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nemo ante mortem beatus esse posset

Within the blink of an eye the world around you can change, but once you lost your heart and soul to someone, and know that those feelings are true, you will never find love again. You will rather sit alone in the deepest darkness then face anyone else, you will rather go through the worst torture then touch anyone else and you will rather die then say words of love to anyone else. I know these feelings very well cuz i have given my heart and soul away forever and i know that no matter what will happen they will stay with the angel i gave them too.

i shall dwell under the moon and the stars but never see the sun. the light that gives life to everything on earth means death to me

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quando natus sum, mortus eram, tam mihi in morte vitam datus est.
im not sure, but it should mean: when i was born, i was dead, but death gave me life.

daywalker..... do u know what it is? do u know how many exist? being a vampire and have to hide it is horrible...

What i want to say here. i really like lestat (although he is a fictional character) alot. i got to know about him after i started to drink blood and i found out that there are some things that we have in common. in many situations we think alike and both of us love music. i listen and play it every day. i cant survive without music and without my guitars.

Instead of putting my guitars here i want to show what kind of guitar i would be

Gibson Les Paul
You are a Gibson Les Paul. You are a favorite of some of the best metal AND rock and roll bands. You are flaxible and can be used in almost any genre. you are a classic.

like i said i listen to a lot of music. for me the best guitarists are Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. there are a lot more guitarists who really rock, but those are just my favourits.

as you already know music is a big part of my life and thats why i put a playlist here. you will find an entry in my journal about every song on here. there you can find the reasons for why i put the song on. those of you who want to learn about music will find interpretations and explanations of the songs as well as informations about the context of the songs.

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I dont dislike nothing but living in this world of grey. it started some years ago and life has lost taste for me, but i have to go on living it. I also dislike people who say that chavs or preps suck but act like them. for all those who think like this. i am a prep for you. thx for hating me.

The Art of War is keeping me alive i learned it from a dear friend, my mentor and brother. We are like Ying and Yang and as a sign of our brotherhood he gave me the weapon that shall protect me from all the bad.

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i love the darkness and the victorian and gothic age. so if i could have a room in a castle or in a victorian house it should look like this..

now a judgemental comment.. for all those who think being goth is the way of dressing you are totally and feeling melancholic or depressed... you guys should get some books and find out what it really is... goth is a historical epoque which contains architecture and other arts plus a certain way of thinking...

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This last part of my profile shall be dedicated to my one and only love who left me for a better world.

This is dedicated to my first love on this earth who i shall never forget as she helds a big part of my heart.
i couldnt sleep since you are gone
i couldnt stop thinking of you since you are gone
i couldnt smile any more since you are gone
i couldnt live any more since you are gone
you was all i head in my live and for you i live
for you i fighted darkness, light, the good and the bad things
all i gained in my life i gained for you
all i seeked for in my life is your happiness and love
and in the end i lost you and the curse i didnt believe in won
i got the biggest gift someone could receive and you paid it with your life

kay thank you for your love and everything you gave me in the time that i could be with you. I will never forget your love, your dedication and all the things you did for me..

As kay would have wanted my life went on and after long years of pain and emptyness i start to live again. I was saved and that for i want to show my love.

My Love

For a long time I lived without an aim, without knowing why I live and why I breathe. I lived just because once I promise that I would live, not wanting it. It felt like I was captured in the darkness. The same darkness that I have seeked for years before. I didnt feel anything, just pain and sorrow and it seemed as these feeling would consume me. All the hope was gone and I was sitting in this prison that had grown around me, waiting for the moment that everything would end. But then one day you appeared. It seemed to me as a star would fall down from the sky to light my way. It seemed to me as an angel came down to me to save me. It seemed to me as I wasnt totally lost. This very moment all my feelings, my strengh, my will and my pride came back. I knew that I have to be strong, that I have to fight and that I have to determine my life the way I want it. Like this I rose again and lifted my head. I destroyed the walls around me so that I could come to you and pull you in my arms.
At the deepest and most hidden place of my hear and my soul, where I feel an eternal spring and only wish to hold you in my arms, to smell the sweet scent of your skin, to kiss your wonderful lips, i returned and made this place grow until you was mine. And now that you belong to me i feel complete for the first time in years. You shall know that no matter what my love shall always belong to you. You have become a part of my heart and will remain inside me forever. I will always be there for you and never leave till the moment where my life is taken away from me. The bond between us shall exceed everything that you ever felt and that you ever knew and i shall fight for us with all the power that was given to me.

hmm what kind of vampire am i??? i mean i dont belong to a clan and i dont think i want to, because i am glad to be my own master and i wont accept anyone to rule me. Therefor i did a clanquiz, so that you know where i would belong to if i had to chose.

Business minded and a natural leader, you are a canidate to be embraced by the Ventrue clan. You can be rather dominant with a high stamina however, you tend to have obsessive compulsive tendencies...especially when it comes to your food. You are the clan the others look to organize groups and factions. Generally princes are among this clan.

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Enjoy the darkness..
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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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