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ThexAngelxMianna carries the Mark of The Prince. Carpe Noctem (Coven) ThexAngelxMianna carries the Mark of Coven Master MyBeautifulNightmare

I maybe grey on the edges but my light still shines bright......
Set at 01:59 on August 04, 2020

Vampire Rave member for 10 years.

Status:  Banshee (72.53)
Rank:  Member
Honor 234    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Carpe Noctem (Coven)
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  Hidden
Age:  Hidden

In my own existance



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Walk the path you choose and stay true to you self and beliefs

Welcome to my existence



This is the meaning behind the creation of this profile. A more in-depth look at why this profile was created, its a expression of what love is to me and the ones who have given me the opportunity to discover this for myself.

I hope you like it, you have been my inspiration.

Do you believe in Angels?

I have always believed in them, our divine protectors and teachers. I have a had many encounters with many earth bound angels through out this life time and others. This profile is dedicated to these divine soul who show up in our lives when we need a helping hand, a wake up call, or just someone to bring back that fire that has been dimmed within us.

Have you ever come across someone you have a instant connection to, one that can't be explained or put into words?

I have a few times but then there is connection's that are not only are hard to explain, they can change the wayyou see yourself, life, and push you down a journey of self examination and discovery. I have been on this journey for months now, its been one of the most challenging journey's of self discovery in my life. This look within myself and my life up until now has been frustrating, scary and maddening at times all this time feeling like I am going through a Rollercoaster of emotions.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do very much, there is no explanation, words or logic explaining these feelings of love for someone you first meet. When everything in you is making you see this person in this light, sometimes you just have to close your eyes and let the heart speak. There isn't a right timing for love to hit you, when its meant to happen there is nothing that will keep it from you except for your own ego and self doughts. I have to say, even then love and divine timing has a way of giving you that push to see what is in your grasp. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror to truely see who is looking back at you.

This is my way of excepting that my feelings are not a mistake, misread or misunderstood, they are real as you are. I trust what I feel and my intuition, how can love be anything but beautifully expressed from the heart.

That is the closest I can express in words how I feel..


Bound and Forgotten

Earth bound in what feels like hell
Disconnected from all I once knew
Waiting for the reveal to come soon
When will they see whats so clear

Awake to the reality many will see
Earth bound but no place for me
My heart is heavy on this night
I have no why to find my light

Tonight I stand in shades of grey
Slowly the light starts to fade
Darkness paints wings stained
From light wings fades into grey

Darkness is like a toxin to the light
When its not balanced with with truth
A stained existance starts to eat away
Until the light starts to dime and fade

Years go by without any relief or hope
Waiting for the time home is finally seen
Within time and existance the void grows
Until the darkness starts to truly take toll

I see a glimps of home within another soul
A light which calls me home within a face
Finally, I can feel my true light shine forth
Within the eyes of another forgotten soul

I have found my way toward home ....

By. Ivy Aiyanna



Just a little about myself:

1. As you can see I am not new here, have need here for many years.

2. I am a mother, grandmother, Aunt, and Great Aunt, which I am very proud of being able to have such a great family.

3. I also have another family that I am also proud to be part of, Liberi Noctem Aeternus/ House Sabertooth Noctem Aeternus my chapter and house. I am honored to be part of such a Great family.

4. I am not married or am I looking for anything at this time. I am happy being just me at the moment this is my time to learn and grow within my self and life. I am happy to connect and form friendships , isn't that the foundation to any relationship anyways. Another words I am not looking for a online guy at this moment in my life, am I ever going to be looking, not sure depends on who has come or comes in my lfe, on and off line. At the moment I am having some trust issues to be completely honest.

I rate 10 always unless someone needs a 1 and a block, that is rare for me though. I will return adds, honors and rates when I can. I do my friends list at least once a week so if I haven't added you please let me know will rerate, add and add your journal.

Thank you for your visit, hope you like your stay.


