He who has never sin throws the first stone…

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He who has never sin throws the first stone…

This saying is heavy of sense, we often use it to defend ourselves, or protect ourselves... to be forgiven of our sins... or errors.
I think that I am no perfect being, and far from it. I would never be able to throw the first stone...
This does not mean I approve the sin or error... it only means that even if I find it disgusting or repulsive or simply stupid... I cannot judge another or condemn him or her for actions done... Even as terrible as they can be.
Does not mean I will forget... it means I will forgive, does not mean I will be friends... it means I will not choose to be enemies... does not mean I will agree and support... it means I will stand up and walk with my head high ...
And yes as weak at it may sound, even if the worst sinner would come to me asking for help, and has shown signs of true repent I will extend my hand...

I saw a movie once and it made me think... a lot.
It was about a boy who got granted many wishes, but each wish would cost him a memory, the first wish was to save his best friend’s life, cost him the memory of his mother... the second was to save another friend who got killed, he lost the memory of that friend... and so and so till the last memory... it was hi s father, then the witch looked at the boy and said; why don’t you make your final wish? Wish to go home to your dad...
The boy looked at her and said; I’ll make my wish, but I’ll wish that you have a loving heart...

The memory vanished and the boy looked puzzled, while the witch grabbed her chest and fell to her knees in pain... she had a loving heart... and her own heart condemned her harder than anything she had done... seeing the horrible things she has done she cried and changed... then corrected it all.
I know it’s a story, but think about it... what can hurt more a person? His or her own heart or the one of a stranger?

I would say we judge ourselves harder than anyone can do.

And to throw stones at someone for their actions is like saying we are perfect and beyond any error... which then makes use a bigger sinner. And a liar.

I do not wish to throw the stone at anyone, nor do I even will come back to read the comment on this, it was a moment I had to write, and was thinking...
People scream out loud about bullies, yet they jump in a wagon to bully others... then they do “revenge” and claims out loud not doing or even approving it... and yet they are throwing a stone...
I also always try to remember what my mom told me, and it helped me a lot, some know what I am going trough and other don’t its fine, but let’s say the top of the iceberg I am going blind, unless the treatments and surgery works and its a 50% chance... someone told me they hope I die... I figure they are suffering and had to throw their pain at someone, who at that point and time disagree with an opinion and I stated mine and they stated their and disagree, it’s ok. Still when they told me that... I had a small twitch I admit, and then I breathe and ask myself; is it worth it?
I said no, so I send out positive vibes to that person, and hoped they feel better soon. You do not send out threat and rage to people on a different opinion, it’s it a sign that the person is suffering inside, maybe sadness maybe pain, who knows, its none of my business. Still I wish them well ... and one of the main reasons is my mom she always said; send positive because everything you throw out always comes back, better be something positive.

Plus I remember at school with the nuns they always said: if you spit in the air it’s going to come back in your face, I prefer to throw roses up in the air then raging spit lol
Hope your day goes well, and enjoy every moment of what you got, don’t hold on to the negative, it’s a waste of time, focus on the good while you have it, otherwise you will lose precious time of that good.

And always remember... only the perfect can throw the first stone...

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03:28 Feb 21 2012

It was the Never Ending Story 2.

If I cannot be friendly I will be honest. If the honesty hurts I will consider it carefully. If the honesty will serve no purpose toward a productive resolution than sharing my honesty is pointless but at least in sharing it I will have spoken my mind.

22:54 Feb 25 2012

I under stand what your trying to get across, But basing it on a story should not be that way, I am trying to state my honesty but it is hard,
We all have problems at one time but some times we make our own problems and we can choose to stay away from the drama scene on here or go to it, I prefer to stay away from it myself. I do not care about what is being said about me because I know it is not true,

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