Poems of the Coven

Lord Peace


thinking of you

23:34:58 - Sep 02 2009

I want to reach out and touch you in the morning

to cuddle you in my arms at the new days dawning

i want to hold you saying; i love you, as you fall asleep

knowing that within my arms, safe and warm, i'll keep

i need to feel you close to me for no reason except i care

i want to drift to sleep smelling the fragance of your hair

all of this so that you know asleep or awake i will be there

and never my love will you ever have any reason to fear


The Death of Love....

what shall we call it

when the death of love arises

how shall we name it

full of pain and harsh surprises

if it comes with the dawn

will we run and hide from it in fright

and if it comes with dusk falling

shall we survive though the night

shall we wish to die

alone in grief before the noon hour

and after the sun is gone

will midnight find us dead in our bower

what shall we call it

when the death of love arises

how shall we name it

full of pain and harsh surprises

this has been here in my journal since april

it is now finished

sometimes love dies


For Lil my big sister

Sep 09 2009

she was my big sister and watched over her baby brother

if any of the others felt they could run me she had my back

she was the one, who when all was done, was second mother

and we all knew we could call on her when we felt the lack

she had the knack to speak to me and keep me

in my place

as a mother would an errant child, spoiled and grown irate

no easy task for one grown into a man who never had to face

the truth of losing mom and dad before his conscience waked

she could also make me laugh and know how much she loved me

whether telling tales of days unknown or having water fights

my big sister,and my heart though you might not be able to see

how much you meant to me and through how many nights

when i missed my chance to see you and hug you one last time

like a child i was upset and peeved, yes spoiled much by you

i felt it was my due and right to have you for that time

and when i couldn't i was hurt, of course though i know you

i wonder how much differently my life would have turned out

had she been able to take me with her when things went awry

a different person would have been here i know if that came about

but even so i grew up strong but not so strong i cannot cry

so lil i love you and i will miss you and my tears did fall

when writing this i though about how much you meant to all

your pain is over and your troubles no longer do exist

my love big sister know from all that you are sorely missed


Rainey my love, come bite me again

It feels so good it must be a sin

Come and get me the way you please

Me oh my, feel my quivering knees

A loving nibble or was it a lustful bite

And a hickey that's just out of sight

She can have me as she pleases

With her love, my how she teases

Rainey my love, come bite me again

And let the dance of loving begin

Body to body as we sway back and forth

Feet pointing south heads pointing north

Caresses that turn into squeezes and then;

