, too,' and then...

I was gone.

I long for my brown-eyed man of Babylon to look after me and care for me, so that when I ascend, I have a Warrior's Love to send me into the next life. He may not have been strong at that very instant, but his eyes gave me strength.

I feel that I will find him someday, and though he is not strong enough to find me at this moment, he has a piece of my heart that spans lifetimes.

If he ever is ready to receive my Love in its entirety,
I will be the happiest, most blessed woman in the world...


The Family is more than a Bloodline.
Go with instinct. Go with stealth.

I expect nothing... I simply anticipate everything.
I also question everything.
We're only free to learn right from wrong with questions, right?

I evolve even as I stand still.
To Learn, to Grow, to Achieve.

That is my way.
I am, just me.
It's how I'm meant to be.


Desires: First and foremost to be Loved, as I Love, in return- by a Loyal Man to stand by my side, unconditionally.

My one and only son is my world. I plan on protecting him wholeheartedly-- without remorse.


I seem to be quite gifted, able to speak to others
and be a muse for their creations,
or at least, grant them peace.
--At least that's what I've been told.

I'd die without a hesitant thought for the ones I Love.
I have done so before.

I demand respect.
You shall receive it in kind.


If you need me, come to me.
Call unto me if the distance seems too great-- least you rather leave your text to speak for you.

Be not weary if the voice of the ghost is all you hear,
Let your voice be answered, your lips parting in prayer.


Four walls close in quickly letting her know her place,
No shadows left to bare the pain,
It leaves Half a Fortnight to lay in wait for others,

At last, the hour of Nine and the task of moving forward,
The Five point star to guide us through the thicker thoughts,
A Single point of pressure deep against my skin,

A Single drop of blood to quench my thirsty soul,
While a counsel of Seven makes the call to arms,
Nine times over to see the deed done,
Nine times over to see the future won.


If you really want to know me,
-speak- with me.
If you've questions-- ask them with respect.

Yahoo: Narakyndryn


Narak means 'of a new era of Light and Knowledge'.

It also means 'purgatory or hell'.

Naras (aerial spirit): L2

Narayan: means the holy, the beautiful, and the god almighty.

The worship of Dridra Narayan means to pay respect to - to look after, and to attend the lord that resides within the poor and the downtrodden. That means looking after and helping the poor and the underprivileged.

Interesting, yes?
Just call me Nara.


NOTE: I am always honest in my dealings. If you would like to talk with me privately, I am open for that-- though I may not always respond promptly.

Again, if you've questions, I will do my best to answer.

As for being open and honest-- you're quite welcome.

PLEASE do not 'bite' me unless you need something. Expect a snarky response if you're an idiot.

Please respect my wishes, and I will respect yours.

Most sincerely,



Additional Notes:

I have been both an Acolyte and a Dominar during my time here. Just didn't feel the need in maintaining the status as I don't live on my computer.

-I- remember VampireRadio... do YOU?










(Stamp will be either given as a gift, or can be requested by House Members. ANYONE who takes this without permission, will find out the consequences on their own...)

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