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Waiting for Deaths Embrace!



Bite mortuusXCordis

Stalk mortuusXCordis


Humans what games they play, What lies they say, they know not what they seek, or what they say when they speak!

From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time when we could walk among you freely.
No one has ever known we were among you...
Until now.....

Find me in my sorrow;
Guide me to my tomorrow.
Show me the journey I see in my dreams;
the the love and adventure every fiber of my being seeks;
see through the monster that rests within this skin;
Excavate the brave man and warrior that lies within;
give this empty solemn life some meaning;
before routine triumphs and leaves me grieving.

Shed light on the other worldly existence;
reveal the shadows of glory and pestilence;
teach me what this world has not been taught;
expose the myths that have been sought;
prove the supernatural that lingers in silence;
Open my eyes to the freedom and peace I seek;
or tell me I am chosen for something more;
Not this lonely painful dull reality I abhor!
 photo theProtectingofryu.jpg
By Ryu Noctem Aeternus

who am I? I am Lord Ryu Noctem Aeternus.
Childe of Lord Father Vincent Orion and Mother Lady Saige Orion of the original Clan Sabreooth.
Founder of the House of Sabertooth Noctem Aeternus, Keeper of the Veil and Co-Founder of the court of the Order of the Vampyre and the Halo of Septem Civis.

House Sabertooth Noctem Aeternus
Founded by Lord Ryu and Lady Nyx in 2001
Noctem Aeternus is a family of like-minded people who practice
Many forms of Living Vampyrism from Strigoi Vii, The Kheprian Teachings,
The Vampire Church and many other “Vampyric” Orders which
in combination of the many philosophy's form the Noctem Aeternus,
teachings & traditions.
I have done this because I feel that no one person has all the answers,
to who and what we are.
Therefore I have taken from all that I have learned,
and combined the teachings into one.
Bringing them all into Noctem Aeternus,
so that we will have a better understanding & a broader view on who and what we are.
I will make this clear, WE ARE NOT STRIGOI Vii!
We will conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the
tenets of the Black Veil, the Pillars of Noctem Aeternus, the Laws, Codes of Conduct and Traditions of the halo of Septem Civis.

Noctem Aeternus Members are the Enforcers of the Laws and Traditions
in Septem Civis.

Many say there are No Vampyric Police and feel they can do what they want,
Then we have those who have seen our kin do as they wish without teaching them the right way.
Thus we have those who bring shame to our community!
It is because of this that the Community is looked down upon by many other Communities.
We in Septem Civis feel that if we reach out to those who are Vampyric,
and teach them the difference between fiction and reality that our community can and will grow with understanding and honor, thus gaining the respect of other communities.
We know it wont be easy, but if we just turn a blind eye,
the Community will always be seen as Satan worshiping freaks and continue to fall.

By Ryu Noctem Aeternus

I was asked to come back here to help those whom are lost.
To help them find peace within their selves,
yet how can I give them peace when my heart and life is in a storm.
I am not here to find a girl, I already found her....
know that she has saved me from my darkness..
she has become my shelter, she has given me the peace that I lost.
She is of the Blood as I, as I vowed NO MUNDANE would ever touch my heart.
she has it and it will never be with ANYONE else!!
I am here only to try and help those whom are truly Vampyric,
Find peace within them selves and teach them our ways,
The old ways of the once grate Vampyric Community.

We are the many-born, we are the Immortal,
Eternal we wander the aeons.
We are the gaurdians of our community laws.
We are active elements moving through passive worlds.
Endlessly we die and are reborn,
changed yet unchanging through the years.
We move from lifetime to lifetime,
To gaurd our way of life,
from those who would brake our laws, and do us harm.
We are Guardians
And we are Destroyers,
We stand at the beginning
And we stand at the end.
We are Eternal!
Ours is a journey toward understanding,
and our charge is to uphold our laws with honor.
We are the catalysts, and as we Awaken to our Selves,
we serve to Awaken the very world.

Prayer for Strength in the Face of Prejudice

Copy this prayer down and carry it with you. When you encounter a person or situation where you are being judged or treated unfairly because of who and what you are, take out this prayer and recite it to yourself. Whenever you feel weak or uncertain, read this prayer out loud, or reflect upon it silently. If you are hesitant about your own worth and your own power, it should give you confidence and strength.

I am true to myself, and still they judge me.

I follow my heart, yet am condemned as a freak.

They hate me and they revile me.

They make no effort to understand.

Give me the strength to overcome their smallness.

Give me the wisdom to rise above.

