The Coven of Fallen Souls of Sorrow

The Coven of Fallen Souls of Sorrow

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The Coven of Fallen Souls of Sorrow is a place where one strives to obtain, and keep a balance between good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative, chaos and peace, strong and weak. One cannot go without the other. Without balance this world and our lives would be in total chaos. We in this Coven have a common goal to keep a nice, clean and well balanced relationship with each other and the rest of the people on this site. So if you are like-minded, and feel a balance is necessary in your life - please let us know. We are always keeping our eyes peeled as well as our ears. The current crest that is up signifies justice, strength, and pure downtrodden soulful misery.

If you are one who strives for an equal balance in life please come forth and petition the Coven Master and she will look further into what you have to offer. Be warned she has high expectations, as does the rest of this coven. We strive for quality, as opposed to quantity in our members. This Group is a fun-loving group of people who are highly active. It shows in their levels, profile/portfolio scores. I and the others expect the same from any new additions to our Coven. This Coven isn't for just anyone. It is a family of those who respect, and care for each other, where people can speak their minds freely, but does it in an adult, respectful and tactful manner...Therefore Drama and Flaming are not tolerated. If drama or flaming or disrespect occurs it will be dealt with and you might not like the results. LOL

Expectations of this Coven are below:

1. No flaming. None, nada, zilch,zero!

2. Absolutely NO DRAMA, do it and suffer the consequences.

3. Activity on the site and within the Coven is important if you wish to be in this coven. Lack of activity will result in The Coven Master, or one of her Asst's asking why the lack of activity and it will be handled from there.

4. Treating EVERYONE on this site as you wish to be treated is immensely important and disrepect will result in Blinding. No questions asked. So respect each other. Thank you. =)

5. Respect, Honor, Decency ,Honesty and Tactfullness are needed in here. Anything less then that is not acceptable.

6. Activity now wins favor. How can we as a Coven buy top members on this site for here if we don't have favor to do so? ;)

7. If you're not sure about some things ask :).

8. Suggestions are listened to, and at times used. If it helps the coven a good bit. (all things are considered)

9. Getting marked. It's simple. You truly gotta earn it. There are many ways to go about it.

10. Working together for the common goal of good and succeeding will take al ot of hardwork from EVERYONE not just a few people all the time.I believe we can be something positive as far as this house/coven system is concerned.

11. For Coven members if you feel the need to leave this coven at any time please let me know and I will honor your request to be traded,but come to me directly and ask first. Do not go to another house/coven master and ask to get in their house/coven first. If I find out through discussion with them you asked them first and not me I will not honor that request.

12. You must uphold the site rules at all times, and respect all site staff. If I see anyone disobeying the rules you will be blinded.

13. Get involved with the main forum, and in the vampbox.

14. Earn favor on your own time, but I do expect at least 20 favor a week, and that is going for all members.(even staff)

For now that's a good bit of what's expected of the Coven members here.There is more and I will update this description as I deem neccessary.

For now enjoy this realm and that which is in it. It's here for pleasure and enjoyment.


Coven Master

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