Third Eye Technique

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Third Eye Technique

Throughout my past, people have asked me, or someone I know, about how to open or see through what many call the third eye. Here is a nice proven way to open and close your third eye. It’s safe, easy and you shouldn’t have any trouble doing this. Headaches may manifest if you stress and force yourself when you are not ready or prepared. Allow yourself some quiet time, and be relaxed.

So, lets get prepared!

You will be energizing other chakras, as you ascend to your sixth, actually seventh if you numbered them correctly, (Think of the shape of a question mark as per an exclamation mark. Numbered as; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and then 6.). Power and control always comes from a very strong foundation. This is true for everything you do in life. In this case, your first or root chakra. Believe it or not, you do not want to be in your head when doing this – Don’t think too hard. This techniques is a whole body thing and not just for your third eye. For those people that already have the eye open and need to turn it off, this will also work.

I wrote this in such a way that your mind/ego will not be scared or threaten. Each line should be read and then imagined. Picture it as I wrote it. One line at a time. Do not read the whole technique all at once nor try to memorize it as such. Your mind must accept each individual line as I wrote it. You may change a line if you have a personal problem with it. But teach it to yourself as one line at a time.

The technique is more of a visualization than meditation so with practice you should be able to do this at a moments notice. Practice.

The Third Eye Technique
As taught by: WFreeman

Taking three deep clearing breaths.
Visualize or imagine a Lighthouse.
It makes no difference what kind or color.
It makes no difference what it is made of.
But it is strong and able to with stand the elements.
Walk up to the Lighthouse and notice a door.
The door is unlock and you are able to open it.
As you open the door and go inside.
You notice a red spiral staircase.
It leads to the top of the Lighthouse.
Taking three more deep cleansing breathes.
You start to climb the stairs to the top.
After a few steps you notice that the stairs change color.
They are now a deep burnt orange.
And after taking a few more steps.
The stairs become a bright orange.
You continue to climb the steps.
As you do so.
The stairs change to gold and then to a very bright yellow.
You notice that you do not feel tried as you climb upward.
You feel energized and stress-free.
Taking only a moment to notice how you feel.
You continue to climb the steps.
The stairs change to a green.
It is a funny green with pink speckles throughout it.
You smile and walk on.
The spiral stairs now turn a bright blue.
And as you reach the top of the stairs.
The stairs become indigo.
The room that you are now in has an indigo glow to it.
You take your time to adjust and look around.
You notice that the windows are blocked by shutters.
You approach the shutters and open them.
The view that you see is only meant for you to see.
You may share what you see later if you choose to.
Anything and everything is open for you to see and to remember.
The Lighthouse that you are in is safe from all elements.
Nothing can harm you here. Nothing.
Time does not exist here and you may stay and return as often as you choose to.
When you choose to leave or have seen what you came for.
You close the shutters.
Turning to the stairs.
You notice that they are now a beautiful golden white color.
Walking slowly down the stairs.
You become immersed in the golden white light.
Feeling stress free and thankful for your experience.
You reach the bottom of the stairwell.
Opening the door and closing it behind you.
Taking a deep cleansing breath.
Becoming aware of your present surroundings.

Write down the experience that you had or use the information that you received. You may return and revisit this Light-house at anytime you choose.
And there you have it. Simple. And better yet – it works.

(a copy of this article is also found on my blog site: SoulSongStudios.Wordpress.com)

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