Fear is the seed of their hatred.

I must accept myself regardless of how others feel.

I will not let their misunderstanding daunt me.

I will not let their prejudice keep me from who I am.

I am stronger than all of their narrow opinions.

Throughout all hardship, my soul will endure.

What god are you invoking here? No one but you. You are praying to the higher part of you that lies beyond such petty things as appearances and prejudices. You are calling upon that immortal part of yourself that has been judged and tortured and even murdered for who you are and what you can do. This part of you has the strength to endure these things. This part is where your true wisdom lies. This prayer helps you connect with that a little better so you don't feel so weak or alone when faced with the harsh realities of the world.

how I live my life

The Black Veil

(A code of ethics for the Vampyric Groups and Individuals)

This lifestyle is private and sacred. Respect it as such. Use discretion in who you reveal yourself to, and make certain that your motives are to truly communicate about our culture and to engender understanding. By no means should you talk to others about yourself and our community when your motives are for selfish reasons such as self-promotion, sensationalism, and attention getting. Do not hide from your nature, but never show it off to those who won’t understand.

Our paths are many, even though the journey we are on is essentially the same. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect everyone’s personal views and practices. We cannot let petty differences of ideology prevent us from maintaining a unified community; there are enough who would attack us from the outside. Our diversity is our strength, Let out differences in viewpoint enrich us but never divide us upon ourselves.

Use sense when indulging in your nature. Do not flaunt what you are in public places. Feed in private and make certain your donors will be discrete about what happens between you. Donors who create rumors and gossip about us are more harm than they’re worth. If you engage in blood-letting, put safety and caution above all other things. Blood-borne diseases are a very real thing, and we cannot risk endangering ourselves or others through irresponsibility. Screen donors carefully, making certain they are in good health both mentally and physically. Never overindulge or get careless. The safety of the entire community rests upon each member’s caution.

We cannot and should not deny the darkness within. Yet we should not allow it to control us. If our beast or shadow or dark side is given too much sway, it clouds our judgment, making us a danger even to those we love. Never indulge in pointless violence. Never bring willful harm to those who sustain you. Never feed only for the sake of feeding, and never give over to mindless bloodlust. We are not monsters: we are capable of rational thought and self-control. Celebrate the darkness and let it empower you, but never let it enslave your will.

Live your life as an example to others in the community. We are privileged to be what we are, but power should be accompanied by responsibility and dignity. Explore and make use of your Vampyre nature, but keep it in balance with material demands. Remember: we may be vampyres, but we are still a part of this world. We must live lives like everyone else here, holding jobs, keeping homes, and getting along with our neighbors. Being what we are is not an excuse to not participate in this reality. Rather, it is an obligation to make it a better place for us to be.

6. Family
We are, all of us, a family, and like all families; various members will not always get along. However, respect the greater community when having your disputes. Do not let your individual problems bring emotional strife to the family as a whole. Settle your differences quietly among one another, only seeking out an elder’s aid in meditation when no other solution seems possible. Never bring your private disputes into public places and never draw other family members into the issue by forcing them to take sides. Like any normal family, we should always make an effort to present a stable and unified face to the rest of the world even when things are not perfect between us.

7. Havens
Our havens are safe places where everyone in the community can come socialize. There are also often public places where we are likely to encounter people who don’t understand our ways. We should respect the patrons of these places as we should also respect the owners of the establishments and always be discrete in our behavior. We should never bring private disputes to a haven. We should never initiate violence in a haven. And we should never do or bring anything illegal into a haven, as this reflects badly upon the community as a whole. The haven is the hub of the whole community, and we should respect is as such, supporting it without business and working to improve its name in the scene so that we can always call it home.

8. Territory
The community is extensive and diverse. Every city has a different way of doing things, and a different hierarchy of rule. When entering a new city, you should familiarize yourself with the local community. Seek out the local havens, learn who is who, and show proper respect where it is due. You should not expect to impose your old way of doing things on this new scene. Rather you should adapt to their rules and be glad of their acceptance. Always be on your best behavior when coming to a new city either to visit or to stay. We are all cautious and territorial by nature, and only by making the most positive impression possible will you be accepted and respected in a new community.

9. Responsibility
This lifestyle is not for everyone. Take care in who you choose to bring into it. Those who are mentally or emotionally unstable have no place among us. They are dangerous and unreliable and may betray us in the future. Make certain that those you choose to bring in are mature enough for this burden. Teach them to control and discretion, and make certain that they respect our ways. You will be responsible for their actions, and their behaviors in the community will be reflected back to you.

