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Mistress Angelique

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Te Amo, Mi Todo

You came into my life

At a time when I was feeling down

Your persistence to talk to me

Made me come around

We always have so much fun

When we are together

I feel we are true friends

The kind that lasts forever

Then today I realized

I feel more for you than just a friend

My emotions run so deep

Making me want to weep

Your smile can light up a room

Your laugh makes me feel weak inside

Your words make me want to melt

For you, I would die

But instead, I cry

For I know our paths will never cross

You are with another

And I am destined to be alone

Never wandering far from home

I wish it was not this way

For to feel your arms around me

And your lips on mine

Would bring me such inner peace and joy

Truly making me shine

Until the end of time

~Mistress Angelique~

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Can one truly hate themselves?

I hate the way I look, the way I talk, my emotional being.

I put on a mask daily

But no one can see me

No one tries to see beneath the exterior

All they see is the outer pages.

So many superficial people

Or those that don't want to take a chance

at happiness

When they meet their true soul mate

They shy away

And live out their days

In misery and pain

~Mistress Angelique~


The howling moon,

So fat and bright,

Is rising soon,

This summer Night.

Two lovers meet.

Love is given.

Two wild hearts beat.

Love is taken.

Holding on tight,

To each other.

Passions take flight.

Night our cover.

Desires spent.

Tears left to cry.

Though we are meant,

Time won't deny.

My true soulmate.

Love forbidden.

Fighting our Fate.

Our time will end.

Me, immortal,

I'll never die.

You are mortal,

Your death no lie.

And so we part,

With no promise.

My heavy heart,

Doesn't want this.

The howling moon,

So fat and bright,

Is setting soon,

This summer night...

© Crystal Stinson 2005

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I’ve been missing you all these years…

Your memory remains fresh in my mind…

Over the many days I’ve cried many tears…

I often believe Fate wouldn’t be so unkind…

I sit and contemplate if you miss me too…

Does the thought of me bring you pleasure…

Could you possibly miss me like I miss you…

Is our love something that you also treasure…

The memory of your kiss still lingers in my heart…

The feel of your hands upon my skin still there…

You are near to me no matter how far apart…

I have no doubt that our love is indeed rare…

I dream of the day when we again meet…

I fantasize about the moment we first kiss…

I can almost feel the passionate heat…

I can just imagine the incredible bliss…

Until that faraway day comes, I will wait…

I am trying to have faith that it will be fine…

I will sit back and once again listen to Fate…

I have to trust that she will make you mine…


© Crystal Stinson 2006


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you cannot force my muse" she said

reluctant to conform to the want

she said as she typed those words

one after another onto the pristine page

leaving small black hieroglyphics

for others to interpret behind her.

"you cannot force my muse" she said

adding to the wealth of words

and thoughts she'd already committed

over the years from teenager onwards

outpourings of emotion and need

for others to interpret behind her.

"you cannot force my muse" she said

and submitted her words and thoughts

to the criticisms of those who watched

and judged and applauded and scoffed

at the byproduct of her muse's force

which others interpreted behind her.

~ by Drakontion ~

Nun, None, No-One

Contemplating the directions I've taken

The people I've seen, the places I've been.

Why is it that I know so few

Affect so few

Touch so few.

It is only when we are about to lose something that we question it's validity.

If it is hard for me to make friends

Then it's nigh on impossible for me to go deeper.

But that's want I want.

That eternal, whining, Dickensian plaint...

I feel resigned to what I already have.

Relegated to the lower order by virtue of the fact of my aloneness, my separatness, my singleness...

My oneness.

And yet, wanting more, I strive to reach out

And be reached in return.

So this is my situation:

A questioning, querying, quixiotic conundrum

Continuously continuing

World without end.

~ by Drakontion ~

Amore Straniero

Penso spesso che il sesso sia straniero

Linguette tortuose reptilian delle proporzioni

Ejaculations terse di desiderio

Rettifica ed afferrare e groping

Ingranare destro delle vite e delle parti del corpo

Vulnerabilita esposte ed abbandonate

Brevi calore e ritiro

Infine con conseguente wonder e confusione

La domanda di sono io solo e stata risposta a

Non ne lasciandomi il piu saggio

Ma satiata


~ by Drakontion ~


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"And we met her, Luvadeea, the first born of Death...

