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Age:  36

Somewhere in Europe, but not the UK.



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“Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery.” William Shakespeare.


Hello there, welcome to my page, hope you'll enjoy reading it, or look through it, whatever you wish to do.

I am a young lady who lives in the South of Europe and English is not my native language. I have a typical Mediterranean look, as well as some characteristics, like gesturing when talking and have a loud voice. However I disassociate myself from most people of my country.

I always liked 'dark' things as much as 'colorful' ones. When I was a child I wanted to become a princess with a pink dress and at the same time liked Halloween because of its dark theme. This happened even though in my country, back in the days, Halloween wasn't popular as much as it is now. However I was always fascinated by it, because of the American TV series and movies I used to and still love to watch. I am told to be quiet and mysterious but very passionate in my debates.

Like many of you, I'm an outsider, I don't fit in conformity and conservative people annoy me. I'm also tired of labels and stereotypes.

I don't fit anywhere I go, therefore I tend to isolate myself, even now that I'm an adult, that's why I suck at making new friends and that tends to be seen as being snobbish, but I am friendly when I feel relaxed. However I like good company. I like watching TV, I have a long list of movies, TV series and anime that I like. I have a good social life but I don't socialize much. Part of it, is because I feel an outsider and am tired of parties and clubs. Nowadays I prefer to relax at a cafeteria going to the cinema and restaurants. I love food and like to try new flavors and dishes. My favorites are Italian, Chinese and Indian dishes.

Everyday is a good day to learn for me. I really learn a new thing everyday, especially about myself. I'm a thinker, my mind never stops. I like to think I am a philosopher, an observer and a language artist. I'd like to become a freelance writer one day, but where I am, no one offers this kind of job.


There is really nothing in particular I listen to. I don't care about the artist, genre, era, if I like a song, that's enough for me.


I'm an ex bookworm. I used to read a lot in English and in my native language. Nowadays, there's the INTERNET, and I find lots of interesting things to read about.

Some VR stuff about me:

I joined VR because I wanted to meet people from other parts of the world who I might get along with. Nowadays I realize that problems are everywhere not only in my country. I am also quiet and introverted on here too, so I only talk to a few people on rare occasions, that's why I don't bother about having protection stamps and whatever other VR fads on the profile. I don't even post my House pride. I decided to join House Eternal, so it's obvious that I'm proud of it.

When I joined the site, it was a very hard time in my life, and this was mostly my comfort zone for two years. Now my life has changed, it's not completely positive as I want it to be, but I am busy and I only log in when I have the time. I was really into the addiction back in 2005. Back in the day, I lived for the Forum and the people I used to chat to. I like mostly the Forum, Polls and Journals. I like to read Journals and leave comments, so practically those are the only VR social things I do.

I knew about the site from #vampires on MIRC, an old chatting program that was popular even before MySpace and MSN were invented. In effect I'm an old INTERNET user. I've been on the web since the year 2000. I could also say I'm addicted. I am glad VR expanded to the Dark Net Work sites.

You're wondering why I don't have a background or photo-bucket images on my profile. Well it's because I'm so bad at coding that I can't even manage to do a basic background. Apart from that, I don't want to steal others' pictures because I'd design one of my own but I'm not able to, and because I want to show my pictures rather than photo-bucket ones. So my profiles is all about words on screen. I also don't have pictures on my profile because there's the portfolio for that. I also removed the color text because I had people telling me that they couldn't read my profile. However I highly doubt anyone reads profiles anymore. I also want my profile to easily load.

My screen name at first, may look like some misspelled teenage angst screen name, or the misspelled name for dead knight, some game character, but in reality it has a brief story. On mIRC it accepted only 12 characters and I had to choose a name. There is more but am not going into detail.

I like to read profiles before rating, so if I see a background that makes the profile impossible to read, or put nothing except images taken from photo-bucket, people can't expect me to rate their profile. Same goes for those who write in big text and a lot of stuff that make the page impossible to load. A simple profile is much better than one that has too much stuff. Too much is never good. I have really no ways of rating. I either like a profile or not. I also rarely rate because of the drama that happens due to ratings.

I also have no desire to add others just as a favor. I'm not rude, I'm honest. So those messages get ignored. I will also ignore messages that ask me to date, cyber-sex, if I am a vampire, if I want to be one, what I like/my interest (since they're on my profile) and so on. I also prefer long messages rather than just 'hi' and biting.

In addition, I would like to receive an original comment rather than a stamp. I haven't received an original comment for years. I can't even stand stamps in Member Articles and the Database. I honestly find it stupid to tell an article or an entry to rate you back.

Journal entries that are all full of videos and pictures, annoy me because the page doesn't load well, and because I prefer to read something from the writer's mind rather than something copied and pasted from elsewhere.

So, that's all folks.

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