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VampireWitch45 carries the Mark of The Prince.

Vampire Rave member for 12 years.

Status:  Great Sire (113.93)
Rank:  Member
Honor 0    [ Give / Take ]
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  Hidden
Age:  Hidden


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Hello and welcome to a little piece of me known as my profile. This is the place I am to tell you about me so let’s start with my name, and to let you know this is a second profile. I am VampireWitch39, Master Vampire and House Master. People here call me VW or VW39. I answer to either one. I have a nickname with my friends of Rat. Yes I do have a real name but let's not let all the secrets out of the bag. :)

So what do you look for in a profile? An endless list of music, books and movies that I like? What kind of person am I? Well let’s see… I am a bitch, I am an angel. I am a lover and a hater. I can build you up only to take you down. I can cut you to the core, been put on my knees. I am a woman of strength and the lonely child in the corner. I am rude, I am gentle and kind. I am silent and hidden for all to see. I am a lady and a tramp. I am your worst nightmares, and your dreams come true. You will never truly understand me as I, after all these years, don’t understand myself most days. So how can you have a chance from just reading these few words.

I am not here to win a popularity contest, or to receive high ratings. This is a place I come for fun and to relax, to explore the darker side of myself. I will do all I can to support this site, but it is still just that…a website. Many here get lost, forget this simple fact. Those I become friends with are the ones I care for. Harsh, but that is how I am, and no need to waste our time. While I am open to making friends here- I am a solitary person by nature. Wanted to tell you that so you will understand why I never sent back an answer to the “Wa u do?” messages. Or those that go like this "How r u?" "I am fine. How are you tonight?" "Good" OoooK then.

In life I stand for what I see as being right. It might be different from your view, and that is great. Be boring if we all believed the same. I will try to respect you and your view. I might think you are crazy, but I’ll respect you for it. lol I am not one to attack, unless you are being mean and hateful to people. If I see you being a jerk I will call you on it. It’s how I am in person, so I can not be different online. I treat others the way I want to be treated, no matter the rank or title this site gives you. Yes- I know I have one of those titles but I don’t see it as being above anyone on this site. I see it as being trusted by Cancer to help the site and its members. Bottom line: no matter what people say- just because you are a Sire or Admin on this site- you still have dirty dishes and bills to pay. Well… unless you live with your parents. If that is the case I am open to being an older sister. ;)

I love fantasy. I love to let my imagination come out in my writing, in my stories in my journal here. I am enjoying expanding on that part of myself, and will continue to do so. But those who can not separate reality and fantasy need to stay away from me as I have little patience for those who don’t have a grip on life. I am of an age that little of the children (meaning children of all ages) who visit this site issues are a concern to me. Nothing is going to be handed to you and don’t expect anyone to do it for you. Your life is what you make of it- deal with it. Gosh... I need to read that part more often.

Now I am sure you wonder if there is a good side of me. Yes, but few see it. Those who I call friend have my loyalty. I will stand beside you even when I think you are wrong, I will say what I think you need to hear even if it will get you mad. I will understand your bad days; understand your need for peace and quite as we have those in common. And I honor those who call me a friend with any help I can offer to them.

So what am I doing on this site? Vampires. I have always loved the darker side of life since I watched Twilight Zone and Dark Shadows with my mother as a child. You don’t know these shows? Gods… I feel really old. The lonely life Vampires must lead. While it would be nice to live forever to explore the world from one side to another…then back again to a whole different world. What new wonders to see in life. But the people- would they ever change? We live, we love, we hate and we die. Is there something more then that? Vampires are also sexy to me. The need for blood- the hunger, lust that it brings with it. In a way the only time they need is when they feed. And to be the one they feed on…feeling that hot breath on your skin, the piercing pain, the hold around your waist as he pulls you tight to his chest, bending you to his will. What is not to find sexy in that I ask you?

That should be enough to let you know if you care to send a message and say hello. I know most of the people who visit just scroll down and stamp, working on rating percentage. And I am cool with that- rate till your fingers bleed. Just remember those dirty dishes in the sink waiting for you when you sign off. But those of you who take the time to read my words- I do thank you for the show of respect. Be well and blessed be.

Member Since: Dec 14, 2009
Last Login: May 14, 2016
Times Viewed: 30,891

Times Rated:193

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Apr 29, 2022
Apr 16, 2022


Apr 04, 2022

Not all monsters live within the shadows, some walk among you.

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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