The sounds of the evening, they really begin

Oh my, one may ask what language we utter

Making just as much sense as fluffernutter

Rainey, my lustful biting wench

Paddled while I sat upon a bench

Then swiftly she went from over my knee

To kissing and making sweet love to me


with the dusk i feast

Aug 10 2009

waiting til the dusk and the sun's daily death

when once again, i rise hungry from my rest

i shall seek the coppery scent of blood upon the wind

and i shall find the humans upon whom to feed again

i mesmerize them helpless within a single blink

and my ivory fangs deep in their throats i sink

the life, the blood will flow and i will have my fill

the lovely taste of their blood on my tongue still

i strike them and drink, then i drink once more

thowing them to the earth or to the wooden floor

eternally night after night i drink, this my feast

to gorge and sate myself entire on the human beast

the night dies, as the sun arises to my bed i flee

taking no note of the waking world come upon me

seeking for the darkness, and coolness of my grave

to man i leave the sunlight in which he daily slave

my thirst for blood for one night sated

i go to my sleep my rest now unabated

in the wooden darkness of my coffin now i rest

in the ground unsanctified, the soil never blessed


state fair

Aug 10 2009

i alone stand here still, when the sun has fallen down

in the midst of the commotion, in the center of the town

i watch in amusement as they flee running here and there

for the vampire night has come and this is our state fair

there is no fairway to be seen, no rides to be found

for the vampire night has risen and we descend upon the town

in our lust, our pleasures here we find, and take them without joy

and the humans who inhabited this town are our food and our toy

a ringmaster stands and in the town directs the flow and frenzy

he will feed no less then all and feed without any envy

for the sun has fled and in the night the vampire do appear

and within this town for this one night they have their own state fair


when the sun goes down

Aug 10 2009

do you fear the darkness, when the sun goes down at night

do you fear the shadows, that arise when lost the light

do you run in terror from the beasts that now arise

seeking the food that allows them to live their undead lives

do you tremble knowing that with night there comes the beast

and you are just a different food to be tabled for the feast

do you scream in terror knowing that you run but cannot hide

that when the time has come they will have your blood inside

there is no pity to be found in these creatures of the night

there is no shirking back when they have you in their sight

their eyes blood red, their fangs come out, and they seek to feed

and you are there the human beast the food to fill their need

so cry and scream in terror this is music to their ears

a fitting symphony they think as they invoke your fears

tis the music mortal to their ears, accompanying the feast

when the sun goes down the world is theirs and we are but the beast


swift seduction

Aug 10 2009

come to me he whispered from the shadows fall at dusk

come my love his sibiliant hiss filled with the vampires lust

she shivered and she stepped forward knowing she should not

but helpless to stand still she was enamoured

and her blood was hot

her heart pounding her skin flushed with blood she came

when he took her hand her life would never be the same

and yet her body cried out for the lust grew in her soul

take me her mind screamed and use my body take me whole

he stroked her face caressed her neck and his breath upon her skin

she shivered cringed knowing truly that her live was at the end

his strange glamour filled her,and she craved his feast

and she came willingly, offering her neck to the beast

he kissed her throat and his fangs slid out and pierced within

she whimpered in pain and moaned in lust as they broke her skin

as the vampire drank her fully hands entangled in her hair

she languished in his arms and the world ended there


And now it ends

Aug 10 2009

and now it ends the cross has caught me full upon my brow

the man from town has come for vengenace and he wants it now

the stake he took into his hands and drove it in my breast

he found my heart ( i have one still) and now i must confess

i struggled mightliy to feed this vampiric lust

with dawn my body will at last become dust

i was not alert or he stealthy but the result the same

i was caught when this man upon my feeding came

never more to rest in my coffin waiting upon the dawn

never to bite again with the dreaded vampire yawn

no more of the sweet coppery taste of blood within my throat

no more the feeding of the beast upon the human stoat

with the true death coming, upon my name at last

and i having been will not regret my vampiric past

i came, i took, i drank the blood and reveled in the slaughter

created many while i could of vampiric son and daughter

my time has come and gone my legacy they will carry on

my time at last done,with the dawn they live and i am gone

for none can say i was not mighty and fearful in my day

and none can say this is the place where the lord of vampires lay


wait little one

Aug 13 2009

wait little one, just wait and see

your dreams are that which set you free

and tho' you would have them fulfilled in a day

it is the world of reality which must hold sway

wait little one, and the day will come

your heart won't be frozen, no longer numb

the passion, and the heat which you seek

will be gifted to you and make you weak

wait little one, for it's coming soon

that which you dreamed will be your boon

and on the day that the gift comes to you

you will find that love, will come to you too


my time has come i cannot deny

the days have gone they fluttered by

the nights that once seemed lonely too

have taken leave the time it flew

i want not to leave and deny it tho'

the time has come for me to go

to take that step into the hinterland

where always ends the son of man

the reason for my leaving will be seen

my soul has gone where none has been

so i tarry not but must make my way

and thence be gone with break of day


i write in sorrow when my soul does ache

when something my heart seems to break

it may not be what it has been deemed

it may not be as what it seemed

all i can say is that my heart does hurt

my soul has found too much to work

and so i cry out loud in my pain

and write the torture once again

heal me silently i plea

tell me this just cannot be

salve the wound that makes me cry

heal the hurt that makes me sigh


the fire

I feel the fire on my skin

an invisible fire from within

it burns me with it's lovely flame

for a love which i refuse to blame

this fire started when i first loved you

burned my soul and scorched me too

yet gladly will i suffer through this pain

to love the one who seared my brain

who set a fire burning in my heart

whose touch this inferno did start

and so it consumes me everyday

this fire that is our love has it's way


when you sleep

when you sleep i walk in clouds

and waft through your window

you don't know I'm there

but you feel my arms around you

you snuggle deeper and feel so secure

never realizing i am there

i hve drifted through the night

to keep you safe my dear

in my loving arms your body unwinds

you feel your tensions drift away

then when you awake refreshed

there is no reason that you can say

when you sleep i watch over you

each and every night

but when you awake

your sleep clouded eyes

miss me as i drift from sight


a single tear coursing down your face

a salty path for my tongue to trace

what was the cause of the tear she weeps

why does it slip from her eyes in sleep

could it be that she cries silent for me

for the course of our love so desperately

a single tear running down your cheek

why does it make my life seem bleak

or should i know that you cry not for me

but for yourself in fear relentlessly

that in your heart you truly ache

what was it that caused the break

a single tear that caused such pain

to see it falling and to know in vain

that i am helpless to stop its race

as it pours silently down your face

even though it was not my doing

this single tear will be my ruin


Help me

I have fallen so deeply in love with you

that I don't know what to do

help me

My heart taken prisoner by yours

I am the captive of your sweetness

help me

Knowing what has happened

I have no defense and surrender to you

help me

Do what you will with me I am yours

Now tomorrow and forever

help me

My love

my caramel and cinnamon

my heart for ever


he is dark tonight

the full moon is gone

and for the next cycle

he is ours

he is dark tonight

and we do hunger

and while we hunt

he lies dead

he is dark tonight

his soul blinded

darkness rules

he weeps bitterly

he is dark tonight

he has no choice

it is the time of fear

he knows death is near

he is dark tonight

and cries for the dawn

only then will his soul

be reborn


I will open the doors that should be sealed

be very afraid, and your blood congealed

I will bring the darkness out of the light

I will loose the demon's terrible fright

so many that think I am "so nice "

in the darkness they would think twice

the horror oh it sounds so frightful

the pain it brings is so delightful

when the animal is finally let loose

on the frightened fool, the silly goose

i said be afraid but its now too late

for foolishly you have tempted fate

you run down stairs and narrow alleys

you seek to hide in kitchen galleys

but ever closer draw the sound of swift paws

of the beast whose gibbering slavering jaws

will make a meal of your innocent soul

will have your body and eat you whole


she had met him in the market today

she sat upon her bed light burning bright

fearing in heat to go to sleep this night

and she just couldn't forget the sight

the pale man unblinking at the very edge of sight

not a word was spoke between them

not a real shared glance betwixt

yet she knew that he had marked her

and the knowing scared her stiff

deep in her soul she knew that tonight

he would come for her, she couldn't refuse

and to her this was the worst of all

to know she would respond to his beck and call

and then she heard a whisper, a breath

a shadow of the wind

and when she looked he stood right there

he was already in

he gazed into her deep brown eyes and her neck bared on its own

he sang his fangs into her and she was nevermore to be known


strength is the submissive woman

she knows how to handle anything given

she gives that strength to her master

and makes him smarter stronger faster

she bears her burdens like a lioness

and plunges deeper then even lochness

my god they make me stand in awe

at the burdens they have born and saw

my love for them knows no bounds

their heart beats to mine and resounds

this is why i care for the gift the give

the giving has taught me how to live


Her Submission

So beautiful in her submission

She is Venus De Milo in his sight

Fulfilling all his wishes effortlessly

She is Master's supreme delight

By her submission made beautiful

With a soul that is heaven sent

Her servitude in excellence

And her will to his will bent

She anticipates his desire

With Master if it pleases you

As she takes joy in his loving

And her submission is so true

She is the best of what he knows

And by this his heart is taken

His dominance a loving dream

From which he will never waken


As I float down softly to land on the grass

you in your fleeing have looked back aghast

knowing that I was intent on only you

the blood in your veins yes this is my due

my wings have furled and drawn to my back

my eyes rimmed with red fire, soul eating black

my legs lengthening as forward I stride

and you know there is nowhere to hide

as I reach you and take you in my grasp

seeing my fangs more deadly then an asp

you moan in terror,you know the time is here

when the vampire feasts your soul disappears


Love's Tears

I cry my lonely teardrops, as I'm walking in the rain;

For I know no one can see me, as I shatter from the pain.