A little about myself many call me Ivy or Lady Ivy either one is welcomed. My full Nightside name is Lady Ivy
Aiyanna given by my Sister/Sire Akasha Adiana. I am here for my Kindred and friends of VR for friendship, guidance, and support.


Internal Conflict

How long is to long to hope
Why must I wait for what
Was it all to much to bare
That's what is clear for now

Time stands still in my head
All I see is you in dreams
I am lost in you it seems
You were a dream to me

I am awake but still dreaming
Waiting for a sign so to speak
When will I ever see the truth
You were a dream thats all

Still I can feel your presence
It feels so nature and real
Why do I keep looking so blindly
Why is my mind so blinded for you

Is it the mind or heart speaking
Which one truely speaks to me
When will this become clear
Is this love or just a fantasy

I sit here and wonder deeply
What am I really feeling now
Then I close my eye feel something
It became clear to me what it is

The heart speaks the truth
All you have to do is listen
Every beat told me a story
About what you mean to me

My heart has not forsaken me
Within each beat it speaks clearly
My intuition has been telling me
The truth is clearly felt and seen.

Written by: Ivy Aiyanna



Some of my Interests:

Many genres of music

paranormal investagating




Fine Art


Mirrored In Truth

Unbalanced and fragile to be seen
Your very core bleeding in agony
Of loss and sorrow you feel a viod
its the pain of the world my dear friend

Mirrored in truth but to blind to see
This pain is something from within
Long ago yet unseen, tails of old
From yesturdays still hauntings you

Depths of the forgotten soul unseen
Places and memories Faded into nothing
Forgotten dreams play in a dark room
Hollow empty space few ever get to see

To see or dare to go that is what you ask
Mirrors of the soul or is it just a reflection
Another cruel hollow reality seen in another
That you are to blinded to see within these eyes

Seeing within or is it a show my dear friend
When are you going to look infront of you
Finally seeing that you are more to me
More then just a human is what I see

Look thru the darkness to within dear
The glistening light of long ago is seen
Age's have passed sense the truth was told
Thats been there waiting just to come to light

You from so long ago always have seen me
My friend look closely don't you remember
I have always seen you, looking toward me
Within mirrored eyes we have see each other

Can't you truely believe in whats always been
My dear friend we are of the same soul
Is the sorrow and guilt still to much to take
Just let go of the past and trust in me again

Revised and rewritten on 7/7/2020

By IvyAiyanna



My foundation for a healthy conversation, friendship and relationship

1. Respect is very important to me, it is a big part of the foundation that make up who I am.

2. I have to stress that I am not into Cybering or exchanging pics, just my own opinion.its not a turn on to me if there isn't the connection with the person. I have to be really into this person to go down that kind of road ever again. I have to say, even then there gots to be respect and understanding between the me and who I am involved with to let it ever get that far, like I said trust issues.

3. There are tasteful pics people can send, please be respectful of the fact some pics are not seen as attractive to me.

4. Don't play games with me, in the end all it does is put mistrust within any friendship, relationship and even family. Honest communication is the best way to go when dealing with me or anyone.

5. Don't presume to know who I am, this is a online site so very few people have ever talked or met me in person. You want to presume to know me or listen to other, rumors are prevalent on this site which is a big game here. Do not judge me for whom my friends and family are, I am a individual if you don't like someone don't through me in the middle of it. That is between you and the person or persons, unless you harm or do something to disrespect, then I will step up to protect and defend them.

6. DO NOT PRESUME I BLINDLY FOLLOW OTHERS, I DO HAVE MY OWN MORALS, OPINIONS, BELIEFS, VIEWS ON LIFE AND EVEN POLITICAL VIEWS. I respect everyone's opinions, you have a right to think and believe what you want.

Please just keep any drama off this profile its a message of love, exceptence, and respect in others.