10. Elders
There are certain members of our community who have established themselves as just and responsible leaders. These are the people who helped establish local communities, who organize havens, and who work to coordinate the networking of the scene. While their word does not have to be law, they should nevertheless be respected. They have greater experience than many others, and usually greater wisdom. Seek these elders out to settle your disputes, to give you guidance and instruction, and to help you establish yourself in the local scene. Appreciate the elders for all they have given you: if it was not for their dedication, the community would not exist as it does now.

11. Donors
Without those who offer themselves body and soul to us, we would be nothing. We cannot be other that what we are, but it is the donors who sustain our nature. For this service, they should be respected. Never mistreat your donors, physically or emotionally. They are not to be manipulated or leeched off of for more than what the freely offer. Never take them for granted. Appreciate them for the companionship and acceptance which they offer us, which so many others would refuse. This above all: appreciate the gift of their life. That communion is sacred. Never fail to treat them as such.

12. Leadership
When you choose to take a position of authority in the community, remember that you do not lead for yourself alone. Leadership is a responsibility, not a privilege. A good leader must set an example for everyone through his actions and behavior. His motives should be selfless and pure, and he should put the interests of the whole community before his own. The best leaders are those who serve to better to community and whose person and behavior gives no one- even those outside of the community - a reason to criticize them.

13. Ideals
Being a Vampyre is not just about feeding upon life.
That is what we do, But not necessarily what we are.
It is our place to represent Darkness in a world blinded by light.
We are about being different and accepting that difference as something that empowers us
And makes us unique.
We are about accepting the Darkness within ourselves and embracing that Darkness to make us whole beings.
We are about celebrating the thresholds: Body and Spirit, Pleasure, Pain, Life and Death.
Our lives should be lived as a message to the world about the beauty of accepting the whole self, of living without guilt and without shame, and celebrating the unique and beautiful essence of every single soul.

Copy Right 1995-2001 by Sabertooth. Revised by Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu.

The Pillars Of Noctem Aeternus
our laws and codes of conduct

Noctem Aeternus is an international organization,
which is part magickal order, part vampyric family and a fraternal order who enforce the laws, codes of conduct and traditions of the Vampyric Community.
Based on teaching and learning more on who and what we are.
We are not RPGer's.
But true life vampyres / vampires
coming together with like minded people
for a better understanding of whom and what we are.
Noctem Aeternus membership is only for the serious seeker.
Open by invite and sponsorship only.

No one under the age of 18 will be allowed.

We of Noctem Aeternus
hold the Black Veil, the Pillars of our house
and laws of the Vampyric community in the strictest of respect.
We suggest you read the Black Veil,
and agree to live by it for yourself before
coming to us.
Our way of life is not for all!
These are the traditions and codes of ethics
for the house of Noctem Aeternus.

Anyone Who Fails To Uphold Them Will Be

The Pillars are here for our safety.
The outside world (human ie mundane or dayside)
does not understand who and what we are.
Therefore, for your safety and the safety of the family
we must hold our traditions, codes and ethics with the highest regards.

The Covenant

1. Secrets

Secrets not only protect us from those that would cause us harm,
but they also bind us
and give us a common ground.
The inner teachings should not be shared with any who are not part of the house,
or ready.
Community secrets are our unity.
The outer teachings are a tool for screening others into the family .
and bring us together.
Share your nature only with those who have the wisdom to,
Understand and accept it.
Learn to recognize these individuals.

(Our secrets are our safety and unity)

2. Responsibility

We of Noctem Aeternus embrace the concept of,
respecting the Human and Day side worlds laws.
Though we are an international subculture with our own codes of conduct,
we still live in their world.
NO member of the family should ever commit
ANY illegal act which will bring shame, unwanted and unhealthy,
attention to yourself, the house or the community.

3. Minors

Some of us feel that the first signs of Awakening start at an early age.
Yes, in some of us this is true,
but the risk is to great for a misunderstanding.
Under no circumstances allow anyone under 18
to be initiated into a house of any kind, attend Quabals, undertake ordeals
or gain access to any outer or inner teachings.
Never date a minor.

4. Our Mission

All of our kind are of the same great spiritual family.
We are all parts of the spiritual organism that is Elorath.
It is our job to our brethren to see past our differences
and pull together and try and make something of ourselves.
In doing so, we create jobs for those in our nation
and set an example for the next generation.
Never force our way or will on another,
Doing so will weaken they're love for the nation,
thus making it and us weaker.
Let them come to us.
If they feel the calling they will come.
Understand we come from all walks of life and faiths.
Teach what you know and learn from them.
No one has all the answers to who and what we are.
We learn a little from each other and grow.
Our diversity is our strength.

Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes, I am!

5. Recognition

Respect! And recognize all! Vampyre,
Dark & Esoteric Organizations and Groups.
Our community is far too small to have conflict keep us apart.

6. Creation

Support and host Quabals,
open havens, start a business, encourage and support artist,
Dance, Performances, Rituals and all
forms of creative expression which will help keep the dark flame burning.
We are here to create a culture in which we can all
support each other and thrive at the fullest of our potentials.

7. The Pact

Honor, Chivalry and Loyalty
are benchmarks of Noctem Aeternus.
We seek to resurrect and express the empowering traditions
of long lost eras,
while consistently updating them for modern times.
We are all adults and should strive for a higher moral standard.

8. Respect

Always act civil even to your deepest enemy.
Resolve conflicts in private.
Confront those who have offended you
directly and respectfully.
Know that you have the right to protect your Honor, self, Family and home
but do it with respect.
When in another's land know the laws and respect them.

9. Swans

We are to have two Swans and a mate,
but this is your choice and not the choice of your mate.
You can not hide this from your mate.
No one may interfere with the relations between swan and Vampyre.
Screen your Swans.
Let them understand they have to be clean.
Because it is not merely their health at risk,
but the health of the rest of the house as well.
When feeding sexually use protection.
Know that feeding is not only sexual!
When feeding from Blood makes sure the donor is clean.
Never feed from the ill, elderly or young.
Never feed from some one else's swan without their permission.

10. Problems

Noctem Aeternus is not a role playing organization,
or society of fang wearing teenagers trying to be something they
are not.
We are a secret society in that we maintain absolute,
confidentiality of our membership.
Noctem Aeternus is the law enforcers of the community,
but a neutral family within the
Sanguinarium and Vampyre community.
We as a family do not get involved in the politics of other,
organizations or games of individuals.
If it has nothing to do with the being broken,
let it stay where it is.

11. Progress

All members of Noctem Aeternus are encouraged to contribute,
to the family and Vampyre community with the fullest use of their
talents and skills.
There is no shame in running businesses for the benefit of the household.
Monetary stability provides power to achieve goals of the household.
We know you must start somewhere.
No matter what the job is, a job is a job.
But we of Noctem Aeternus strive to better ourselves.
Never settle for less then you are worth.

12. Family

We of Noctem Aeternus are a family
and understand that family may not always see eye to eye.
Fights happen in families, words are said and deeds are done.
What makes a family, is how we get past the hurtful things and deeds that were done,
that is what unites us.
Try to see thing through their eyes, and understand
why and what they are saying.
So you can better understand were they are coming from.
It is this diversity and open-mindedness that empowers us.
It is that view of the bigger picture that lets us see the cycles and,
commonalities of all in the house and nation.
To become blind to one of them would be to lose a piece of the puzzle.
We are of the same mind and blood, let no one come between us!
We are family!

13. Haven

Open your doors to our kin.
Know that doing so will open the hearts of others
and bring unity. Let our kin know that they have a safe place to rest
when in our land.
If we can not trust our own kind,
then who can we trust.
No hunting in or around a Haven.
know the laws of the haven.

14. Your Word

Your word is your bond.
We of Noctem Aeternus put our Honor first.
If you say something; mean it.
A man/woman has nothing if he/she has not their word.
So, when you say you will do something; it will be done.

15. Knowledge

Noctem Aeternus is here to teach and learn.
We seek to better understand ourselves through
researching who and what we are.
One cannot learn if ones' mind is not open.
Seek out to better your self in life.
Progress is what we seek. How can
we teach if we are not willing to learn?

16. Be Aware of Moral Traditions and Laws and Codes of Conduct
All House members should know by heart the Laws of the House.They should also strive to learn any other sets of moral rules/codes of conduct they encounter to avoid offending members of other Houses and Orders. The Black Veil is an example of a set of moral laws/code of conduct, and should be studied as such.

17. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
Doing so may cause misunderstanding.

18. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
If they tell you they don't wish to to be with you like that, have Respect and understanding.

19. Do not take that which does not belong to you.
If you can not get it the right way it is not meant for you!

20. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have used it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.

21. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

22. Do not harm little children.

23. Do not kill humans or animals unless attacked or for your food.
With humans if you are left with no other way and your life is on the line, only then may you protect your self and take a life!

24. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

Remember Anyone Who Fails To Uphold Them Will Be

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