For love, has once again taken deep root in my heart.

And once again I know that soon, my world will fall apart.

I can not close the door to love, tho� I know the hurt it will bring;

For the other thing I know, is that it will come again like spring.

My heart has always belonged to them, it never was my own;

And the pain I suffer gladly, for the joy though it I�ve known.

A romantic maybe to the core, but I love so deep and dear;

That the downside of my weakness, is the upside of my fear.

And ever and again I would gladly let, my heart be stolen free.

For the glory of the love I feel, that flows from you to me.


Oh the red dress

Oh my lord, you are the lady in red

something I once dreampt; in my bed

the dress that looks so good on you

throws me in a state, what will I do

To hold you in my arms while dancing

my heart and feet, both now prancing

while your body molds it self to mine

sweet love a feeling that's oh so divine

and when the dance is over dear

I will whisk you away from there

to a place that is quiet and private too

now I will want to make sweet love to you

my hands on your body through your dress

as I hold you tightly in a lover's caress

as we move through the room my lips on yours

till your clothes and my clothes lie on the floor

then in a sweet, the most sweet embrace

we shall make love, at a slow steady pace

until you moan maybe scream out my name

then you and I love will never be the same


Each day I Wait

Each day gone by, I wait for you.

each hour, spent in looking too.

My soul awaits your presence here.

My heart dictates, you'll soon be near.

I long for you with all my being,

While searching with my eyes unseeing.

The need I feel, inside for you;

That knowing you, is knowing true.

Each time our paths uncrossed continue,

The doubt affects my heart and sinew;

But moments later, the doubt is gone;

And again, I'm lured by your siren song.

I know that eventually, you will be

Standing here, alongside me.

With no choice left to me by fate,

I wander ceaselessly; yet I wait.

For you my heart; my one great love

I surrender all things; below and above.

For your sweet touch, your gentle caress

When they come, they bring the best.

So now maybe you will understand

Why I can wait patient at hand.

Because I know that you are / will be,

My love / soul mate for eternity.


Emotional Vampire

yes i am he who cannot be

whom your hearts fears see

I am he who should not live

and sanction to the soul i give

I am the one who would possess

your freedom and your very best

I am the one who draws your mind

to the shadow web where he will bind

Your heart and mind body and soul

the very things that make you whole

and when you are caught you will aspire

to be the prey of the emotional Vampire


much like a painting

poetry is meant to evoke emotions

part of the way that is done

is to create images that appear

in the readers minds eye

if i write a poem that makes your heart beat faster

or brings a smile unknown to your face

i have succeeded

i want to touch mind and make you think

touch heart and stir emotions

this is to me what poetry does


I am the Beast

I am the beast that roars in the night;

behind your eyes, just out of sight.

I am he that lurches forth from the dark;

to terrify humanity and leave my mark.

I wear the token of doom upon my brow,

the doors that kept me are broken now.

Horrifying in aspect, I no longer dwell;

but have rumbled forth from the deepest hell.

Beware I come to take your soul!

Beware I come to eat you whole!

There is no protection from my bite,

from whence I come in the darkest night.


she thrills me because she knows what I like

she tempts me when she comes into my sight

she obeys me because it is her choice to do

she loves me unconditionally I love her too

she is my submissive, my slave, my pet

she knows my arms are the safest place yet

I am awed by the depths of her devotion

she displays for me the gamut of emotion

I will take her when and how I am ready

her heart and soul always remain steady

what a great gift has been given unto me

full of joy her Master/Dominant I will be

for nibblz and shaia


The Hunger

You have brought the hunger on me

For your sweetness now I long to taste

Only you can satisfy this burning need

Now, I have the hunger

I want you here upon your knees

Your body to satisfy this fiery need

Your submission to feed me sweetly

For this only, do I hunger

My mouth longs to taste you now

To savor your lushness on my tongue

To caress your sweetness with my lips

You, have awoken the hunger

You, you have done this to me

No I cannot let it be, I must be fed

The feeling you have awoken, oh so strong

You brought the hunger on me

So come to me and give me that

Which will feed this desire inside

Come sate me with your sweet delight

Come satisfy my hunger


Children of the Muse

As I make my way through the night

I meet those whose cross my sight

those who`s destiny is as mine

who minds and souls emerge in rhyme

I gather to me the children of the muse

who`s sweet inspiration we all must use

I hold them dearly in my heart my soul

one more piece to make up the whole

my brothers my sisters I call to you

and in her grace we all shall move

to create another space and time

one to the other in rhythm and rhyme


What more can i say

What more can I say to thee

Except you are my fantasy

You are my great desire

A brilliant surging fire

The touch of you all I need to know

And the scent, that's yours alone

For the taste of you upon my tongue

Makes each day as one just begun

In my arms the need to hold

To caress your body and your soul

To feel your heart against my skin

To let you out and to hold you in

You are a dream become reality

As when I envision you time s me

To sweetly go like I've never been

Which happens whenever you invite me in

To create and share an ecstasy

That of loving you completely


Dying inside

You said it then, you went to sleep.

I sat up all night without a peep.

My mind in circles, running fast

Examining our recent past.

What was it that I said, or did;

What was it that, now seems hid.

Why don�t I understand you dear,

And what desire brought us here.

Too hurt to sleep, I sat up thinking

Had I a bottle, I would have been drinking.

Trying to find the cause behind the word;

Trying and failing feeling absurd.

Don�t get upset, you said to me

In so many words this cannot be.

The union that we I thought we sought;

But now you say, our work's for naught.

I will not cry, I will not weep;

Keep it inside, I wont make a peep.

But, if you look into my eye;

I'm sure my dear you'll see me die.

