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RekindledRomance carries the Mark of The Prince. Shadowed Angels (Coven) RekindledRomance carries the Mark of Coven Master HellsReign

🖤 Forever His Hellion.🖤 Help me hit sire will rtf
Set at 21:51 on July 19, 2019

Vampire Rave member for 1 years.

Status:  Basilisk (92.41)
Rank:  Member
Honor 315    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Shadowed Angels (Coven)
Mentorship Mentor of Blue Lagoon.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  January 31, 1992
Age:  27



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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
So, you made the choice to step within my domain, well if you become a chew toy or something, I kill in cold blood is a choice only you can make. Now allow me to introduce myself, I am the one and only bitch who goes by Cat but when I began my exile from Hell, I was given the name Catelyn. On this site I am the one and only HellsGuardian. I have a very low tolerance to stupidity. I am very blunt and without a filter so if you have sensitive feelings don’t message me it wont end well. Yes, I am a bitch get the fuck over it, trust me I have, and I love this fact about me but moving on.

I am very selective on who I call friends, I will be honest I am the type of person with a very tight inner circle who has many people who want inside it but never seem to be granted access. I am a very twisted person, if I have any inclination that you cant be trusted I will lace you with fake info and watch the show that unfurls because you have a big mouth. Piece of advice if you think you have a dagger strong enough to ram in my back, I beg you try but, in the end, you will be the bleeding out I have been here since 2006 trust me the skeletons I have locked away about people are quite entertaining.

Some pet peeves for you I cant stand liars specially when I am asking you something and I have the answer already. I cant stand those who constantly think they are a victim of something let make this clear if you gain blocks and ones from me you fucking deserve it so maybe you should soul search to figure out what horrible thing led you to looked at as if you are a target. Also whining and bitching in journals about ones, blocks, and honor wont fix it will only make me want to continue because I find it fun. Here’s a little fact about myself I love torture specially if you deserve it.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
When it comes to relationships, I am engaged to Sire xXBlackenedxWingsXx , nothing and no one will be fucking change that. This man has over the years pieced me back together more time then I count, He has talked knives and pills out of my hands, and he’s has gotten me to fight when I had no fight left. It will be a cold fucking day in hell before I allow any fucking person to take my demon away this time, but I welcome the challenge, I will feel no regret playing within cold blood.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
I never place the stamps of others on my profile but this man will always be an exception to that rule

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Outside this website I rescue ferrets. Over the years I have helped 20 different ferrets find forever homes. At this moment I have 11 furkids raising hell within my home and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Their names are Sneakers, Chub, Fuzzy, Nami, Banshee, Ashen, Pooper, Bear, Chunk, Trouble, and Ringo. On 2/17/19 we said good bye to my lil Ricky she will be missed but life goes on sadly.

I do enjoy movies mainly within the Horror genre. Favorite movies are the Saw Series, Constantine, and Rose Red. Most people love music well so do I. I enjoy a lot of different types of music my favorite genres are Rock, Heavy Metal, and 80s Hair Bands. My favorite bands at this moment are Queen, In This Moment, Halestorm, Shinedown and Five Finger Death Punch.

I am also a gamer, I have the following systems…Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and Gaming PC. Feel free to message me for my gamer tags. Yes I use discord and skype but I do not like squeakers so don’t bother me if you are under 18 thanks.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
C'est la vie. Adiós. Good riddance. Fuck you! I do not give automatic 10s nor will I automatically add you. I only add people I know. If you piss me off and I block you or rate you low please for the love of all don't bitch about it or I will follow suit with the REST of my accounts. I know,'re thinking the "REST" of her accounts? Well I have several accounts on here and most of my accounts are lifetimes. I have several Sires, as well. I help run a few of my friends Covens. I am obviously fairly busy on here so please don't spam me with useless bullshit. I have no problems blocking you after sending you a nice fuck you message that you will likely not forget. I'm sure you think I am a bitch after reading this. I'm totally okay with that. Learn it. Love it. Get over it.

Member Since: Jun 05, 2018
Last Login: Jul 21, 2019
Times Viewed: 27,396

Times Rated:257

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Jul 20, 2019
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Jul 20, 2019
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Jul 20, 2019
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 28 2016

Please take a moment and read this forum post.

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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