A Guide To Trading and Inductions

A Guide to Trading and Inductions

Welcome. If you are looking to do one of the following things, this page is for you.

♦ Trade a Member to Nocturnal Retribution

♦ Request a Member from Nocturnal Retribution

♦ Join Nocturnal Retribution

♦ Leave Nocturnal Retribution

Keep in mind that ALL trades are handled by NightBlossom. Anyone ignoring this will be messaged with a denial. You can try again in two weeks if the interest still exists.

Trade a Member to Nocturnal Retribution

We all have our inactive members or members that we feel don’t fit with our house or coven. If you have a member that has requested a trade over to Nocturnal, then read on to Join Nocturnal Retribution. Before any trade is accepted or denied, I will be taking a few steps to ensure the happiness of myself and my current members.

I will check the member in question. Their profile and portfolio will be reviewed to ensure they are active (must have logged in within the last three days). Portfolios will be checked for copyrighted images or photos worthy of suspension. Profile or Portfolio suspensions will immediately disqualify them.

After doing my “background” check, I will message said member to be sure that the transfer is wanted or okay with them. Nocturnal does not hold members who would prefer to be elsewhere.

Once they have replied and are fine with the move, I will message you to discuss pricing. Favor costs will vary from house to house and coven to coven. I have my standards and will not budge greatly from them. If your pricing seems horribly out of range for the member, negotiation will most likely occur.

I look forward to trading with the different houses and covens of this site. As long as trades come through to me, no offer or request will be turned down immediately.

Request a Member from Nocturnal Retribution

If you are looking to leave Nocturnal Retribution for another House or Coven, read on to Leave Nocturnal Retribution. For those looking for a member of Nocturnal, again, it must be discussed with NightBlossom. I request that you message me FIRST, before speaking with my members. Anyone speaking with the member first will be ignored. I do this for safety measures as humans tend to follow the “sheep” definition when promised lies. I will not have my members lied to…and yes it has happened and is NOT appreciated.

After I have received your request, I will discuss it with the member in question. It is the member’s choice if they wish to stay or go. If they choose to go then pricing will be discussed. The following table will give you an idea of the favor you are looking at spending for each member. Each member can be easily viewed in Check Your Sanity; links to their profiles are included.

Original Asylum Inmates

Starting Price 500 favor

200 favor for every level achieved over Exasperater

200 favor for every level of activity

200 favor for a premium membership

Most Likely to be Lifers

Starting Price 400 favor

75 favor for every level achieved over Exasperater

200 favor for every level of activity

200 favor for a premium membership

Newest Addictions to the Asylum

Starting Price 300 Favor

50 favor for every level achieved over Exasperater

200 favor for every level of activity

200 favor for a premium membership

Here are some examples.

Member A is an Original Asylum Inmate. She is a level 28. She is active in the forums of the house. She is active in rating. She is active in earning favor (above 50 favor a week). She is a Premium Member.

Member A will cost you 5775 favor.

Member B is a Lifer. He is a level 87. He is active in the forums of the house. He is active in rating. He is active in earning favor. He is active in the Site Forums.

Member B will cost you 2790 favor.

Member C is New to the Asylum. He is a level 21. He is active in the house forums. He is a Premium Member.

Member C will cost you 750 favor.

Levels of Activity will include all areas of VampireRave. This includes:

♦ House Forum Activity

♦ Favor Earning 50+ a week

♦ Favor Earning 30+ a week (this value will only add 150 to your cost)

♦ Profile Rating

♦ Portfolio Rating

♦ Database rating

♦ Site Forum Activity

♦ VampBox Activity (daily)

♦ Member Article Activity (posting articles)

♦ Etc.

Please note that some Originals will never be up for requested trade.

Join Nocturnal Retribution

Members without a house or coven have it rather easy. All you need to do is message NightBlossom. I will view your profile and portfolio (for reasons, see Trade with Nocturnal Retribution). We will discuss if you are certain this is the House for you and induction will occur. I can only induct you if you are a Level Twenty or above. Do not message me until you have reached said level. Its not that we do not want you in the House. It is simple fact that I will get messages from level ones and they forget about us 19 levels later when they have made other friends in other societies.

If you belong to a House or Coven and wish to move over to Nocturnal, please discuss this with your House/Coven Master or Trade Master. Make sure that they are willing to trade you. After you have discussed this, message me with the name of the proper Master to speak with about your trade. Make sure to include that you are willing, that you understand the guidelines of Nocturnal, and your level of activity. I will base the cost of your trade off of the same pricing as trading one of my own members. I will only take active members.

Leave Nocturnal Retribution

Though it is sometimes disappointing to see a member go, I will not hold any member captive against their will. If you would like to leave Nocturnal, I request that you message NightBlossom FIRST. If I receive a message from another House or Coven saying that you have discussed this with them first, I will not accept the trade lightly and it may very well be denied. Too many members have fallen victim to snares where they end up unhappy in their new homes. Message me first and the trade will go from there.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. If you have any questions you may message me with them. If there is anything you are unsure about, I will do my best to make it clear.

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