Piece by piece, a little each day;

My heart and soul are torn away

My dream destroyed, my hopes are crushed;

All, have been down the toilet flushed,


The Gift

It happened, oh it happened finally

You opened your eyes, saw what I see

The power of your sweet confession

Changed my life and gave me a mission

To bring to fruit the seed we sowed

I told you, you would give what was owed

My love my life my only one

It seems at last that we have begun

From that sweet kiss we shared

From my love which had you scared

The years you spent hiding from me

Afraid of what your soul said should be


n the rose shaded sunset

a lonely tree stood atop the silent hill

and the wind blowing through its branches

whispered softly i remember them still

as the sun faded rose

then magenta and violet hues

the wind again whispered softly

oh have you heard the news

i sit alone here no longer;

a good man came here yesterday

he stood beneath my branches

fell to his knees and prayed

before he dug a hole carefully

among my roots so deep

and buried something dear to him

and prayed that safe i would keep

this memento from she whom

for so very long a time

he loved so unselfishly

and who died before her time

this he entrusted to this tree

which stood lonely on a hill

and every rose colored sunset

finds his shadow walking still


A painful goodbye

I told you I needed love and affection

I waited for you to make the correction

But dear too much time has passed

and now my love has faded at last.

I have to leave you to remain alive

The sanity I need in order to survive

I loved you with my heart and soul

But it takes two to make love whole

You couldn�t reach out and take my hand

And now I must take this sorry stand

Much as I've d loved you I must let go

And I only hope that we too will grow

Its painful to me but I have to do it

If not for the rest of my life I'll rue it

I bear no grudges but I have to go

Its best for both of us I know

For reasons we both know I will always care

there is nothing between us and this I cant bear

I wouldn�t hurt you but I no longer love you

And its for both our sakes this thing that I do

Let me walk away with the tears in my eyes

And in turn I wont give you any lies

I loved you truly and hoped for an end

Where you and I could be more then friends

My darling I see that this cant be

And my children make you dear to me

Remember the love that once we shared

And know in your heart that I always cared


a romantic vein

After the flowers were placed in a vase

Where we can see them their beauty won't waste

After the fireplace has been lit

And the champagne cork no longer fits

When the bearskin rug feels soft as a dove

Then my dear we can make love

I will undress you bit by bit

And every inch of your skin I'll lick

Until your body is fully unclothed

To my adoring eyes all your charms exposed

I'll slip from my clothes and gather you up

And on your sweet body I will sup

The loving we'll make last for hours

Or for as long as our passion flowers

For there is nothing I'd rather do

Than to linger making love to you



I drempt of you last night,

And making love so sweetly.

And in the morning light,

I woke; satisfied completely

I thought of you this morning

And the dream that was so sweet;

What it was that I was feeling,

Only you could make complete.

