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Witchykitten carries the Mark of The Prince. The House of Nocturnal Retribution

Happy New Year!
Set at 10:53 on January 01, 2024

Status:  Phantasm (48.16)
Rank:  Member
Honor 0    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  The House of Nocturnal Retribution
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  October 9, 1971
Age:  52

In my kitchen



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There is no angry way to say bubbles

I'm not new to VR. The first time, I made it to Sire. I can't remember though why I left. lol. I also had my own coven at one point. And I remember that I made several profile layouts and graphics for people. I've seen that many of them are still on VR *smiles* I'm not sure which way my stay here will go this time. Only time can tell.

And for those who care to know, I'm a born witch, psy vamp with a feline spirit and the heart of a mermaid. It makes me feel a bit skizo lol.

My name is Kat and I'm Swiss and lived my whole life in Switzerland. I work as office manager for an IT company and have 2 cats. They are like my kids, since I don't have kids lol.

If you want to get to know me better, talk to me. Ask questions and I shall answer *smiles*

Languages are my thing. I speak 5 in total. Swiss-German, German, Italian, French and English. Those are the ones I'm fluent in. I also speak some bits and pieces Spanish. Just enough for the holidays. I also had a semester Korean and Dutch. I would really love to learn Japanese. I tried during the pandemic, but I probably will only learn to talk and not to write.

As a kitchen witch, I of course love to cook and try out new foods. I also like to read up on old remedies and if they sound reasonable, I will try them out. You can find several posts in my journal, either under 'Cooking' or in the 'Spell and Potion' section.

I love to read and I think it has a lot to do with my parents. They always read books to me before bed and encouraged me early to get books from the library. I loved spooky stuff and with 12 I saw my parents hat Bram Stockers Dracula on their bookshelf. I 'stole' it and read it. When I was 14 I did read my first erotica. My mum had 2 books by Anaïs Nin and secretly read both. But I didn't just like to read naughty stuff lol. I also read Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I enjoyed Barbara Cartland too. I was a romantic at heart. I then started to write short stories and poems and apparently writing runs in our family.
My dad wrote several books for me and a few years ago, he also published a book for adults. Sadly he rushed the publishing and fell for one of those scam publishers who makes you pay a lot of money, without really doing anything for you.

I hope I will be smarter with my book. And that brings me to my writing. I write erotica. You can find it on my website.

I love music and what I listen to, varies from what mood I'm in. I don't limit myself to music with lyrics in languages I understand. Since about 6 years, I listen mainly to CPop, Kpop and Jpop and rock. And no, I'm not doing what's trendy. I already listened to it 20 years ago lol. If I don't have an audiobook playing, there is usually music playing. I probably will make a couple of posts in my journal with YT videos of artists I like.

I'm a witch, no I'm not pagan or wiccan. I don't believe in any kind of organized religion. I'm a free spirit and I follow my own rules. I don't believe in hurting others, but I believe in Karma. I'm for sure no great witch lol. I'm too chaotic for that. But if I can support others in getting better, I will do that. I do read cards, but I haven't done so in decades. I was pretty good at it as a teenager. My friends were a bit scared of me lol.
I like the idea of magic being in me, but I don't think I'm so powerful to actually do really big stuff. I'm happy the way I am and I'm comfy with what I can do for others.

These are 2 graphics I did from scratch. If you want to see more or request something, go to my portfolio.
Most of the graphics you'll see on my profile, were made by me from scratch.

Now that was quick lol. Thanks for grabbing me so fast. It's an honor to be part of a house right away. I will do my best to make my new family proud of me.

The House of Nocturnal Retribution

The font I'm using is called Euphorigenic. You can download it from here

I see nothing has changed about petty rating in the past 15 years lol.

I would like to make one thing clear, I don't rate a person, I rate the profile. I rate what's on it mainly and then the layout. So if you have just a super cool layout and no content, it won't give you an automatic 10. If you are one of those who say 'I give you, what you give me' you are nothing but childish and on top compare your crappy profile with profiles that are probably much better than yours :)

I also don't rate empty profiles or empty portfolios.

Layout by Kat

Member Since: Aug 15, 2023
Last Login: Feb 10, 2024
Times Viewed: 3,999

Times Rated:148

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Jun 28, 2024

Beautiful! 10

Jun 23, 2024
Jun 17, 2024

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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