The House of Caomhnõir-an-Eolas

The House of Caomhnõir-an-Eolas

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Average Member Rating:  9.809
Average Member Level:  97.091

Meaning of the name Caomhnoir-an-Eolas:
Guardians of Knowledge

Pronunciation of House name:
Quiv-nor on e-olas.

This house now belongs to SireWallFlower. Everyone is expected to abide by the site tos, as well as the house rules. The master is fair but will hold everyone accountable for breaking site tos or house rules. As we are the guardians of knowledge we seek intelligent, insightful members to join our ranks. The most important aspect of any society is the forum. It is no exception with our house. We pride ourselves on having created an active forum, and we strive to keep it active. If you would like to be a part of an active society, please feel free to contact the house master.

House Rules:
1. You must abide by the site tos.
2. You must be active on the site and in the house forum.
3. The crest must be applied to your profile
4. Do not ask for an admin position as you will not be given one. I have all of the admin that I need.
5. Do not ask for the mark of the master, as you will not be given the mark. The mark will be given at my discretion based on member performance/activity.
6. Be civil, be smart, and have a sense of humor.
7. If you were forcibly inducted or traded into the house, welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here.
8. We rarely trade people out, but if you are inactive you will be sent to Limbus Patrum.
9. If you would like to be traded out of the house, please message the house master, but be respectful.
10. Above all else, so much so that it bares repeating, activity in the house forum is what we prize here, so you MUST be active.
Real vampires love Vampire Rave. Addendum: This house is home to a Master Vampire, a Procurator, and a Sentoran, all of which are site administrators. If you need help on the site, please feel free to contact us.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the house graphics and what they represent, but I can't do that without a brief homage to the past, and a few words from Daire about what the old house graphics meant to him. Below you will find the meanings of the old house graphics as well as the new house graphics.

"The most important aspect of the members of this house is their loyalty and their strength of character. I chose to use the boxer dog in the crest as they stand guard over the feather quill which represents the knowledge spoken of in our motto." - Daire

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave "This is the Mark of sight, it is awarded to those who I deem to have insight into the inner workings of this house and our perceived reality." - Daire
When taking over the house, I had a hard time letting go of Daire's mark and changing things. I was torn between keeping things as close to original as possible and making things truly my own. In the end, I made the decision to change the mark to something a bit more personalized to me.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave. This is the current mark of the house, the mark of SireWallFlower. I chose this mark as it best represents me. I've always been fond of body modification, and well, it matches my nose ring. haha. It seems a bit silly, but when racking my brain attempting to come up with a sire's mark to use as house master, this is what came to mind. It was also my mark when I was a coven master. I will only award this mark to those who are active within our forum. This mark was created for my use by Immortalxkiss.

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave "Our house is represented by the Deer as we stand for integrity and I like to think nobility." - Daire
The chosen representation of a house can not be changed, not that I would want to change our representation any way. I hope that under my leadership, we will still embody the qualities of nobility and integrity.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave. This is the new representation graphic for the house. It's obviously still in keeping with the original chosen animal representation, the deer/stag. I feel there's no better animal to represent the attributes of nobility and integrity. This representation was created for my use by Immortalxkiss.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave. Once again, I had trouble changing the crest, torn between keeping the original and starting my reign as house master with something new. Ultimately, I opted to have a friend, falsexcure, create a new crest for my use as house master. This is that crest, it is the crest that I started out as house master with. I like to think that the beautiful imagery represents the beauty and activity of our forum. The deer is obviously our house's representation, standing for nobility and integrity as Daire intended. It is a beautiful crest, and represents the house perfectly. It does not contain a reference to the house name, the guardians of knowledge, but it represents something new...a new beginning, a beginning with SireWallFlower as the house master.
It is my goal to resurrect this once dead society and bring it back to life, a goal I can safely say at this point in time, that I have achieved. It is my hope to keep this house active. As one of the seven houses, this is a permanent vampire rave society, and I'm hoping to have made it permanently active. - SireWallFlower

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