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a desert in AZ


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the rain washes away, the shades of gray, that i create, DAMN THE RAIN!

i am about 5'3", brown -blond hair with the tips and bangs died black. about 100 lbs. gothic in nature. smoker, drinker, and i do minor drugs, nothing to crazy..umm. i'm bi. open minded... green eyes with a hint of gray around the edges. i am a cutter, but don't judge what you don't understand. i am athiest. i have an obsession with death. i LOVE cemetaries. i do drink blood and take in energy. it gives me that rush i need to get on with life. i am nothing. i feel nothing and do nothing. i have no expectations or dreams. no ambitions, nothing. i am nothing. if you want to step in the void and have me tell you more, then you better sit down. i have a mind blowing story.
i am more into rock then metal, but i love metal and most kinds of music. i love listening to guitar solo's and bass in the background anything you would like to know, ask me. but be careful, i have an everlasting hatred for stupid people.

About Me Personality Quiz

Created by jeffq1985 and taken 72762 times on bzoink!

What is your name?cammie clark
How old are you?16
When is your Birthday?4/28/89
What is your zodiac sign?taures
Where were you born?payson, utah
Where do you live now?in arizona
What color eyes do you have?green
What color hair do you have?blond-brown with tips and bangs dyed black
How tall are you?5'3"
How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies)(100lbs)
What is your race?white
What is your worst fear?exploding teeth (look up foamy)
Do you smoke?yes
Do you drink?yes
Do you cuss?fuck yeah/td>
Do you use drugs?occasion
Have you ever or will you ever steal?nope.
Are you dependable and/or trustworthy? kinda...
Do you play in a band or play an instrument?no, but i am learning guitar and bass
Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?not yet. but in a few weeks. nautical star, anarchy sing, and a black shadowed in duck with 13 in it.
If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be?vlad the impailer.charles manson, and hannibal
Do you suffer from depression disorder?yeah. manic, and i have anger issues.. so don't fuck with me
If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be?bleeding at fast to start, but it slows as i drift closer to death so i can think of a life a wanted to live and pretend it was my own. that and so i could feel something.
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?.....
Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?yes. myself (phisically)and a few others (emotionally)
What subculture do you belong too?nothing.
Are you evil?i don't think the points of good and evil were ever drawn out so you tell me
Do you believe that you can be possesed?not by ghosts
Are you a paranoid person?yeah
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?yeah
Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?no
Are you a violent person?haha. wanna find out? when i am realy angry or depressed
Do you take your anger out on other people? sometimes
Do you blame other people for your mistakes?hell no, it is all my fault what i do and what has happened to me in the effect.
What is your favorite game?tripping people. and seeing who can piss off he old people and pligs the fastest
What is your favorite movie?the hannibal series.
Who is your favorite band?tie between spineshank, mudvayne, and cold
What is your favorite song?number 5 and 6 on mudvayne. smotherd by spineshank, and black sunday for cold
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?ht parader, weed magazines, etc. and i read horror novels mostly vampire stuff
What is your favorite color?black and red
What is your favorite food?i hardly eat anymore. i am sick of food.td>
What is your favorite drink?southern comfort with apple juice. dr. pepper
Do you own a pari of converse?hell no
Do you own a pair of dickies?hell no
Would you ever kill yourself or someone else?....
Are you a virgin?no
Are you kinky?wanna find out?
Do you like biting?hell yes!
Do you masturbate?yeah
Do you watch pornography?just to make fun of the people doing it up the ass. my friends have fun with that one, i just laugh at them.
Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?uumm.. red, black, nothing to crazy
Have you ever shaved your head in a socially unacceptable way?no.
Are you hyper active person?can be. but once in a great while. and i mean.. once every few months kinda while
Are you religious? athiest
Do you have any self inflicted scars?a few......
Does pain turn you on?yes
Do you stand for originality and creativity?fuck yeah
Do you like meeting new people?mmmmmmmmmmm.... no.
What do you like most about life?death. the end of it all.
What do you dislike most about life? to broad of a question
Do you believe in love at first fright?what the hell is this fright thing people keep saying? quit trying to "goth" out words and things. it is "love at first SIGHT" and no
Have you ever pierced a body part yourself?yeah
Have you ever had to beg for dinner money?haha.no.
Do you own a car?not yet
Have you been to jail, yet?no.
Are your clothes held together with safety pins?no
Do you have actual scars from punk rock shows?i now have permanent back problems. funny story, ask me.
Have you ever vomit while making out?no
Have you held a job for less than a day?no
Do you own more than two pair of jeans?no.
Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?yes
Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house?no, but locked in.
Have you ever been fired from your job because of your attitude?almost, but i told them to fornicate themselfs with a
Does the world piss you off?not the world, just alot of people in it