And today when at last I saw you

It was like a vision from the dream

Springing full blown into the light

Sparkling as if a golden sunbeam

How could it have carried over

For when one has awoken

from the dream into the light

Don�t dreams linger in the night

The only I answer I can give

Is to the question you won't ask

Is that all dreams don�t die

Some in the sunlight bask


September 23

a ride

we took a ride together

and it was like nothing ever before

we took a ride to heaven and

we walked on paradise's shore

i am so glad i talked you

into going on this ride with me

i couldnt imagine this trip

hoping it was what it should be

and when you got back home

and you drifted of contently to sleep

i remember thinking of you

and the smile on your face you keep


September 24


sometimes i think to myself this is not fair

i awake and on my pillow smell your hair

when i dream you are there keeping me

from visiting fantasy lands i used to see

i dont miss them but when i awake i miss you

i wonder about your effect on me yes it's true

but i would not have it any other way

you my love are my light and my day

you are dear the stars to me and the moon

no matter when i see you i want you soon

if life were fair i would have loved you for years

but life being what it is with you i have no tears

every day that i love you is one more wonder

when i see you my heart beats like thunder

your love has come to be so much to me

that i think i found my worlds of fantasy



where is my heart is my waking thought

soon i find you and my fears are nought

my soul seems bound unto you my dear

there is no place to keep it except there

you are my waking dream and my night peace

of all the wonders of the world not the least

is the love you have given me and inspire

my heart and poets soul to flame full fire

i cannot help when i write poetry for you

it seems the only thing right in my heart to do

the muse guides my hand your love my heart

and with these two together the rhymes start

as swiftly as the second hand does its spin

my hand moves and the ink flows from my pen

with each word written i love you all the more

and with each second look for you at my door

my heart soars when i hear your voice

this is automatic now i have no choice

and my soul rises when you are with me

and believe me there is no the way for me


September 25

Vampire love

Her window opened where he alights

Her neck already subject to his bites

He comes back to her seeking more

Mist through the window across the floor

When her bedside is reached he solidifys

And gazes at her with red vampiric eyes

This feast of his that now awaits his touch

A lovely maiden once known as such

But now and forever more will she be

The vampires love and bride you see

He has not been greedy, she not fully bled

For vampire will she be instead

And before the son has risen in the sky

To the crypt with him as dawn draws nigh

To share the grave of her undead love

The vampire maiden who once lived above



In jest he wrote those words of mine

and in his jest blasphemed my rhyme

and so I called and took him to task

And the reason why need not be asked

For when the pen is drawn in duel

And satires metaphors are the fuel

Everyone backup watch and stare

For a poet's duel is in the air

With my pen I challenge thee

To a friendly battle which we see

Just how quick thy nimble thoughts are

And how much ink is in your jar

So avast and write ye scurvey lout

For the rhyming battle has come about

Here on kabbalah's poetry page

Let the dueling pens come and rage


September 26


My name you say you will engrave

With envy upon a hollow cave

But wait a stela I will erect

To hold the nomen of the elect

Who had the terpitude to match

A wordsmith with the given craft

To build a tomb out of the word

And with it your soul to perturb

So lend an ear and lend an eye

As we in combat both shall vie

To be the one whose pen shall win

The contest which we did begin

Whether cave deep beneath yon hill

or stela which shall stand there still

One the winner's prize shall claim

The other simply a graven name


September 27

And in refrain

No alcoholic drinks shall I invoke

Ones brain is needed for the stroke

To match one�s wits fine adversary

By any means that is necessary

No stela or deep dank cave

But instead the vampire rave

Shall bear witness to this duel

And the cunning used for fuel

whose words are greater we cannot say

But leave it to the world�s dismay

For those who think this serious

Are not the one whom we would trust

My hat I doff to you my brother

To know that we unlike any other

Could carry out a duel like this

Before our coven as witness

And I agree we both are must win

proven by the rhymes struck herein

that one or the other does not exceed

the talents that are ours indeed

so to brother you I offer this as a toast

that we both must have rights to boast

wordsmiths we are and will always be

and dare any to challenge you or me


September 30

the challenge accepted and this we wont rue

there is nothing better then to name a friend true

lives go on, and time passes forever

one called brother is one who never

can be forgotten nor can i overlook

and that my friend is you in my book


October 11

the muse

she returns and enters me

the spirit of the rhyme set free

the impulse that drives me to create

find the seeds that my day does make

turn these instead into poetry

and this is alas, all of me

not my choice but my desire

to write the words that inspire

a response from the souls of those who read

and thus satisfies my deepest needs



Oct 11 2009

you came and with your words woke the beast

that hungers for the attention at the least

of a woman's mind and a womans eyes

and dreams of the heat between her thighs

full risen now in the moonlight is he

that would come and make your vision be

would take you softly with just his rhyme

then with his body would claim you mine

and you in the rapture of the heat

with your heart going to the beat

would aquiesce and soon give in

to the heat from without and within

the hand i hold out and offer to you

will tempt you but will your mind rue

to quell the hunger the giving of you

to the beast who will devour you through

and i would say i forgive you

for you knew not what you do

but the hunger of the beast is awake

now will feed, on your heat will it slake

the thirst and the hunger both it feels

when it comes to you and bid you kneel

offer to me what you wish to give

and i will take what i need to live


My Love

(apologies to browning)

Oct 25 2009

my love is like a red, red, rose

round and about my heart she goes

her rhythm matches up to mine

and in love's light we both do shine

my joy is over whelming and sincere

and why because you love me dear

and when i wondered if you were true

you came and bought me home to you

you dried my needless tears my dear

then hugged me close and kept me near

our hearts our minds so much in sync

that it seems we even share a blink

my love my heart my eternal joy

this life shall be our glowing toy

and we will play with such glee

that every one will stop. say see!

these two souls have come together

found their purpose and now will never

cleave from one another nor rue

the love that joined these souls, these two


Baby becomes a vampire

Oct 26 2009

Her raven dark hair; her so pale skin,

of course to the vampire, she seemed akin.

But when he drew up close to her,

the scent of blood; his eyes did blur.

so sweetly scented and copper imbued

blood ran through mortal veins he knew

his fangs did ache and his hunger grew

this one's blood he longed for true

he followed her down the streets to home

and she never guessing she wasnt alone

entered her house and up the stairs went

retired to her boudoir her evening spent

he crept soflty and hung upon the wall

of course a vampire he could never fall

as he watched her ready herself for sleep

and closer to her window did the fiend creep

softly whispering to get her attention

and she thinking mortal love let him in

he flowed in easily then stood to his height

and only at that point did baby take fright

this was not some boy who had wooed her in town

but a man whose presence made her shake in her gown

she knew at once this was a presence unknown

and yet this presence made her feel so grown

was it the smoldering look deep in his eyes

a match to the heat she felt between her thighs

what was it that made her breathing so fast

was it something she had wanted come at last

he beckoned to her to come close to him

it seemed the air was thick enough to swim

her limbs seemd to belong to some other girl

as her body gave all control to his world

she languidly moved to where he stood

and gazing in his eyes finally understood

as he bent to her neck and bared his fangs

her mind simply reeled and her senses sang

this was the culmination of his lust

when his fangs bit and when they thrust

into the veins that throbbed in her neck

of her mortal life they made a wreck

but naught would she give naught would she rue

in her mind she had been a vampire through

her growing years and now was made one forever

a vampire siren, a lure that could be resisted never


November 1

Truths of love

has your heart been broken,

tell us was that pain your fault

did you ever feel that loving

so hard was for naught

have you truly loved someone

and your love had to withstand the storm

did you find that when tested

your love was more then just lukewarm

did you ever have the need to prove

that your love was true

that the one you loved so hard

was the world to you

have you tasted fom the cup of love

the bite of the bitters there

and when you had it on your tongue

did you think the taste unfair

would you only have the joy

loving another can bring

or would you gladly suffer pain

and have the whole deep thing

loving is and always will be

the most wonderful gift on earth

but ware my friends that when it comes

you must endure its birth


my love

Nov 06 2009

what can i say but i love you dear

and with your love nothing i fear

to be with you is my true delight

your are my moon my sun my light

nothing else is important to me in life

when im with you there is no strife

you make my heart soar with abandon

i know your heart is what i will land on

there is magic here which will endure

each and every day we shall learn more

about the depths and the heights we breach

in my arms there is nothing we cannot reach

you are my love my reason for living

and the love within my heart im giving

has found a place where it belongs

and your love keeps my love warm

Dead whispers

In your hands you hold my heart

so very small and frail

But deep inside can be found

a passion to unveil

although so small it looks to you

a wealth of treasure it holds

for my dear we have one heart

and mine I gave to you

Every beat the small heart makes

pounds out more love to share

and listen closely dear heart

for its always there

Hold it tight and don't let go

cos damage can be done

But never forget my sweet one

my heart has yet to grow

so tend to it with love and care

and with these words i swear

you took my heart and held it tight

and it will always be there.


words unspoken

thoughts in my head

never to be written

not to be read

Dreams of love,

that can not be

Just know..

what you mean to me

Another life it might be so

but in this one

will never know

Once spoke of

but never again

just dream in my head

that will remain unsaid


The screaming and yelling, name calling and pain,

where love once was , no longer your name,

you once filled my heart but not anymore,

no going back , done that before.