7. I am not here for a online fling's, been there done that not interested in it or do I think its worth my time or energy. Don't presume I am one who falls for the the many pick up lines on here, most of the time its humorous but if I say don't do something I find uncomfortable I mean it. I have no problem blocking anyone don't care who you are, can't respect me then I don't have any use for disrespectful people.

Please respect the fact that I may be single but still have my standards when it comes to the online stuff.

8. I have no problem with making friends if you feel you cant be friends with me, its better to walk away then have drama creating a uncomfortable situation.

These personal boundries are here to keep down conflict and disagreement down, not to cause hard feelings. I have put a lot of time and thought into these personal boundries , they reflect how I feel toward myself and the ones I let into my life. I am not saying I am perfect just feel like I need to put myself in a better light.



When I look to the skies
My soul speak of you
When time spoke non
Our missions so clear

Now we have forsaken
Blind to ourselves again
It was never us you see
it was us as a whole humanity

Blinded to the egoed self
To involved in the pleasures
We forgot what we were
Earth bound to watch and observe

Forsaken by self gratification and need
We have forgotton the reason for our mission
Spread the light and image we all bring
We are here to seed the truth of existance
By IvyAiyanna



My music interests

Five Finger Death Punch
Bon Jovi

This is just a few from a long list of artist and bands.




My coven

Carpe Noctem (Coven)


My Alliance













Just some personal thoughts and self expression I wrote in my journal, figured this ia profile expressing love, relationships and personal beliefs so way not put it here. I was wondering why I had the extra dividers, geuss deep down I had some kind of Idea something needed to be

This is just a little bit of my understanding about relationships, when it comes to leaving your past relationships in the past. When you start a new relationship it's very new and fragile, anything can make it rocky and become unstable. The fastest way you can ruin a relationship is to compare your other past relationship's with the new one. I have learned from first hand experience, No relationship could ever be equal or alike. People has their own understanding and ideals they bring into the relationship, its more like instealed in them from their own understanings and beliefs creating a foundation together some are flawed others are equal understanding.

When you end a relationship, its best not to start a new one with baggage from past relationship's, It only brings the toxic in. Another words, stop comparing and beating down someone you claimed to have loved in the past to other's to make this new relationship look healthy, you are not doing justice to the foundation of this new love interest. This just shows people you have not gotten over the other person or person's, putting a stain on the person you claim to love at the moment.

I have done the same in the past, comparing and excusing why I should be happy in a new relationship only to bring the toxic in, because I didn't heal and fix the foundations within myself. I have been responsible partly for toxic relationships I was in because I didnt see what bring in the toxic did to the person I was involved with. Comparing relationsips and topeople are like apples and oranges, you cant compare people or what made you fall for them.

I could say "what if this" and :what if that" you cant redo or change things that have already happened, all you can do is learn and grow. That is the foundation of what humanity is all about evolving and thriving to be stong in mind, body and being. That is the foundation we all have been striving for from the moment we all came into existance .

That is just alittle bit of my idea and understanding when it comes to relationships, love and life.

Told you my mind goes deep, sometimes to deep places I don't even want to


Send Me an Angel

[Verse 1]
Wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light
The wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by
Hear this voice from deep inside
It's the call of your heart
Close your eyes and you will find
Passage out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am
In the land of the morning star!

[Verse 2]
Wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns

Here I am
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am
In the land of the morning star!

[Verse 3]
Wise man said just raise your hand
And reach out for the spell
Find the door to the promised land
Just believe in yourself
Hear this voice from deep inside
It's the call of your heart
Close your eyes and you will find
The way out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am
In the land of the morning star!

Here I am
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am
In the land of the morning star!

Here I am
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am
In the land of the morning star!

Here I am
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am
In the land of the morning star!


Member Since: Jan 17, 2010
Last Login: Aug 11, 2020
Times Viewed: 13,017

Times Rated:65

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Aug 11, 2020
Aug 11, 2020

Aug 07, 2020

Good job! I may let your mentor on another profile not suffer as much. This is your only profile I can rate. 10

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Jun 28 2016

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