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Angry Goth
Angry Goth

haha. angry goth. i thought this one was funny. i am hardly angry. but that cannot allways be a good thing..

Take the quiz: "Which character from a horror film are you?"

Hannibal Lector (from Silence of the Lambs)
You don't seem like much of a villain...but then you go and eat people. You are very intelligent and know how to psychologically scare people

i love anthony hopkins. is is the best actor that will ever walk the earth..

What Kind of Goth Are You?
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i only liked this movie because of the idea of having pure power appeals to me for some reason. the idea of a vampire becoming a rock god just to let people know secrets that do nothing seems kind of pointless.. but the idea of having the power to do so, now that is intreging. want to see a real vampire movie, see interview with a vampire. now that can be realistic.

I hate you so bad
you are the "I hate you so bad" happy
bunny. You hate everyone and eveything and your
not ashamed of it.

which happy bunny are you?
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I am Ebola. Hear Your Organs Squelch.
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.

The Ultimate Anne Rice Vampire Character Selection
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paradise kiss boy
You are the bad boy / girl of your school. You
have little faith in yourself and usually find
escape in some sort of addicting substance or
yourself. You would rather torture others
above anything else. You regularly skip
school and when you go, always tend to ditch a
certain class. Some classmates can fear you
while others pity you...and your family. (No
offense) Your cruel behavior and abject
personality tends to single you out from the
crowd...and you prefer life this way at times.
However, lonliness can rear its ugly head and
force you seek a way to silence it. But be
warned, your path is dangerous... but only a
strong person can walk this road.

ideal occupations for you can be a Police
officer, Celebrity (who doesn't love the
badasses?), Wrestler, Polotician, or some sort
of leader. Either way, your destined to be
known by many.

haha. some quizes can come out with surprisingly correct answers..

What type of teenager are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

and for all of you who don't know yet, music is my life. i will put up all the songs i like and bio's about the artists i like to, favorite bands.. etc..

Global Personality Test Results
Stability (26%) low which suggests you are very worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Orderliness (30%) low which suggests you are overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense too often of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.
Extraversion (40%) moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.
Take Free Global Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com


Your word is: Hate. Your heart has been turned to
black since you haven't experienced love, or
maybe you felt love but got none in return. So
if no one else is willing to like you, then why
like them? You are now a very bitter soul,
trying to find a place and perhaps someone who
can co-exist with you. That can be a problem
since you tend to keep away from most people
and be rude, but maybe someday you will be okay

hate can be such a pritty word.

What dark word represents you? (anime pics and 7 outcomes)
brought to you by Quizilla

?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
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GOTH, don't cut yourself...
ha, mommy hid your razor blades

damn that mom! *just fuckin with ya* she could never find them.

The Jackal
The Jackal

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


"And The Hero Will Drown"

The night will come
and rip away,
her wings of innocence through every word we say
maybe it's time,
to spit out the core of our rotting union
hopefully before it chokes
us to our senses.

Guess it's too bad,
that everything we have
is taken away.

Swim in the smoke
the hero will drown
intoxicating beauty tears everything down
but still our hands are
bound at the wrist
this romantic tragedy is suffocating from your fist,
in a sea of fire.