No smiles on my face that you put there each day ,

just tears of anger and sorrow , this way

No kisses or hugs , just snide remarks

if only you could see the scars on my heart.

What once you treasured, you threw it away

Not yours anymore , I'm afraid to say

For my love , which you lost was found elsewhere.

And I love him too, this i can swear

the one who I love , brings back that smile

No anger or hatred just loving and kind

Who treats your treasure much better than you

and oh my dear if only you knew,

Our days are numbered , my sorrow no more

don't say good bye when i walk out the door,

I will take with me the ones that i love

To the man I know, shows me much love.

For lost have you which you thought was yours,

no more tears or slamming door,no more trying , pain or fears.

Just alone with your peers,

Lets see how right your friends were now

What once was has gone for good ,

a new path I chose and I know i should




Dream Revelations

You are honest,

Almost to the point of being a jerk.

You are sexy,

In a way not normal yet so right.

You are smart,

yet you know you have yet to learn.

You are addictive,

I cant stop thinking about you.

You are rough,

But every touch is so gentle.

You are perfect,

Youre the very picture of love.

You are...



Where love is concerned

one can do no wrong,

But is lust wrong

when you feel the song

Of Blood and Gold and Glorious union

Beyond that of mere words and simple paper


The line that stands between love and lust is not defined,

Yet, as I am here, caught between the two,

Its obvious of the difference,

But so of the similarities.

Both tie us together in something beautiful and deep and morbidly wicked,

Primitive and uncontrollable!

So the question that forms, as I lay here

Reminiscing my night next to the woman who is both my love and my lover

Where is the boundary, that line which divides,

And what, if it is found, would that line do should we cross it?


Green trees purple rain

Love in life and love the same

Dank in grass and Jerk by night

And pringle cans made fun by might

Circus peanuts and lovely Blacks

The untouchables to see at last

Overflowing cups and mucous

Dying to hear caris latest music

Gods and goddesses and beauty abound

Gangs and fights and drama around

Family feuds but friendship glee

This is what my beloved means to me:

Loads of friends at every corner

Snow so clean you can eat it off the ground

Talking a teacher into buying snacks

Watching her dance at her first rave

Singing on stage while forgetting the words

Making your life a


I don't know her

I don't know her name

I don't know her voice

I don't know her face

But I hate her

My hate is a flame burning brighter BRIGHTER

With each day he is gone

Chris was too young

In his bed

All alone

She stole his life

She stole a son

A brother

A lover

A friend

A companion in the hardships

I don't know who she is

But I hate her


Double layer, double confession

why is It that i loved you?

with Suffering and pain That I went through.

Love is a game, Love isn't real

yet how am i still Vexed for you?

i know You were wrongs, and i was too young,

but should you be the only one to pay for what we've done?


The lover in my mind

A beautiful rose, so rare indeed,

that did touch my lips and smile.

A sun that shines with teeth so bright,

that doth break through the dark night

and set my heart aflame!

But ne'er a sun spawned from sweet love

Wrapped in hair like silk.

Splayed across thy bedsheets

doth my love surrender.

As marrows pass unnoticed

do two lovers share their souls

With vows of love and that of longevity,

sprung from young seeds just barely blossomed.

Nay, 'tis not the sun that has risen

but the moon! So full and proud and

lighting every corner of my heart

with songs of joy that ring to the

farthest star and beyond!

O' beautiful night.

The soft glow of iridescence skin, touched by

the Goddess of many names

O' magical night,

Be waiting the the God to shed light

on thine own lies

O' wonderful dreams,

the fog of my love as I slumber


First of all just let me say I know I'm no good for you

If I said so before maybe you could adore me too

I fear its to late for us but I have to say something because

If I don't now, I know I never will

No matter who you're with, or where you are, or how long its been since we last talked

Ill always love you. No matter what Ill always love you

No matter what you've done, or who you've been, or if you even remember my name

Ill always love you. No matter what Ill always love you

I know you don't love me but I don't care I love you all the same

And even if it hurts to see you with her it wont ever change

As just a friend I know Ill live, at least ill still be there

Ill always listen to your words and show you that I care

No matter who you're with, or where you are, or how long its been since we last talked

Ill always love you. No matter what Ill always love you

No matter what you've done, or who you've been, or if you even remember my name

Ill always love you. No matter what Ill always love you.



Ello, my love

I saw your mom today

She told me to say hello


Ello, my love

Its been a while since we last talked

Just called to see whats up


Ello, my love

I dreamt of you last night

You held me close as I cried to sleep


Ello, my love

Its been 4 months

Are you mad at me?


Ello, my love

I cant get over you

I'm sorry that im a nuisance


Ello, my love

I'm getting married today

I want you to come


Ello, my love

Um....I miss you a lot

Will you ever pick up?


Hello sir? We sadly inform you that Katharina has committed suicide

She asked that you come to her funeral in her final note



I shh still sshh Love you shhhhh


The fates path

My tears, my pain, you'll never know.

The love I lost, a smile I show.

A kiss goodbye, a warm embrace

A like for love, I see you face

Alas my dear, my fate is sealed

A tear to shed, a heart concealed

A simple life, a life content

But joy nor sorrow, was I meant

I will live, as i will do

All that matters is I'm with you


Shadow Man

My shadow sings softly to me, singing words of love, they're barely whispers, His arms of smoke, They hold me close, In this dream I thrive, His faceless voice says to me, Stay alive...

And I, I know hes not real, But it is so good just to feel like someone out there cares...

I know I'm a little crazy, But blame the huge hole that's eating me, I cant fix it, I know Ive tried, The best I can, So Ill fall with my shadow man...

And I, I know hes not real, But it is so good just to feel like someones out there, To hold me, to love me, help me get by, But Im all alone and, thats how Ill die...

This empty space thats killing me, its far too wide. I know duct tap wont last forever, but neither will I...




Let's pretend you never said that,

let's pretend I never turned my back.

Let's pretend we're lying in the grass,

among crushed daffodils and watching clouds roll past.

Let's pretend a life of fun,

of holding hands in a life that's won.