Agnus dei,qui tollit pecata mundi..."

Even if I will feel like hanging on an upside down cross:

I poured on her skin

on her naked body

myriad of leaves

on her crown

on her brow

on her lips

on her arms

on her breasts

on her belly

on her thighs

on her womb

But you`ll never know

what fragrance have those leaves

and from which Tree they were harvested.

No, you`ll never know.

... unless if that damned pack of vagrant cherubs

will not whisper it to you,

that damned cherub pack.


The Love Poem

Oh, invisible tenebrions,

lit a hundred candles and prepare the dinner for two.

An ethereal night awaits our embrace.

Oh, bring your flowing strings and let the curtains of sunset dance

in my opened windows,

for only the rotating rocks on the firmament will be here at her arrival.

Then let your entity masks be removed,

for her beauty

has no form and her spirit embodies

but the whisper of a fragrance.

Pour the wine of oblivion

in the silver goblets


she will come

to give me her kiss

the one I left

in the moment

of my first breath


~ all poems written by Dragonrouge ~

What follows are the words of Ghosts of Members Past, which echo through the creaking limbs of the Garden's trees on a moonless nights ...

Manzana Oscura


[In a dark room]

In a dark room full of mirror and hopes

we stand side by side

my vampire and I

We call our names

we pray to reach our hands

Nothing we have

but silence

solitude we are

our desire burns

in ashes


[Tonight I close the door]

Tonight I close the door to my dreams,

none will ever be able to come in.

Tonight I beg for peace in my mind,

for loneliness and tears.

I want to get back to myself.


[Having the heart wide open]

Having the heart wide open

and tears falling,

I wait for my friend, a silent angel to be here with me...

I cry for the past as my heart does...

and years become my hope...

wasted and delighted in memories


~ all poems written by Manzana Oscura ~


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A dazzling reproach in cruelty.

Your smile feigns in this way.

Eyes of wanton rebuttal, and archaic scribes.

Sadness take in twain.

We refuse it’s rise.

Seeing you in light is to shiver.

A sensation long past the ancients and their pleas.

Standing in simplicity is but your tease.

Your intellect, and mystery fill my marrow.

I uncover perception in your gaze.

Ashes settle around us in perpetual sync.

Turning away is your checkmate darling.

Though, I never truly allow you the win.

For I have your heart, as you have mine.

A curious love suspended in the webs of time.

~ Written by: Catherine 2007 ~



The harsh red and orange brush strokes sculpt me into the entity that is my prized painting. The colors swirl around children that look happy again. Hanging above the mantel in my sunroom; always it captures me each time I pass. How did I come to possess such a beautiful piece? To this day I call it fate or destiny depending on your beliefs in such things.

I found it resting against an old rusty washboard at one of those backwoods rummage sales. Some folks just never know how much talent they posses in isolated environments. Namely places where you have two first names and your cousin is your uncle. Nonetheless, I wanted this painting. I found the seller, a man in overalls and flannel. I made the exchange for a mere fifty dollars even, and turned to leave. For reasons I am only aware of now I turned right back around to face the scruffy older man.

“Do you know who painted this?”

“Well now, if I remember correctly a fella by the name of Tanner painted it. He had two little girls who was murdered. Purdy little girls they was. Found their bodies bout a mile out from the river that runs over there.” He motioned his hand limply to his right. “He started paintn’ strange things. Always with the little ones who was killed.”

“You mean it wasn’t just his girls who were murdered?”

“Oh no, there were scads more of em’ killed ‘round these parts. I don’t know if they ever got the one who done it. Alls I do know is once Mister Tanner started his paintings the killings stopped. Some of the town folk even think he had been the one who killed them. Although, us small town folk all got our opinions.” I smiled awkwardly, and found my skin covered in goose flesh. The sun was starting to ease up and the strange smell had faded. I started to walk away, and felt as though he knew more than he had let on. I also knew I would never turn back to ask.

