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By Hawk O'Brian

Dr. Reynolds is a remarkable person.

Every morning, he wakes up and goes to his job at Fairview Mental Institution with a smile on his face. He walks into his office with the hope and the determination that he will be able to help his patients.
Sometimes Dr. Reynolds will listen to what his patients say, and try to talk them through their problems. Other times, he will use prescription drugs to silence the evil voices that dwell in his patient's mind. And there are times that Dr. Reynolds will use more radical treatments.
When Dr. Reynolds has a more difficult patient, like Timothy for example, he will have to treatments that some consider to be… barbaric. Dr. Reynolds will restrain Timothy to his bed, and give him electroshock treatments, over and over again, making Timothy catatonic. That is because, for Dr. Reynolds, Timothy is a very special case... Timothy likes to butcher people and eat them.
Whenever Timothy is lucid, he acts like a wild beast, biting and clawing anyone he can get his hands on. One nurse and two guards were horribly maimed during Timothy's previous outbursts, causing Timothy to be transferred to Fairview, so that Dr. Reynolds could treat him, and cure him of his condition.
And Dr. Reynolds always liked taking on the toughest cases, because they allowed him to indulge in experimental therapies. He believed that the more extreme the patient, the more extreme the treatment should be. And Timothy was, by the very definition, extreme.
But Dr. Reynolds wasn't getting anywhere with Timothy. Although Timothy seemed to regain his humanity, he would still lash out and attack people. So, Dr. Reynolds would increase the level of Timothy's treatments, and after a few months, Timothy began to respond in a positive way.
Dr. Reynolds noted how Timothy's outbursts were decreasing, and even allowed Timothy to be let out of his restraints during his therapy sessions. Dr. Reynolds began to believe Timothy was finally getting better.
Dr. Reynolds began to smile. In a few more months, Timothy will be legally sane, and able to stand trial for his crimes. Timothy will be sentenced to serve the rest of his life in a padded cell in the Institution, and then Dr. Reynolds will really begin Timothy's treatments.... away from the prying eyes of the World.
Despite Dr. Reynolds's calm demeanor and clean cut image, what laid beneath, was a modern day Josef Mengele. As long as he could benefit medical science, Dr. Reynolds had no problem torturing, dismembering, and dissecting any of his patients. And the fact that he enjoyed every minute of it, never came into play.
But Dr. Reynolds didn't truly understand Timothy. While He was responding to treatment, and his animal like behavior was decreasing, Timothy never stopped desiring the taste of human flesh. With every treatment, his cannibalistic mind cleared, and he was able to plot and scheme how he would get his next meal.
As months passed, Timothy appeared more and more civilized. His outbursts had stopped, and he was in control of his actions. Dr. Reynolds began to work on Timothy's final evaluation, and asked the guard to bring Timothy to his exam room.
Dr. Reynolds typed away at his laptop, writing the words that would doom Timothy to a life of anguish. A smile surfaced, as each carefully chosen word appeared on his screen. He was so focused on his work that he barely noticed the knock at the door, or that Timothy had entered the room.
When Dr. Reynolds looked up, he smiled and told the Orderly to leave them alone. Dr. Reynolds began to tell Timothy how proud he was, over Timothy's progress. He continued to say that soon Timothy would be able to rejoin society, and return to his old life, and it was only a matter of time.
But it was all lies, Timothy's fate was sealed, or so Dr. Reynolds thought. Dr. Reynolds also thought Timothy had taken his daily medication. He was wrong.
Timothy's mind was as clear as a sunny day. He was focused, he was lucid, and he was determined... determined to kill and eat Dr. Reynolds. All he had to do was wait for an opening, and the second Dr. Reynolds turned his back, Timothy pounced.

Outside the Office, the Orderly was paying too much attention to the young blonde secretary, to notice the sound of Dr. Reynolds collapsing on the office floor. Nor did he notice the near quiet giggling of Timothy, but when the young blonde secretary noticed a red liquid seeping from under the door, the Orderly went to investigate. And what he found... turned his hair white.
He found Timothy hovering over Dr. Reynolds. The Doctor's head was bashed open, revealing his brain and his guts were strewn out all over the floor, covered in little bite marks. And when Timothy looked up, he had a piece of Dr. Reynolds's liver in his mouth, smiling. It was best meal that Timothy had in weeks.

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