Guess it's too bad,
that everything we have
is taken away.

Hero, Hero, this word you'll never know

Guess it's too bad
that everything we have
is taken away.
Away, away, away. They're taking it away

acid bath-scream of the butterfly

a creature made of sunshine, her eyes are like the sky,
rabbit howls like something old as we twitch to her lullaby,
the scalpel shines in gods sunshine street lights whisper pain,
down here near the poison stream our god has gone insane,
she smiles like a child with flowers in her hair,
with blood on her hands into the sun she stares,
she feels it die, i hear her cry,
like the scream of the butterfly,
sunshine in a house of flames,
she likes it where she gets it, but its never felt the same,
sugery in the house of dissection,
when your candle burns out i will resurrect you,
she runs through fields of daises,
yeah it's just a shame that they eat their own babies,
who cares cuz the air is free,
when you get there, will you kiss the dead for me?
there's blood onthe moon and the summer is cold,
there's blood in the room, but thats gettin' old,
there's blood on my face sittin' on a dead shore,
a highway of emptiness and i' gettin' bored,
there's blood on the moon as we plan our escape,
the goddess in bloom handcuffed and rapped,
there's blood in the bathtub murder the king,
there's blood on the moon, there's blood on just about everything,
something cold is forced inside her a tear spills down her cheek,
stillborn songs of a dead dreamer, hymns of the needle freak,
with sunlight in her hair she smiles like she don't care her dreams are liquid blue,
i cut myself again and again to remind myself of you.

this one's by me. i call it You Can't. hope you enjoy.

you cant save me untill you have saved yourself,
you cant show me how not to be afraid, when you have lived your whole life in the depths of the shaddows,
cant face me when you have turned your back before,
cant tell me about redemption when you yourself are damned as well,
cant tell me you love me when you have loved others just the same,
you cant care for me when you dont care for yourself,
you cant show me the way to go when you have gotten so lost to find me,
you cant tell me to hold on while you yourself are letting go.
you can't
i wont.

Lead to the river
Midsummer, I waved
A 'V' of black swans
On with hope to the grave
All through Red September
With skies fire-paved
I begged you appear
Like a thorn for the holy ones

Cold was my soul
Untold was the pain
I faced when you left me
A rose in the rain
So I swore to the razor
That never, enchained
Would your dark nails of faith
Be pushed through my veins again

Bared on your tomb
I am a prayer for your loneliness
And would you ever soon
Come above unto me?
For once upon a time
From the binds of your lowliness
I could always find
The right slot for your sacred key

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart, that barless prison
Discolours all with tunnel vision
Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, a vampyric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better

Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
Nymphetamine girl
Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
My nymphetamine girl

Wracked with your charm
I am circled like prey
Back in the forest
Where whispers persuade
More sugar trails
More white lady laid
Than pillars of salt
(Keeping Sodom at night at bay)

Fold to my arms
Hold their mesmeric sway
And dance to the moon
As we did in those golden days

Christening stars
I remember the way
We were needle and spoon
Mislaid in the burning hay

Bared on your tomb
I am a prayer for your loneliness
And would you ever soon
Come above unto me?
For once upon a time
From the binds of your lowliness
I could always find
The right slot for your sacred key

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart, that barless prison
Discolours all with tunnel vision
Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, a vampyric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better

None better

Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
Nymphetamine girl
Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
My nymphetamine girl

You need understanding.
In your life there has been many people that
could never seem too comprehend your
personality. Now you have either become an
out-cast because of their narrow minds or you
have adjusted yourself to them, and never
letting them see who you are deep inside. You
now think that no one will ever understand you
and you hate that fact. Though you are scared
of what the effects might be if you would
decide to let someone in so you keep a safe
distance that you both curse and bless.

What Do You Need in Your Life? [dark pics]
brought to you by Quizilla

and for all you people who keep biting me. STOP. if you find me intresting or whatever talk to me. i won't reply to bites or look at your profile in return. i would rather have a message then a bite. well, bye people

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