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RisenAngels carries the Mark of The Prince. The Coven

Please help me reach sire need some adds and journal favors thanks wil
Set at 13:17 on April 10, 2021

Vampire Rave member for 1 years.

Status:  Savant (82.65)
Rank:  Member
Honor 5    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  The Coven
Mentorship Mentor of Angelswithin.
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  Hidden
Age:  Hidden



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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Lord I prey you forgive all those in desperate need to find Jesus cause retribution is coming and second hand of god will come from the heavens to this earth. Here my self preying for those I love around me show them the light may god forgive even my enemies the ones that show true Satanists and evil may they see the light amen father son and the holy spirit. God forgives you even though you don't see the light he knows all even your thought's and mind. Know this God does not judge or hate he loves all his children's. He is the one to seek when you need a helping hand or have troubles. Without god you have no right to live or breathe or even speak such words, please I ask all my friends and family to change and look up into the lord Jesus Christ as your savior.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Welcome to my profile. Here will be a few things about me I have changed since few recently and I have a new chapter in my life. I'm currently single and no I'm not looking for anyone on here do not bother. I will not be flirted with or asking for pictures etc. If you want to chat with me then do so in the inbox other than that have a good day. I have been here for long time now so please do not welcome me.

I have just ended a long relationship that wasn't able to work it self out. It was a long hard road but I had to change my life for my self and my emotions. I had enough of it and said time for me to step back to being alone again so I can think of my feelings and my thought's to collect on my own.

I currently live in state of Michigan were there is allot of different views and weather beautiful enough to take your own breath away. I have been here all my life and have grown up in a good home with good parents who raise me right

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I'm finally awoken were no god has ever been there for me but god almighty himself. I have recently ditched someone who I thought was real love I had been hurt by his actions and words are the most worst that has come out of him. I believe god told me to get better and find someone who will really care for me. I loved him yes but not his ways of treating me. I will never forget our memories we had. But I have to move on for my self and be strong for me and my family around me. I promised God I will look after the ones I call family. Blood before water as I say. And my salvation now is more at peace then stressful nights wondering what will happen again the next day with him around. Is painful to let someone go. But I did what was right for me, am I selfish? I just need some answers only god can give me.

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I have few things Id love to share I have hobbies of my own, I like to do some diamond painting and different types of painting art I have done two kinds of art which is pour art were you mix colors and then poor them onto a canvas and created a few things of my own mind when it comes to art I am very picky, I tend to discourage my self and then stop for bit then get back into it when I find the right thing to draw or paint. I have also been into sketching feeling like the first thing to learn should be drawing right? Not going backwards.

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I'm not perfect person nor claim to be ever. I have done things to many people here I wish I did not have done the things I have to people on here. I always move on and try to fix things and do things the right way as they are deserved every person deserves to be happy. I Do believe in Karma and as time goes someone does something and it bites them back in the ass. I do also believe in witch craft and healing spells and mostly feeling of turning the witches time in place feeling mother nature and god work as one. I'm also a firm believer in keeping things close and enemies closer. I do not like to think for moment that some times things happen for reason cause they do. God makes plans for you and will do anything to be there for you if you just believe in him and keep focusing on happiness and your self emotions.

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If you need a good home message Dracken He is a great CM and best trusted ever person here.
I belong in a wonderful coven of Dracken I love the vampires' lovers coven cause is peaceful and no drama not to many people believe that is not dead cause I have my daughter and I in it we have enough of favor to keep his coven feeling alive. I'm proud to say this is the only cm I can truly trust who is not gonna send me to purg or hell I have been traded many times to that place for no reason and I'm quite sick of it so this will be my forever home even when I reach Sire.
The Coven of Vampyre Lovers

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Music I love metal and Christian rap lately I been listening to allot of it and I enjoy music even though I'm half deaf I try to keep it in moderation and joyful great pop music R&B and much more.

As far as Movies go is mostly rom coms and horror and some drama reality show. If I began to list all the things I enjoyed we would be reading a whole hell allot of nonsense that would just scroll down to rate me anyways laughs.

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I rate as I see fit, I tend to give tens but if you rage rate over drama then you're stupid. I think is childish and to dishonor the system of that is bullshit Cancer needs to bring back webcams so we can have time spent and spend time with our friends on here and laugh have a good time. I do not believe in rage rating unless is something you have done to severely piss me off.

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I do not tolerate people trying to ruin my life and making my unhappy. If you want to go do that go play a video game to take it out on maybe find something to keep you from wanting to punch someone you truly hate. Is it worth going to jail for ask your self this. I try to keep to my self and not settle for nothing for no one I do not order you so do not order me show respect and it will be returned.

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Precious Moments are never to be wasted remember when you do something good for someone and keep peace things will be better in the long run. Keeping others and your self safe is 100% smartest thing to do now with this covid everyone is having a rough time not just "you". So keep in mind if your having a bad day to remind that person there not alone and hope things get better for them. It will make life more safe and less idiots out there trying to make things harder then they already are.

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Time is healing and healing is time we have no need to worry or stress this is a stress free zone. Come to me and we can chat In pretty laid back and focused on my life. I love who I am today and the life has become more beautiful now then ever. Check my profile from time to time may change direction in my Beautiful Serenity.

Member Since: Jul 24, 2019
Last Login: May 04, 2021
Times Viewed: 30,531

Times Rated:40

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May 10, 2021
May 04, 2021

You have received a one based on a drama filled message Cat was sent plus your journal only provides more proof of why you deserve ones

Apr 27, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 28 2016

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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