With warmth inside that makes us glow,

true love that will grow with smiles that show.

But life's pretence is never good,

in a cold world it's misunderstood.

Without regrets we both go on

never pretending about happiness now gone.


Knowing when to go

Like a wounded beast,

you poke, prod and feast.

Now I�m stepped back into a corner,

stay clear or you�ll be the mourner.

Keep your distance, watch my grin,

I'll feed on your thoughts your sin.

Then see red and leap, jump for your throat,

expression froze, no time to gloat.

My teeth rip your flesh and mind with words unsaid,

blood covered nose nuzzles your meat, bone red.

Dissembled, mutilated. Can you see your death?

Remember me as you draw your final breath.



Wrap me in your codes

I'm yours in

many modes.

Then scroll me in your box

Till the CSS unlocks.

HTML me till the size is right

Tonight you won't get a fight.

Whether coding by number or by name

Your style sheet will never look the same.

Remember to save it now it's done

Or mess it up and it's back to square one.


The Sum of Me........

Moved to the point of being still,

if looks could kill.

So silent I could scream,

deafened by a dream.

Reaching but never connecting,

always rejecting.

Being there without being seen,

buried under grass so green.

In pain without any tears,

all my fears.


"Get behind me Satan"

She said with firm conviction.

So Satan lifted his head from her shoulder and slid 'round to the rear. He stroked the curves from her hips to her thighs and gasped as he saw the graceful curve of her spine.

He stretched his fingers to that certain spot and her neck arched as she lay her head back and closed her eyes and murmured,

"Devil, Devil, Devil,

just this once"






November 15, 2009


Bleed me,

she pleaded,

her tears flowed hot,

so river wild,

so river violent.

Take me,

she cried,

bleed me,

make my heart as cold ice

I can no longer

stand the pain

of living;

and yet,

I cannot die,

I am too young,

I am too fair,

there's far too much

I haven't tasted,

touched and made my own.

Bleed me,

my immortal I beg of you.

I swear I will be true.

I swear that I will serve you,

gladly and with fervour.

I'll take my youth

and all my questions.

Through me,

you too will feel

alive again,

you will once more

discover how it was

when first

you saw the night,

when first

you raised your wings

and soared

into the singing,

into the radiance

that others

never could perceive,

I heard you speak of it,

I know your wonder

is alive,

my immortal beg of you,

take me this night

and bleed me,

bleed me,

make me whole

Together we will own the night

For ever

My immortal



September 15

A seething rage of blood and sweat,

Into the nights this one had crept,

Running blind on Adrenaline alone,

Sweeping by the passers on the road.

Dodged the car, by lights now red,

Over fence guarded, by dog well-kept,

Behind the Garage, alarms ablaze,

Through the passage to the hollows ways...

Know you of what I speak?

The hidden ground, The stubborn peak,

The granted portal, The hidden & Sleek,

Know you of what I speak?

Not of witchcraft nor wisadry,

Nor of magic or "taboo"...

Not of Religious incantations,

Though, what more is it to you?

I speak in riddles, of tounges in cheeks,

I speak in rhymes and wonders, which you can't dare to keep,

I speak with honesty and truth - but, my question is...

Do you?

My heart is here to merely teach, to those upon who would listen,

My mind is here to simply think, to those upon who would speak,

My soul is here to kindly wander, for those upon who would sin,

My body is here to be the vessel, for those upon who would preach.

Now here me not so wrong as you would call me a Blasphemer,

I am a open-minded man, with a disarming demeanor,

Do not tempt the boiled blood to spill over a boiling pan,

When there's no skin to cut, to reveal such a loathesome man.


September 16

So tell me,

Masked one,

Shadowed figure,

Cloaked dagger behind the wall...

So tell me,

Tricky one,

Hidden figure,

Sprawled out on the floor...


September 17

Is it right to judge the unwanted soul,

Or wrong to leave them so alone,

Is it unjust to see the starving bird,

Or caring to share what you heard.

Is it fair to speak your mind,

Beyond a care for loss of time,

Is it a chance to be heard,

Or a chance when you shouldn't shine.

Are these chances, ones we should cover,

The mind and soul - to be discovered?

Is this right to be looked upon,

As wild beasts scouring the wild -

I say yes, yes it is -

We are all animals,

And if we do not understand ourselves,

Why would anyone else understand us?


September 18

Our kind remembers so much,

Which they did not even live through,

We 'remember' the horrors of 'man',

The horrors which WE,

As a race have done and cause.

And yet we cause more.


September 24

"my heart soars when i hear your voice

this is automatic now i have no choice

and my soul rises when you are with me

and believe me there is no the way for me"

My throat screams when I hear your thoughts,

This is me now, I have the choice,

And my soul sinks, now that you bear to me,

What thine eyes do truly see.


September 25


With much envy I shall engrave,

Thine own name unto a cave,

As you shall be buried underneath,

When this battle has flown through our teeth.

I take up challenge of rhyme, not skill,

With pen, paper, ink and quill,

I accept your challenge of words, not might,

And I say, good sir, let's begin this fight.

How fast is your wit, your rhymers cheek?

Can you stem before your words leak,

Across the page in unknown form,

And fall before the coming storm.

And I sit across the corners from you,

Staring at the wittent reply,

And I wonder what shall be your cue,

To send me soaring into the sky.


September 25

Loved One

Hide away, loved one,

Show no sign, no sound, no life,

Hidden where you are,

Stay there, loved one,

Move not once, not at all, please...

Hide away, young one,

Show no sign, no sound, no life,

Crying where you are,

Stay silent, loved one,

Make no sound, not at all, please...

My loved one,

A bitter end you have seen,

But worry not,

Young one,

You hid,

But you needn't hide your life away,

As now --

You have the rest of your life,

Ahead of your own self,

To plan your revenge.


September 26


A stella he claims he will erect,

In governed named, he shall elect,

A budweiser stands tall, my claim to fame,

A better drink, a better game.

A graven name upon a stone,

Is oft our after-life home,

Our bodies numb and cold to touch,

No more, do people clutch.

