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Weird tidings 2

08:09 Aug 17 2022
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My whole left leg and hip is still giving me hell, I've tried everything on it, one night I took eight aspirin for pain. It's messed up but this is what I get for not taking care of myself, but being totally honest why should I take care of myself, I don't have a special someone in my life so why should I look presentable, why should I groom my hair or beard. I'll clean up and take showers but combing my hair or beard I don't think so. Oh man I feel like shit, good night VR.



11:20 Aug 18 2022

Have you tried a tens unit? I don't know where you live, but they are available in the U.S. from sites like Amazon. I got one for my mom after her knee surgery (she can't take any pain medicine) and it really helped her. It has also helped with sciatica. You might give it a try and see if you can get some relief.


Weird tidings

02:16 Aug 12 2022
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My left leg is in so much pain. I went to the hospital and found out I have sciatica nerve pain in my left hip, they want me to go see my primary care physician but can't get a ride to see him. The Medicare that I get my insurance through is supposed to set the rides but they haven't been showing up because of covid, I think they ain't showing up because the ride company don't like my insurance. Then my cousin Kyle got attacked by his pit bull named king. He had just gotten home for work and he went to his room and sat down at his computer, it was thundering outside and king started growling at my cousin. King walked over and grabbed my cousins thumb to get his attention but because of his jaw strength he crushed the bone in my cousins thumb, my cousin pushed him away and told him lay down, king then latched on to my cousin Kyle's wrist ripping it open,he also lunged for my cousins throat. Kyle's younger brother Sonny heard him screaming and rushed into the room, he grabbed King around the waist and slammed him on his back and it stunned king enough for my cousin Sonny to get Kyle out of the room and shut the bedroom door.my cousin Kyle had his dad my uncle John take him to the hospital,my uncle John told my mom it was bad, there was blood going everywhere and the meat was hanging out of my cousins arm, they had to stitch him and they said his thumb bone was crushed. The police came out and took king out of the house,my cousin Kyle cried his eyes out because they took king. King belonged to my cousin Kyle's best friend Chad,Chad and Kyle were real close. Chad past away and King stayed in the house for two weeks with Chad's body before Chad's family came out to check in on Chad. Chad beat on king, got high with king and had been giving king steroids and that will make any dog including a pit bull aggressive. Well Chad's family didn't want king and was going to put him down so Kyle took king in. My cousin Kyle ain't gentle with his dogs and he's been known to beat on them but he swears he didn't do anything to king and I believe him because king has attacked my uncle John two times in the past when my uncle went into the room to check on him while my cousin was at work. I know Kyle loves king and doesn't want him put down because he's all that's left of Chad but the dog can't be trusted. Also my best friend a neighbor Clarence Bryant got into trouble, he'd been going through a rough patch and his woman left him and took her kids and went back to live with her parents. Well Clarence was at his lowest and he has mental problems plus PTSD well the neighborhood sorry piece of shit crack head and drug dealer named easy e got Clarence hooked on k2 laced with Fentanyl, it made Clarence go crazy and it put him in a zombie like state, he ran around the apartment complex we live at butt naked. Then he tried to go into his mom's apartment naked and she had his young nephews and niece in the apartment so she had to call the law on him. It's been a crazy week for everyone, just one hell of a week.




Misery and gin, whiskey and loving grins, heartaches by the number 4

06:54 Aug 05 2022
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I talked to an old friend from Florida who kept in touch with Laura after she left for Colorado. He told me she passed away a few years ago, I didn't ask how she died because I didn't want to know,it hurt like hell hearing she's dead and I spent 2 hours crying. She had a major effect on me and I'll never forget her or the little bit of time we shared. I would say I'm heart broken but my hearts been broken so many time before that it's as hard as granite. Well, don't know what else to write, good night VR.



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