That evening, I took great care in hanging the painting in my bedroom. I stood back to look at my handy work, and was almost pleased. Except, something seemed very wrong with it’s place there, and I found myself shivering. I shrugged the uneasy feeling away and proceeded to lie down. Nightmares encased me in the sounds of crying children, and a man’s wild laughter. The room became unbearably cold and I jolted up from my bed. The feeling of a chilled night of tossing and turning must have been in my head I thought, because it was quite warm in my room. Puzzled, I stood and a terrible odor caused me to gag. I looked up toward the painting feeling that somehow it was responsible. To my horror the entire picture was bubbling, but the children were playing and laughing. The picture was alive. I ran to the window, tore down all of the drapery, and listened to the laughter raise into a howl of a man in agony. Holding my hand over my nose and mouth, I walked closer to see why it was permeating the offensive smell. Immediately I discovered the canvas was made of human flesh. My eyes widened. I watched the skin simmering, and listened to children's laughter as a man screamed behind them. Everything seemed chaotic until nightfall, and I moved the painting into my sunroom where it remains always in the direct rays of sun.

My children play and smile again, as the flesh of their killer simmers in the mid-day sun.


Short Story written by: Catherine 2006




In darkness he stalks the night

Every shadow, every crevice searched

To fulfill his fiendish delights

The deathly shadows now his church

His eyes sharp see clear in the dark

As souls move past fearing night

Just one is needed for his makers marque

Each soul fragrant, his senses ignite

He moves with grace, victims know not

One swift motion, he’s quickly done

Leaving behind a soulless lot

And when twilight breaks

Return he must to his crypt

To allow some time to recuperate

Until the next eves trip


The darkness falls like black velvet

Gloves falling to the floor

He stirs within his catacomb

Opening his coffin’s door

His dark red eyes attuned

to shadow and gloomy mist

Slowly he retreats his deathly bed

For another night he still exists

Move he must to slake the need

A longing that will never cease

He looks for a soul on which to feed

Blood this Lamia’s only caprice

And in his wanderlust he finds~

Not any sort of truth he seeks

He knows his nature is unkind

He knows that he’s a modern freak

He drags himself through the night

Knowing that day will quickly break

Knowing that he remains a fright

Continuously avoiding the stake

Then near the twilight hour

He returns to his toe pinching bed

And with rest he’ll be empowered

Until the morrow he wakes undead.


Bound to you

by Vampire rite

Ropes invisible

Tether us tight

Words spoken

Energy shared

Vows unbroken

We’re so aware

Well worn nights

Sleepy days

Deep dark bites

Vampiric ways


Once upon a time, not so very long ago

Lived a princess, sad and lonely, ever so

When out of the blue she stumbled upon

A vampire who beguiled her with his charm

She fell oh so fast for him in many ways

The tender words she heard him say

The sweetness of his gentle touch

The conversations, they shared so much

The pleasurable pain of his embrace

The love they shared was so fast paced

And so she fell even faster still

He kept her heart, her needs fulfilled

In a vampire’s world she stayed spellbound

Each day more intense, more profound

And so she fell, faster, deeper

The vampire knew he would keep her

The nights continued, such sweet caress

The love they shared with such excess

The whispers, telling of sincere delight

They continued long into the dark of night

Their fingers interlaced, hands holding strong

To him this princess would always belong

And so she fell, the abysm more benighted

The vampire always welcomed, so invited

The teeth that sink in upon her skin

The sake of their love, she let him in

The story continues and so as it goes

The princess and her vampire do compose

And so she fell, but was well caught

The vampire holding her as he ought.


Scarlet flows gently between your lips

Nourishment for a vampire’s needs

Weakened and gentile in your grip

To your powers I concede

Scarlet flows as my heart slows

Vampire won’t take my life

He needs me more than he knows

Still, his love cuts like a knife

Scarlet flows as I lay in his grasp

Spent from his deathly kiss

To breath I need to take a gasp

I fall through this abyss.

Scarlet now absorbed by him

He looks into my eyes

Fingers trace along my chin

His wants, desires realized.

Scarlet still within me flows

My love for him never questioned

My heart on fire, passion aglow

My vampire, my obsession

~ All Poems By Alura ~

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