I'll state no more, a cave for night,

A simpler touch shall win this fight,

I'll happily say your words are great,

But I have the stronger freight.

We both are strong,

We both are proud,

We both stand tall within a crowd,

Our layden prowess,

Need not be known...

Since in our minds,

We are winners of our own.

Now proove me wrong,

With a showy rhyme,

You cannot lose,

No, not this time.


September 29

A new Challenge

A toast i'll accept,

Not once have I rejected,

A man who I shall call friend.

One with talent,

Of rhyme and skill,

With words, no less a brother.

"Wordsmiths" He names us,

With which I could agree,

But believe it not a destiny.

We choose our words,

Not with choice of course,

But with riddlings of the mind.

But here I go rambling on,

When this challenge is so far gone,

So less a challenge this has become,

And an acceptance,

Of each other,

This is the new challenge that has begun.

And one which all shall see,

Continue forever.


October 1

Of friends there are many,

Of true there are few,

But just what are we to others,

Just what am I to you?

Am I a speaker of tounges,

A delver of deliverence,

Of words so few know,

Or am I an opponent,

The foe at the other side of the stage,

Who you shall strike down,

With an ever vengeful rage.

Perhaps I am neither,

Or perhaps I am both,

A valued opponent,

Not another sloth,

To stand by and watch,

And be amazed by the sights...

But to be a participant,

And reach such new heights.

You are my valued opponent,

A friend of the truest,

And an amazement to see work,

With words you amaze me,

And I hope I do so to others...

But i'll end for now,

In a temptation full of hurt,

And i'll wait for response,

From those magical words.


October 15

Is it too much to ask,

A simple reply,

From blood-stained lips,

And vengeful looking eyes,

The torn down dress,

The eluded disguise.

Is it so much to ask,

A simple reply,

From curt-shaved sticks,

And an apparent reprise,

The shaded delusion,

Sheathing your eyes.

Why is it too much for you,

Please, just reply,

Please talk to me -

Please answer...

Please - Please.

Why? Why won't you answer...

Why won't you live again?


October 21

When one becomes the other,

And the other one prays,

And the prayer comes to focus,

And the sun shines it's rays.

What will become of me?


October 26

Stare into the beyond,

Wherever that may be,

And prithee do not tell me,

That you cannot see.

As the world's people may be blind,

Even through their own hardships,

Can they claim to see the world,

In one way or another.

Yet you still lie to me.


October 31

I worry,

And I cry,

All throughout the night,

Do I worry,

And I cry.

Where are you?

How long will you be?

How long must I worry for you?

How long must I be alone?

Just for how long,

am I free?


Insania. (Insomnia Insanity)

The muffin and the spatula,

Oh how fun they dance, it charms!

The statue of count dracula,

Holding some dame in his arms...

The shuffle and the jugular,

The aim so sure, it seems!

The dancing and the cackler,

Oh the noise, how sore it seems...

The jumping and the bouncing,

The screaming in-between,

The shouting and the slamming,

All in my head it seems!

The laughing and the hollering,

The taunting and the creed,

The countless hours spent awake,

And yet, i'm just asleep...


I sit in silence and I savor

Your rhythm and the flavor

Lock my broken heart away

so I'll fight another day

Burgundy rush deep inside

Things we try to hide

Now I know and so do you

Am I enough to get you thru?

Waiting quiet, only resting

Always learning, always testing

Purring starts from so deep

Your voice haunts my very sleep

Starving needing wanting bleeding

13 long hard years always heeding

The vacant warnings of my past

Test of time built to last

I saw your glided words on a page

A midnight black bird in his cage

Come to me, and we will mend

Journey with me as I bend

I'm so afraid of what I'll be

Without guidance will I see?

Looking to you as you are

Just my heart with a star


I can not go forward

The compassion in my soul

bids me to halt

I can not bear this pain I see

God this sucks so bad

I must wait to be free

I must content myself

To dream of someone else

Forever in limbo

God this sucks so bad

It's alot, more than I can bear

My heart is aching and

still I can not share

my reality with the one

I truly love....

God this sucks so bad

It's not even truly poetry

it's just your standard tragedy

Perfect love that should be

Bad timing just for me

God this sucks so bad...



September 15

The wind blows embracing me, like a blanket only nature can provide. The earth beckons to me, like a mother to her child. I close my eyes and drift away to a different world, where there is no pain or suffering and the sights of the cities are replaced by the sites of nature. A place where the moon glistens off the river and the stars look like hidden gems waiting to be found, a place which eases the mind and relaxes the soul in a way nothing else can a place of warmth, and happiness, joy, peace and tranquility. A place where no evil can reach and where nature shows its true beauty.


September 16

Freedom within

The lightning crashes around me, waves crash on the shore in a sound that is so soothing in its own way, I close my eyes lost in the fury of nature, lost in the energy around me, feeding from it and feeling it course through my viens, and awaken a part of me unlike anything else can. My soul ignites like a uncontrolled flame, the sounds and the energy carry me away. For a moment, Iam free, free from all worries, free from all pain, free from harm, lost in the feeling, the sights the sound, even the sand at my feet has feel like never before, I feel my soul lift wanting to stay there and never leave, but knowing I must, and so I wait, for the next time when my soul can feel free again, hoping that somehow I can taste that energy and feel it take me away yet again , and so I wait hoping to find that feeling, hoping that soon my hunger will be fed by that energy so soothing and calm, that even the most bitter heart is warmed by its refreshing life.



September 25

Blind insanity, perfect pictures of me and my family and they have plans for me, and if I had kids will I see them grow, Idon't know, I live the life of a thug, til the say I go no broken promises, no sacred bond broken. I know that i die alone but I'm still hoping. Visions of prisons, maybe i be forgiven. I know its better in heaven cus I know living here isn't, still I close my eyes but I see nothing but pain. The wold's crazy. I'm still looking for a queen to plant seeds and have babies with. Maybe I be the one but maybe I'm lost. Just be cautious and playa cardz right.


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